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The Flash Season 3 Episode 14 "Attack on Central City" Review

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The episode opens with Barry and Iris in their apartment. HR decorated the speed lab and Harry calls HR a moron. HR has the team celebrate Friends Day, which is HR's earth's Valentines Day. Jesse tells Harry that she plans on moving to Earth-1. Harry is surprisingly ok with Jesse moving to Earth-1. Gypsy attacks team Flash and is taken down by Harry. Gypsy wakes up in the cell and doesn't recall what happened. The team realizes that Gypsy is being mind controlled by Grodd and that Grodd is on Earth-1. Cisco asks Gypsy to help them fight Grodd but she declines, and Cisco lets her go. Harry tells Wally that he is sick and Harry doesn't know how much time he has left. Cisco vibes into the future and sees that the fight will take place at an intersection, State street, and Oakhill street. The CCPD and Team Flash set up for the fight but Grodd takes control of Joe and almost has Joe shoot himself. Barry is able to save Joe before the bullet hits. Grodd attacks and takes over the mind of a military General. The team plans to find out what Grodd is planning by looking into Joe's memories. The team believes that Grodd may have left some of his memories in Joe when he took over Joe's mind. Barry wants to kill Grodd, but Iris convinces him that his humanity makes him a hero. Wally tells Jesse what Harry told him, and she realizes this is a lie and she confronts her father. Harry uses the device on Joe to find out what Grodd is planning. Joe draws a picture of the man who Grodd kidnapped. Barry is still contemplating about killing Grodd, but Harry convinces him that he shouldn't. The team finds out who the person in the sketch is. The team finds out Grodd is mind controlling Air Force General Matthew Mcnally who is in charge of nuclear weapons. An alarm sounds notifying the team that a nuclear weapon is authorized to launch. Barry is able to successfully stop the launch of the nukes by trying tons of codes. Grodd and his gorilla army begin their attack on Central City. On Earth-19 Gypsy is seen talking with Earth-19 Flash "The Accelerated Man". Cisco travels to Earth-19 and again attempts to convince Gypsy to help him. Barry, Wally, and Jesse fight Grodd. Cisco and Gypsy bring Solovar to Earth-1 to fight Grodd. Solovar wins in his fight against Grodd, but Barry convinces Solovar not to kill Grodd. The gorillas all kneel down to Solovar because he defeated Grodd. The team is able to send the gorillas back to their Gorilla City on Earth-2. Gypsy kisses Cisco goodbye and returns to Earth-19. The team says goodbye to Harry and who returns to Earth-2. Jesse stays on Earth-1 so she can have a relationship with Wally. Barry proposes to Iris but the scene cuts out before we hear an answer. Wally goes to get Big Belly Burger for Jesse but runs into Savitar, before the episode ends. 


This episode of The Flash featured Grodd and his gorilla army attacking Earth-1 Central City. Solovar's return at the end of the episode to fight Grodd was a surprise. Grodd was handed to A.R.G.U.S. but we will probably see Grodd again in a future episode.  I actually thought Joe was going to die in this episode, but thankfully Barry saved him. Savitar's prophecy states that one of the members will die on Team Flash. We all assume this is going to be Iris, but because The Team is trying to avoid this, someone else on the team will likely die. Julian is strangely absent in the episode. I point this out because Savitar returns at the end of the episode. Julian might be being mind controlled by Savitar again. Overall another solid episode of the Flash and I look forward to the return of Savitar in the next episode.

Rating: 4/5

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 14 "Attack on Central City" Review


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