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Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 "Fighting Fire With Fire"



Oliver is still dealing with the leak that he covered up the death of Detective Billy Malone. Adrian offers to resign because he suggested the idea of covering up the death of Malone. Oliver denies his resignation and instead has Adrian defend Oliver. In a flashback, Oliver and Anatoli are surrounded by Gregor. Anatoli is able to extend their lives by requesting something while speaking in Russian. Oliver goes on trial for impeachment but the trial doesn't seem to be going to well. Oliver, Thea, Dinah, and Lance are attacked by The Vigilante. The police arrive forcing The Vigilante to flee. In a flashback, it is revealed that Anatoli requested a demand an exam, which allows Oliver and Anatoli to make a case against Gregor. Dinah picks up part of Vigilante's visor. Adrian notices that Dinah picked up the visor and takes it from her. Prometheus and The Vigilante get into a fight, and Prometheus throws The Vigilante off the top of the building they are fighting on. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING...Prometheus takes off his mask and it is revealed Adrian Chase is Prometheus. John finds out that Felicity is assisting Thea on blackmailing council member Cullens. Felicity tells Oliver about it and Oliver demands she doesn't send the email with the evidence against Cullens. In a flashback, Oliver is seen gathering the evidence against Gregor. Curtis uses his tech balls to find out the location of Vigilante. Oliver tells Chase he is going to make a press conference where Oliver will throw the Green Arrow under the bus. Oliver prepares for his conference, while the rest of Team arrow hunts The Vigilante. The Vigilante is attempting to assassinate Oliver from a building across from City Hall. John, Rene, and Curtis fight the vigilante. Vigilante shoots John, but John has kevlar. Vigilante is about to kill Rene but Curtis uses his spheres to take down Vigilante. Oliver finishes his speech and says that the Green Arrow must be hunted. The council voted against the impeachment of Oliver. Thea resigns as Olivers Chief of Staff. In a flashback, Oliver exposes Gregor for receiving money from Kovar for himself. A new vote happens and Anatoli is named the new Pakhan (Leader of Bratva). The members who sided with Gregor and the members who sided with Anatoli get into a gunfight. Curtis and Paul sit down for dinner, but much to Curtis's surprise Paul hands Curtis divorce papers. Felicity decides she is going to join the hacking group that gave her Pandora. Adrain confronts Susan and he presumably kidnaps her. 


In this episode of Arrow, it is finally revealed who Prometheus is. Adrian Chase is Prometheus, which I did not expect. I thought that Adrian Chase would be The Vigilante because in the comics Adrian Chase is The Vigilante. Another surprise is that Oliver publicly announces to hunt the Green Arrow. Will Oliver be able to fight crime as the Green Arrow anymore? Last time Green Arrow was hunted, Oliver couldn't do anything without running into the police. Felicity decides to go dark side in this episode. Felicity joins the hacking group which gave her Pandora. Felicity seems to be returning to her past ways and is hacking others for bad reasons. The one question remaining is who is The Vigilante? Overall another good episode of Arrow and I look forward to the next episode.

Rating: 4/5

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 "Fighting Fire With Fire"


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