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Bollywood couples from Reel life to Real life.

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Bollywood has always been of a keen interest to the fans . The actors and actresses from the Film industry are etched in our hearts for eternity.   We fans not only love our stars who shine on screen for their amazing acting skills and personality and as someone whom we keep on a pedestal.  We like to know more about their style, fashion , fitness, habits, trends etc.   We love to place our favourite pairs for their on screen chemistry but there are many  who are not only are not only loved on screen but we love them together off screen too.

These couples have proved that they rise beyond together. They got fame on screen and they make their real life beautiful as well being together as normal as we fans are leading a life of a man and a wife.  Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful couples of the Film Industry who are real life couples and what holds them or breaks them.

Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt

During the making of  the film Baazi, Guru Dutt happened to meet the young and very beautiful singer Geeta Roy who was one of the very few and prominent playback singer of Hindi Cinema. Dutt and Geeta had brief meeting but the singer’s melodious vocals left a lasting impact on the young Guru Dutt. By the end of the film, the two had started meeting each other more often . Though her parents were much against this alliance the duo had taken a decision to tie the knot .  Their marriage took place in 1953 . The couple were blessed with three children two sons and a daughter.     However their marriage was full of turbulence though he was exceptionally disciplined where work is concerned but same could not be said about his married life.   His intense dependency on alcochol, his brief fling with actress Waheeda Rehman and bouts of depression was the main cause. The couple never dissolved their marriage and continued for the sake of their children but were like two strangers after a while.

Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi

On the sets of the film Tamasha Ashok Kumar was instrumental in introducing Kamal Amrohi to Meena Kumari.  Later Kamal Amrohi signed for the film ‘Anarkali’. During the making of the film Meena Kumari met with a road accident . Despite her accident which took her months to recover , Kamal Amrohi was visiting her every day and after four months of his visits to her hospital their love blossomed.   Once she had recovered the shooting had begun for the much awaited film Anarkali but the producer who ran into financial losses, the film was abandoned. The two got married in 1952 in a simple ‘Nikah’ ceremony . Meena Kumari was only 19 years old while Kamal Amrohi was 34. Their marriage however was kept a secret for over a year. The two were madly in love much against the opposition from her family .

In the late 50’s and 60’s Meena Kumari is said to have essayed films that mirrored her unhappy life . Though the couple had no legal divorce but were separated. A short lived married life that was more of an emotional kind.

Kishore Kumar married four times.

Kishore Kumar and Ruma Guha Thakurta

Kishore Kumar married four times. His first wife was Ruma Guha Thakurta, mother of actor Amit Kumar. She was a Bengali actress and a singer. She was last seen in the 2006 Hollywood film Nameksake and daughter of Monty Ghoshand and niece of Satyajit Ray.  Their marriage lasted between 1951 and 1958. The couple divorced as Kishore Kumar wanted her to be a home maker while she was giving a priority to her career.

Kishore Kumar and Madhu Bala

Madhubala the Bollywood superstar married Kishore Kumar for which he had to convert himself to Islam and took up the name of Karim Abdul.  Though they were married for 9 years, his family never accepted her into their family. They had got married after her relationship had faded with Dilip Kumar.  Their marriage after the initial bliss turned out to be quite depressing and had turbulence followed by her terminally illness that confined her to her home which also caused huge tension between the couple.  She had died at the age of 36 after battling her illness.

Kishore Kumar and Yogeeta Bali

Yogeeta Bali is the niece of actress Geeta Bali and she became Kishore Kumar’s third wife in the year 1976.  However their marriage lasted only for two years and in 1978 they separated ways.

It is said that during the sets of the film Khwab in 1980 she fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty and divorced Kishore Kumar to marry Mithun Chakraborty.

Kishore Kumar and Leena Chandavarkar

Leena Chandavarkar at the peak of her career, married Siddharth Bandodkar from a Political family from Goa. Within a few days of her marriage,  her husband died in a freak accident leaving a young 25 year old Leena Chandavarkar a widow.

Kishore Kumar who was married three times earlier and Leena Chandavarkar and fell in love but her father was much against this alliance as Kishore Kumar was 21 years older than Leena Chandavarkar.  They say Love is Blind and Age is only a number .. Kishore Kumar went all the way to Dharwad her home town to convince her father.  He not only sang songs for him but also held a dharna outside their home.  His humour led him to sing the song’ Nafrat Karne Walon Ke Seene Mein Pyar Bhar Doon which convinced her parents and the two tied the knot in 1980.  He remained married to Leena Chandavarkar till his death in 1987 . They have one son named Sumeet.

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu the evergreen couple of the Hindi Film Industry will make you believe that there is always a happy ending story. The love saga between the two , the king of tragedy and Bollywood Diva Saira Banu both fell in love just like any of us. 22 years younger than Dilip Kumar , young Saira fell in love with Yusuf Khan(Dilip Kumar) when she was at a tender age of 12  and as she grew up , both of them fell in love with each other when Saira Banu turned out to be one the most stunning and beautiful actress in Bollywood. She had lot of admirers with her bewitching charm and grace that won her not only many film offers but also had some of the leading stars who lost their heart to her .    Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu set a beautiful example of devotion of being life partners making their romance eternal.

Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik

Filmmaker Chetan Anand noticed his wife Uma Anand’s cousin Mona and convinced her to join his film company Navketan Films as a leading lady.  Once she joined the film industry she was re-christened Kalpana Karthik and she moved to Mumbai .  Kalpana’s first film was Baazi which became a success and she went on to act in many more films. Baazi kind of carved her destiny from which she got her career boost. Since Kalpana became a part of the Navketan Group which was spreading its wings, she got associated with many other coming of age films .  Kalpana Karthik and Dev Anand often met on the sets of Navketan and fell in love . It is said the two married secretly during the lunch break during the shooting of their film Taxi Driver.  They have two children A son Suneil Anand who tried his luck in films and a daughter Devina. After her last film Nau Do gyarah, she quit films to be a home maker.

Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer met in Kolkata for the first time in 1956 when she was playing a role of Miranda at the Prithvi Theatre for the play The Tempest,  a part of the Shakespeareana.   Thereafter Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer kendal started touring with the Shakespeareana company and fell in love eventually.  They married in 1958 after two years of courtship.  The couple were instrumental in establishing the Prithvi Theatre which stands till date. Together Jennifer and Shashi Kapoor worked in few films , particularly those that were produced by Merchant Ivory Productions.   Their first film together was Bombay Talkie in 1970 which was also produced by Merchant Ivory Productions.  The Kapoors had three Children two sons Kunal Kapoor and Karan Kapoor both models and actors and daughter Sanjana.   Jennifer was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and she died in 1984.

Amitabh Bachchan – Jaya Bachchan

After a long time affair with the Bollywood Diva Rekha which went on to become a hot controversy ,in the early 1970s.  Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan met at the Pune Film Institute . Though the two were attracted to each other, they had not expressed their interest to each other .  Jaya Bachchan was a super star who had already established herself in the film industry.  But that did not hold him back and  he held his head high and went ahead and married an established actress,  the pretty and demure Jaya Bhaduri in 1973.

Celebrating a marital bliss of over four decades now the actor who broke many hearts after he had tied the knot with Jaya Bachchan.  The couple who continue to remain an ideal one in the film industry who stand tall setting parameters of faith, love, trust and respect in their relationship. In an interview they said that their prized possession were Shweta their daughter and actor son Abhishek Bachchan that made their bond of marriage stronger.

Dharmendra – Hema Malini

Their love story that started during the making of the blockbuster film Sholay in which they paired as one of the leading pairs crafted as a star couple title with their romantic comedy scenes together . The pair went on to create a history in many films together.    He was already married to Prakash and mother of his two sons Bollywood actors Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol,  however that did not stop him from being crazy about the South beauty Hema Malini and it was her fame and her beauty both that he was attracted to and in 1980 he married and life moved on. Hema Malini and Dharmendra married blissfully for over 35 to 36 years and have their two daughters Esha Deol and Aahana Deol. The love story continues.

Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali

Joie de vivre the name given to Shammi Kapoor by Amitabh Bachchan as he could breathe life into his character that his screen presence had the persona of the ultimate joy of living.

In 1955 Shammi Kapoor signed for the film with the established actress Geeta Bali for the film Rangeen Raatein . She was in her prime while he was still trying to get a foothold in the industry.   During the making of the film in Uttrakhand the duo fell in love. Geeta Bali was almost the same age as Shammi Kapoor . The love birds took some time to disclose their feelings to their families and it took them four months to take it to the next step. However they had got the blessings of their elders and were married in 1955. Her death due to smallpox left Shammi Kapoor devastated. He had two children from her and was remarried to Neela Devi from the Royal family of Bhavnagar Gujarat.

 Rajesh KhannaDimple Kapadia

A lot has been said about the famous pair of the 1970’s Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia who got married in the year 1973.Dimple was still in midst of completing her debut film ‘ Bobby‘. Dimple a teenager was 15 years younger than Rajesh Khanna . They say he was fascinated by her and had swept off her feet by his charm.   The first King of Romance of Bollywood and the teenage Beauty Dimple Kapadia were a talk of the town and the film Bobby was released after their marriage which went on to become a super duper block buster. She was flooded with film offers but even before her career had begun which probably would have taken a different turn , she had no qualms and gave up her career when it was at the peak  . She left the film industry to raise two children.  However their marriage lasted only for 10 years. The couple had not officially and legally separated.  The best thing about their marriage was they had two beautiful daughters Twinkle Khanna an actress  producer and writer and Rinke Khanna.

Rishi KapoorNeetu Singh

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh were one of the most romantic couples off screen and their love story touched many hearts. A teenage romance that bloomed with this iconic on screen couple stands rock solid after 37 years of married life. The nation loved this adorable couple and when they tied the knot the entire film industry and their fans rejoiced.  Rishi Kapoor had many girl friends being one of the most aspired star in Bollywood as well as being one of the most eligible Kapoor boy, but it was Neetu Singh who won his heart. Their love blossomed during the film Kabhi Kabhi but they had not confessed their love for each other .   Neetu was more of a confidant and a close friend to Rishi Kapoor.   One of his trips alone to Paris for the shooting of Barood, he realised his love for Neetu Singh and sent a telegram , ‘ Ye Sikhni Badi Yaad Aati Hai’ and from then on their love saga started .They were married thereafter in a couple of months. Neetu Singh was very young too but gave her marriage preference over her booming career which was at the peak. She was a superstar at that time and had started her career at the age of 5 . She admits she had seen success in the film line and was more than happy to give it all up and settle happily as the Kapoor bahu.   They continue to love and respect each other and are parents of the heartthrob of the film industry Ranbir Kapoor and their daughter Riddhima.   This couple puts back faith in the institution of marriage.

Mithun Chakraborty and Yogita Bali

The popular Disco Dancer of Bollywood had a stellar career with a total of 350 films spanning across three regional film industries.   Though there were reports of him having philandering affairs, he has been one woman’s man and

we take a look at the long-lasting Mithun Chakraborty marriage to Yogeeta Bali and also try and unravel the truth behind the alleged liaisons. Mithun had started spending a lot of time with actress Yogeeta Bali when she was married to singer Kishore Kumar.  In Mithun she found her perfect match and life partner and she went and filed for a divorce with Kishore Kumar.  They met mostly on the sets of a film which resulted in the beginning of their romance.  In 1979, Yogeeta Bali got her divorce from her first marriage and the couple married . The duo have had a stable marriage until 1985 when their marriage started facing troubles.  The couple is blessed with three sons and a daughter.

Chetan Anand and Priyarajvansh

Chetan Anand and Priya Rajvansh met on the sets of the films they worked together. The couple gave some of the most memorable and unique films like Haqeeqat, Heer Raanjha, Hanste Zakhm and Hindustan Ki Kasam.

After separating from his first wife Uma Anand, whom he was married in 1943, he had a long term love relationship with the actress Priya Rajvansh.  She was the heroine of all his films .  Not much fact is known if they were officially married but they were living together and after his death she was also murdered in her Juhu flat.

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Dutt.

For some it was love at first sight that blossomed into a marriage. Their marriage was preceded by a decade of long term admiration for each other. Jackie was a teenager when he first met Ayesha Dutt in Mumbai.  Their friendship kicked off at a music record shop. Little is known about their courting days but Ayesha was already a model cum actress way before Jackie Shroff entered the film industry. Although over the years Jackie Shroff became very popular as a film actor that surged beyond Ayesha’s but his success never came in the way of their marriage and he made it a point to stay rooted to  his true love Ayesha and their marriage since 1987 when they tied the knot. They became parents to the hottest star of today Tiger Shroff and an upcoming aspiring star Krishna Shroff.

 Kamal Haasan and Sarika

The two stars who came from different backgrounds but with a similar kind of emotional circumstances fell in love and got married in 1988 . Sarika was one of the most successful child artist of the film industry  who was already famous and at the age of 28 she married Kamal Hassan the superstar of the South. She left her extremely successful career for the man she fell in love with . The couple have two daughters and have separated and divorced in 2004.

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar the handsome debonair of Hindi Cinema had many love affairs in the past with actresses Pooja Batra, Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty.  A true Khiladi, a ladies man fell in love head over heels with the beautiful and stunning Twinkle Khanna when they did a shoot together for a Filmfare Magazine and both developed an instant crush on each other !!  Thereafter they met again during the shooting of the film International Khiladi. What attracted to him was not just her beauty but also her qualities of being a wonderful human being, talented and a headstrong woman.   The two married  in 2001 and she was his final destination and the rest is history. The couple has a son Aarav and daughter Nitara.

Ajay DevgnKajol

The tall dark and handsome a typical example that sets in from a Mills N Boon romance is what Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s love story is about.  Ajay and Kajol both dusky skin couple fell in love with each other during the shooting of the film, ‘ Hulchul’ . Both have acted in a couple of films together and after knowing each other closely for many years, decided to tie the knot at the peak of her career . Married for 17 years Kajol was more successful as an actress then Ajay and in 1999 it came up as a surprise to her fans . The dusky actress had no calms of being married to start a home as she had already put in 8 to 9 years in the Industry  and success didn’t mean much to her then. The couple are happy with their two kids daughter Nysa and son Yug.

Abhishek BachchanAishwarya Rai

Abhishek Bachchan fell in love with one of the biggest stars of Bollywood and the World’s most beautiful girl. The golden couple as they call them had worked together in the film Guru, and many other films before their marriage. He was earlier engaged to Karisma Kapoor and rumours are that he was also in relationship with Rani Mukherjee , however the woman of his dreams was none other than the very beautiful and gorgeous Aishwarya Rai  and their love story truly makes us believe that marriages are made in heaven.

The young Bachchan couple continue to inspire us .  The queen of hearts and the handsome Bollywood heartthrob Abhishek Bachchan have had a wonderful marriage of trust and bonding and family values .  They have been one of the most elegant and famous couples in the Bollywood since they were married in 2007. The two have a lovely daughter named Aaradhya.

Ritesh DeshmukhGenelia D’Souza

The cute looking couple Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza have been together as a couple for over 10 years . They both started their career together and went on to ignite romance not only in the films but also in their personal lives. They say marriages are made in heaven but love happens here on the earth!!    The coolest jodi of the Bollywood cinema had no formal proposals or candle light dinners to  woo each other.

The story of their romance is unusual when a 16 year old girl arrived at Hyderabad Airport with her mother to meet an influential Maharashtrian boy on whom she had set her heart.  Riteish Deshmukh was son of the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Late Shri Vilas Rao Deshmukh while Genelia came from a simple back ground, a college girl who fell in love with an actor. They were just happy being together and that made their relationship stand out. Genelia and Riteish proved Love conquers all . The couple are parents to two adorable sons Riaan and Rahyl.

Saif Ali KhanAmrita Singh

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s romance was more like one of the Mills N Boon stories. A love story between two individuals with a weird age difference but then love is blind and doe

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Bollywood couples from Reel life to Real life.


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