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How to Hit Bunker Shot Easy?

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Bunker shots have been tormenting golfers for a long time. Watching most players in the Bunker can be hilarious as they struggle unsuccessfully to free themselves from this trap. One problem with bunker shots is that they vary widely. The bunker might be too close or too far from the hole or your ball might be plugged. Golf Overnight has compiled these tips to assist you in all of these scenarios.

Tips for Perfect Bunker Shot in Golf

  1. Be brave

Fear is the main challenge that keeps people in the bunker, and it is somehow understandable. Finding your ball plugged so deep that you can barely see it can cause you to have fear and conceiving strategies that will only keep you in the bunker for longer. Just approach the shot like any other shot on the fairway and don’t be afraid to dig into the sand.

  1. Assess all variables

Due to the uniqueness of golf course designs, bunkers are rarely similar. Further, the same bunker could have varying variables depending on where the ball lands, whether the ball is plugged, and whether the sand is wet or dry. All these variables plus many more should dictate how you play the shot.

  1. Strike behind the ball

Most balls will be a bit wedged into the sand. If you want to avoid hitting a thin shot, you should aim slightly behind the ball. This ensures that your club digs into the sand on impact so that you can hit the ball on the sweet spot.

  1. Use a pitching wedge on harder ground

Sometimes the sand in the bunker gets hard after a rainy day. The hard surface allows you to take an easier shot since your ball is rarely plugged. Trying to hit such a shot with a sand wedge might send the ball flying way past your target.

Use a pitching wedge instead and take the shot like a normal pitch shot.

  1. Aim for the sand

When trying to hit any bunker shot, you should be aiming for a higher loft. Aiming for the sand below the ball will help launch the ball in the air. It is also a great technique to avoid thinning the shot.

  1. Use a 9 iron for long shots

Sometimes the bunker might be located in the fairway further from the green.  In such a case you need a different club other than your normal sand wedge to drive the ball further.

In such a case, use the 9 iron and take a fat shot as you would with the club. Digging into the sand adds loft to the ball.

  1. Aim for a round swing plane

Your back swing should not direct upwards but rather backwards. This is so that you can have a wider approach angle to avoid a thin shot.

  1. Stand further away from the ball

When hitting a bunker shot you want the club face to be level with the ground at address. This angle is achieved by bending your arms slightly and being further back from the ball. If you are too close, the club will dig at an angle, and the ball won’t loft.

  1. Dig in

You want to have a sturdy footing when taking a bunker shot. Therefore, you should wiggle your feet and dig into the sand. Your lower body should also be fairly ridged throughout the shot.

  1. Death bunker

This is a bunker that seems near impossible to clear due to the huge wall. Such a bunker requires a change in technique. Choose a higher lofted wedge than a sand wedge for this task. To ensure you get a maximum loft, play the ball towards your leading leg.

  1. Choke down on the club

When hitting bunker shots, your stance is wider, and your feet are dug into the ground. This reduces your overall height. To account for this variation on your club, you should place your grip slightly lower than normal, about an inch deeper.

  1. Focus on getting out

It is good to be ambitious, but sometimes your ambition can get you into more trouble. When hitting bunker shots, your main target should be to clear the bunker, especially for the fairway bunkers. You might aim for the green and find that you fail to clear the lip.

  1. Put more weight on your leading leg

Having more weight on the front allows you to stay rigid and in control. It also helps to give the ball a higher loft which reduces its roll.

  1. Go full swing

Most bunkers are right near the green. This gives your little room since you can’t hit the ball further. However, this does not mean that you should not perform the full swing. Making the full swing gives your ball more loft which prevents it from rolling further.

  1. Practice often

Since there are very many bunker shots, you have to practice often so that you know what to do in every scenario. Practice on green side bunkers as well as fairway bunkers and adjust these tips to fit your game.

Keep practice with above tips and use Golf Overnight Shipping services to relax your weekend with your family or friends.

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How to Hit Bunker Shot Easy?


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