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India travel guide and information to help the visitors like What to do, Where to go, Destinations, Top Places to Visit, What to Eat, how to Reach etc.
30 Most Famous Museums In India
India is a wonderful place with various attractions. There are culture, tradition, history, nature and adventure related activities in this country. If you are looking for museums in India… Read More
20 Best Camping Places In India
Hotels can sometimes weigh down your experience of a trip! Why so? Because you will be camped up in a hotel room! And for places where there are no inhibitions when it comes to sights and so… Read More
Famous Festivals In India In June 2020
India is a dynamic land with a beautiful culture, which believes God lives everywhere around people, starting from the sun to a blade of grass. Thus, Indians have the heritage of celebrating… Read More
August Weather In India
The monsoon of India is simply wow. I mean when you will be here don’t be amazed to see so much of greenery everywhere but yes, the rainfall in India as compared to other countries qui… Read More
July Weather In India
India is surely the vast country and the climate of the same is also unpredictable. But there is a stringent pattern of the climate which you can experience when in India. Supposedly when yo… Read More
16 Most Ancient Cities In India
The history of India goes back to the time of the Indus Valley Civilization, dates back to 2500 BC. Hence, the country is home to some of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. These citi… Read More
Top 20 Must Visit Cities In India
India is the seventh biggest country in the world. It has numerous languages, ethnic groups, cultures, monuments, palaces, backwaters, waterfalls and other spectaculars. There is no such pla… Read More
June Weather In India
Throughout the year, India will have a sunny and hot climate or mostly rain. Winter in India is for three months and in rest other months there will either be the rain or summer. If you are… Read More
List Of 20 Highest Waterfalls In India
India is known for its stunning waterfalls that plunge in full capacity during monsoon. These astonishing waterfalls with raw natural beauty lure lakhs of visitors every year. If you are a n… Read More
What Is The Price Of Golden Chariot?
Karnataka’s famous luxury train, Golden Chariot is a remarkable luxury train, which rules the destinations of South India covering iconic tourist attractions of Karnataka, Kerala, Tami… Read More
December Weather In India
Known for the rich culture and tradition, India is one such place that offers a lot of diversions but unity too. If you are soon planning for a trip to this country or want to make sure that… Read More
November Weather In India
Get Detailed Information About November Weather in India The month of November actually marks the tourist season in India. The temperature begins to drop and the monsoon season is over in… Read More
Top 10 Longest Train Routes In India
India has earned accolades for its extensive railway network. Countless trains run across lengths and breadths of the country. Some of the trains have the longest routes and offers world-cla… Read More
20 Famous Durga Puja Pandals In Kolkata
During Durga Puja, the entire Kolkata would get into festive mode. The festival is celebrated with joyous performances, gathering of friends and family, religious rituals and much more. Duri… Read More
20 Best Train Journeys In India
It is often said, journeys make a destination worth remembering and it is something that you will relate to if you are in India. The Indian Railways has made it possible to reach every nook… Read More
List Of 20 Biggest Forts In India
As we all know India has a rich history dating back to centuries, it is a treasure trove of architectural gems.  The massive forts have witnessed the great kings and fierce battles that… Read More
Top Historic Monuments To Visit In Agra
Agra was an important destination during the rule of Mughals. They considered Agra as the capital of their reign. To keep their names in history, each ruler of Mughals commissioned construct… Read More
20 Best Trekking Places Near Mumbai
Mumbai is blessed with amazing trekking destinations that are a breath of fresh air away from the city’s hustle. They allow you to escape the monotony of urban life and soak up nature… Read More
How To Reach Agra From Delhi?
Agra is just 200 odd kilometers away from Delhi. Any international tourist visiting Agra would land in India in New Delhi and then travel to Agra from New Delhi. There are numerous options t… Read More
10 Best Houseboat Destinations In India
Are you ready to bask in the golden sun in the tropical lands of India? The Houseboat is the best option to enjoy nature in a raw and fun way. In a houseboat activity, you will be travelling… Read More
Top Weekend Getaways From Agra
Agra is a grand city with marble beauties around it. This ancient Mughal paradise is located on the aesthetic banks of River Yamuna. Agra is a very important tourist destination in India. Ho… Read More
Complete Travel Guide To Agra Fort
It is true that Taj Mahal gets all the attention from those who visit Agra. However, the second commonly visited monument is Agra Fort. This is one of the most elegant pieces of architecture… Read More
Top 20 Tourist Places To Visit In Agra
Agra is usually covered along with a Delhi trip or as a weekend destination from Delhi. What people usually don’t realize is that the city of Agra has more attractions that you can mak… Read More
20 Most Famous Temples In Delhi
The capital city of Delhi is always noisy and bustling with the crowd. It is the centre of all the political happenings and is regarded as the second most populated city after Mumbai. Amidst… Read More
20 Most Famous Temples In Karnataka
The South Indian state of Karnataka is known for preserving the ancient heritage since ages. This region is blessed with several beautiful temples especially belonging to the Hoysala period… Read More
Top 20 Bird Sanctuaries In India
Our country is the home to a plethora of bird species both native and migratory. And the sanctuaries are the best place to soak up their sweet melodies. The country hosts more than 50 bird s… Read More

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Travelogy India Blog - Travel Guides & Information