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Nepal Yathra Part 2 - Manakamana Devi
2023-06-29 18:15
 In the first part of the Nepal Yathra series, we had covered the visit to Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. On Day 2, we started to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Although there are flights… Read More
Murugeeswarar Temple, Thaiyur
2022-04-23 18:19
The entrance to the Murugeeswarar Temple, ThaiyurI had been invited to visit the Murugeeswarar temple at Thaiyur by Kaushik, a long-time volunteer of the Aalayam Kanden Trust, about three ye… Read More
Aavarani Pudhuchery Nateswarar
2021-12-16 16:06
Shri Nateswara Swamy Temple, Aavarani PudhucherySome temples are unique and the joy one gets while visiting them is immense. The purpose of Aalayam Kanden is to identify these lesser known g… Read More
Aditya Mahadevar Temple, Anaikattaputhur
2021-04-04 14:14
Aditya Mahadevar Temple, AnaikattaputhurAnaikattaputhur is a non-descript village in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Referred to as Anai Akkarai Puthur in inscriptions, the village is found… Read More
Sammohana Gopalan, Mohanur
2021-03-30 17:58
Sri Sammohana Gopalan Shrine at Mohanur It was an article by Shri A M Rajagopalan, in Kumudam Jothidam that I read way back in 2007-08 that introduced me to Sammohana Gopalan. The artic… Read More
Amazing Temples Video Series - Episode 1
2020-08-04 05:19
Hello everyone! This August, Aalayam Kanden completes ten years as a blog. To commemorate this, we are trying a different approach of introducing short videos of ancient, lesser known temple… Read More
Muthuservamadam Varadaraja Perumal
2020-01-27 17:58
Varadaraja Perumal Temple, MuthuservamadamI first heard about Muthuservamadam about 18 months ago, when Kaushik Ramachandran, a long term patron and volunteer of Aalayam Kanden Trust mention… Read More
The Twin Devis Of Srirangapatna
2019-10-03 17:27
The River CauveryThe island of Srirangapatna lies about 18 kilometres from Mahisuru (Mysore), the land of Mahishasura, the demon who had been killed by Goddess Chamundeswari after a battle t… Read More
Varkala Janardhanaswamy!
2019-01-12 17:59
Steps leading to the Varkala Janardhanaswamy TempleVarkala is a beautiful town on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It comprises of unique Cenozoic Sedimentary formation cliffs in the otherwise… Read More
Palatrangarai Veera Anjaneya Swamy!
2019-01-05 17:04
Hanuman, Anjaneyar, Anjana Maindhan, Vayuputra, Bajrang Bali, Mukhya Prana Devaru, and Siriya Thiruvadi - Many names, one diety! The embodiment of devotion, loyalty, valour, strength and sup… Read More
Kathithamalai Kumaran
2018-11-12 17:55
Kathithamalai Vetri Velayudha Swamy TempleKathithamalai, which is now referred to as Kaithamalai, is near Uthukuli in Tirupur District. The Vetri Velayudhaswamy temple, set amidst rustic and… Read More
Chennaiyin Rameswaram!
2018-08-06 17:24
Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple in KuvatturKuvattur - A name ringing in Tamil news channels a few months ago, is home to the quaint Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple. Set within the village on East Coas… Read More
Dakshina Bhadrachalam
2018-07-01 18:26
Dakshina Bhadrachalam Sri Kothandarama Temple, West MambalamVankayala Kuppaiah Chetty was restless. His health was failing and he could not comprehend why. Especially that night, he felt as… Read More
Thiruvananthapuram Of Tamil Nadu!
2018-06-04 01:50
Inside the Aavarani Anantha Narayana TempleThousands throng the temple of Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swamy, at Thiruvananthapuram, despite strict security and dress regulations to worship the 18… Read More
Dattagiri Guhalayam
2018-05-28 17:57
Dattagiri Murugan TempleKongu region in Tamil Nadu is well known for its Murugan temples. As the Tamil porverb goes " Kunrirukkum Idamellam Kumaran Iruppan", every hillock in this region has… Read More
Manavur Karkadeswara
2018-05-05 15:16
The Karkadeswarar Temple at ManavurWhile I was involved in the mapping of temples along the river Cooum, the Koova Puranam served as the main source of reference about sites along the Cooum… Read More
Lanka Veera Hanuman
2017-12-17 17:37
Bhaktha Hanuman Temple, RambodaHanuman Jayanthi is celebrated in the southern part of India during the Tamil month of Margazhi, Hanuman is seen as an embodiment of courage, true devotion, va… Read More
Vayalanallur Kandaswamy!
2017-10-24 17:05
Kandasamy Murugan at VayalanallurThis post is two years late. Although I had visited this temple first in 2015, and then several times since, even taking people on heritage trips, I never go… Read More
Koonthalur Kumara!
2017-10-20 14:50
Koonthalur Jambukaranyeswara Temple Roma Rishi -  he was so called because of the hair that covered his body, his flowing mane and long beard. This Rishi stayed on the banks of Ari… Read More
2017-06-19 07:25
There are a number of temples associated with the Nayanmars and the miracles performed by them in their journey of worship and promotion of Shaivism. Each one of them has unique rituals and… Read More
2017-06-04 17:42
Appar - A Brief HistoryAppar also known as Tirunavukkarasar was born Marulneekiyar in an agriculturist family of Thiruvamur in Tirumunaipadi Nadu. He lost his parents in an early age and was… Read More
Know Your Nayanmars - Part II (The Kings)
2017-04-08 02:25
Ten Kings have been named by Sundaramurthy Nayanar as Nayanmars. This works out to 1/6th of the total number. These Kings ruled the land as representatives of the Lord, putting service to Hi… Read More
Know Your Nayanmars - Part I (The Ladies)
2017-04-07 15:41
The Nayanmars were great devotees of Lord Shiva who, through their incredible deeds find mention in the Thiruthonda Thogai, sung by Sundaramurthy Nayanar, at the behest of Lord Shiva. The f… Read More
Jai Sri Ram!
2017-04-05 16:38
Rama Navami - the birthday of Lord Rama, the Seventh Avatar of Vishnu, falls on the nineth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chithirai. The Rama Avatar signifies righteousness, tolerance… Read More
The Real Spider - Man!
2017-03-30 11:59
The Ayavantheeswara Temple at SiyathamangaiThe Tale:  It was a chilly morning. It had rained the whole night before and the dampness still hung in the air. Pools of water dotted the mud… Read More
Three Eyes And Ten Hands!
2016-12-28 03:06
Hanuman with Deer Vahana at AnanthamangalamHanuman - the God of strength, valour, loyalty and devotion! We see him, mostly in Vishnu temples in a separate shrine as Siriya Tiruvadi and in Ra… Read More
Venkata Subramaniam!
2016-10-24 12:05
Venkatasubramania Swamy Temple, ValasaravakkamSkanda Sashti refers to the six days of battle between Lord Muruga or Skanda with Soorapadma. It is usually commemorated in the Tamil month of A… Read More
Nara Simham!
2016-09-13 12:35
The Malluru Narasimha Swamy Temple EntranceIt was over two years ago, that a devout follower of Aalayam Kanden called me to speak about the Malluru Narasimhaswamy Temple. The way she went ab… Read More
Bappanadu - A Symbol Of Communal Harmony
2016-06-30 16:32
Durga Parameswari Temple at BappanaduRamadan is a time of spiritual reflection, increased devotion, sacrifice and sharing with the less fortunate brethren. There are a number of temples in I… Read More
2016-06-05 16:27
Shahuji I, popularly known as Shaji was the Maratha ruler of Thanjavur during the period 1684-1712. During his reign, there were several unrests and threat to his Kingdom from the Sethupathi… Read More
Sankara Narayana!
2016-04-30 17:13
Recently, we undertook a four day visit to temples in UK and DK.....puzzled? Well, it is just Uttara Karnataka and Dakshin Karnataka! Usually, I would be the one meticulously planning itiner… Read More
2016-02-28 04:14
The temple tank of Sri Sundareswara Temple, Periya KothurSometimes, the will of God is beyond our comprehension....well, why sometimes, most of the time! It was in the year 2014, that Arun K… Read More
2015-11-12 16:02
Belukurichi Palaniappa TempleBelukurichi is a small village on a hillock called Koogai malai, on the Kolli range in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. The Kolli hills are in the Southern part… Read More
2015-09-19 08:44
Utsava is a sanskrit word wherein Ut means remove and sava means worldly griefs. The word Utsava Murthy is referred to those deities normally made of metal that are taken out in procession s… Read More
2015-09-17 08:56
While we were on the recce visits of the temples along the banks of the river Cooum, we visited a village called Thandalam, which is one of the eighteen Kottams of Koovam as per the Koova Pu… Read More
2015-08-31 03:42
Vadavaru, ThanjavurThe Prince of Thanjavur was in a pensive mood as he walked along the banks of the Vadavaru. His thoughts, as always, were with Guru Raghavendra Swamy, who had entered Brin… Read More
2015-08-21 10:47
The Kailaaya Eswaramudaiya Mahadevar Temple at KesavaramKesavaram is a small village in Vellore District. It is here that a dam has been built across the Cooum river splitting it into two, d… Read More
2015-07-24 14:09
The Mahadevar Temple at ThiruvanchaikalamThiruvanchaikalam or Thiruvanchikulam is the only Devara Padal Petra Sthalam in Malai Nadu (Kerala). That's not all - It is also the place from where… Read More
2015-07-05 15:24
The old Brahmin woke up with a start. He had just witnessed a very divine dream. Goddess Kali had appeared in his dream, promised to come to Mangudi village on a specific day as a Pancha Boo… Read More
2015-07-02 15:17
The Murugan temple at PagasalaiThere are a number of temples in Tamil Nadu where Lord Muruga is found alone, without his consorts Valli and Deivanai. Out of these temples, those in which he… Read More
2015-06-28 17:16
Recently, I was invited by a friend to speak at a Story telling event, the topic of which was Stories in and around Harrington Road. I was trying to decide on what to speak about - should I… Read More
2015-06-03 15:30
Singaandeeswara Temple at ThiruvurCome summer, our hearts long for rains! Aalayam Kanden has the pleasure of bringing to you a Cooum riverside temple, rich in mythology and history, where Sa… Read More
2015-04-26 17:25
The Thengangapureeswara Temple at ChinnanarimeduTen skin tension! claims a soap commercial. Come summer, there are a range of problems that arise due to sudden increase in tem… Read More
2015-04-11 18:45
The Deivanayakeswarar Temple at ElumiyankotturThere are temples to fulfill every kind of prayer - good health, marriage, childbirth, education, dosha nivarthi one can go on and on. Likewise… Read More
2015-04-06 10:23
The Tripurantakeswara Swamy Temple, ThiruvirkoovamThe name Cooum to any Chennai dweller would be synonymous with a nauseating cesspool through which all the wastes of the city are carried in… Read More
2015-03-27 17:58
The Sita Gufa at Panchavati (Photo Courtesy: Sita Gufa Trust)Panchavati is situated on the banks of the River Godavari, in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is believed that Rama during his period of… Read More
2015-02-22 17:52
Thiruninravur Eri Katha Ramar TempleThe mention of Thiruninravur immediately brings to mind the magnificent Bhakthavatsala Perumal temple and the divine Hridayaleeswarar Temple. (The Article… Read More
2015-01-05 04:08
The rustic beauty - Soundara Pandeeswara Temple at KaruvelankulamI keep talking about this probably in every single post - because it just amazes me how the timing or choice of articles is d… Read More
2014-12-30 21:07
The entrance to Adhipureeswarar Temple at EithaloorVery unique and lesser known temples have a way of revealing themselves. You get an opportunity to visit them not knowing anything about th… Read More
2014-11-17 17:39
The Lakshmi Narasimha Veeranna Swamy Temple at UrukundaAalayam Kanden has been fortunate in bringing to its readers several lesser known and unique temples near Mantralayam in the past. Chec… Read More
2014-11-02 17:48
The make shift temple at MarangiyurMarangiyur is a non-descript village in Villupuram district on the banks of the river Thenpennai. Right at the edge of the village on the banks of the rive… Read More
2014-10-20 09:38
The entrance to Hari Kanyaka Bhagavathy TempleEvery trip hides within itself several gems and treasures that are revealed to those who seek for it with patience, determination and passion! O… Read More
2014-09-15 05:18
A view of a stream running through the woods in the Srisailam ForestIshtakameswari Devi - The Goddess who fulfills all our desires! Who does not want their desires fulfilled? However, in ord… Read More
2014-08-10 17:53
Maha Avatar Babaji (Picture Courtesy: Maha Avatar Babaji Temple)Maha Avatar Babaji - a saint born in the year 203 AD and experienced to be alive in the Himalayas still became a hou… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
A view of the Nellikuppam Kailasanatha Temple that is currently being renovatedThe Kailasanatha Temple at Nellikuppam dates back to over 1400 years. Originally built during the Pallava time… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The entrance to the Madhurantaka Choleswara TempleIn today's busy world, temples are often sought as a place to go to be relieved from problems. Several temples provide solace to prayers for… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Sri Kutchery Vinayagar Temple CheyyurMargazhi is the season for music when every auditorium is packed with Rasikas from morning to night eager to experience the best of music, dance and disc… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
A portion of the Ramagiri Valeeswara TempleAt the end of the Ramayana war, Rama was affected by Brahmahathi Dosha (the curse of killing a brahmin) after killing Ravana. Ravana had a brahmin… Read More

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