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The Geek Travels Blog
It's a travel blog written by a 21-year old geeks who loves to travel. He shares beautiful photos of his trips and as well as travel tips.
Back In Hong Kong After 8 Years
2023-12-17 16:28
Nestled along the southern coast of China, Hong Kong stands as a vibrant metropolis where East meets West, seamlessly blending traditional Chinese culture with the dynamic pace of… Read More
3 Great Tips For A Vacation In Ontario
2023-10-10 11:41
Image Credit: Jan Weber from Unsplash.Canada is full of great places to vacation, and Ontario is one of the more notable. Even if you don’t see all of Ontario, you can still have an am… Read More
Let's Talk About Perth
2023-08-18 14:43
Perth is said to be the remotest capital city in the world. Well, I can attest to that! Our flight from Hong Kong showed us the blue skies above the West Philippine Sea, followed… Read More
Summer In La Union
2023-08-11 19:33
A famous line from Robert Frost says that for you to grow, you need to take the road less traveled. However, it is not about your journey but about who you were with. So, my friends a… Read More
Thailand It That Way... Again.
2022-09-15 11:58
As my Singapore Airlines flight descended towards Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi (pronounced as Soowanapoom) Airport, I was excited. Excited was an understatement, to be fair. Seated i… Read More
We Grow
2022-06-23 15:39
The more I learn, the less I know. Through every high and every low, I grow. That song, Grow, hits hard. It's a shame that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 got canceled due to… Read More
A Talk For Atok
2022-06-23 15:31
This trip was a spontaneous one. A week before this trip, I was informed that my friends had already booked their flights and tour at Atok, Benguet. It has been ten years s… Read More
The Sky Is Full Of Stars
2022-01-27 14:27
Photo by Nathan Anderson on UnsplashAs day turns to night, the blue sky fades, revealing the night sky. On a cloudless and moonless night, the stars light up the sky like snowflakes. It neve… Read More
2021 - Still A Work In Progress
2021-12-31 05:39
2021 was indeed a rollercoaster ride. I know it sounded like a year-end cliche, but it's true. I have so many things in my mind right now, but this year was more like a series of life lesson… Read More
A Short Staycation At K Lebrix Lakehouse
2021-12-20 12:53
Since last year, it has been a tradition of my close colleagues to organize a getaway somewhere far from the metropolis. You know, it's one of our ways to destress aside from discove… Read More
2021-08-30 16:19
Okay, hear me out. I know it's hard to update this travel blog regularly for obvious reasons. Heck, I have written more posts on my (personal) blog this year! Today, before I went to… Read More
Walking Around Legazpi Village, Makati City
2020-11-02 19:12
It's been a while since the last time I stroll around Legazpi Village here in Makati CBD. Ever since the lockdown last March 15, I'm always at the condo because obviously, I don't want to ge… Read More
PAL Mid-Year Sale This 2020!
2020-07-10 12:35
PAL at NAIA 2I won't deny that I miss traveling. When everything's back to normal, I know everyone's itching to fly again. Well, I have some good news for you! Philippine Airlines is… Read More
Montréal Revisited
2020-06-20 06:57
Montréal wasn't part of my original plan. The day before we went to this city, my good mate Jase surprised me and told me we were going on a road trip. I didn't expect that we would… Read More
Eighteen Hours On The Road
2020-06-07 17:41
Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple The longest flight that I took so far was almost sixteen hours. It was last year when I flew nonstop from Manila to Toronto, and it was a dreadful experien… Read More
PHOTO SERIES: Toronto Revisited
2020-05-31 13:30
No, it's not what you think. I bought a new Lightroom presets and tried these for my travel photos, and man, I loved it. I hope you enjoy this photo set! I miss traveling, and this is the cl… Read More
PHOTO DIARY: Vivid Sydney 2019
2020-05-23 14:52
Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music, and ideas. It unites not just artists and music makers, but also tourists around the w… Read More
The Future Of The Hermit Kingdom
2020-04-26 13:12
Photo by Random Institute on UnsplashNow that the news about the death of Kim Jong-Un's has been circulating online for days, North Korea's future hangs by a thread. Some say… Read More
Chicago, Illinois - See The Real America
2020-04-09 16:12
A while back I saw a funny meme of how the outside world sees America. There was a map of the States, and just three words, which left to right read “Vegas - Yeehaw - New York”… Read More
Best Road Trips In The World
2020-03-26 13:44
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on UnsplashOnce you decide to take a road trip, your head will be spinning about where to go. The easy bit is taking the leap to embark upon new adven… Read More
Fraudulent Transactions
2020-03-12 16:40
Photo by Code Mnml on UnsplashLast week, as I was busy watching Crash Landing On You on Netflix. I received two text messages from BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands). Readin… Read More
Dangerous Crosswind
2020-02-23 12:29
They say the less, the better.Being an air traffic controller and a frequent traveler is not a good combo at all. You see, when your flight suddenly halts in the middle of the taxiway, you'd… Read More
2020-02-20 15:26
If there's one city in the world where I can enjoy the laidback lifestyle, its sceneries, the accessibility, high quality of living, and experience its unique local culture, it's Melbourne… Read More
Thank You, 2019
2019-12-30 11:06
2020 is just around the corner, and I am grateful for all the things I've experienced this year. When it comes to my travels, 2019 is probably my most traveled year yet. It seems that every… Read More
Journey To Halong Bay, Vietnam
2019-12-25 21:26
It was one crisp morning when we left the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Aboard the bus, everyone has a hard time to hide their excitement. For the next four hours, we journeyed our way to the northe… Read More
The Charming City Of Hanoi, Vietnam
2019-12-06 08:37
The moment I sat down on my assigned seat, I immediately fell asleep. Our flight took off minutes before five in the morning. I was seated at the window seat, and I thought of waiting for th… Read More
Autumn In Tokyo: The Long Wait Is Over
2019-11-24 05:55
I know, I know. I hate to write this sentence as an opener of my blog entry, but here goes nothing: It's been a while since the last time I updated this post. I felt like I was still in high… Read More
Eight Glasses Of Beer
2019-08-18 04:58
My friend and I went on a road trip and explored the towns of Bendigo, Echuca, and Ararat in the state of Victoria, Australia. These towns are at least several hundred kilometers away from M… Read More
Vivid Sydney 2019
2019-07-31 15:59
I hate to write this, but it's been a while since the last time I updated this blog. Apologies, but I was too preoccupied about a lot of things lately–my plans for next year, new work… Read More
Group Tour At Seoul, South Korea
2019-05-02 06:15
The plane banked to the right as it prepares for its final approach. It was 7:30 in the evening and the twilight sky glowed propitiously. As we cleared the clouds, the entire expanse of Seou… Read More
Winter In Niagara Falls, Ontario
2019-04-07 17:21
The sun didn't show up. My aunt told me that she would pick me up at past 7 AM. Thankfully, she showed up on time, and I was very excited to visit Niagara Falls. The steady and soft drops of… Read More
The Adventure To The Great North
2019-04-04 17:16
Toronto skyline during sunset.Traveling to Toronto was harder than I thought. From the tourist visa hiccups to every traveler's nightmare named jet lag, It's hard to comprehend that this tri… Read More
2019-03-08 19:52
The first time I experienced winter, I fell in love with it. It was love at first sight despite the biting cold and the occasional runny nose. The moment I went outside the terminal building… Read More
Tried And Tested Tricks For Cheap Travel
2019-02-25 14:40
Traveling may seem to be an expensive and luxurious hobby. But then why are there thousands of travelers who never seem to stop? It only means they do traveling very differently, they travel… Read More
Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday
2019-02-19 15:47
If you have the trip of a lifetime booked, then you might be anxious about seeing everything you want to in a relatively short space of time. Some countries are clear in what they have to of… Read More
Travel Essential: ZenFone Max Pro M2
2019-01-26 05:03
In this day and age, smartphones are getting more powerful than ever, be in power, camera, or storage. Since the rise of smartphones, sharing contents online has never been the same, a game… Read More
Dreaming Of Osaka
2019-01-22 14:18
Osaka is not your ordinary Japanese city. While it is one of the most important cities in Japan, Osaka enjoys a more laidback setting compared to Tokyo, or even Nagoya.After our hearty break… Read More
I Won A Free Trip To Bali... AGAIN!
2018-12-13 13:05
While I was scrolling my IG feed, I came across with Wonderful Indonesia's ad - the Trip Of Wonders online quiz. Suddenly, a rush of memories came through. Two years ago, I won the same con… Read More
Spring In Sydney
2018-11-25 09:42
On my fourth and probably the last visit to Australia for this year, I get the chance to experience their Spring season. Sydney enjoys a milder Spring weather than his hipster brother, Melbo… Read More
Good Day, Melbourne!
2018-11-14 14:18
Adulting is tough. You need to juggle a lot of responsibilities in life like bills, bills, and bills. I would often hear people complaining about this vicious cycle. Yes, it is tough to keep… Read More
Living In The Pearl Of The Orient
2018-10-16 08:02
Owing to its archipelagic setup, the Philippines boasts many natural attractions. Ranging from above sea level mountains to deepest water trenches, the country does not fall short of mesmeri… Read More
Kyoto: A Journey To Japan's Heritage
2018-09-20 02:00
The urban landscape of Nagoya quickly changed to vast ricefields as the shinkansen train gained speed. My mom, being a first-timer aboard this state-of-the-art bullet train, didn't notice th… Read More
Summer In Nagoya
2018-09-18 10:44
Surprisingly, we took off Manila on time. The 4-hour journey to Nagoya was rather smooth, and I purposely requested a left window seat to capture the majestic sunset en route. It was already… Read More
#JaFun Birthday Adventure
2018-08-13 20:00
Summer in Japan.The first time I went to Japan, the leaves were falling, the foliage had already started to turn orange, and it was getting colder as days went by. Most streets in Tokyo's fi… Read More
How To Travel America The Right Way
2018-07-28 07:55
For hundreds of years, America has been attracting people from all over the globe to its shores. Whether it be for sweeping beaches, immense mountain structures, or its bustling cities, each… Read More
The Bangkok Traffic Story
2018-07-18 07:58
The news about the death of the highly revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand swept across the world. As a sign of respect, the entire nation of Thailand was in a state of mourning. The… Read More
Why Long-term Travel Isn't For Me
2018-07-05 05:26
Five minutes after we departed Changi International Airport, the seatbelt sign has finally been switched off by the captain. The cabin crew stood up and started to serve hot meals. To kill t… Read More
5 Reasons To Take Out Travel Insurance
2018-06-21 12:48
If you are going to go traveling, no matter how far you go and for how long you are gone, travel insurance has to be one of the first things you organize. It’s a hugely important part… Read More
Dear, Sydney
2018-06-19 13:47
I just found out a perfect app on my fold to collect and share my stories and photographs online. Unfold is a beautiful app, and it's very easy to use. Sharing to you my first Unfold story… Read More
Travel Essentials: FitFlop Sneakers
2018-06-10 15:03
Everyone knows I love to travel. I always thirst for adventure. I love exploring uncharted territories, try exotic cuisines, and meet new friends along the road. Sometimes, too much isn't go… Read More
A Travel Guide Around Sydney, Australia
2018-06-03 14:29
Sydney rose to fame when it hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics, at least in my case. It went back to mainstream pop culture after the movie, Finding Nemo, mentioned the fictional address of Nem… Read More
Photo Diary: Sunny Singapore
2018-05-24 12:15
Pardon if this post is almost four months late.Last February, I was in Singapore with my PPSG (Philippine Planespotters Group) friends to attend the Singapore Airshow 2018. It only happens e… Read More
How To Keep Fit On Your Long-Stay Holiday
2018-05-15 16:18
A long-stay holiday is something that so many people look forward to. Rather than having just a week or two away from where you try to rush all your relaxing, sightseeing, and exploding into… Read More
Melbourne This Way
2018-05-09 09:26
Visiting Melbourne was a spontaneous decision as it wasn't part of my original itinerary. It could've been better if I booked a Manila-Melbourne-Sydney-Manila flight.Still, no regrets.5.30… Read More
The Great Ocean Road Adventure
2018-04-17 10:40
I have always considered solo traveling. I have done it once six years ago but failed miserably. To think it was just only a local trip up north. At 22, I wasn't ready to face the reality an… Read More
How To Decide Where To Go On Vacation
2018-03-20 02:09
Bearing in mind that there are so many vacation options that one can choose from, making a decision can be a bit of a struggle. If you love traveling and you find yourself on the roads quite… Read More
First They Killed Kampuchea
2018-03-19 11:19
I was crossing my fingers while waiting for the confirmation of our bus tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were informed that tickets were nearly sold out because it was a holiday in Cambodi… Read More
Discover Buda, Davao City
2018-03-14 07:23
I was in Manila for a two-week training when some of my friends invited me for a quick weekend getaway at Buda. Since I'm flying home on the same date, I instantly gave them a go signal.The… Read More
PHOTO DIARY: Kuala Lumpur In 24 Hours
2018-03-04 10:39
Last month, I went to Singapore with an overnight side trip at Kuala Lumpur. KL wasn't really part of my plan but since Singapore Airlines is utilizing their brand new Airbus A350-900 in the… Read More
PHOTO DIARY: Indochina In Technicolor
2018-02-01 15:01
Indochina is a geographical term referring to the large peninsula of Asia now known as Southeast Asia. Back in the olden times, ancient kingdoms emerged in some parts, creating alliances wit… Read More
PHOTO DIARY: Bali In Technicolor
2018-01-24 09:13
I spent my 26th birthday in Bali, and it's one of the best birthdays I have ever had. This revered Island of Gods has so much to offer, and I wouldn't mind visiting this place again in the n… Read More
My Five Favorite Travel Moments Of 2017
2018-01-10 09:17
I know it's kinda late, but I would like to share my seven most unforgettable travel moments of 2017. I can truly say that 2017 is my travel year. I have revisited some of my favorite countr… Read More

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