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Hummanaya Blowhole is one of Sri Lanka’s natural wonders. It's located in the southern part of the country, near the city of Kudawella. This blowhole is unique for the remarkable sound it makes, similar to a hum, and the water spray it produces. It attracts both locals and tourists who are keen to witness this natural spectacle.

About Blowholes and Hummanaya

What is a Blowhole?

A blowhole is a natural formation that occurs in coastal rocky areas. When seawater is forced through a narrow opening with great force, it produces a jet of water that can reach impressive heights. They are typically formed through erosive processes over long periods of time. The force behind the water jet is the pressure created by incoming waves, and the height and frequency of the water jet can depend on the tides, currents, and wind conditions.

Hummanaya Blowhole

Hummanaya Blowhole is unique in the South Asian region. It is the second-largest blowhole in the world and the only one in Sri Lanka. What sets it apart is the distinctive humming sound it makes when water is forced through the hole. This sound gives the blowhole its name, as 'Hummanaya' means 'hums' in Sinhala. Only 15 minutes from Dickwella, it is a must-visit site if you are traveling in Southern Sri Lanka.

Unique Features of Hummanaya

The Hummanaya Blowhole is remarkable for several unique features. One of the first things you'll notice is the humming sound it makes when water is forced through the hole. This sound is not just a soft hum but can be heard from a considerable distance, making it an extraordinary part of the experience. The water spray itself is another highlight, as it reaches heights of up to 25 to 30 meters, depending on the season and sea conditions. This creates a spectacle that is both visually and auditorily stunning.

The rock formation around the blowhole also adds to its allure. These are hard, metamorphic rocks that have withstood the test of time, resisting erosion and giving the blowhole its characteristic shape. The tunnel through which the water passes is a natural formation carved by the elements over countless years. The way the sun hits the water spray can sometimes create rainbows, adding another layer of beauty to the scene.


The significance of Hummanaya Blowhole extends beyond its visual beauty. It holds a special place in local folklore, often featuring in stories that describe it as a marvel of nature or associate it with myths and legends.

Its uniqueness as the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka and one of the few in the South Asian region elevates its status as a must-visit tourist attraction. Tourists from around the globe come to witness its captivating display, making it a key contributor to local tourism and a source of income for the community.

The area surrounding the blowhole is also ecologically important, home to a variety of marine life and contributing to biodiversity.

Activities at Hummanaya

At Hummanaya, you can engage in various activities to make the most out of your trip. One of the main activities is, of course, watching the blowhole in action. A specially designed platform provides a safe and unobstructed vantage point for this. Photography enthusiasts will find the site particularly appealing for capturing nature's drama, as the blowhole's spray against the backdrop of the sea and sky makes for stunning visuals. It's also a popular spot for videography, especially for capturing slow-motion videos of the water shooting up into the air.

Nature walks around the area offer another engaging activity. The coastal vegetation and rock formations are worth exploring for those interested in geology or botany. Some visitors enjoy sketching or painting the scenic views, capturing the natural beauty in their own unique way. Birdwatching is also popular, as the site attracts various seabirds, adding another layer of interest for nature enthusiasts.

For those interested in the spiritual aspect, a small shrine is located nearby where visitors often take a moment to meditate or offer prayers. This is in line with the cultural significance of the site in local folklore and beliefs.

Location and How to Get There

Hummanaya Blowhole is located near the town of Kudawella, in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

From Colombo, Hummanaya is about 212 kilometers away. You can choose to go by car, bus, or train. You can easily reach Hummanaya blowhole via the Southern Expressway. We recommend you add this destination as part of a trip around the Dickwella area. From Dickwella, Hummanaya is only a short 15-minute tuk-tuk ride.

Best Time to Visit

The water spray is at its most spectacular during the monsoon season, which is from May to August. However, the area can be visited at any time of the year.

Tips and Advice

  • Safety: Stick to designated observation areas and follow local guidelines and warning signs.
  • Sun Protection: Wear sunscreen and hats to protect against the sun.
  • Essentials: Carry water and snacks, as facilities may be limited.
  • Photography: Bring a camera with a good zoom feature for capturing the blowhole's activity.
  • Footwear: Wear comfortable walking shoes for exploring the surrounding areas.
  • Crowds: Arrive early to avoid crowds and secure the best viewing spots.
  • Weather: Check weather forecasts before visiting, as conditions can impact the blowhole's activity.
  • Distance: Keep a safe distance from the water's edge, especially during high tide.
  • Local Guidance: Consult local guides or tourism offices for updated information.

Nearby Attractions

1. Dickwella: Dickwella is a small coastal town near Hummanaya. It is known for its scenic beaches, cultural sites, and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Hiriketiya Beach: Located in Dickwella, Hiriketiya Beach is famous for its surf-friendly conditions. The crescent-shaped beach attracts both novice and expert surfers, making it a hub of water sports activities.

3. Dickwella Beach: Also within the vicinity of Dickwella, this beach provides a quieter alternative to Hiriketiya. With its calmer waters and relaxed ambiance, it's an excellent spot for swimming and soaking up the sun.

4. Silent Beach: This is another beach located in the Dickwella area. As the name suggests, Silent Beach offers a more secluded experience, making it ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

5. Dondra Head: Situated a short distance from Dickwella, Dondra Head is known for its iconic lighthouse. The Dondra Head is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka and offers spectacular views.

Visiting the Hummanaya Blowhole offers an enriching experience that adds a memorable highlight to any trip along Sri Lanka's Southern coast. So make sure you stop by, capture some great photos and videos, and spend some time admiring this wonderful natural phenomenon.

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