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Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai – September to December 2023

Dubai, the city of dreams, is about to become the city of rhythm, beats, and unforgettable melodies. This year, the Music scene in Dubai is set to be more vibrant than ever. How so? With a series of Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai! These promise to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, memories, and dance moves.

From the electrifying beats of the Wow Music Fest to the nostalgic tunes of the ’90s Boyband Reunion. There’s something for everyone at these Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai.

Whether you’re a fan of trance, house, retro, or orchestral renditions of Ibiza anthems. Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai got you covered. So, dust off those dancing shoes and mark your calendars.

Get ready for a musical journey at these Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai. These will certainly resonate with your soul, make your heart race, and create memories that will last a lifetime. All you need is a Dubai Visa UK!

Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai – September to December 2023

1). Unmissable Wow Music Fest 2023 – 30 September

Set your calendar for Saturday, September 30. The iconic Coca-Cola Arena at City Walk is about to be lit with Wow Music Fest 2023!

A Lineup That’ll Blow Your Mind

Imagine a night where the rhythm takes over, and the beats resonate with your soul.

Five incredible performers, one stage, and an evening that promises to be unforgettable. And guess what?

The cherry on top is the headliner – none other than the legendary Paul van Dyk. Remember the 1994 hit, For an Angel? That’s him!

A maestro in the trance scene, his Grammy-nominated tracks have made him a household name!

Wow Music Fest Tickets and More

Thinking of dancing the night away? The standing area is exclusively for the 21 and over crowd. But don’t fret!

If you’re looking to enjoy the show seated, it’s open to all. Just a heads-up, if you’re under 16, you’ll need an adult to tag along. So, are you ready to groove from 9 pm onwards?

  • Tickets start from Dhs175.
  • Location: Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk

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2). Dive into the Beats at Defected Dubai 2023 – 13-15 October

Picture this: three days in October, where the city dances to the rhythm of the world’s best house tracks. Sounds dreamy, right?

That’s what Defected Dubai 2023 is all about!

Star-Studded Defected Dubai Line Up

Who’s joining the party, you ask? Well, let’s drop some names.

How about the dynamic Dunmore Brothers or the iconic Groove Armada?

And if that’s not enough, get ready to sway with Hannah Wants and groove with the legendary Roger Sanchez.

But wait, there’s more!

Ever danced to the beats of Alex Mills, Catz n Dogz, or Syreeta? They’re on the list too.

It’s like having the crème de la crème of house music under one sky!

Grab Your Defected Dubai 2023 Tickets!

Starting at just Dhs200, it’s a musical bargain you can’t resist. Mark your calendars from Friday, October 13 to Sunday, October 15.

And the best part?

The festival vibes will echo in various hotspots, including the serene Soul Beach.

So, are you ready to lose yourself in a sea of beats and rhythms?

Because Defected Dubai is not just a festival; it’s an experience!

Grab your Dubai Visa from UK and jet off to Dubai!

3). Unmissable ’90s Boyband Reunion in Dubai – 20 October

Remember the golden era of boybands?

The catchy tunes, synchronized dance moves, and those iconic hairstyles?

Well, guess what?

They’re making a grand comeback!

Nostalgia Hits Dubai

Dubai’s Ultimate Boyband Concert is just around the corner. If you’ve ever hummed to the tunes of Blue and Five. Or found yourself swaying to the harmonies of Boyzone and Westlife. You’re in for a treat!

This isn’t just a concert; it’s a trip down memory lane!

Who’s Taking the Stage?

Blue, Five, and dynamic duo from Boyzlife (comprising legendary Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden) are set to dazzle fans.

And where’s this musical extravaganza happening?

None other than the renowned Irish Village in Garhoud.

Mark Your Calendars & Get Your Tickets!

Ready to relive the ’90s?

Block your date: Friday, October 20th. The magic begins at 7 pm!
And here’s a sweet deal: tickets start from just Dhs225.

The venue? The iconic Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Al Garhoud.

Ever thought you’d get to witness such a stellar lineup in one evening?

It’s like having all your favourite desserts at once. Too good to be true? Pinch yourself, because this is happening!

So, are you ready to groove to the beats of the past?

4). Dubai’s Trib Music Festival 2023 – 21 October

Ever dreamt of time-travelling through the golden eras of music?

From the rock ‘n’ roll vibes of Elvis to the modern beats of Maroon 5?

Well, pinch yourself, because it’s about to get real at Trib Music Fest 2023!

A Musical Odyssey Awaits

Dubai’s Trib Fest is not just another music festival. It’s a journey. After making waves in Bahrain for over a decade, this iconic fest is now ready to rock Dubai.

Legends Reborn on Stage – Trib Fest Lineup 2023

Imagine a stage:

  • where Arctic Monkeys meet Elvis Presley
  • where Coldplay vibes with David Bowie, and
  • where Bruno Mars grooves alongside Queen

Sounds surreal, right? But that’s the magic of tribute bands. They breathe life into classics. These make us feel as if our favourite legends are right there, performing live.

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Save the Date!

Thirsty for this musical cocktail?

Mark Saturday, October 21st on your calendar. The stage will be set at The

Sevens Stadium, and the melodies will start flowing from 12 pm.

And here’s the cherry on top: Trib Fest tickets are a steal, starting at just Dhs75.

Ever thought of a festival as a time machine? Well, this one surely is.

Ready to dance through the decades? All you need is an Online Dubai Visa!

5). Loaded Music Festival 2023 Dubai – 4 November

Ever felt that pang of nostalgia, wishing you could teleport back to the ’90s?

To a time when music was a mix of raw emotion and electric energy?

Well, Dubai’s about to grant that wish at Loaded Music Festival 2023!

A Night of Iconic ’90s Beats

The 2023 LOADED Music Festival is more than just an Upcoming Music Festival in Dubai. It’s a time capsule. This November, four legendary bands from the ‘90s are set to take the stage. They promise a night of unforgettable melodies and memories.

Meet the Legends – Loaded Music Festival Lineup 2023

From the catchy rhythms of Dodgy to the unique vibes of Fun Lovin’ Criminals. From the dynamic beats of Stereo MC to the soulful tunes of Toploader. This line-up is a dream come true for every ’90s aficionado.

And guess what?

DJ Andy Buchan will be spinning the decks, ensuring the energy never drops!

Join the Retro Party!

Eager to groove under the moonlight? Circle Saturday, November 4th on your calendar.

The musical journey begins at 7 pm at the iconic Irish Village in Al Garhoud. Here’s some sweet news: tickets are priced at just Dhs175, available at multiple outlets including The Irish Village itself.

Remember those mixtapes you’d play on a loop?

This is like the best of them, live! Ready to relive the magic of the ’90s?

Apply for Dubai Visa from UK today to kickstart your musical journey in Dubai!

6). Butterfly Carnival Music Festival 2023 – 11 November

The Butterfly Carnival Music Festival isn’t just another event on the calendar. It’s a revolution!

Nestled in heart of Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, this festival promises an experience that transcends genres and time zones.

From Sunlight to Starlight at Butterfly Carnival 2023 Dubai

This festival is set to serenade you from golden hours of the day to silvery sheen of the night. Festival starts at a breezy 2 pm!

Think of it as a musical buffet, where every genre is a dish waiting to tantalize your senses.

A Melting Pot of Genres at Butterfly Carnival Music Festival 2023

Get ready to experience and enjoy:

  • Amazing beats from the Underground Techno Hub B018 DXB
  • Rhythms from the vibrant House of Yanos Afrobeats Event, and
  • The iconic sounds of Rampage from BBC 1Xtra (who’ve rocked the Notting Hill Carnival)

Experience a symphony of diverse sounds at the Butterfly Carnival Music Festival!

Imagine a canvas painted with the colours of techno, Afrobeats, and more. Sounds mesmerizing, right?

Ready to dive into this musical mosaic? All you need is a Dubai Visa Online!

7). Groove on the Grass 2023 – 11 November

Ever felt the electric buzz of anticipation?

That tingling sensation of standing on the precipice of something monumental?

That’s the aura surrounding the upcoming Groove on the Grass 2023!

A Legacy of Music and Art

Groove on the Grass isn’t just an Upcoming Music Festival in Dubai; it’s a legacy.

Over the past decade, this UAE-born fiesta has woven itself into the very fabric of Dubai’s entertainment scene. With each year, it’s grown, evolved, and surprised, earning a dedicated tribe of followers!

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The Mystery Unfolds

While the specifics for this year’s edition remain shrouded in mystery, the excitement is palpable.

Where will it be? Who will grace the stage?

The answers are on the horizon!

For those hungry for updates, the festival’s social media channels are the treasure maps. They will reveal the golden details at the appropriate time!
Imagine a book with its most thrilling chapter yet to be unveiled. That’s Groove on the Grass 2023 Dubai. Are you ready to be part of the next epic chapter?

8). Cele Retro Fest Dubai 2023 – 25 November

Ever wished you could hop into a time machine and relive the golden days of music?

Those beats that defined the ’90s and early 2000s?

Well, Dubai’s about to turn that dream into reality at Cele Retro Fest Dubai 2023!

Blast from the Past!

Cele Retro Fest Dubai is not just another Upcoming Music Festival in Dubai. It’s a nostalgic voyage. This exciting event is set against the backdrop of the iconic Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. The fest promises to teleport you back to an era where music was pure magic!

Stellar Cele Retro Fest Dubai Line Up Alert!

From the powerful verses of German rapper Nana Darkman to the iconic beats of British sensation Ice MC. From the soulful melodies of Swedish maestro Dr. Alban to the enchanting rhythms of Italian diva In-Grid. This line-up is the stuff of legends!

Imagine a musical cocktail, where each sip transports you to a different time and place. Intriguing, isn’t it?

With tickets starting at just Dhs150, the past is ready to serenade you once again. Ready to dance down memory lane?

9). The Ibiza Orchestra Experience 2023 – 16 December

The Ibiza Orchestra Experience is not just another event; it’s a symphony on the sands. This unique ensemble, set to hit Dubai, promises a musical journey like no other.

What’s the Buzz About?

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what this orchestra is all about, let us paint a picture.

Imagine a 26-piece orchestra, each instrument echoing the iconic anthems of Ibiza. Now, add to that mix live performers and a DJ, stirring up an electrifying party ambience.

It’s like blending the thrill of a roller coaster with the grace of a waltz. Intrigued?

Mark Your Calendars!

This Upcoming Music Festival in Dubai spectacle is set for Saturday, December 16th. And here’s a sweet deal to make the experience even more enticing. Sign up now and snag Ibiza Orchestra Experience tickets at a whopping 50% off!

The exact beach location remains a mystery, adding to the allure!

So, ready to dive into a musical wave that’s both classic and contemporary?


As the sun sets on this year’s musical horizon, one thing is clear: Dubai has truly outdone itself.

Each festival, with its unique flavour and vibe, will offer a slice of musical paradise. These will also cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
From the iconic beats of Paul van Dyk to the nostalgic rhythms of boybands. Dubai has proven that it’s not just a hub for business and luxury. But it is also a melting pot of cultures, genres, and experiences!
So, why wait? Grab your Dubai Visa London today. Jet off to Dubai to experience some of the top Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai 2023.

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When and where is the Wow Music Fest 2023 taking place?

The Wow Music Fest 2023 is taking place on Saturday, September 30 at the Coca-Cola Arena at City Walk.

When is the ’90s Boyband Reunion in Dubai and where is it happening?

The ’90s Boyband Reunion in Dubai is on Friday, October 20th at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Al Garhoud.

What is the date and venue for the Loaded Music Festival 2023 in Dubai?

The Loaded Music Festival 2023 in Dubai is on Saturday, November 4th at the Irish Village in Al Garhoud.

Who are some of the featured artists performing at Defected Dubai 2023?

Some of the featured artists at Defected Dubai 2023 include the Dunmore Brothers, Groove Armada, Hannah Wants, Roger Sanchez, Alex Mills, Catz n Dogz, and Syreeta.

What is the date for Dubai’s Trib Music Festival 2023 and where will it be held?

Dubai’s Trib Music Festival 2023 is scheduled for Saturday, October 21st and will be held at The Sevens Stadium.

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Upcoming Music Festivals in Dubai – September to December 2023


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