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2023-09-21 05:38
How is the metacentric height calculatedThe metacentric height (GM) is calculated as the distance between the center of gravity (G) and the metacenter (M) of a ship[1][4]. The metacentric he… Read More
2023-09-21 04:19
What is the angle of heel in shipsThe angle of heel in ships refers to the inclination of a vessel to one side or the other, measured as the angle between the waterline and the deck[1][2]. I… Read More
2023-09-21 04:15
how to calculate the angle of lollThe angle of loll for a given vessel under given conditions can be determined mathematically by the values of GM, the metacentric height, and BM, the metace… Read More
2023-09-21 04:12
Negative GM and angle of lollThe angle of loll is a term used to describe the unstable state of a ship when it is upright and has a negative metacentric height (GM) [1]. This means that any… Read More
2023-09-09 13:22
Ship design criteria vary depending on the type of ship, its intended purpose, and the specific requirements of the owner or operator. However, there are several common design criteria that… Read More
2023-09-09 13:18
Shipping cycles refer to the fluctuations in the global shipping industry that occur over time. These cycles are characterized by periods of high demand and increased shipping activity, foll… Read More
2023-09-09 13:04
The economics of ship propulsion involve analyzing the costs and benefits associated with different propulsion systems used in the maritime industry. The choice of propulsion system can sign… Read More
Save The Planet
2023-09-06 18:21
🌍 Every action matters. Every bit of energy saved, every piece of trash recycled, every tree planted. Together, we can safeguard the future of our beautiful planet. 🍃The eart… Read More
2023-09-04 19:49
 Yachting:"Yachting is a luxurious and exhilarating experience that allows individuals to explore the vast beauty of the open seas. Whether you're an avid sailor or simply seeking a tas… Read More
Sailing Techniques Guide
2023-07-28 15:35
Sailing is a fascinating and rewarding activity that involves harnessing the power of the wind to navigate through the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, mastering va… Read More
Kea Island
2023-07-28 08:56
Kea, also known as Tzia, is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. Part of the Cyclades group of islands, it is a popular tourist destination, especially for Athenians, because of its clo… Read More
Kythnos Island
2023-07-24 13:17
Kythnos is a beautiful Greek island located in the Western Cyclades group. It is known for its traditional charm, natural landscapes, and stunning beaches. The island offers a peaceful and r… Read More
Serifos Island
2023-07-24 13:17
Serifos is a beautiful Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Cyclades island group and is known for its traditional charm, whitewashed buildings, and stunning beaches. Se… Read More
2023-07-05 19:29
Attention: Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world on a bulk carrier? Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Read on to discover the exciting journey of traveling with a b… Read More
2023-06-24 05:16
The wreckage of the Titanic lies at a depth of approximately 12,500 feet (3,800 meters) on the floor of the North Atlantic Ocean. Despite the depth, the remains of the ship, discovered in 19… Read More
2023-06-24 05:10
Yes, there are sharks in Greece. However, it's important to note that shark attacks are extremely rare in Greece and in most parts of the world. The waters surrounding Greece are home to var… Read More
2023-06-24 04:51
The Titanic was a British luxury passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, after hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City… Read More
2023-06-20 14:22
BIMCO, the Baltic and International Maritime Council, has developed a standard set of forms and contracts for the shipping industry, including the widely used Gencon, Gencharter, and Genwayb… Read More
2023-06-20 10:25
Greece has a long and rich maritime history and is known for its significant presence in the shipping industry. Shipping has been a vital part of the Greek economy for centuries, and the cou… Read More
2023-06-13 11:24
Too late..!No any information.#SafetyFirst [ 📽 Via Life of Seaman ]— ⚓️MarioDeFenza⚓️ (@MarioDeFenza) May 31, 2023 Read More
2023-06-13 11:24
A Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) is a type of massive tanker vessel specifically designed for the transportation of crude oil. It is one of the largest types of ships in the world, capable… Read More
2023-06-13 11:18
Beyond the Horizon: Seaman life: Seaman life is a unique and challenging career that requires dedication, courage, and adaptability. Seamen are the people who work on ships Read More

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