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Savor the Bliss: A Complete Guide to Apericena in 2023

Aperitivo vs Apericena: What’s the Real Difference?

Do we go for the classic Aperitivo or take a contemporary leap into the exciting realm of Apericena? You see, the essence of Italian culture lies in its ability to reinvent itself while honoring its roots. Take the aperitivo, for instance. Originating as a pre-dinner ritual, aperitivo offers a casual space to sip on cocktails like Aperol Spritz or Negroni while nibbling on olives, chips, or other simple finger foods. It’s a light prelude to the evening meal, a cherished custom that’s deeply ingrained in our lifestyle.

Now enter Apericena, a term coined around the early 2000s, primarily flourishing in the urban settings of Turin and Milan. It serves as an “enhanced” version of the aperitivo, combining it with a light dinner. Imagine an aperitivo but with an extended menu featuring a variety of finger foods like bruschetta, cheese platters, and even more elaborate dishes. It answers to the demands of a fast-paced life, offering a richer experience that can serve as both a pre-meal and the meal itself.

So, do we hold onto tradition with an aperitivo or embrace the modern gusto of Apericena? The choice mirrors our evolving society, where convenience and richness often intertwine, giving us the best of both worlds.

What does apericena mean in Italian?

In Italian, the term “Apericena” is a delightful blend of two words: “Aperitivo,” meaning aperitif, and “Cena,” which translates to dinner. This ingenious culinary concept serves as a bridge between a light pre-meal drink and a full-fledged dinner. It’s essentially an extended aperitif that offers not just drinks but also a diverse range of finger foods and small bites. Perfect for socializing, Apericena invites you to gather around the table in good company, without the obligation of a long, formal meal.

In the Apericena the aperitivo meets dinner, picture of Lee Myungseong on Unsplash

Why Choose Apericena Over Traditional Dining Options

One of the most compelling reasons for the soaring popularity of Apericena lies in its ability to deliver both convenience and sociability in one inviting package.

Living in a bustling world often leaves us craving simple yet meaningful experiences, especially when it comes to dining. Apericena perfectly fills that gap—it offers a streamlined dining experience where a light meal and a drink harmoniously coexist. Forget the rigid, multi-course dinners provided by famous chefs; this is all about fluidity and ease. You can enjoy a luscious spread of finger foods, mingling and catching up with friends, family, or even business associates. It’s an approachable, non-intimidating way to socialize over good food, without the formalities that often accompany traditional dining setups.

Lastly, for those who live by the ticking hands of the clock, juggling hectic schedules and endless to-dos, but who still yearn for those moments of gastronomic delight and heartfelt conversations, Apericena emerges as the ultimate solution. It elegantly bridges the gap between our fast-paced lives and our innate desire for quality and connection

Apericena: Where Gourmet Meets the Streets

In the pulsating heart of Italy’s culinary scene, Apericena beautifully marries tradition with the explosion of street food culture. Far from just quick bites for the hurried, Apericena elevates the experience, blending gourmet quality with casual flair. As street food in Italy morphs into an art form—going beyond mere convenience to offer a kaleidoscope of flavors—Apericena rides this wave, providing a social dining experience that’s as nuanced as it is accessible. For a deep dive into Italy’s street food revolution, don’t miss my Florence Day Trip from Rome article.

Where Can You Find the Best Apericena in Italy?

The beauty of Apericena is that it’s a ubiquitous joy across Italy, but there are standout regions where the experience truly shines. For the quintessential Apericena, head to its birthplaces—Turin and Milan. These bustling cities offer an array of venues, from upscale lounges to casual eateries, each providing its unique take on this culinary delight.

Moving south, Florence’s vibrant arts scene is mirrored in its eclectic Apericena offerings, blending traditional Tuscan flavors with contemporary flair.

Rome, the eternal city, offers a historical backdrop for a modern gastronomic adventure, where Apericena is enjoyed in both Trastevere’s rustic trattorias and sleek rooftop bars. Finally, for those looking to couple Apericena with a sea breeze, the Amalfi Coast serves up stunning views alongside delectable bites.

These are the best venues and local favourites:

  • Torino: Stepping into Casa Manitù is like entering a realm of elegance and modernity, where every detail is meticulously curated. This two-story haven in Turin is renowned for its inventive cocktails and a lavish aperitivo buffet that caters to all, including vegetarians. The atmosphere is electric, often filled to capacity—so reservations are a must. Patrons rave about the “exceptional aperitivo,” the “British atmosphere,” and the “gourmet offerings,” making it a go-to spot for both casual gatherings and special occasions.
  • Milano: Nestled in the architectural splendor of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Camparino in Galleria is a Milanese jewel—a beacon of glamour and sophistication. As the sun sets over the iconic rooftops, patrons are swept away by the bar’s timeless elegance. Renowned for its aperitivo offerings, you can savor a classic Campari-Seltz or Negroni amidst a backdrop of history and modern design. Visitors laud the exceptional service, remarkable drinks, and the unbeatable view of the Madonnina.
  • Florence: Tucked away in a 13th-century palace enriched by the legacy of the Medici family, Il Locale is Florence’s hidden gem. As you traverse its opulent halls adorned with symbols of wealth and power, the weight of history envelops you. Descend into a cellar of Roman origins, housing an expansive wine collection. A culinary sanctuary that blends a high-end bar, restaurant, and wine cellar, Il Locale excels in exquisite cocktails and meticulously curated menus.
  • Rome: In the heart of Rome’s Trastevere district, VinAllegro redefines the Italian aperitivo. Picture an inviting atmosphere with a table bursting with quality home-made pastries and delicious dishes. With a diverse selection of 450 wines—both Italian and international—this wine bar transforms happy hour into an exceptional culinary journey. Don’t just take my word for it; reviewers call it a “gem” and a “local surprise.” Simply put, VinAllegro is an Italian symphony of flavors you don’t want to miss.
  • Costiera Amalfitana: Franco’s Bar is Positano’s essence distilled into an unforgettable experience. Picture yourself on a ceramic terrace, cocktail in hand, captivated by the most awe-inspiring views. Here, each drink is a masterpiece, crafted by a professional team that excels in hospitality. Though the prices reflect the luxury, the memories you make are priceless. Step into Franco’s Bar, and you’re not just having a drink; you’re living the Dolce Vita.

What’s on the menu of Apericena?

As you step into the realm of an Apericena event, prepare your palate for a culinary journey unlike any other. This is no mere pre-dinner aperitif; it’s a full-fledged gastronomic experience that celebrates the richness and variety of Italian cuisine. From zesty appetizers to hearty main courses, each item on the Apericena menu is a stand-alone work of art, crafted to take you on a distinct culinary adventure.

For a detailed glimpse into the diverse dishes you can expect at an Apericena, take a look at the table below:

Category Culinary Inspirations & Easy Bites
Stuzzichini per apericena Bruschette piccanti al pomodoro e cipolla, Empanadilla piccanti al tonno, Coni di formaggio e carote, Insalata Russa, Crocchette alla napoletana, Olive Ascolane, Mozzarella in Carrozza, Arancini
Primi piatti Polpette con i gamberi, Torta Salata, Bauletto alle mandorle aglio e lattuga, Fusilli salame, lattuga e rucola, Penne all’Arrabbiata, Risotto al Limone, Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa
Secondi piatti Roastbeef ai funghi nella sfoglia, Vitel Tonne Sprint, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Pollo al Limone, Salsiccia e Peperoni
For Vegans and Vegetarians Burger alla barbabietola, Sandwich con ceci strapazzati, Melanzane alla Parmigiana, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Fagioli all’Uccelletto
Dolci per apericena Pesche dolci all’alchermes, Sorbetto alla mela, Budino di yogurt alla pesca, Ciambella al limone, Tiramisù in a Cup, Panna Cotta al Caffè, Cannoli con Ricotta
Bruschetta is an essential kickoff to any Apericena, picture of Christo Anestev on Pixabay

What to Drink in Apericena?

To help you curate the perfect Apericena experience, I’ve divided my cocktail recommendations into two categories. The first table offers easy-to-make cocktails that you can effortlessly shake or stir up at home. The second table showcases those libations best savored in a stylish Italian bar, where the expertise of a seasoned bartender brings each cocktail to life.

Cocktails You Can Make at Home

These cocktails are a charming blend of Italian flair and mixological ease, and they’ll pair splendidly with your Apericena. Happy mixing!

Cocktail Sip by Sip Directions Mix Master Rating
Spritz Mix 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, and a splash of soda. Garnish with an orange slice. Easy Peasy
Bellini Blend peach purée and top with Prosecco. Beginner’s Bliss
Mimosa Combine equal parts chilled citrus juice and champagne. Morning Ease
Americano Mix equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth, top with soda. Almost an Italian
Negroni Sbagliato Combine Campari and sweet vermouth, add sparkling water. Effortless Flair
Moscow Mule Combine vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice; serve in a copper mug. Copper Level
Savoring a Spritz Aperitivo: The Quintessential Cocktail of Italian Apericena, picture of Dennis Schmidt on Unsplash

Cocktails Best Experienced at a Bar

Feel free to tip your bartender for those expert-level concoctions; trust me, they’re worth every penny.

Cocktail Basic Ingredients Mood Ring Pocket Impact
Daiquiri Rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Tropical Bliss $$
Manhattan Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Sophisticated $$$
Mojito White rum, sugar, lime, soda water, and mint. Refreshed $$
Long Island Ice Tea Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, lemon juice, and cola. Party Time $$$
Tequila Sunrise Tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. Morning Glory $$
Cool Passion Vodka, passionfruit purée, and a splash of soda. Exotic $$
Bloody Mary Vodka, tomato juice, and an array of spices; garnish with celery. Hangover Cure $$$
Margarita Tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau; Fiesta $$$

How to Host the Perfect Apericena

Yearning to bring the magic of Apericena into your own home? It’s more than just serving up some snacks with a side of cocktails; it’s about crafting an atmosphere, a culinary landscape where each bite and sip contributes to an unforgettable evening. To help you host an Apericena soirée that will leave your guests raving, here are five essential rules and chic decor ideas:

Rule #1: Variety is the Spice of Life
Ensure your food spread has an assortment of flavors and textures—crispy bruschettas, velvety cheeses, and tangy olives.

Rule #2: Crafted Cocktails are Key
Swap generic spirits for crafted Italian cocktails. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

Rule #3: Ambiance Matters
Dimmed lights, soft Italian music, and candles can make all the difference.

Rule #4: Presentation is Everything
Use Italian-themed serveware to display your culinary creations. Think olive wood boards and ceramic bowls.

Rule #5: Mind the Flow
Arrange the seating and food stations in a way that encourages mingling and easy access to refreshments.

For that extra touch, consider adding elegant table runners, rustic centerpieces, and perhaps a touch of Italy with miniature Colosseum figurines.

Apericena 2.0: Preserving Tradition in a Virtual World

The ever-adaptable Apericena isn’t just confined to sunny terraces and cozy living rooms anymore. With the rise of digital culture, online Apericena gatherings are becoming a delightful reality, ensuring that the essence of this cherished Italian tradition thrives even in the pixels and data packets of our online world. Just imagine—clicking a Zoom link to be instantly transported to a virtual table, laden with the same warmth and camaraderie that physical gatherings offer.

Thanks to technological advancements, the interactive, multi-sensorial experience of Apericena has been faithfully transposed onto virtual platforms. It’s not just about chatting over a video call; it’s about mutual toasts through webcams, synchronous bites into bruschetta, and shared Spotify playlists replicating the ambient sounds of an Italian evening. The digital sphere has proven adept at preserving the texture of these experiences, from the clinking of glasses to the laughter that bubbles over shared jokes.

In these fast-paced times, when assembling in physical spaces can be a challenge, online Apericena serves as a poignant reminder that the core of this tradition—connection, joy, and a shared meal—transcends physical boundaries. Whether enjoyed in person or through a screen, Apericena continues to bring us together in celebration of Italian culture and the simple pleasures of life.

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Savor the Bliss: A Complete Guide to Apericena in 2023


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