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Funny Captions #41 - #60

 Funny Caption #41

"Come here love, just a little peck. Alright, at least a bear hug..."

"C'mon man, sharing is caring."

"You had your turn, and now it's mine."

"Not now bear, I'm having a headache."

"Stop, or I'll call the circus!"

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

"Hand it over. You WON'T find the answer in a bottle."

 Funny Caption #42

"The restaurant's menu contains a huge variety of food. But it can't be said about the customers."

"Is this a glitch in the Matrix, like déjà vu?"

"The Matrix got lazy and sloppy, resorting to the clone tool for their CGI."

"A tricorder would be very useful for the purpose of investigation of this phenomenon." - Mr. Spock

 Funny Caption #43

"Stop Joe! I'm ticklish! Please stop!"

"Did you lose weight ?"

"Sorry for the body frisk. Standard airport procedure, you understand."

"Joe, I think you do the Heimlich maneuver all wrong !"

"I know...I'm bad at goodbye too, Joe..."

"For the next act, I'll make a coin appear from your armpit."

 Funny Caption #44

Spoiler alert: the following captions all come from lines from classic movies that occur near finale,

"Stella !"   --- A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

"Damn you all to hell !"   --- Planet of the Apes (1968)

"Huuurrrgrrrhowlhgrrhhhhohhhhh..."   --- Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

 Funny Caption #45

"Going, going, pieces !"

"Record breaking...pain!"

"Lot No. 13. Ming vase. $4 million. Sold!.....To me!"

"Do I hear $500? Do I hear $550? Do I hear $5? Do I hear $1?"

 Funny Caption #46

"Yes dear, I own Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc, etc, etc..."

"I love headgear. This one is my favourite."

"Diamonds and kingdoms are forever."

"Let me assure you, Illuminati or the Rothschilds are nothing to be afraid of...muahahaha!"

"Despite having dominion over 1/6 of the world landmass, I still have no control over what comes out of the mouth of the Duke of Edinburgh..."

"Shhh...don't tell the British public that I am of German descent."

"If you want tips on winning horse races, write to me. I'll let you know via a town crier."

"And the next country goes to..."

 Funny Caption #47

Actor Gary Cooper reading a film script.
He's well known for starring in Western movie


"You would be wrong if you think his ears are idle. They're listening to music. All senses are in action."

"Time is money."

"I may try Camel milkshake one day."

 Funny Caption #48

"Demagogue and Dictator."

"Dotard and Rocket Man."

"Border wall Vs DMZ."

"Post-truth Vs propaganda." 

"Russia collusion Vs U.S. collision."

"Bully and the Beast."

"Whirlwind comb-over Vs sit-tight hair-cut."

"Chjaina Vs neighbor."

"Golden shower Vs black rain."

"'My button is bigger than yours' Vs 'Your hands are smaller than mine'."

"Hot lover of daughter Vs cold killer of half-brother."

"3rd generation of Trumpire Vs 3rd generation of Hermit Kimdom."

 Funny Caption #49

"I need some peace and quiet! Just leave me alone!"

"Psst...Can you hear it? The neighbours are at it again!"

"...98, 99, 100. Here I come, ready or not!"

"I put on 3 ounces. Stop looking at me!"

"Please come out and play Jerry...I've already apologized. What's more do you want from me?"

"Call the exterminator. I see a row of huge termites !"

"Mine oh mine. This fresh wall paint smells just like catnip. I can stand here all day."

"An Israeli Jewish cat."

 Funny Caption #50

"Art of the Deal Not."

"You're fired !"

"Tremendous! Massive! Yuuuge! Sad!"

"Jaina, Jaina, Jaina!"

"Rule by Twitter."

"Post-truth trumps facts."

"A very stable genius."

"#MeFirstAmerica #AmericaFirst"

"Bing bing bong bong..."

"Fake news. Fox News."

"Dieing, honered, lasting peach..."

"...peachy dory, smocking gun, unpresidented..."

"...Alex Baldwin, Theresa May, Tim Apple, Melanie Trump..."

"Favorite foods: KFC, covfefe, and hamberders."

"Make America Hate Grey Great Again."

"Whose boat is this boat? Who pays for the wall?"

"We need a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire World..." - Aug 2014 tweet

"I can do whatever I want."

"You're going to be so sick and tired of whining winning !"

"The New World's Don Quixote (who fights windmills)."

"Like the world has never seen."

"Believe me !"

 Funny Caption #51

"Just walking my pet monitor."

"Leading technology."

"Screen saver."

"Computer is such a drag."

"How to capture a screen."

"I'm gonna drag and drop it into a trash can."

"Eat your heart out, cave man !"

"Take. Tug. Tow."

 Funny Caption #52

"The Call to Nature."

"A long long way to go."

"A Bridge Toilet Too Far."

"Hold the fort."

"Mountain pass water."

"Borderline bladder problem."

"Far From the Madding Crowd."

"An inconvenient convenience."

"War and Piss."

 Funny Caption #53

"If you think you're cold, take a look at him."

"Busy man is airing his clothes."

"A man of winter season."

"Dressed up to the nine (pieces)."

"Where did I put my car key? Phone? Coins?"

"Weather man foretells an unreasonable fashion or a fashionista forecasts an unseasonable weather?"

"There will be problem for him boarding a budget airline."

"Knife protection for living in a rough neighbourhood."

"Getting ready for all occasions."

"A pickpocket's nightmare."

"According to biologist, a layer of jacket will be shed once a week until summer."

"The last fashion faux pas you want to commit is wearing these outfits in the wrong order."

"Stop rushing me, I've only 5 more jackets to put on."

"Sometimes, you just can't decide what to wear."

 Funny Caption #54

"Cats: the purrfect companions."

"Excuse me sir, are you or any of your cats Burmese by any chance?"

"The more the meowrier."

"His company of cats gives me paws."

"There's gonna be such a cat fights over his inheritance some days."

"Dr. No and his Pussy Galore."

"Me 'n Mao."

"Cat man Du."

 Funny Caption #55

"Another purrfect day in a park ruined by La Niña."

"I was so looking forwards to this National Dog Parade, and then the rain comes."

"You laughed when I took the umbrella this morning...Who's got the last laugh now?"

"It looks like the Monsoon started early this year..."

"Tell me Mimi, when will I ever overcome my fear of water?"

"I'm wondering when are they gonna invent poncho for cats?"

"It's raining us and dogs."

"I want to know. Have you ever seen the rain coming down in a sunny day?"

 Funny Caption #56

"I do practice safe driving. I've my headgear on."

"Hey man, where can I buy a bike like that?"

"I'm over the alcohol limit to drive."

"Time is money. So I multitask."

"What the world needs now is another backseat driver!"

"They call me Dances with Bike."

"Hello Sanjay, meet Invisible Man. Invisible Man, this is Sanjay"

"Look mum, no hands!"

"I don't have a driver license, but have found a legal loophole."

"Evidently, Indian's self driving technology is light years ahead of everyone else's."

 Funny Caption #57

"Better be quick, KFC is closing soon. Yee-haw!"

"Just remember I left my oven on!"

"An animal was hurt during the filming of this video."

"The Glorious people of Korea, let me take you for a ride!"

"An ads for the introduction of DPRK's new speedy postal service."

"First, it was Putin on a horse, now it's Kim, who's next? Xi or Trump?"

"It doesn't matter if the horse is black or white, as long...who am I kidding? It does!"

"Snow White and Dopey."

"Better lock up your daughters, Prince Jong-Un is here !"

"Severe oil embargo from the West has finally produced results."

 Funny Caption #58

"A silver moth infestation."

"Grandpa insists it's time for a new pair of pants."

"You need to be filthy rich to afford these rags."

"Recipe for an unsymmetrical tan lines."

"Pants are 30% off and 10% discount."

"Edward Scissorhands' lover."

 Funny Caption #59

Sunning Buttholes "Wellness"

"Good wellness idea? Please allow me to offer a re-butt-hole..."

"Quite sure this won't make them the butts of the joke."

"The expression 'where the sun don't shine' would have to be changed from now on."

"Holey macaroni !"

"Sunning anus has a leg (or two) up on public planking, which started in Down Under."

"Hey, it's rude to point!"

"They take the expression 'let the sunshine in' too literally."

"Avert your gaze and never stare at the sun. In this case, you'll go blind if you don't look at the sun."

"Look, down on the ground! It's a bird, it's a banana, it's an a-hole!"

"Don't pooh-pooh it until you try it."

"They're clearly astronomy enthusiasts: they embrace the sun, black holes, asteroids and Uranus."

"Don't try this at home folks. Try it outdoor instead!"

"ET, welcome to Planet Earth."

"Out of coffee? No problem. Substitute it with sunlight, and it's freeeeeeee!"

"The great apes have evolved from Homo erectus to Homo ridiculus (walking on backs)."

"The Fermi Paradox is solved: this sight makes aliens reverse course faster than the speed of light."

 Funny Caption #60

A collaboration between KFC and Crocs
 (available in Spring 2020)

"This is what you get when you cross a chicken with Crocs."

"I'm too chicken to wear these shoes!"

"Some food for foot."

"'s toe lickin' good!"

"Finally there's somebody you can ask 'why the chicken cross the road'..."

"Would you like some fries with your shoes, m'am?"

"Just what the podiatrist ordered." 

"If you accidentally drop some sauces onto these shoes, they become more tasteful."

"Do my feet look fat in these? Or wearing them make my feet fat?"

"A convenient marriage of fast food and low fashion."

"At last, somebody finds a way to fill my void with both food and fashion at the same time. Two for the price of one. Or more correctly, two birds with a pair of shoes. Yay!"

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Funny Captions #41 - #60


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