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15 Interesting Ohio Castles To Visit

When you visit Ohio, you may not consider historic castles a point of interest. However, Ohio castles are plentiful and hold many stories from the past. Consider exploring some of the castles of Ohio if you want to visit historical landmarks and modern-day revamps in the United States.

While castles are not the primary things that Ohio is known for, they are hidden gems worth checking out. In this compilation, you will find a variety of new and old Ohio castles to marvel at and explore.

Most Famous Castle In Ohio

Loveland Castle

Also known as Chateau Laroche, this castle in Ohio is located on the banks of the Little Miami River. Modeled after a historical European castle, the construction of this landmark began in the 1920s by Harry D. Andrews and continued for 50 years.

Andrews used stones from the Little Miami River to build the castle and molded bricks made of cement. A boy scout leader, Andrews left the castle to his troop – the Knights of the Golden Trail, upon his death in 1981.

Today the castle is a museum and headquarters for the Knights of the Golden Trail. Loveland is one of the most impressive and medieval-looking castles in Ohio and well worth the visit.

The Boy Scouts have since upgraded the castle, but it still features many of the original details from Andrews. One sight to see is the upstairs chapel, with stones from around the world brought back to Ohio by Andrews.

When you visit the castle museum, learn the history of its construction, and don’t miss checking out the artifacts and weapons. The castle’s medieval architecture is something to marvel at and, indeed, one of the unique Ohio castles.

Historic Ohio Castles

There are several historic Ohio castles just waiting to be discovered by you. While none of these castles in Ohio are quite as old as any you may find in Europe, they still tell a story of the past.

Image Credit: / Marietta Castle in Ohio

Marietta Castle

You can find this Gothic Revival-style castle in Ohio, located in the town of Marietta. Built in 1808, this structure housed several influential families and businesses over time.

As early as 1808, the castle was one of North America’s first pottery manufacturing sites. The castle in Ohio was home to five different families from the time it was built to 1974.

The castle was renovated and restored by a brother and sister team, the Bosleys, before becoming a historical landmark and museum in 1994.

Today, you can visit this beautiful piece of history in Marietta by guided tour. The Ohio castle’s museum features historical furniture and items owned by its past residents.

P.P. Mast Castle

Located in Springfield and also known as Castle Knoll, it is one of the historical Ohio castles still standing today. The castle has been abandoned since being used most recently as a nursing home.

The history of the P. P. Mast castle began in 1881 when Phineas P. Mast decided to build a residence fashioned after the castles of Italy. Phineas Mast was a businessman and industrialist who wanted a home that acknowledged his status in society.

The residential castle in Ohio featured two stories for Mast’s living quarters and a third with a grand ballroom. Imported stained glass from France and coal-burning fireplaces adorned the first two floors.

The extensions that the nursing home added to the original Ohio castle’s structure were removed in 2015. Today, the abandoned castle in Ohio is on the list of 100 most representative works of architecture.

Squire’s Castle

This castle in Ohio is nestled away in the North Chagrin Reservation in Willoughby Hills. Unlike the other castles of Ohio on this list, Squire’s castle is a shell of a building, and construction was never completed.

Around 1890, Feargus B. Squire purchased forest land intending to build an English country estate. The castle-like structure was simple, with some decorative embellishments and featured outer walls made of Euclid bluestone.

Squire’s plan to build multiple residences on the estate was ruined when he encountered issues with materials and permits. Sadly the house was never fully finished but was used occasionally as a simple summer home by the family.

Eventually, in 1922 Squire sold the castle in Ohio to developers and relocated. Unfortunately, vandals stripped the decorative features of the Ohio castle’s structure over the years.

You can visit this castle in Ohio to admire its Romanesque Revival-style configuration. There is not much left to see inside the castle, but it’s charming exterior will please any fan of architecture.

Beautiful Ohio Castles

With unique features and picturesque views, these castles in Ohio offer lots to marvel at. Some of these beautiful castles are modeled after the many castles and grand palaces of Europe.

Image Credits: / Glamorgan Castle in Ohio

Glamorgan Castle

Built in the early 1900s in Alliance, this castle in Ohio was the residence of Colonel William Henry Morgan and his family for 30 years. During the Great Depression in 1938, the castle was sold to the Elks of America and used as their lodge until 1964.

Over the years, the castle’s purpose changed, becoming the headquarters for an international machine company. Eventually, the Alliance school district acquired the castle to use it as space for administrative offices.

The walls of the castle feature thick marble transported from Vermont, resembling fortress-like security similar to medieval castles. Despite this, the castle was built with modern amenities such as a bowling alley and indoor swimming pool.

Today a high school sits behind the castle in Ohio, and the original structure continues to be used as the central administrative office for the school district. You can visit this impressive Ohio castle’s history by taking a tour of the grounds.

Franklin Castle

Also known as Tiedemann house, this Victorian-style castle house is located in Cleveland. Built in 1883 for Hannes Tiedmann, a prosperous German Immigrant, this Ohio castle’s architecture is quite impressive.

The Tiedemann’s suffered the loss of four young children while occupying the castle. These tragedies led Hannes to continue to add to the home in hopes of cheering up his distraught wife, Louise.

A large ballroom on the fourth floor of the castle was one of the additions made by Tiedmann. Gargoyles added to the castle’s exterior lent to a traditional castle appearance.

The building is considered one of the most haunted castles in Ohio, and tales of death and scandal have earned this castle a place in pop culture.

Today, the castle is owned privately, and you cannot see the inside of the home. If you are in Cleveland, walking or driving by one of the most beautiful castles in Ohio should be on your list.

Image Credit: / Mac-A-Cheek Castle

Piatt Castles: Mac-O-Chee and Mac-A-Cheek Castle

These two Gothic-style castles in Ohio built by brothers Donn and Abram Piatt are within a mile of one another. Made in the 1860s and 1870s in West Liberty, Piatt castles are on the National Register of Historic Places.

The two Ohio castles are known as Mac-A-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee, named for the Shawnee Indians who lived in the nearby village of Mackachak. Until 2019, both residences were owned by the Piatt family and operated as historical museums.

Both castles are very similar in architecture, with Mac-O-Chee standing slightly larger. These two castles in Ohio feature elaborately painted ceilings, intricate woodwork, and towers.

You can still visit Mac-A-Cheek today and take a tour to experience many of the preserved artifacts throughout the castle. Mac-O-Chee was auctioned off in 2019 and is being renovated and restored for visitors in the future.

Stan Hywett Hall and Gardens

One of the largest houses in the United States, this castle in Ohio is an example of grand Tudor Revival-style architecture. It was built in 1912 for F.A. Seiberling, the co-founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Old English for stone quarry, Stan Hywett in Akron stands as an incredible architectural feat created for the Seiberling family and the community. The castle’s extensive gardens throughout the grounds and original furnishings are genuinely unbelievable.

Following the death of F.A. Seiberling in 1955, the castle became a non-profit museum. The castle exemplifies the generosity of the Seiberling family to the Akron community, with the prioritization of cultural and educational events.

You can experience this incredible work of the Industrial Age by taking a tour of the impressive grounds. Look out for special events that will make your visit even more worthwhile to one of the most beautiful castles in Ohio.

Accommodating Ohio Castles

If you’re interested in living like royalty, these accommodating castles in Ohio will allow you the experience. Check into one of these modern-day Ohio castles with a medieval feel for a unique overnight stay.

Image Credits: / Ravenwood Castle Great Hall

Ravenwood Castle

Ravenwood castle is a modern-day castle, built in 1995, resembling medieval castles of the 12th century. Located near Hocking Hills State Park, it offers an authentic experience for anyone who wishes they lived in medieval times.

This castle in Ohio features fortress-like towers, dungeons, and antique furniture to complete the experience. Ravenwood castle also features a medieval village with themed cottages available to reserve.

If you are interested in a stay at Ravenwood castle in Ohio, watch for themed weekends and special events. In addition, the nearby state park offers hiking and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

GreatStone Castle

Known initially as Whitby Place, this historic castle in Ohio is over 100 years old. W.H.C. Goode, the wealthy owner of the American Steel Scraper company, built the castle for his family. 

The castle’s 30 rooms and ten fireplaces are an impressive feat of engineering for the time. Goode imported the hardwood throughout the castle from around the world.

After the Goode Family lived in the home for nearly 80 years, they sold it to a couple who resided there for four years. In 1994 the residence became GreatStone Inn when they sold it to the Kellers, who turned it into a B&B.

Today, you can book a room at one of the most historic Ohio castles, GreatStone. The bed and breakfast features a spa and a lodge open to anyone who wants to experience the castle.

Image Credits: / Landoll’s Mohican Castle In Ohio

Landoll’s Mohican Castle

A retired Army Veteran was inspired to build Landoll’s Mohican castle after falling in love with European castles during a two-year tour in the army. Jim Landoll started construction on this castle in Ohio in 1997 after selling his successful publishing company.

Originally intended to be a barn that looked like a castle, Landoll’s wife convinced him to turn it into a hotel. Builders used wood and stone found on the surrounding property to build the structure.

Landoll’s Mohican castle opened to the public in 2002 and has castle-themed rooms and cottages. You can reserve a room or cabin to see what it’s like to spend the night in one of the castles of Ohio.

It is located near the Mohican State Park and is central to Ohio’s Amish country, giving you plenty to see and do during your stay. This Ohio castle is famous for hosting weddings and large events.

The Castle Inn

The Castle Inn was built in 1895 by Samuel Ruggles, a lawyer, and politician from New York. Ruggles was inspired to create this castle in Ohio by the many he had seen in Europe.

This historic castle has high arches, towers, stained glass windows, and antique furniture to give it the medieval feel of a real castle. Located outside Columbus, Ohio, this restored and updated castle features modern amenities for its guests.

When you stay at Castle Inn, it is truly a mix of modern meets medieval. This unique hotel hosts special events and a Monthly Murder Mystery night where guests become characters.

Other Interesting Ohio Castles

Image Credits: / Brumback Library in Ohio

Brumback Library Castle

The Brumback Library was planned and funded by John Brumback, a successful local businessman. This public library was the first in the country to serve an entire county.

The library is the most unconventional of castles in Ohio since Brumback never intended it to be a residence. It was influenced by European castles and built in a Gothic and Romanesque style, with towers and turrets on the roof.

Since being built, the castle has undergone two major renovations and an addition. You can visit one of the most important and unique castles in Ohio during the library’s operating hours.

Schwartz Castle

Located in the German Village neighborhood in Columbus, Schwartz castle has a twisted history. German immigrant Frederick William Schwartz built this castle in Ohio in the mid-1800s for his future wife.

When Schwartz’s fiance broke off the engagement by sending him a letter, he’s believed to have gone insane. The pharmacist behaved strangely, building multiple stories underneath the Ohio castle’s structure.

The castle features a windowed turret in the front of the building that is visible up and down the street. Castles of the old European variety inspired the style of the home.

Today, the residential castle has been converted into apartments and office spaces. You can’t get inside the building, but it is an Ohio castle you can admire from the outside if you are interested in its beautiful architecture and sordid past.

Grizer Castle

Built in 2015 by the Grizer family, this Norman-style castle in Ohio looks just as enchanting as a real medieval castle. Located outside of Marietta, this 14th-century-looking castle is an impressive replica.

One of the newest castles in Ohio, Grizer is built on 80 acres of land. The space is used for tours and events and will even have guest rooms in the future.

The castle features towers and arches and makes you feel like you are approaching an actual fortress upon arrival.


Discovering Interesting Ohio Castles

You may never expect to find so many castles in Ohio that you can visit and explore. There are many famous landmarks in Ohio to explore, but if you are looking for a less explored option to see some history and beauty, plan a trip to some of these Ohio castles



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15 Interesting Ohio Castles To Visit


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