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18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Charles Town, WV

Charles Town is located in Jefferson Country, West Virginia. It is the family of Washington that built it, within the mountain pass, at the place where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet.

The Town features beautiful historic sites and several outdoor landscapes. To get to Shenandoah Valley town, it will take 10 minutes from the Harper’s Ferry (home of many notable Civil War sites and original farms and houses belonging to the family of George Washington.)

It is best that whenever you want to visit, you should make a call to make sure that the restaurants or attractions are accessible when you want to visit.

Things to Do in Charles Town, WV

1. The Church of Zion Episcopal

Church of Zion Episcopal
Credit: ZionEpiscopalChurch / Facebook

The church is as old as 1818; they dedicated its current building in 1851. In the Civil War, Union Soldiers used the church as Barracks, and this was why the interior of the building was destroyed.

Thus, in 1883, they steeply added and subsequently refurbished the building. Notably, more than seventy Washington family members were buried in the church, including the Great grandson of Thomas Jefferson, and Preston Chew, the Confederate Colonel.

Also, two Revolutionary War officers and about ninety Confederate Soldiers were buried there. Graves that were there before 1818 were subsequently transferred to Zion. Visitors are allowed to attend events, take a walk in the amazing historic graveyard or worship there in the church.

Address: 301 East Congress St. Charles Town, WV. 25414, Phone: 304-725-5312

2. The Hollywood Casino at Charlestown Races

Hollywood Casino at Charlestown Races
Credit: HollywoodCasinoatCharlestownRaces / Facebook

It is located in the eastern part of Charles Town in West Virginia.

This horse racing facility has been identified as the Breeder Classic of West Virginia’s home, not minding that it falls under the very busy tracks of the country; most times, races are scheduled to hold for about five days a week, all year long.

There are some other popular races like the Sprint Festival or the Classic of Charles Town. On the other hand, the Casino has gaming facilities like more than three thousand slot machines, sports betting, and table games.

In 2009, the track was 75 years old when gaming was first introduced. In addition, there is the provision of a fine dining, food court, and sports bar, all at Charles Town inn and the on-site hotel.

Address: 750 Hollywood Dr, Charles Town, WV 25414, Phone: 800-795-7001

3. The Old Opera House Theater Company

Old Opera House Theater Company
Credit: OldOperaHouseTheatreCompany / Facebook

In 1910, due to the funds raised by Annie Packett (George Washington’s descendant), they built the Opera House.

Then in 1948, the cinema was instituted, and this caused the initial theater to become dark. Finally, in 1973, the House Theatre Company was incorporated, and its mission was to restore the use of the theater for local productions.

In 1976, “My Fair Lady” was produced, opening the theater’s doors. Now, the theater annually organizes six major stage productions, youth summer productions, and a festival of a yearly one-act play.

Adults and children can participate in theater and dance classes. Local works are showcased in the theater’s art gallery. Whereas fairly used items are sold at the thrift store to aid ongoing programs and restoration.

Address: 204 N. George St, Charles Town, WV 25414, Phone: 304-725-4420

4. The Jefferson County Museum

Jefferson County Museum
Credit: JeffersonCountyMuseum / Facebook

The Museum partners with the Library of Jefferson Country in the historic downtown of Charles Town. It was instituted in 1965 and dedicated to preserving the region and the country’s history.

Permanent exhibits found in the museum are documents and archives relating to the family members of Washington in the 19th and 18th centuries, daily life in the 20th and 19th centuries, slavery, and display on the Shenandoah Valley of Native Americans.

Also, there is a John Brown raid on the Haper Ferry exhibit and an exhibit of the Civil war, all accompanied by a slavery exhibit designed in collaboration with Jefferson Country Black History Preservation Society.

The museum houses more than 4,000 documents and photographs and 2000 artifacts.

Address: 200 E. Washington Street, Charles Town, WV 25414.

5. The Jefferson County Courthouse

Jefferson County Courthouse
Credit: JeffersonCountyCourthouse / Facebook

In 1803, the first Courthouse of Jefferson Country was built. In 1836, the existing building of Georgian style (with red brick) that has a Greek columned porch and was topped with a peculiar clock tower that is square.

This courthouse is very popular as one of the two main sites for treason trials. The first one was in 1859, John Brown’s trial, he was charged with treason, and it was against Virginia, for he attempted to overthrow slavery.

The second one was in 1922, of the coal miners accused of attempting to unionize, a treacherous act against Virginia coming after the Blair Mountain Battle, the largest uprising in the US.

Address: 119 N George St, Charles Town, WV 25414.

6. The Cool Spring Nature Preserve

Cool Spring Nature Preserve
Credit: CoolSpringPreserve / Facebook

This Nature Preserve safeguards marshes of 32 acres, forest, and meadows. On one side of it is the Bullskin Run stream, where G. Washington purchased his first land at 22years in 1752.

Examples of structures found in the class are Susan B’s 1869 cottage. Susan B was freed and bought the one acre for $1.

Also, a Potomac Valley Audubon Society Nature Center is located on the site, which has about two miles of simple walking trails and outdoor and indoor classroom specs for hosting events and programs.

The preserve houses eighteen rare plants in West Virginian and the rare Shenandoah Wet Prairie Marsh. Thus, a birding hotspot safeguards twelve environmentally sensitive spots.

Address: 1469 Lloyd Road, Charles Town WV, 25414.

7. The Beall-Air

Credit: Wikipedia /

It is Colonel Lewis W. Washington’s (George Washington’s great-great nephew) historic home. The style of the home is a classic revival, and it is a brick stucco two-storied with a little front portico flanked by four white columns.

It is believed that the home’s rear was built before 1800. But in 1820, the home’s front portion and facade were built. In 1973, they added the home to the National Register of Historic Places. It is well known because of Colonel Washington’s legends, not the architecture.

Address: Bellair Manor Drive, Charles Town, WV 25414

8. The Abolitionist Ale Works, Charles Town, WV

Abolitionist Ale Works
Credit: AbolitionistAleWorks / Facebook

This is a known craft brewery with a mission of rebelling against what has been in the beer industry. The brewery produces fun and flavorful beer, including smoked, wheat, English, Irish stout, sour, and IPAs.

Originally known as the Front Porch Brewing. In 2017, the name was changed to what it is now. Events at Ale Works include stand-up comedy twice a month, Live Music every Friday, and a Tuesday night opens mic.

The brewery serves a tasty menu of artisanal appetizers and pizza. The upstairs part of the brewery offers a two and one-bedroom rental apartment for vacations; each has a free growler.

Address: 129 W Washington Street, Charles Town, WV.

9. The Ruby Tuesday, Charles Town, WV

Ruby Tuesday
Credit: CharlesTownWVRubyTuesday / Facebook

This American restaurant is classic and serves different American fare and handcrafted burgers. In 1972, the Ruby Tuesday company was founded, and it has more than 700 locations worldwide.

The dinner menu features pasta, chicken, seafood, and steaks. The popularity of Ruby Tuesday arose because of its 100 percent USDA Choice Beef prime grades burgers with pretzel buns.

Furthermore, the restaurant has a Garden Bar where guests are allowed to mix their salad from more than fifty fresh ingredients.

As a child, you can receive a free meal every Tuesday, with an adult purchasing an entry. The complete bar menu features Spiked lemonades and teas, signature cocktails, and Happy Hour Specials.

Address: 701 Willow Spring Dr, Charles Town, WV 25414.

10. The Waffle House, Charles Town, WV

Waffle House
Credit: WaffleHouse / Facebook

In 1955, the initial Waffle House was opened. Since then, the restaurant chain has become the American South’s beloved icon.

Although they focus on breakfast, the restaurant is open for 24 hours, serving dinner or lunch. Their mission is to offer tasty fast food, and the Waffle House prides itself on offering quality meals at a very fast speed.

The breakfast favorites are eggs, steak, omelets, and flavored waffles. When it comes to dinner and lunch, Bret’s Chili (named after the employee who made it back in the 1980s) is the favorite. You will want to taste Alice Iced Tea, a delicious tea drink made from Royal Cup China black tea.

Address: 103 Keyes Ferry Rd, Charles Town, WV 25414.

11. The Locust Hill Golf Course

Locust Hill Golf Course
Credit: LocustHillGolfCourse / Facebook

Found in Charles Town, it offers 18 holes for exhilarating golf participation for residents and visitors alike. Golf week Magazine ranks it the fifth-best golf course with public access in all of West Virginia.

In addition, it has received a rating of 4 stars in many editions of the Magazine. The golf course accommodates every skill level, and each hole has four tee sets, and each tee challenges more than 39 acres of lakes, ponds, and streams. A highlight of the course is the stunning Mountains of Blue Ridge.

Address: 278 St Andrews Dr, Charles Town, WV 25414.

12. The Charles Town Ghost Tour

Charles Town Ghost Tour
Credit: GhostToursCemeteryTours&HauntedTours / Facebook

Fox5 News features the Ghost Town; it offers two very different haunted and historical experiences.

This ghost tour takes two hours to walk through the historic district. Pay a visit to 2 cemeteries, then enter the basement (the oldest graveyard of Charles Town) that is haunted.

Every told story is documented and authentic. Visit over 15 stops, then hear the scary tales of more than a hundred wandering spirits.

The “Cemetery Stroll” is the newest tour, a famous 2-hour event that features hunted different stories and monuments of the Victorian Era history in 2 of the historic graveyards of Charles Town.

Audio and video, as well as camera equipment, are allowed because a lot of unexplained voice recordings, photos, and videos were captured. Flashlights and comfortable shoes are recommended. Also, you have to make reservations, and private tours are available.

Address: 100 E Washington St, Charles Town, WV 25414, USA

13. The Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery

Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery
Credit: RansonWV /

The church is as old as 1818 while. They dedicated its current building in 1851. During the Civil War, Union Soldiers used the church as Barracks, and this was why the interior of the building was destroyed.

Thus, in 1883, they steeply added and subsequently refurbished the building. Notably, more than seventy Washington family members were buried in the church, including the Great grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Preston Chew, the Confederate Colonel.

Also, two Revolutionary War officers and about ninety Confederate Soldiers were buried there. The grave that was there before 1818 was subsequently transferred to Zion. Four Zion rectors became bishops: George Peterkin, William Gravatt, Benjamin Bosworth, and Stanley Hauser.

Visitors are allowed to take a walk in the amazing historic graveyard or attend events.

Address: 301 E Congress St, Charles Town, WV 25414, USA

14. The Farm Market of Charles Town

Farm Market of Charles Town
Credit: WVPan /

The market opens on Saturdays, from 9 am to 12 pm ( the 1st thirty minutes is specifically for the immune-compromised folks and seniors). Compelling safety measures have been adopted by the place to avoid the wild spread of the COVID-19 virus.

There is one entrance as well as one exit. This makes it possible to regulate the number of people in the Farm market to avoid crowding the place. Masks are mandatory, there is a station for hand washing, and dogs are not allowed.

In addition, curbside services are available for pre-pay or pre-order with particular vendors before time.

The Farm market comprises seasonal, weekly coming together of individuals of different types; business owners, athletes, kids, farmers, bakers, et cetera. You can eat, connect, talk, relax, visit, and shop here.

Address: 100 block S Samuel St, Charles Town, WV 25414, USA

15. The Visitors Center of Charles Town

The Visitors Center offers information on the area attractions, travelers’ and guests’ accommodations, and sights of Jefferson Country. The Center is called Visitor Information Center and offers accurate information on tours in Charles Town, local history, and local lodging.

In addition, it offers needed information and resources for guests and visitors, such as maps or navigational resources. You can contact the Center if you have more questions about the Jefferson Country sights and attractions, activities, restaurants, and local accommodations.

16. The River Riders

River Riders
Credit: RiverRiders / Facebook

This place offers numerous options to pick from; one can decide to spend an entire week having fun because the place is incredible, and it gives a feel of being in paradise. The River Riders are popular because of the white water rafting.

On the Potomac or Shenandoah, one can take a self-guided or guided tour of the River, which has numerous levels to fit into everyone’s experience. It equally features climbs and suspension bridges that challenge you.

Furthermore, there is room for tubing tours with a guide or on your own. Then you can partake in kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddle-boarding. River Riders offers exhilarating summer camps, fishing, or rock climbing experiences.

You can participate in either of the activities with your family or friends. Do well to visit this place either as a visitor or as a member of the community. Every fun lover is welcome to River Riders.

Address: 408 Alstadts Hill Rd, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, USA

17. The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
Credit: HarpersFerryNationalHistoricalPark / Facebook

The park is situated at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia states. Harpers Ferry has been said to be more than an individual or date, but numerous events and people that had an impact on the history of our nation.

Frederick Douglass, “Stonewall” Jackson, John Brown, Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jeffery, and George Washington. Douglass and others who made their marks on the location have all been recognized.

The Harpers Ferry experienced the 1st application of interchangeable manufacture that was successful; that is, John Brown’s popular assault on slavery, the biggest surrender of the Federal Troops during the Civil War.

Likewise, how the former slaves were educated in one, amongst the early integrated schools of the United States.

The most popular conductor of the Underground Railroad, Tubman, repeatedly put her life in line to protect about seventy enslaved individuals to freedom. Take a walk down historical memory lane.

Address: 171 Shoreline Dr, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, USA

18. The Wonderment Puppet Theater

Wonderment Puppet Theater
Credit: WondermentPuppetTheater / Facebook

Here in Puppet Theater, kids get to have a different feel. The aim of the theatre is to offer a unique, funny, wonderful, and super fun experience as the puppets perform. The theater features a weekend getaway for parents and kids alike.

You can enjoy classic family shows of puppets, extra hands-on puppets,m or kids are allowed to play with exhibits, et cetera. Usually, the shows run through school holidays as well as weekends, with six different yearly shows.

The shows are accompanied by different artists, characters, and backdrops; this is a way of ensuring that kids have something new to look forward to every time they come.

Likewise, kids can listen to real-life stories, as their favorite characters can also come to life as puppets; it is usually fun for little ones and adults. The theater ensures that wonder is put in the Wonderment Puppet Theater.

Address: 412 W King St, Martinsburg, WV 25401, USA

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18 Best & Fun Things to Do in Charles Town, WV


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