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19 Best & Fun Things to Do in Klamath, CA

If you’re looking for the perfect location with exciting activities and tourist attractions for a weekend getaway, you might want to consider visiting the city of Klamath, CA.

Located at the Southern end of Del Norte County, Klamath is a beautiful getaway for hikers, fishermen, campers, and other tourists searching for something exciting to do.

Named after the adjacent river, Klamath was a one-time stop-off point for steamers out in San Francisco but is now a town of recreation and unique natural beauty.

Klamath features numerous outdoor and indoor fun activities. The city radiates adventure with a rugged coastline and towering redwoods.

The town boasts many excellent restaurants, wildlife, museums, winery, parklands, and other thrilling locations.

Interested in all Klamath has to offer? Here’s a list of the best and most fun things to do in Klamath.

Things to Do in Klamath, CA

1. Whale Watching at Klamath Overlook

Are you a lover of whales and other sea creatures? If yes, then you’ll enjoy a visit to Klamath Overlook.

The striking vista view of the Pacific Coast from Klamath Overlook is stunning and captivating.

Credit: CalWild /

Klamath Overlook contains the Klamath River, which flows into the ocean with a long sand spit, and the spectacular coastline to the south.

Visitors can spot the remains of an old wagon road that connected Arcata to Crescent city in the 1890s.

There are several sea lives at the overlook, including whales (usually out from late November to January and March through May), sea lions, and a more extensive array of birds such as kestrels, eagles, and ospreys.

You could go hiking on the trail at the overlook if you’re a hiking lover. The trail leads to the vista point and features magnificent views that will leave you stunned.

The area can be windy and chilly on some days, so ensure you wear comfortable walking shoes and dress in layers.

Location: 1400 Patrick J Murphy Memorial Rd Klamath, CA 95548, United States

2. Explore the Tour Thru Tree

Tour Thru Tree is a living redwood growing outside Klamath. The tree has a drive-through tunnel made in 1976.

Guests can drive through the trunk of the giant tree. Endeavor to look up the tree as you drive through so you don’t miss out on its size.

Credit: InspiredImperfection /

The sheer size of the redwood is astonishing, and driving through it is a delightful experience. Guests can hop out of the car and snap pictures of the area.

The area is also perfect for picnics as there are tables close to the tree. There’s also a one-of-a-kind modern restroom close to the toll station made in a section of eight-foot diameter wood.

If you’re a fan of bird watching, you may be lucky to spot emus, a large Australian flightless bird, in the area.

Location: 430 CA-169, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

3. Breakfast at Requa Inn

Waking up early to fix something to eat can be tedious during vacations, but with Requa Inn, you don’t have to bother about breakfast and lunch meals as they have a mouth-watering menu that serves delicious dishes.

Over a century old, Requa Inn is a fantastic dining room serving spectacular meals and a sprawling view of the Klamath River and the Pacific Ocean.

Credit: RequaInn / Facebook

They use locally sourced produce for their meals, and eating at the inn gives you a nostalgic feeling.

The owners commit to serving quality meals using the best cooking technique available. They have a breakfast menu with meals like buttermilk hotcakes with fresh huckleberry syrup and Scottish oatmeal, all on the list.

You can’t go wrong visiting Requa Inn, so make sure you include it on your list of things to do in Klamath, CA.

Location: 451 Requa Rd, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

4. Experience Klamath River Jet Boat Tours

If you require something fun and adventurous in Klamath, participate in Klamath River Jet Boat Tours.

The Klamath River is a beautiful, pristine river that flows into the Pacific Ocean in southern Del Norte County.

During the Jet Boat Tours, visitors embark on a two-hour ride from the river’s estuary in a shallow-draft boat powered by twin jets through the picturesque Klamath river.

Credit: KlamathRiverJetBoats / Facebook

The boat tour covers more than 45 miles, with the captain providing a fully-explained river trip that explores Klamath River’s history, Native American culture, and the city’s wildlife.

The tour is the perfect opportunity to spot wildlife. Wildlife like black-tail deer, eagles, hawk, bear, osprey, and elk are available in the area.

Don’t forget to come along with your camera because the captain stops the boat at specific intervals to allow visitors to take pictures.

You can also opt for a personal or group tour. The area is cool during mornings and evenings, but the afternoons are usually warm so ensure you wear layers like hats and sunglasses to shed the afternoon warmth.

Location: 17635 US-101, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

5. Explore the Trees of Mystery

Trees of Mystery is one of Klamath’s picturesque and fulfilling locations. If you want to explore some of California’s most remarkable sights, there’s no better place to do so other than the Trees of Mystery in Klamath.

The Tree of Mystery takes you on a journey through different natural attractions in California. One of them is the groomed interpretive trail that takes you through the redwoods and allows you to learn the legend of Paul Bunyan.

Credit: TreesofMystery / Facebook

There’s also a Native American museum at the end of the trail that contains one of the most significant privately-owned collections in the world.

At the Trees the Mystery, you can spot the redwoods from 600 feet above the ground, and you could also hike along the Sky Trail and enjoy stunning views.

You don’t have to bother about getting hungry in the area because the Forest Café is just around the corner to give you delicious dishes and unique murals.

Make sure you visit the nearby gift shop to pick up a unique redwood keepsake, and if you wish to stay long in the area, you can book accommodations at the Motel Trees.

Location: 15500 US-101, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

6. Visit Redwood National Park

If you’re a history lover, you must have heard about the famous Redwood National Park.

Popularly known as the house of the world’s tallest trees, Redwood National Park offers many outdoor activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and sport fishing.

Credit: ThatOneAdventureCouple /

Redwood National Park is home to seven of the world’s tallest trees. The park’s landscape features wild waterways, oak woodlands, and vast prairies across 44,515 ha of old-growth rainforest and 64 km of rugged California coastline.

If you’re a lover of wildlife, you should consider camping at the park as there is a lot of nature in the area.

There are also tour guides at the park just in case you want to go on a guided nature walk and learn about the history and geology of Redwood National Park.

Location: Klamath, CA, United States

7. Visit the Old Douglas Memorial Bridge

If you require something less strenuous and fulfilled in Klamath, you should consider visiting the Old Douglas Memorial Bridge.

Built in 1926, Old Douglas Memorial Bridge features two eight-ton California Bears. In 1964, The Great Christmas Flood destroyed the bridge, but the bears survived.

Credit: OldDouglasMemorialBridge / Pinterest

Built in 1926 over the Klamath River, the archway features two eight-ton California Bears. Locals in the city took it upon themselves to ensure that the bears remained significant by painting the guardians gold.

The bears never went long without a golden makeover, which made the locals embrace the upgrade, and the bears have since been a fun roadside highlight along Highway 101.

Location: Klamath, CA 95548, United States

8. Yurok Redwood Canoe Tours

Don’t spend all your time in Klamath sleeping indoors; go out and explore all the city offers.

One exciting way to explore the city of Klamath is the Yurok Redwood Canoe Tour.

Credit: OnlyinYourState /

Yurok Redwood Canoe Tour is a tour where guests sit on a traditional dug-out canoe, famously called ohl-we-yoch, and paddle down the Klamath River while listening to ancient stories of the Yurok people who were inhabitants of Klamath in the 14th century.

The tour starts at the Yurok County Visitors Center Klamath and through to the mouth of the river where Klamath meets the Pacific Ocean.

Reserve the two-hour Yurok Redwood Canoe Tours online. They operate seasonally from mid-June through early September.

Location: 101 Klamath Blvd Klamath, CA 95548. United States

9. Relax at Redwood hotel and casino

If you need a fantastic place to play games and relax, you’ll appreciate stopping by the Redwood hotel and casino.

Redwood hotel and casino, situated inside the Redwood National & State Park, is a wellspring of recreation and rest.

Credit: WorthGroup /

You can try your hands at earning some dollars on Vegas-style slots in the comfort of their smoke-free casino.

You can also spend the day exploring majestic forests or craggy coastline and chill patio at the cozy Abalone Bar and Grill.

Their accommodations are lovely and affordable, so make sure you book reservations and have a splendid rest in the newly-built adjoining hotel.

Location: 171 Klamath Blvd, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

10. Radar Station B-71

Have you ever seen a Radar Station disguised to look like a farmhouse? If not, here’s your chance to see one in Klamath, CA. Take a walk along Klamath Beach Road, and you’ll be shocked to see the Radar Station B-71 bunker that looks like an old farmhouse and barn.

Radar Station B-71 is among the 65 sites operated along the Pacific Ocean after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The station is a rare surviving World War II early warning radar station.

Credit: ClarkeHistoricalMuseum /

The U.S. Army built the station with shingled roofs, cinder blocks, fake windows, and dormers to look like a working farm.

The house featured a diesel generator, electronic equipment, and two 50-caliber anti-aircraft guns.

The Redwoods National Park restored the radar station in 1978 and currently ranks on the National Register of Historic Places as America’s last coastal radar station.

Location: Coastal Dr, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

11. Spot Wildlife at Prairie Creek Redwoods National & State Park

Klamath is home to many thrilling and fun-loving locations, and Prairie Creek Redwoods National & State Park is one of those lively places in the city.

If you’re a fan of wildlife, then you’ll enjoy spending time at Prairie Creek Redwoods National & State Park, as nature is abundant at the park.

Credit: PrairieCreekRedwoodsNational&StatePark / Wikipedia

Prairie Creek Redwoods National & State Park is a liberal frolic park with more than 75 miles of hiking trails. The park showcases a glimpse of heaven with its sandy beaches, towering redwood trees, and pristine meadows.

At the center of the park lies Elk Prairie, a wildlife haven where visitors can watch wildlife. There’s also a picnic area near the visitors center to relax and spend ample time with family and friends.

Prairie Creek Redwoods National & State Park also features two campgrounds for those who wish to spend the night at the park.

Location: 127011 Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy, Orick, CA 95555, United States

12. Explore Klamath Rivers

Klamath features several beaches, sea life, and waters. One way to enjoy and have fun in the city is to explore Klamath’s waters.

Klamath water bodies are diverse and renowned. Klamath River ranks as the second largest river in California.

Credit: AmericanRivers /

The waters are home to different sea life, including coho salmon, Chinook, steelhead, and coastal cutthroat trout.

Wild River Fishing offers water tours to visitors, so if you wish to explore the waters of Klamath, endeavor to patronize their experts.

There are also other public boat ramps in the city, including Old Townsite, Requa Resort, and Roy Rook, to take you on a grand tour.

During your tour, endeavor to spy on wildlife and savor the salty air of the Klamath beaches.

Location: Klamath, CA, United States

13. Dine at Abalone Bar and Grill

If you require a place to eat in Klamath, then do well to stop by Abalone Bar and Grill to enjoy delicious dishes and drink fine wine.

Abalone Bar and Grill is a cozy, modern dining house within the Redwood Hotel and Casino.

Credit: AbaloneBarandGrill / Facebook

They serve several unique dishes that will keep you glued to the spot. Their mouth-watering dish menu features meals like Redwood Bloody Mary with bacon, prawn, pickled delights, and decadent beef jerky straw.

Also, try out their local wild-caught Klamath River salmon and hand-cut steak.

Location: 171 Klamath Blvd, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

14. Eat at Paul’s Famous Smoked Salmon

You can never run out of things to eat in Klamath, as numerous restaurants serve mouth-watering dishes in the city.

Paul’s Famous Smoked Salmon is one of those lovely restaurants that serves smoked salmon jerky in Klamath.

Credit: VisitYurokCounty /

Located north of downtown Klamath on highway 101, Paul’s Famous Smoked Salmon is a must-visit for all salmon lovers in Klamath.

You can decide to eat on-site or order a particular take-home salmon jerky seasoned with Lemon Pepper.

Location: 17505 N Hwy 101, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

15. Go Hiking Hidden Beach

Are you a hiking lover looking for a place to explore your hiking prowess in Klamath? If yes, then you should consider a visit to Hidden Beach.

Hidden Beach is a small cove beach in Del Norte County, Northern California. The beach lies below a tree-covered hillside close to Klamath.

Credit: CaliforniaBeaches /

Hidden Beach is a fantastic site with huge rocks and drifted logs piled up at the beach’s backside.

The beach features three hiking options. The first is a half-mile forest hike across Highway 101 from the Trees of Mystery.

The second is a one-mile coastal hike on the Yurok Loop Trail, which starts at Lagoon Creek Beach.

The last hike is a long three-mile walk from the Klamath River Overlook on Requa Road. All three hikes are spectacular, so ensure you pick the one that suits your level of expertise and enjoy.

Location: 15500 Hwy 101. Klamath, CA 95548, United States

16. Visit High Bluff Overlook

Just like the Klamath River Overlook, High Bluff Overlook is another exciting place to spend ample time in Klamath.

High Bluff Overlook is an ocean vista and picnic spot in Redwood National Park, south of the Klamath River.

Credit: FineArtAmerica /

There’s a trail that heads north through the forest toward the beach at High Bluff Overlook; this trail leads to a rock quarry with a view of the beach.

The trail is overgrown and unsuitable for hiking if you’re a newbie. However, the historic World War II bunker disguised as a barn (Radar Station B-71) is just a mile along the road from High Bluff Overlook making it the perfect spot for a dual fun experience.

Location: Klamath, CA, United States

17. Relax at Wilson Creek Beach

If you require a place to relax and spend quality time with your family in Klamath, you mustn’t miss out on a visit to Wilson Creek Beach.

At the north end of False Klamath Cove, Wilson Creek Beach is a dark gray sandy beach with rocks in the surf and scattered driftwood.

Credit: InspiredImperfection /

The area is perfect for a weekend getaway and a place to be alone with your thoughts, away from the bustle of city life.

There are several vast spaces and picnic areas at the beach. The view of the waters is also incredible.

Wilson Rocks and False Klamath Rock are visible across the cove to the south, and Lagoon Creek Beach is also at the south end of the cove.

Location: Klamath, CA, United States

18. Visit Yurok Country Visitors Center

Yurok Country Visitors Center makes our list of the best and most fun things to do in Klamath, CA, and here’s why.

Yurok Country Visitors Center is a hub that contains information about the Redwoods and activities in the city.

Credit: NorthofOrdinaryCA /

The Visitors center educates guests about the Yurok Tribe’s culture and heritage.

Yurok Country Visitors Center is approximately 3,500 square-foot and lies in downtown Klamath on the corner of Klamath Blvd. and Klamath Circle and is also within walking distance from Redwood Hotel Casino.

Location: 101 Klamath Blvd, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

19. Klamath River RV Park

Klamath’s list of exciting places won’t be complete without mention of Klamath River RV Park.

If you’re a lover of fishing, redwoods, bird watching, and anything nature-related, then make sure you stop by Klamath River RV Park before you exit Klamath.

Credit: KlamathRiverRVPark /

Situated on the river, Klamath River RV Park is home to summer fun and exciting activities.

Visitors can engage in activities like fishing for salmon on the amazing Klamath River or watching birds take flight.

Klamath River RV Park also features a clubhouse where visitors can enjoy lovely drinks. The area is vast to set fire, enjoy campfires, and also go picnicking with family and friends.

Location: 700 Klamath Beach Rd, Klamath, CA 95548, United States

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19 Best & Fun Things to Do in Klamath, CA


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