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2024-04-16 09:51
I feel the need to start this post with a warning. It’s a long one and it will otherwise take me a few paragraphs to get to the subject. So I’ll start by saying it’s largel… Read More
2024-04-15 17:45
I got back from my morning side trip to Polignano a Mare in time to do some stuff in Bari. I just didn’t know what. My guidebook didn’t offer many more suggestions as to what to… Read More
2024-04-15 08:07
Bari is interesting and, in parts, quite picturesque. So it’s worthy of a visit on its own, but it’s also a great place from which to take side trips. For example, this morning I… Read More
2024-04-14 19:11
After I got back from my morning’s side trip to Trani, I had a late lunch in Bari. It seriously disrupts the order of the universe to discuss my lunch at the start of an afternoon entr… Read More
2024-04-14 08:05
Another day, another side trip out of Bari. This morning I took a train to Trani. I chose that destination solely so I could type “train to Trani.” I’m kidding, of course… Read More
2024-04-13 18:17
I teased you in this morning’s post by saying that because of my late return from Alberobello I wouldn’t have time to see a lot of things, but not none. I didn’t lie. But i… Read More
2024-04-13 07:29
I arrived in Bari yesterday afternoon and today I left town and headed to Alberobello, just over an hour bus ride away. Arriving in Bari and almost immediately leaving is not meant to be a n… Read More
2024-04-12 09:28
This morning I traveled from Matera to Bari for a four night stay in the latter. Yes, the same Bari where I changed trains when travelling from Lecce to Matera. Getting to Matera required de… Read More
2024-04-11 18:34
Due to a late lunch, I didn’t have a lot of time in this afternoon today. I spent it visiting three sights in what my guidebook refers to as Matera’s new town. I have trouble cal… Read More
2024-04-11 12:22
By rights, the title of this post should be either “The Sassi of Matera” or “Matera’s Sassi,” not “Sassi Matera.” Google Translate tells me that the… Read More
2024-04-10 17:34
If you’ve been following along, you might remember from my post about my expedition from Salerno to Lecce that I said I had another hellish travel day coming up. Today’s the day… Read More
2024-04-09 17:48
This is my last day in Lecce. I spent this afternoon the way I started my time here. I went for a wander in Lecce. Or, to be more specific, Lecce’s centro storico (old town). There is… Read More
2024-04-09 09:12
This morning was something of a quiet one. I visited three sights, a museum, the Museo Castromediano, a castle, the Castello di Carlo V, and a park, the Giardini Pubblici Giuseppe Garibaldi… Read More
2024-04-08 22:28
Weeks before even starting this trip I tried to book a day trip for when I was in Lecce. I found one that I wanted to take that goes to four towns in the area, including one on each coast of… Read More
2024-04-07 17:44
After lunch today I visited four Lecce churches and a bell tower associated with one of those churches, the Lecce Duomo. Lecce is lousy with churches. My guidebook lists six and I think ther… Read More
2024-04-06 08:41
Reader warning: Despite not landing anywhere today with much time to explore the locale (although unexpectedly having enough time after my day of travel to wander a bit in Lecce, my stop for… Read More
2024-04-05 12:44
When I planned this trip to Southern Italy and looked at guidebooks to figure out what cities and towns I wanted to visit, Salerno didn’t make the cut. It wasn’t even close. But… Read More
2024-04-04 17:41
When I finished lunch in Sorrento today, my last full day here, I still hadn’t figured out what to do this afternoon. I didn’t have a clue. I became increasingly despondent over… Read More
2024-04-04 10:49
This morning, I visited only the Sorrento Cathedral and the Museum of Inlaid Wood, making for a somewhat quiet time relative to my normal tourist frenzy. In fact, the whole day is going to b… Read More
2024-04-03 17:36
After finishing lunch this afternoon I wandered around Capri some more and visited the Gardens of Augustus there. That wasn’t what I planned to do when I first decided to go to Capri… Read More
2024-04-03 07:14
Quite unintentionally, I woke up and got going earlier than usual this morning. This was a good news/bad news situation. The good news was that I’d get to my destination for the day, C… Read More
2024-04-02 18:23
If you read my post about this morning, you know my adventure today was a day trip I booked on the Amalfi Coast. This afternoon took me to the third of three Amalfi Coast towns on the tour… Read More
2024-04-02 08:54
The Almafi Coast filled today’s agenda. I booked a trip that took me to the towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Every source I’ve seen lists the latter, Ravello, as being on… Read More
2024-04-01 07:25
This morning I took a ferry from Naples to Sorrento. Ah, life at sea. Well, considerably shorter than life, thankfully. The thought of a sea cruise longer than a few hours appalls me. The fe… Read More
2024-03-31 11:32
I decided what to do this morning only while eating breakfast. That decision was to start out at the San Martino Monastery and Museum. I opted to follow that up with a visit to the Castel Sa… Read More
2024-03-30 19:19
Today’s theme is “cities destroyed by Mount Vesuvius, but hopefully not while I’m in the area.” After visiting the Herculaneum archaeological site this morning, I cau… Read More
2024-03-30 08:58
If there’s one sight near Naples that everyone knows about it’s Pompeii. It’s so important that you can’t spell Pompeii without two “I”s. I think two &ldq&hell…Read More
2024-03-29 19:45
The plan I formulated at lunch for this afternoon was to have a castle theme. My plan called for visiting two castles, the Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ouvo. Things didn’t go com… Read More
2024-03-29 18:55
This morning in Naples I visited Naples’ Archaeological Museum, the Church of Gesù Nuovo, and the Church of Santa Chiara. That wasn’t my plan when I started out. My intent… Read More
2024-03-28 12:42
The title of this post notwithstanding, I don’t imagine pizza was responsible for the founding of Naples (Napoli in Italian). But I took the high-speed train from Rome to Naples (less… Read More
2024-03-27 19:45
The Victor Emmanuel Monument wasn’t in my original thinking for this afternoon. My tentative plan was to visit two or possibly three churches and then play it by ear as to what else to… Read More
2024-03-27 12:22
Like yesterday, steady rain fell on Rome again this morning as I set out for my day. Because of the inclement weather, I decided indoor activities were in order. I started out with the Natio… Read More
2024-03-26 19:27
When I left the Capitoline Museums after lunch the steady rain of the morning turned to intermittent rain in the afternoon. But it was still more on than off. To fill the dreary afternoon, I… Read More
2024-03-25 18:31
I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep and reminded myself that I’m in Rome. (You already knew that I’m in Rome if you read yesterday’s post, but I needed… Read More
2024-03-24 19:25
I descended from the sky and landed in Rome (Roma in Italian) this morning.  Fortunately, I was a passenger in a plane at the time. Today is not my first time here. But it is the first… Read More
2023-12-17 12:19
I’ve had a number of views of the Sydney Opera House while I’m here, some of them distant, some of them more close-up. And I’ve shown you pictures of some of those views in… Read More
2023-12-17 09:10
So begins my final full day in Sydney Australia. It’s been a long trip, but I can’t believe it’s almost over. Almost, but not quite. This morning I visited two parks and a… Read More
2023-12-16 01:15
The Rocks district is so named because of the geology of the area before the settlement of it. I realize that in the entries in this Australian journal I have sometimes fabricated the origin… Read More
2023-12-15 08:09
Darling Harbour is, as the name suggests, a harbour. But it seems to be more than that, a district. One of the sights I visited this afternoon in Sydney, the Chinese Garden of friendship is… Read More
2023-12-15 01:35
The sun shone this morning. Better still, the temperature backed off yesterday’s inferno. It was still warm, but not terribly unpleasantly so. It was the perfect day to go to the beach… Read More
2023-12-13 09:19
Yes, that’s right, you clever person. After arriving by train from Canberra and checking into my hotel I visited Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The post Royal Botanic Garden Sydney appe… Read More
2023-12-12 08:22
After I finished my not-to-be-mentioned lunch at the National Zoo and Aquarium, I summoned an Uber to take me to the Australian War Memorial. I don’t know about you, but if I didn&rsqu&hell…Read More
2023-12-12 01:20
This morning. I took an Uber to the National Zoo and Aquarium. If you’ve been following along you know I’m traveling in Australia. So you’d be correct to assume, that in th… Read More
2023-12-11 08:32
I ended my morning with lunch at the Old Parliament House cafe in the Parliamentary Zone of Canberra. I wasn’t ready to make the long trek back to my side of the lake, so I chose to vi… Read More
2023-12-08 01:40
Yesterday, when I looked at the weather forecast for today it predicted rain all day. When I got up this morning I checked the forecast again. It said it was raining then, but would stop soo… Read More
2023-12-07 08:54
This afternoon took me to the Melbourne Skyjack, the Docklands District, and Chinatown. The journey to the Docklands district involved a lot of walking. Was it worth it? Wait and see. But le… Read More
2023-12-06 23:50
The main activity of this morning, a two-hour cruise on Melbourne’s Yarra River, didn’t start until 11:00. So I had some time to wander a bit before then... The post Yarra River… Read More
2023-12-06 08:17
After flying in from Hobart today, I didn’t get to my hotel until close to 3:00 in the afternoon. Because I’m not at all a night owl, or any type of night bird for that matter, m… Read More
2023-12-05 02:06
I took a day trip out of Hobart to Port Arthur today. If you aren’t familiar with Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, you’re probably thinking, “Port Arthur, that sounds love… Read More
2023-12-04 08:52
Following on from my post of this morning, by the time I sat down for lunch at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, my Fitbit told me I’d already walked 15,183 steps and climbed the… Read More
2023-12-04 01:46
Not having arrived at my hotel in Hobart until about 9:30 last evening after flying in from Adelaide, I consider this to be my first day in Hobart. I started it by doing some wandering aroun… Read More
2023-12-03 02:38
Today was my last day in Adelaide. In fact, I posted this from the next stop on my Australia journey, Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania. It feels funny calling T… Read More
2023-12-02 09:21
In an earlier post from Adelaide, Australia I mentioned that I walked briefly along a piece of the River Torrens, Adelaide’s River. I said I might explore it more later. When I finishe… Read More
2023-12-01 03:56
If you read my post from earlier today, you know that I already visited one winery in the morning on the Barossa Valley wine tasting tour I took today. I tasted six wines at that winery. I h… Read More
2023-11-30 23:30
My day’s activity out of Adelaide today was a wine tasting day trip to the Barossa Valley. My impression is that Barossa Valley is to South Australia as Napa Valley is to California. B… Read More
2023-11-30 08:44
I spent this afternoon in Adelaide visiting the South Australia Museum, and Adelaide’s Central Market. But before I get into that, a word about Adelaide’s river, the River Torren… Read More
2023-11-30 00:24
On this, my first morning in Adelaide, Australia, I explored the Adelaide Botanic Garden and the Adelaide Zoo. They are close to each other in a generous, almost bucolic, near continuous str… Read More
2023-11-29 03:27
I left Brisbane today and flew to Adelaide, but I had sufficient time for one last wander in Brisbane before I left. The post Last Wander in Brisbane appeared first on Joel's Journeys &… Read More
2023-11-27 08:57
As I mentioned in this morning’s post, the day trip I went on today took me to Mount Tamborine in the afternoon. Before you ask, no I didn’t see any musical instruments on Mount… Read More
2023-11-27 02:01
Today, I went on a day trip primarily to a national park and a mountain near Brisbane, Springbrook National Park and Mount Tamborine. Those are two separate things. One, Springbrook National… Read More
2023-11-26 09:07
The Brisbane Botanic Gardens is not to be confused with Brisbane's City Botanic Gardens, which is in the city centre. The former is located part way up, but still near the base of Mt. Coot-t… Read More
2023-11-25 23:36
There was no way I was going come to Australia without seeing koalas and kangaroos. Fortunately, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has both. The post Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary appeared first on… Read More
2023-11-25 09:05
After my Queensland art gallery morning, I went on a Brisbane walking tour this afternoon. The starting point was in Post Office Square, only a few minutes walk from my hotel if you know the… Read More
2023-11-25 02:02
The forecast for this morning called for steady rain in Brisbane. Consequently, I planned for indoor activities: the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The post… Read More
2023-11-24 09:00
Brisbane. I didn’t say Brisbane as some sort of geographical version of Tourette syndrome. Brisbane, Australia is where I am. This visit adds a new city, country, and continent to the… Read More
2023-10-21 17:32
If you read my journal entry from this morning, you know that today I took a day trip out of Ljubljana that visited Vintgar Gorge and Lake Bohinj in the morning. In that post, I kept you in… Read More
2023-10-21 06:58
I booked a day trip out of Ljubljana today. This morning took me to Vintgar Gorge and Lake Bohinj. The one final stop after that generally receives top billing in tour books. And it is Slove… Read More
2023-10-19 17:54
When I left the restaurant after lunch today I found that the light rain and light drizzle of this morning had stopped. A heavy rain replaced it. As a result, I decided to stick with an indo… Read More
2023-10-18 11:05
This morning in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as the title of this entry makes clear, I visited Ljubljana Castle, Cathedral, and Skyscraper. The tour book I use recommends two of those as providing g… Read More
2023-10-17 09:24
Today, I left Zagreb, Croatia on a bus to Ljubljana, Slovenia. The bus didn’t leave until a quarter past noon, leaving me a little time for a final stroll in Zagreb before heading out… Read More
2023-10-16 17:44
Many of the main sights in Zagreb have been closed for restoration since the earthquake that occurred a little over three and a half years ago as I write these words. Consequently, by this a… Read More
2023-10-16 17:37
The rain of yesterday morning and afternoon stopped today. However, at the start of this morning, clouds filled the sky, allowing nary a blue patch. And the temperature took a drop today. Wh… Read More
2023-10-15 18:09
If you read this morning’s post, you know that, other than my visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships, I had a frustrating morning. If you did read it, you probably think the after… Read More
2023-10-15 17:50
I somewhat, but not entirely, washed out literally and figuratively this morning. How much is somewhat? That depends on whether you are a glass half empty or a glass half void sort of person… Read More
2023-10-14 17:52
This morning, I went on a walking tour of Zagreb that started in one of the parks that, together, go by the name of the Green Horseshoe, a string of seven parks in a U shape, originally inte… Read More
2023-10-14 17:45
After yesterday’s less than stellar introduction to Zagreb, I feel much better about the city now. As I mentioned then, I booked a walking tour of Zagreb for this morning. I’m gl… Read More
2023-10-13 16:56
The title of this entry might have confused you. You might have thought, “Wait. Didn’t Joel say the other day that the car rental company gave him a Renault Captur. Did he exchan… Read More
2023-10-12 17:18
Today, I went back to Plitvice National Park, but this time I used the other entrance, Entrance 2, rather than the one I used yesterday, Entrance 1. After leaving the park, I visited the sma… Read More
2023-10-11 17:27
I rented a car in Split and drove to Plitvice today. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that, rather then the two posts a day that I’ve been writing most days on this trip… Read More
2023-10-10 17:22
Tomorrow morning, if all goes according to plan, I will pick up a rental car for a few days and split Split, Croatia. Oh, joy. Oh, bliss I am so looking forward to the rental car. I so love… Read More

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