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Slovenia Vs Israel – Bonifica
2024-02-26 23:23
I had nothing to do so I went to basketball game Slovenia vs Israel – Bonifica in Koper, 20 €. Now I had to decide how I will go there. I took bus, 2.9 €, 1:50. Part was on l… Read More
Psihomodo Pop
2024-02-26 23:09
I saw online there is a concert by Psihomodo Pop. I bought ticket for 21 €, even it was in Klubar in Kranj. My car is in shop and I had to borrow car from my sister. After half an ho… Read More
To Maribor With Train
2024-02-24 17:22
Boštjan suggested trip to Maribor and I agreed. We met at train station and soon we were on our way, 3.8 € return ticket. I took 2 hours and we arrived on time. From station w… Read More
Brkovi In Cvetličarna
2024-02-24 06:53
Brkovi had 20th annevarsairy in Cvetlicarna. This bend combine punkrock with balkan folk music. They reminded me of Nervozni poštar, from 80’s. Maybe Vatrogasci with their parod… Read More
Taqueria Unomas Ljubljana
2024-02-23 16:35 I decided to stay in city, sk I needed something to eat. It was time for Taqueria Unomas at Ajdovscina square. This mexican jkint offers tacos from 3.5 €. I ordered three… Read More
Tunisia And Algeria 2024
2024-02-14 06:43
I had 1 day of obligatory vacation and 1 day of holiday, so I combined it into 10 days of vacation. I skimmed for a destination and settled for Tunisia because of a good flight option (from… Read More
Return Home Over Frankfurt
2024-02-12 09:29
Alarm clock woke me at midnight, I cleaned, packed and left apartment. I planned to walk to airport, last walk on this trip. On half way it started to rain so I used Bolt and spent last loca… Read More
2024-02-12 00:26
Woke up.late, watched some.move, got breakfast for 30 TND=9 €. Walked to city center, see clock tower, basilica, gates, central market grand mosque, medina, kazbah square. Then I… Read More
From Djerba To Tunis
2024-02-11 07:13
Woke up and went to breakfast, good choice. Went to beach and tried water, very cold. Got into pool inside to warm up. Finished my packing, check out, 50 TND. With taxi to airport, 15 TND… Read More
From Matmataover Berber Country To Djerba
2024-02-09 17:37
Early getting up, no shower cold water, good breakfast. On a tour with guys from night before and korean women and finnish man, 60 €. We saw few berber villages, few spits from Star war… Read More
El Jem To Sfax, Gebes And Matmata
2024-02-09 17:01
Woke up late, breakfast and back to bed, checked out at noon. Went to amphithaetre second biggest in the world, 12 TND. Now planned to go to Sfax, again no louage-shared taxi. Back to tr… Read More
Upper Carniola 2023
2024-02-09 05:45
With Andreja we talked day before that we would like to go on Sunday somewhere. Early in the morning first SMS came, but we needed some time before we left home at 11 am. First we drowe to T… Read More
Algiers To Tunis
2024-02-07 05:37
Late getting up, bathroom, packing, chek out. In shop breakfast, bananas and water, 350 DTD. Took metro to Jardin d’Essi, 50 DZD. From there to Martyr memorial with cable car, 20 DZD… Read More
Trip To Tipaza
2024-02-06 15:08
Slow morning, shop for breakfast 150 DZD. Now to Tafourah bus station, some searching. Ticket to Tipaza on minibus was 90 DZD. It lasted almost 2 hours. Tipaza is known by UNESCO protecte… Read More
Tunis To Algeris
2024-02-05 09:15
After bad sleep, bed not ok, my snoring, I woke up at 6 am. Finished bathroom and ordere Bolt to airport, 10 TDN. On airport finished check-in and security, bit chaotic. Now I had some time… Read More
Ljubljana Over Frankfurt To Tunis
2024-02-03 23:27
I woke at 4:30, bathroom, breakfast, cigarette. Sister with niece took me to airport. Fastest getting to gate, 5 minutes, I checked-in online, only me at security while it was first flight a… Read More
Budapest 3 Days
2024-01-28 16:07
Budapest was on my list.for this year but it turned out is good optiin. I already booked trip to Tunisia for 10 days and then had idea for city break in between to Algeria. Cheapest option t… Read More
Čewapi Restaurant Ljubljana
2024-01-22 16:24
I was taking a photo for a visa at Foto Tivoli and saw that Čewapi restaurant is open. I saw them a month ago when they were getting ready and planned to visit them. Great opportunity t… Read More
Udinese Vs Milan 2:3
2024-01-20 13:39
Again we went to a Udinese game. This time they played against AC Milan. Blaž picked me up around 5 pm and drove towards Nova Gorica. In Vrtojba we went for a drink at Oriks (5 €)… Read More
2024-01-18 22:10
Boštjan suggests the film Perfect Days by Wim Wenders right after work. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and the movie doesn’t have bad reviews, so I agreed. Bef… Read More
Mandala Restaurant Ljubljana
2024-01-08 15:03
It was time to try one vegan option. Mandala is self-service canteen in Ajdovščina underpass. So just 500m form office, I took lunch break here. Mandala restavracija Ljubljana… Read More
To Minsk Over Baku Summary
2024-01-07 18:13
Belarus was the last country in Europe I didn’t visit yet. I had plans in the last few years but with the Ukaine-Russia war that was suddenly complicated. From Europe getting there wou… Read More
Redipuglia, Aquilea And Udine
2024-01-07 15:41
I went on yet another game of Udinese. But this time was a bit different. First I went from home on the Nomago bus, 2 € ticket, until Vrhnika on the highway and then on the regional roa… Read More
Operna Klet Restaurant
2024-01-05 16:43
I decided on fish today and Operna klet is the place for it. They were opened 100 years ago. Before it was in the basement but now they changed it into high-end rooms and made a restaurant i… Read More
Sufret Beirut – Restaurant Ljubljana
2024-01-04 12:01
I spotted this place as I walked by on Bavarski dvor. Once this was Cezar – bar that worked around the clock. I decided to visit this lebanese restaurant next day, just 300m away from… Read More
Skriti Kot – Restaurant Ljubljana
2024-01-04 12:01
It is time to try something new for lunch break. Skriti kot (hidden corner) is canteen in underpass Ajdovščina, 500m from office. Even it is in city center it is bit hidden in l… Read More
Baku To Budapest To Ljubljana
2023-12-31 13:46
Last they I was in no hury, after 10 am from bed, bathroom and owner made me breakfast. Time to move to airport, got to bus on at May 28, 1.3 azm. On arrival walked to Terminal 2, problem… Read More
Baku Again
2023-12-31 13:19
Flight on small plane, average food, kid behind me screamingly cring, tried to sleep. At airpot took taxi 20 $ to catch tour I booked 70 € (booking problem). At square 28 May went to… Read More
2023-12-31 13:18
Slow morning … tea and biscuits for breakfast. For half an hour to spa, pool and sauna before check out, paid 12 blr mini bar, beer and coke. I visited cat museum,15 blr, more for… Read More
Minsk Arrival
2023-12-31 13:15
On arrival detail passport control, put on side with 10 other passangers, in office extra questions, showing papers, let me after 15 minutes. Now atm, cigarettes 5 blr, waiting for bus. Fina… Read More
Baku  – Museum Day
2023-12-31 13:12
Woke up late, after breakfast some more relaxing because I didnt sleep 2 days. As it was wind I went out late. First to the shop, 1 azn. Walked to old walled town, there I climbed Maiden… Read More
Minsk To Brest
2023-12-30 12:56
Call from receptiin woke me. I quickly packed and moved to train station by taxi, 9 blr. Train ticket to Brest was 25 blr for bunk bed. Waited with hang over for train, shop 6 blr. I was… Read More
Han – Chinese Resraurant
2023-12-29 17:23
Today I wanted some Asian food. I walked from work to Han in the rain. They are located next to Star Square. They have also 4 more places, all except one serving Chinese/Asian food. I sat… Read More
Baku To Minsk
2023-12-26 21:28
Slow morning, late wake up, breakfast, bathroom, packing. Shop on way to city 5 azm. First searched for cable, 14 azn. Again to old town and uphill to cemetary,  russian, azer, war… Read More
Zagreb To Budapest To Baku
2023-12-26 20:40
After concert I dropped cousine at home and around 00:30 I headed towards Budapest. First to another part of Zagreb that was not empty. On my way towards Varaždin I got into heavy fog… Read More
Bare And Majke In Arena Zagreb
2023-12-26 20:20
I saw tickets in April and bought 2, 20 € piece. That was music from my youth. Concert was in September. Few day before concert it was postponed to December because of problems with ven… Read More
Ljubljana Mosque 50 Years Of Persistence
2023-12-15 15:45
After more than half a century since the first official initiative, Ljubljana got a mosque in 2020, joining the other capital cities in Europe. In November of the same year, Greece opens a m… Read More
2023-12-01 09:04
The time has come again for the Animateka 2023 animated film festival. Tedej got the tickets and it was for Friday at 7 p.m. in Kino Dvor. After work, I meet at Luka’s place with Andre… Read More
Kmečki Hram In Tomačevo
2023-11-30 17:14
This year pre new year lunch with colleague we had lunch at Kmečki hram in Tomačevo. I was only once before there after a funeral at Žale. beef soup kmečki hramWe arri… Read More
2023-11-30 17:07
It was last home game in European competitions so I bought ticket for game (30 €). After lunch with colleges I went close to stadion for beer, 3.5. Rain was heavy, there was some roumor… Read More
2023-11-18 10:19
It was again time for liffe film festival (34th) in Ljubljana. Usually we go for movie or two during festival. This year we were late and I got one of last tickets. So I just randomly bought… Read More
2023-11-10 10:02
I met Boštjan in kino Dvor for a beer, we were talking about potential trip to Stans. He suggested that we go to another theater to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. I was suprised that… Read More
Central Asia 2023
2023-11-06 14:59
With Boštjan we started planning a trip to Central Asia in the summer. He already visited Kyrgyzstan before and wanted to do the Pamir highway. I had a wish of doing all 7 STANS (Kaza… Read More
Central Asia Day #15
2023-11-06 10:37
Woke up a bit after midnight. After shower and packing we took cab to airport, 780 som. Getting through security took some time, but we still had so.e time to wait at the gate. I spent 10 $… Read More
Central Asia Day #14
2023-11-04 21:21
Stayed long in bed, after bathroom we wen for a coffe with Miha at Flask, Boško aproved. From there walk in center, Miha explained thing we saw on our way. With Boštjan we… Read More
Central Asia Day #13
2023-11-03 11:07
Woke up early, not enough sleep. After shower packing and into city. Walk to metro, 100 tenge. From Saitan metro to bus station quite a walk. After buying tickets to Istanbul restaurant… Read More
Central Asia Day #12
2023-11-01 21:52
Woke up at six, bathroom, packing, bags. Walk fron station to capsule hostel, early check in, 20 eur, laundry, repacking, plans. Went out, bank, around center-cathedral, park, not impress… Read More
Central Asia Day #11
2023-10-31 10:50
Good sleep, rain outside. Boštjan went out, I stayed. One hour later we went to breakfast, nice one. Slowly packing, checked out after rain stopped. On our way to metro shopping, 7… Read More
Central Asia Day #10
2023-10-30 15:44
After almost no sleep, breakfast and onwards to taxi. Some misunderstanding, 40k som. Arrived soon to station. On train intetesting seat allocation, moved beetween seats. Tried to sleep… Read More
Central Asia Day #9
2023-10-29 17:49
Woke up late, tired. Boštjan went out alone to visit things I saw day before. After late breakfast with Yandex GO to train station, 20k som. Less then 3 h ride on slow train to Bukhar… Read More
Central Asia Day #8
2023-10-29 17:34
This morning Boško woke first, I am a bit under the weather. We walked again in center, pass Registan. Tried to book all future trains, opend half houe late, bought just one ticke… Read More
Central Asia Day #7
2023-10-27 15:23
Again I woke up first, shower, breakfast. Bostjan joined me end we wenr around city center, mosque, flaf pole, statue, back wirh rrolebus, 3 somoni. To coffe shop, fresh orange juice 40 somo… Read More
Jam Jam – Korean Street Food
2023-10-27 07:34
Just across the street from my office there is Jam Jam – Korean street food place (Kolodvorska 12?). One day I was in hurry and decided to try them. I ordered Bulgogi (grilled beef wit… Read More
Central Asia Day #6
2023-10-27 06:06
Woke up at 6 am, shower, Boštjsn still sleeping, breakfast, short walk in park. From hotel with taxi to station, 20.000 som. There anothar taxi to border, 100.000 som. Walked over… Read More
Central Asia Day #5
2023-10-25 16:14
Woke up early, -10 degrees, hot shower, breakfast. While Pamir high way is problem we decided to go other way around to Dushanbe. First marshutka back to Osh, 400 som, interesting ride… Read More
Central Asia Day #4
2023-10-24 14:57
Woke up early, waited for Boštjan. At breakfast accepted Pamir highway isnt possible for whole, so we decided to do just part to Sary Tash. Nice weather, walk to old bus station, m… Read More
Central Asia Day #3
2023-10-23 17:28
We stayed on airport, after 3h kn bench my back was in bad shape. We took first marshutka to city, 30 som. At Oh bazaar couldnt find transport. Moved in rain to West bus station. Found worki… Read More
Centrak Asia Day #2
2023-10-22 21:31
Woke up after 3h at 7 a.m. Boštjan was stil sleeping, so I decided togo to city after bathroom and breakfast. Took a taxi, 25.minutes, paid with dolars, 15. I stepped out at Sulta… Read More
Cental Asia Day #1
2023-10-22 11:41
In the morning I had my first tour arou d Ljubljana for Blaž collegues. Nice experience went home, ate slept a bit. Then sister took me to airport, we picked up Boštjan on our wa… Read More
2023-10-20 11:13
Miha invited me to Rex (+386 64 191 918; [email protected]) for his 40 b’day. I arrived around 20h to Eipprova street. Ones cool area in Trnovo close to city center became hipster ar… Read More
Manna – Teden Restavracij 2023
2023-10-18 16:16
Po službi se moram nekam dat do kina ob 19h. Lačen sem in ravno teden restavracij je. Ob 16h dobim rezervacijo v Manni, do kamor se počasi sprehodim do Gradaščice… Read More
National Championship, 2023, Kranj
2023-10-11 20:41
I caught at news that summer parr od season on grass will and with championship in Kranj. After work I went cross the street and bought return ticket to Kranj (6.4€, 1.6 with discount)… Read More
Zagreb 2023
2023-10-07 18:58
I was in Barbariga last week to close it for the end of the season and paid some bills. I thought I had covered everything, but a few days later I got notice that they would unplug the elect… Read More
Think Superfood
2023-10-06 10:52
Think Superfood was the next healthy snack food choice. They are also nearby (Tavčarjeva 4), but they also have additional locations Rotonda in Ljubljana and BrivBARnica in Novi Mesto… Read More
Abi Falafel Restaurant
2023-10-02 15:12
After work I stayed in city center, so I got hungry real soon. I walked to Trubar stret with many options but in the end I settled at Abi falafel. From name you se this is middle eastern… Read More
D’SUSHI Restaurant
2023-10-02 13:18
Another Japanese option in Ljubljana. D’SUSHI is located in Ledina center, few tables in fron, possible to order via Wolt. I walked there from work. A bit after 11am they were just sta… Read More
2023-10-02 10:03
A poster on the bus reminds me that today is the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Green Dragons fan group. After work, I stopped for quick lunch and slowly headed towards Ajdov&sca&hell…Read More
San Leonardo Pizzeria
2023-09-30 16:03
I had to close apartment in Barbariga for the season. On way there I stopped in Buje topa, bill for apartment. It was time for lunch so I looked for a place. I sat down in San Leonardo, s… Read More
Barbarella – Juice Bar
2023-09-22 10:13
Barbarella was today’s option for salad. You can find them on Slovenska street 38, walking distance from office. They also have another locattion at market, one studio, books, catering… Read More
2023-09-16 05:56
Rok called me if I would join him on derby Olimpija vs Maribor. I had time, ticket were available (20 €). So we met hour before game with some of his friends in front of stadium. There… Read More
Bežigrajski Dvor – Restaurant
2023-09-15 15:56
After work I had so.e doctor appoinment in Bežigrad area. Later I was hungry so I went to Bežigrajski dvor. I sat in garden. They have daily menues, pizzas, pasta, local cuisin… Read More
Allegria Retaurant Ljubljana
2023-09-13 13:53
Today I was on my lunch break in Allegria restaurant. You can find them in passage.on Nazor street. I set inngarden. Picked meal from daily menu. Starter was roasted gamberi with garlic… Read More Salad Bar
2023-09-08 12:31
BIFE is salad bar (Kolodvorska 3; weekdays, 10 – 18h) close to work. After doctor mentioned I should change my diet I decided to go for a salad. On arrival I had trouble accessing them… Read More
Hitra žlica – Quick Spoon
2023-09-07 13:27
Another option for quick lunch close to work. Hitra žlica – quick spoon as self-service restaurant offers traditional slovenian cuisine, for most dishes you need spoon. I or… Read More
2023-08-30 07:36
HIT WOK was choice for todays lunch. It is close enough, I craved for Asian street food and I hadn’t been there in a long time. Coworker joined me and we took short walk there. Not to… Read More
Raw Pasta – Restaurant
2023-08-29 11:03
Raw pasta is another option for quick lunch, no to far from office. Found part of day without rain and sat at one of tables. I ordered Spahhettoni alla Amatriciana (spagetti with sauce &ndas&hell…Read More
Klagenfurt And Villach
2023-08-28 09:16
With sister’s family we decided to make a daily trip to Austria. We started after noon. First we stopped at Podljubelj, Karavla 297 inn. It was full so we got ourselves a drink before… Read More
2023-08-25 09:59
Klub 300 is bowling alley in Dravlje, Ljubljana. Andreja invited as there for her birthday. I arrived with taxi (15 €) there around 21h. In the end it was party of 5. On weekends they h… Read More
Gaudi And Naan
2023-08-22 12:40
I choose something lighter for today’s lunch, vegan option. Gaudi and Naan is restoran on Mali trg (Little square). They have nice garden where I found spot for me. They have daily lun… Read More
369 – Lounge & Bistro
2023-08-21 13:24
Another place visited for lunch break. 369 is know for lounge at night time. But they also serve lunch during the day. I chose daily menu, fried chicken with mediteranian potatoes (10.5) and… Read More
Ireland, Poland, Czechia, Lvov And Graz
2023-08-21 07:01
The initial plan was to visit North Korea in August, but it remains closed till August 2024. So I searched for an alternative and Ireland came to mind as I didn’t visit it yet. I had n… Read More
Home Over Graz
2023-08-20 04:03
Woke up early but as it was last day and I stayed in 5* hotel I relaxed a bit longer in bed. Finally I got out around 9 am. I done short run around old town with cathedral and castle. Went f… Read More
Krakow And Wroclaw
2023-08-19 13:28
Woke up early, bathrom, packing, on check out got launch box for break fast (sandwich-dry bread, dessert-biskvit with apples, coca cola zero). At kiosk bought cigarettes 500 uah. Next was ri… Read More
2023-08-18 06:08
Woke up at 7 am, shower packing, check out. Few minutes walk to station, tuna sendwich x2 an water, 19zlt. Soon border 9h ride with Flixbus. Ee stopped in Lublin 15 min, border.took as 1j nd… Read More
2023-08-17 06:43
After bad sleep, room was by main road, bed was far from soft, I woke at 5:30, cold shower, banans for breakfast, packing. Short walk to bus station and ride to airport, arrived around 7 am… Read More
Prague And Brno
2023-08-16 07:53
Not enough sleep, bathroom, packing, walk in Wroclaw, forgot about time, so I run to Flixbus, got good seats there. First fields filled with deers and rabbits, then mointains region crossing… Read More
2023-08-15 21:26
Woke up at 6 am, shower, tea, packing. Last driving, no google, arrivef to renta car, back to fill gas 32€. With shuttle to airport and bus to city, 14 € return ticket. Wanderin… Read More
Norther Ireland
2023-08-15 08:50
Woke up before 6 am and went on w0 minutes later. Now 5h on narrow roads toward Londonderry. Notice border crossed by different road signs. Few stops on my way, gas station 32 €, small… Read More
Kerry Ring
2023-08-14 11:53
Walk around 6 am and left in 20 minutes. Long ride in front of me. I went south to Kerry ring. Stopped many times on my way. First to NP. Stoped at gas station 32 € gas and 6 € foo… Read More
To Dublin
2023-08-12 19:38
I woke up at 2 am, shower and cigarette. With sister and niece we drove toward Zagreb, higbway (1 €) was not empty. Arrived to Tuđman airport before 4 am. Sandwich, cigarette, wate… Read More
Stari Tišler Inn
2023-08-11 14:36
Stari Tišler (Old Carpenter) Inn is placed in city center close to main station (weeh:10:00 – 21:00, Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00; Kolodvorska ulica 8, phone: 00386 1 430 3370… Read More
Kotor Varoš And Novo Mesto
2023-08-06 06:43
Kotor Varoš Mother wished to visit Kotor Varoš so I took here there. We went on the road at 2 am on Saturday after almost no sleep. In Ljubljana we stopped at gas station, 6… Read More
2023-08-02 05:56
Olimpija vs Ludogorec was an important match for the club. With a win, this would mean that Olimpija will play in the European Cups at the group level for the first time. I went there with m… Read More
Restaurant Martinšek Ljubljana
2023-07-28 13:36
Restaurant Martinšek was next in line to try during lunch break. Again it is just across the street (Kolodvorska ulica 9, week days 10:30–14:00). This is self-service canteen lo… Read More
Hapé Ceremony Ritual
2023-07-19 10:07
Gregor invited me to join him and Teja to Hapé ceremony ritual aka Rapé. I didn’t have any idea what it was but why not to try it. I was instructed not to eat 3 hourse be… Read More
Tartuf Restaurant
2023-07-14 11:31
I searched something close to work for quick lunch break. Tartuf restaurant is 5 minutes away, hiden in Mali trg (Little square). I sat at only free table in the garden. They offer daily men… Read More
SOLE Restaurant Ljubljana
2023-07-14 07:40
Sole is pick of the day for lunch break, it is close to office and back in 90’s we were here often with Dejan for cheap beer. (Kolodvorska ulica 18, all week 09:00–22:00; 01 230… Read More

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