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15 Best Things to do in La Paloma, Uruguay

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Are you looking for a weekend getaway or a vacation spot? Well, La Paloma is a beautiful ancient resort to visit. The name was coined from the fishermen who pictured a pigeon silhouette on its shore. This shape was as a result of the intense waves and rocks along the coastline.

La Paloma is based on Cape Santa Maria and lies 160km away from Chuy, 240km from Montevideo and 100km from Punta Del Este. This tourist destination is known for its beautiful and stunning beaches. They are available in different sizes, from the long and extended beaches to the short with least extension beaches. This offers you with various options to select from, and with each characterized by a unique peace and quietness.

The region offers two major visiting seasons annually. The winter season that is accompanied by solitude and cold, but with a heartwarming view of the whales. And the summer season that is accompanied by warmer temperatures and full of crowd.

La Paloma is a Paradise to visit throughout the year. It is characterized by nature and tranquility that comes along with it. You get to view an array of birds in protected zones as well as the giants of the ocean in winter. It also offers you a starting point to explore other places of Rocha.

To ensure, you experienced the full thrill of visiting La Paloma, Uruguay, we’ve compiled for you the best things to do while there.

Discover best things to do in La Paloma, Uruguay

1. Sunset

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After a long day of excursions in different parts of the coastal Town, nothing surpasses the mesmerizing view of the sunset in La Paloma. You can create a born fire or sit by the beach while enjoying the view of the horizon as the sun disappears to the other side. The sky is usually lit with a red, pink, and orange wispy blend of colors. This creates a perfect spot for a memorable photo shoot.

2. Bike ride

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Are you running out of time but you still want to explore as much as you can? Well, with bike ride you can make use of your limited time in La Paloma. They are fast and can access places that vehicles would not. Moreover, they will make your experience more intriguing and memorable.

This can be made possible by hiring a bike from one of the renting agencies. Move around as much as you can and get to explore many places in a single day. You can begin with a street stroll, pass by the beach, and have a view of the community along with it. You can also ride to La Pedrera. Make use of the renting hours and maximize your trips to the fullest.

3. Kitesurf

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Have you ever kitesurf? Well, La Paloma has a great windy way for Kitesurfing. So don’t just visit the beach and watch, take a step and try out the Kitesurfing. It’s quite scary for a first-timer, but a tremendously thrilling experience that you should not miss.

You may require some lessons to grab a few tricks before heading to the waters. But don’t worry, it’s quite simple, and you will grab the skill within no time. There is no better place to go kitesurfing like in this region. You get limited traffic and enough wind to steer your surfing kite.

4. A visit to El Faro del Cabo

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For a stunning and breathtaking view of the town and coast, a visit to El Faro del Cabo is what you need. Standing majestically at 30 meters tall, the lighthouse sits on a well-maintained piece of land, based along the beaches. While at the top, you will have a view of the town and ocean as far as your eyes can see.

You can also learn the history behind the tower, considering it’s from 1874. The completion of the tower marks the genesis of La Paloma Summer beach. With about a dollar, you will gain entry into climbing the tower through the winding stairs. While at the Lighthouse vicinity, you will get to see a solar clock that relies on the lighthouse shadow cast to work.

5. La Pedrera

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If you are not in a hurry, a trip to La Pedrera is an excellent choice. It’s located about 5miles away from La Paloma. The charming La Pedrera beach town is a single stretch of a paved street. It runs from the main highway up to the stairs that head to the beach.

It’s a great place to spend your night after long excursions in La Paloma.

In a place such as that, single strip town is more than enough. On one side there are unforgiving waves crashing against the outcrops of rocks. While to the left, there is a beach which runs along with the striped town giving you a place to spend your day swimming or basking in the sun.

6. Bahia Chica

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Depicted by its name Chica (means small in Spanish), Bahia Chica is a small bay which is directly in front of a small island (Isla Tuna). Probably less crowded due to size, but it’s a great place to spend your whole day. You can either dive into the relatively calm water or sink your feet in the sand. Bahia Chica is a family-friendly spot. It’s very quiet and peaceful, making it a great place to spend some quality time with your family. Also, it is a fantastic place for outdoor activities.

7. Playa Anaconda

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The place is scenic and a great location to spend with your family or kids. It is famous for whale sightseeing during the winter seasons. Playa Anaconda is based close to La Balconada to the south and next to Playa Los Botes. The separation between Playa Anaconda and Playa Los Botes is a winding stream that exits in the ocean. That is where the Anaconda name was coined from. It is found a bit outside the town and with more shelter from the wind. Last but not least, Playa Anaconda is internationally famous for being a surf beach.

8. Playa La Balconada

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For a great detox and chill out by the beach, there is no fantastic place for all that like in Playa La Balconada. The beach is down the main road in La Paloma town. When you get to the skate park, take a right and head straight towards it.

It’s a great place to chill out without disturbances, also trendy amongst visitors and the locals. It provides for you a perfect weekend getaway. It is a great location to shade off the stress and tension from work. The place is family-friendly, and you are also allowed to come along with your dog pet.

9. Surf

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Waves can really be annoying if you are trying to have a good dive in the ocean. They would always drag you along with them depending on the wave size. In La Paloma, residents and visitors have different sentiments about waves. Many people adore it for wave surfing.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a considerable wave size or a pro searching for a swell, you will get satisfied by the waves. La Paloma is also known as the surfing capital of Uruguay. This is made possible by the breaking waves along the coast.

Surfing is available in every season but the most thrilling time is summer. Many visitors come to the place, including talented and beginners, suffer. During this time, you will get amazed by sufferers who showcase their talent in surfing. Additionally, you can also get your surfing board and join in. If you are still afraid, you could always begin with the smaller waves near the shore.

10. Laguna Rocha

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La Paloma has something for everyone, and this includes nature lovers. So, if you love nature, there is a protected area outside La Paloma town. It is found in the countryside but not too far from the town.

The place has a population of birds of different kinds. They include storks, Blacked – necked swans, teal, and spoonbills which are found in the vast wetland. In other words, this is a paradise of birds to bird watchers.

Additionally, it is one place that has not been invaded by civilization. It’s still untouched, thus, apart from bird watching; there is lagoon for an excellent deep dive, ocean and sandy beach.

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11. Winter activities

This is a special part of the year in La Paloma. During this time, the place receives other visitors apart from people. During this time, seals, dolphins, whales and sometimes penguins pay a visit close to the beaches of La Paloma. Additionally, there are also populations of birds for bird watching ventures.

This makes La Paloma one of the few regions in the globe where you get a chance to see the whales close to the shores. During this time, they are on their annual migration to the northern waters. While at La Paloma, you will get a chance to see the whales as they spend part of their day playing in the water close to the shore. The common places to view them are La Balconada and Anaconda Beach.

The best time to have the incredible view of the whales is from July to October. You can time them during the bright days for a great view. During the same months, you will get a chance to see Penguins, Baby seals, and seals.

12. El Cabito

Found in between Los Botes and La Balconada, it’s an excellent paradise for children. This is an excellent location if you are going on a vacation with children. And it is one of the least beaches in La Paloma that are extended. It is characterized by rocks that cut across the ocean shielding the beach from direct impact from the waves.

Moreover, the rocks create pools in between them that are about a meter deep. Thus it’s an excellent place for the kids to go and cool off after extended play in the sand. And, due to the rock barriers, you have no worries about the Atlantic Ocean dangers to your kids.

Additionally, El Cabito is a great place for a photoshoot. This is because of the semi-circle shaped rocks that cut into the sea, creating a landscape which is very lovely with the sea as the background. The rocks also create a great spot for relaxing in the evening as you enjoy the sunset and the view of the birds feeding on algae.

13. Fishing

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Make your day exciting by booking a sport fishing trip. Get a chance to catch the biggest fish of all. There are various boat renting companies that provide you with a guide. Fishing can be done deep in the sea, streams, and lagoons. Pick a spot that you feel intrigued with.

Some of the fish that you get to catch are catfish, shrimps, white croaker, large black croakers, and some weigh over 10kg. Imagine capturing a huge 10kg fish; it’s quite a thrilling experience. Moreover, your catch gets processed for you into fillets and packaged for carrying.

14. Nightlife

Nightlife is very active in summer. The area is full of visitors, and the streets are booming with business and fun at night. Also, the warmer temperatures provide favorable conditions for having a great time, unlike during the winter. The best place to be is La Balconada beach. Many people gather in this area as they bond and have a great time. With a crowd of people, security is a guarantee. But on the other seasons of the year, the visitors’ population drop and the heart center of the town close to Avenida Nicolas Solari is the only active place.

15. Shopping

As usual, a trip or a vacation is never complete without getting a souvenir for marking your visit. Like any other tourist destination, La Paloma also has interesting shops you can get a gift to mark your visit to the place. Feria Artesanal de La Paloma is a great market to get handicraft objects. Other items include paintings, drawings, and ceramics. Getting an artistic souvenir that is unique to that region is quite memorable. Other shopping places include La Molina Artesania, Pateco Surf Shop, among others.

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15 Best Things to do in La Paloma, Uruguay


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