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Vanuatu: 13 Best Places to Visit for Your Next Holiday

Vanuatu: 13 Best Places To Visit For Your Next Holiday

You’re missing a lot if you haven’t heard about Vanuatu’s charm yet. Although Vanuatu is not as famous as it deserves, this may be an added advantage for its visitors to be able to enjoy unspoiled nature away from the crowds and pollution.

The Stunning Vanuatu is an archipelago in the South Pacific. Tourists and visitors come to it to relax and spend a dreamy holiday free of stress. In Vanuatu, you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, ride the waves, and eat delicious food full of flavours.

To help you plan a great vacation in Vanuatu, we will take you on a tour of the most important places in these fabulous islands and help you out with some tips that you would definitely need to make the most of your vacation.

10 Random Facts About Vanuatu!

Choosing your destination, buying tickets and booking hotels are indispensable for travelling, as well as getting to know the country from location, nature, languages, people and culture. Let’s learn all about Vanuatu through some facts: 

  1. Vanuatu is an archipelago of about 80 islands, the majority of which are populated.
  2. Due to its proximity to New Zealand and Australia, Vanuatu receives a lot of tourists from the two nations.
  3. The country’s name refers to “Vanua”, meaning homeland.
  4. Efate is the largest island in Vanuatu, followed by Espiritu Santo and Malakula.
  5. There are only two big cities in Vanuatu, Port Vila on the island of Efate and Luganville on the island of Santo.
  6. The capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila, and the most spoken languages are Baslama, French, and English.
  7. Vanuatu’s population mainly works in the agriculture, fishing and tourism sectors.
  8. The currency of Vanuatu is the Vanuatu Vatu, 1 EUR =130 VUV.
  9. Vanuatu’s climate is tropical, and the summer season runs from December to February.
  10. The cuisine in Vanuatu depends on seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables, while coconut milk is an essential component.

8 Tips to Make Your Trip Easier and More Interesting!

Putting in some effort to understand more about Vanuatu’s traditions and people will directly enrich your vacation and increase your passion for the country and its culture. So, here are some tips to learn before visiting Vanuatu:

  • Most local shops are closed on Sundays as the citizens are mostly Christian and attend church on Sundays.
  •  If you want to visit small villages, it is preferable to wear modest clothing.
  •  If you wander outside the tourist destinations, you should consider that most of the land is owned by the islanders, so you need to ask their permission first or be accompanied by tour guides.
  •  Avoid picking fruits on the road, as they are usually personal property.
  •  Connect with the locals by smiling at them; they will help you learn about their culture.
  •  Remember that tipping is against the traditions of the people of Vanuatu and is therefore frowned upon.
  •  Take the necessary vaccinations before travelling to Vanuatu, especially during the rainy season.
  •  It is preferable to have travel insurance that covers all activities.

Vanuatu Culture

Vanuatu has a diverse cultural background. It is home to French, British, Australians, New Zealanders, Chinese, and Vietnamese, who coexist harmoniously with indigenous people.

Vanuatu has no less than 113 different languages and dialects, which should be enough to provide you with a glimpse of how rich and varied its culture is. The locals have great loyalty to their culture and traditions, and they value folk legends and ceremonies as well as handicrafts.

Vanuatu Tourism

Vanuatu’s economy benefits from the tourism industry. The country attracts many visitors annually thanks to its charming nature, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and friendly locals.

A vacation in Vanuatu is a great opportunity to relax, connect with nature, rejuvenate and learn about a new culture. In addition to being an affordable destination, it also grants free access to a large number of countries.

Tourist Attractions

Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Vanuatu with all the details you would need to know.

1. Mount Yasur

One of the world’s most popular active volcanoes, Mount Yasur, is also perhaps Vanuatu’s most recognised landmark. The locals consider it the reason to put Vanuatu on the map, as legend says that the glow of this volcano is what drew attention and led to Vanuatu’s discovery.

A trip to Mount Yasur is a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience. You just need to book a tour of Mount Yasur with any local agency, and they will take care of everything. Usually, the agency will take you to the mountain and send some tour guides with you to ensure your safety. 

At first glance, the scene may be terrifying, as the plains are covered with ash, the sound of gurgling lava is loud, and the gases from the volcano do not stop. Yet after a while, it’s more likely that you will be fascinated by what you see.

Our advice is not to miss the view of the lava eruption at twilight. And prepare your phone or camera to capture the scene.

2. Mystery Island

Water activities lovers should not miss this island. Mystery Island is a small-sized spot surrounded by pure turquoise waters from every direction. It is one of the best Vanuatu snorkelling spots.

With the water being super clear and warm, you can easily see various colourful fish species, coral reefs and sea shells and have the swimming and snorkelling experience of a lifetime.

It’s better to book a ride from local service providers because they are cheaper than other companies and will provide you with the needed equipment; they will also take you on boat and shark tours.

3. Mele Cascades

Just 10 kilometres from Port Vila, you will find the magnificent Mele Cascades waterfalls, whose crystal-clear waters flow down the slopes of rocky hills. You will feel at peace and tranquil after witnessing this magnificent sight.

You will leave this magical place with tons of stunning pictures taken as you walk through the flowing waters, so don’t forget your walking shoes. You will also find all the needed facilities, from toilets and changing rooms to delicious seasonal fruits. Although the location’s entrance cost is relatively higher than other attractions, it is an experience worth every penny.

4. Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is among Vanuatu’s most stunning tourist attractions due to its refreshing blue waters, trees, and breathtaking surroundings. The waters of the blue lagoon are clear at just the right temperature, making swimming irresistible.

There are swings for children, umbrellas, sun loungers and bars for drinks and snacks. For a better experience, hiring a private driver or accompanying a local guide is recommended. The added advantage is that you can enjoy all this at a reasonable cost.

5. Millennium Cave

Millennium Cave should be on your list if you are an adventure lover. It is one of Vanuatu’s largest caves, typically reached in 45 to 60 minutes, through an adventure that will test your limits, starting at the road for being bumpy and full of potholes. Then you will pass through the jungle, walk on bamboo bridges and climb some steep rocks until you reach the incredible water-filled cave. Once you arrive, you will find that all these risks have paid off, as the view is fantastic and mind-blowing.

Our advice is to book a local guide to take you on this trek, make room for a full day, and wear comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind getting muddy.

6. Champagne Beach

You will relax right in the heart of the spots you see on postcards or on your desktop and just feel like these destinations cannot be real. Champagne Beach, one of the most popular places in Vanuatu, is on the island of Espiritu Santo; it guarantees visitors an experience they will likely never forget.

The beach not only offers crystal clear waters, white sands and lush rainforests, but also its waters are frothy, affected by volcanic activity, where you can take a swim with parrot fish while enjoying the view of the beautiful coral reefs.

7. Port Vila

You can’t go to Vanuatu without visiting the vibrant capital, Port Vila. Located on the island of Efate, it gives visitors an indescribable experience. It is full of shops, fish restaurants, local museums and many more places to explore.

If you want to get to the authentic essence of the capital, you should stroll and shop at the local Port Vila market, where you can communicate with the locals, try their traditional foods, and savour delicious fish meals and fresh fruits at very low prices.

8. Eden on the River

Eden on the River promises a variety of activities, from getting an adrenaline rush pumping across suspension bridges in the rainforest and feeling refreshed by swimming in the Rentapoo River to relaxing in the animal park and observing animals and birds.

Visit this beautiful spot with a local guide for a more informative and enjoyable tour. There you will find all the public facilities and safety equipment you need. And do not forget to swim in the turquoise waters of the river, but it is recommended that you bring water shoes with you.

In conclusion, Vanuatu promises you a memorable trip that will stand the test of time. When you visit Vanuatu for your next holiday and swim in its crystal-clear water, take pictures of the lava in the sky, or even taste a local dish that makes your taste buds dance, you won’t regret your choice. Simply, Vanuatu is a paradise on Earth!

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Vanuatu: 13 Best Places to Visit for Your Next Holiday