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The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation

The region of the Caribbean screams summer. It is the number one summer destination in the world, given its scenic views, perfect weather, tropical drinks, and refreshing fruits. The Caribbean is an ideal destination to pack your luggage and fly to immediately. Before packing your stuff, you need to know what countries fall in the Caribbean region so that you can decide. 

The Caribbean countries fall in the Caribbean Sea between Central America and South America. It embraces Barbados, Cuba, Dominica, Antigua, Belize, Haiti, Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Saint Lucia. There is so much to observe and do around the Caribbean islands. Thus, we gathered the top places where you could stay for a perfect Summer Vacation

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1. Piton Mountains Saint Lucia

The Caribbean, Piton Mountains – Saint Lucia
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 13

Saint Lucia is one of the top places in the Caribbean that you need to visit for a breezy getaway. Tranquil beaches, soft sand, and clear water are among the many things you will find in this slice of paradise. It embraces one of the most popular hiking spots in the Caribbean, the Piton Mountains. 

People are free to hike the Pitons without a professional guide. However, if you are not an experienced hiker, we recommend you have a guide to help you stay safe. Hiking to the top of these mountains rewards you with an eccentric view over Soufriere. It’s a small French-influenced village with vast greenery landscapes surrounding the crystal waters and colourful plant life.

Moreover, hiking is not the only activity to do around Saint Lucia. Another destination that you should take into consideration is Sulphur Springs. The world recognises this place as the only drive-in volcano. It lies near Soufriere Village; thus, people sometimes call it the Soufriere Volcano. It is famous for its mud baths that tourists come from all over the globe to see and take a bath in.

2. Anegada Island – British Virgin Islands

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 14

Anegada Island is an immense landmass in the Caribbean that remained unvisited for many years. However, it now became one of the most important tourist destinations. Anegada is Spanish for “drowned island”, and surviving the noxious storm explains the naming. Interestingly, there was an anticipation proclaiming that this island would no longer be around, for Hurricane Irma would wipe it out. 

The storm was quite devastating, but it spared Anegada Island, thankfully. It’s emerged from the deep waters to become one of the world’s unique islands. Although part of a volcanic region, Anegada is a coral island with lots of limestone, marvellous reefs, and underwater caves. The island is also home to shipwrecks that are as old as time. 

All of these elements combined made Anegada a hotspot for divers and snorkelers. It’s also a perfect destination for nature lovers, embracing a wide array of native fish species that cannot be found elsewhere. We still haven’t even come to the striking views that this magnificent island offers. This should be your next destination if you’re looking for an unrivalled Caribbean escapade.

3. Harrison’s Cave – Barbados

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 15

Barbados is a fascinating Caribbean country that is an excellent destination for summer vacations and romantic getaways. It’s home to fascinatingly serene beaches, soft sands, and crystal clear waters where native aqua species swim. Barbados is known for many renowned tourist destinations, but it’s also famous for embracing caves that speak of great wonders.

Harrison’s Cave is an unmissable spot in the Caribbean that you should visit if you have an adventurous soul. This great wonder is a product of natural elements, resulting in its splendour. People can see this wondrous cave’s interiors and observe its magnificent contents. 

Visitors can explore the cave’s interiors by tram, witnessing splendid variations of crystallised formations and caverns. The walls inside the cave shine and radiate with colours thanks to the natural shapes. Some animals live inside the cave, including alligators and the native green monkey of Barbados, which makes the exploring journey even more enjoyable. 

4. The Devil’s Grotto – The Cayman Islands

The Caribbean, devil's grotto
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 16

The Cayman Islands are a prominent part of the Caribbean region. Yet, it’s known for being a self-governing British Overseas Territory. This range of islands is famous for being a tranquil destination and a perfect getaway to recharge away from the loud bustles of the cities. It’s best known for its various resorts, fabulous beaches, and an ideal spot for diving and snorkelling.

The Devil’s Grotto is one of the Cayman Islands’ most prominent landmarks. It lies on the Grand Cayman and is the most general diving site in the area. This site is an excellent spot for beginners and intermediates alike, given that it’s deemed a shallow water site. Additionally, it’s among the most affordable diving sites in the Cayman Islands. 

Devil’s Grotto offers a tremendous underwater experience you’ll remember for years. It’s home to many marvellous sea creatures and coral reefs that are pretty appealing. Besides all that, you can explore wondrous caverns and caves that were formed naturally. It’s safe to say that this part of the Caribbean is a slice of paradise you cannot help but admire and fall in love with. 

5. The ABC Islands

The Caribbean, the ABC Islands
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 17

ABC Islands encompass three well-known Caribbean countries: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. All three countries share a rich history of the Dutch colony, which is one of the reasons they’re grouped. Yet, they’re three different countries, which gives you even more options and spots to explore and discover.

Of the three islands, Curaçao is the largest with the hugest population. However, Aruba is deemed the cheapest travel destination. The ABC Islands are known for their breezy weather, fabulous beaches, and calm crystal waters. They serve as great destinations for summer vacations and romantic getaways.

The beaches with white sand are the most dazzling destinations in Aruba, spanning along the coast of the purely turquoise ocean. Bonaire is another fantastic destination to enjoy the sea, but diving should be your pick, for it’s home to some rare sea creatures you’d admire.

Lastly, Curaçao is best known for being a platform for multicultural communities. There’s a lot of history and culture around this country, but don’t let that distract you from trying its renowned orange-flavoured liqueur.

6. Negril Seven Mile Beach – Jamaica

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 18

Jamaica is the home country of famous singer Bob Marley. Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Greggory Issacs also come from this tropical heaven; no wonder it has the best music and art. This Caribbean country is a pure escapade to nature and peacefulness. It hugs a vast coastline on the Caribbean Sea, features a lot of cascading waterfalls, and offers serene beaches for relaxation.

Jamaica has so many attractions, but Negril Seven Mile Beach remains the top unmissable destination. This beach lies in the Negril region near Norman Manley Boulevard. Negril is a small town one hour’s drive from Sir Donald Sangster Airport, the nearest international airport.

Seven Mile Beach is where unspoilt blue water is; it’s crystal clear that you can easily spot the colourful aqua life beneath the surface. The beach is also lined with palm trees that cast shades over it to rest under and enjoy its fresh raw coconuts. The endless parties and reggae that create joyful vibes around here are sure to make you stay longer.

7. Pink Sand Beach – The Bahamas

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 19

The first time you set foot onto the lands of the Bahamas, you’ll be pretty confident that you arrived at a paradise untouched by man. The Bahamas offers spellbinding scenes that will make your jaw drop and blow your mind away. This Caribbean country serves as a playground for the affluent class and famous figures, away from the noise of the cities. 

The Bahamas, with heavy layers of pirate history, is the first country where Columbus set foot in the Americas and is home to the renowned Bahama Mama cocktail. However, these are not the only reasons you should fly to the Bahamas; its exotic pink sand beach is. This indescribable phenomenon only exists in the Bahamas and nowhere else around the Caribbean. 

This beach does have sand reflecting a pale pink colour. It’s a natural wonder that results from Foraminifera, microscopic coral insects with reddish or bright pink shells. The best part is that the beach is open and free to visit anytime. We can’t emphasise the enchanting ambience of this exotic beach.

8. Half Moon Bay Beach – Antigua

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 20

Antigua is home to one of the world’s best coffee beans and some rare species of frigate birds. These two elements make Antigua stand out among other Caribbean countries despite being among the world’s most miniature. We mentioned the birds because they’re fantastic and don’t happen to fly around the skies of any other country. 

Antigua may be a small country, but it’s still rich in culture and history. It also bestows its visitors with some dazzling places, and Half Moon Bay beach is just one of them. This beach is perceived as the most spectacular on all Caribbean islands. You’ll fill your vision with a vast area of white sands stretching along the coastline, housing exotic coral reefs and aqua life. 

Although this area is known for its magnificent beach, there’s more that you can do around away from the sand. The Half Moon Bay district also features tropical gardens and nature trails to trek while observing the eccentric surrounding freely. Even the hotels surrounding this crescent-shaped island feature luxury and extravagance that will provide ultimate tranquillity and comfort. 

9. La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) – Cuba

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 21

Cuba is where dirty dancing and salsa came into being, especially in its capital, Havana. It embraces a diverse array of fascinating buildings, historic castles, exciting museums, and vibrant markets. Havana is a great place to explore new destinations, learn about new customs, and discover a new part of yourself along the way. 

Out of all the attractions you can visit in Havana, you shouldn’t miss La Habana Vieja, Spanish for Old Havana. It’s one of the top-notch tourist attractions in Havana, where the streets are covered in cobblestones, and the buildings are as old as time. There are a lot of elements around here that provide a historical ambience that you can’t help but admire. 

Old Havana is a historic district with so many old buildings to explore. It’s a great place to learn about the country’s history and unravel some secrets from the past. Interestingly, this colonial area has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, giving it even more historical significance. El Malecón and El Morro Castle are among the iconic landmarks of Old Havana that are worth a visit.

10. Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 22

The Dominican Republic is among the most underrated Caribbean spots that don’t get the hype they merit. Being situated along the Caribbean coastline, it’s easy to guess that the Dominican Republic is home to magnificent beaches with soft sand stretching along the shore, hugging the tranquil turquoise waters. The best rums in the world were also born in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana is one of the unmissable towns in the Dominican Republic. Its location gives it an edge that makes it stand out among the other Dominican regions. It sits on the easternmost tip of the country, verging on the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Punta Cana is home to the world’s most serene spots, where it combines some calm waters with long-distance sandy beaches.

Tourists from around the world fly to this splendid region, making it the most-visited spot in Latin America. Not only is it a perfect destination for windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking, but it also offers you an unforgettable zip-lining experience. It grasps more than a few luxurious hotels that would give you a memorable holiday.

11. Arikok National Park – Aruba

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 23

Aruba is a gleaming country in the Caribbean region. It’s where rocky bays hug the sunlight, and transversing waves form natural pools. Aruba is part of the three grouped islands known as the ABC Islands. Besides all the natural wonders Aruba embraces, the white sand beaches, looking like a vast desert meeting the sea, remain fascinating.

If you’re looking for more phenomenal places to explore in Aruba, Arikok National Park should be your next destination. It’s a vast place where you can enjoy all sorts of activities while observing some marvellous scenery. This park is open to the public, welcoming people from around the world to divulge its fascinating secrets.

Arikok National Park lies on the east coast of Aruba. It encompasses vast beaches with interesting nesting sites for turtles. It is also home to craggy rock formations surrounding the renowned natural ocean pool, Conchi. We still haven’t mentioned its Cunucu Arikok, the old house that narrates the farming past of the country. It’s a destination that offers more than you need, so make sure you try to do and see as much of it as possible.

12. Bioluminescent Bays – Puerto Rico

The Caribbean
The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation 24

Puerto Rico comes second when it comes to producing the best rums in the world after the Dominican Republic. It’s part of the Caribbean region that enfolds a fair share of the world’s marvellous wonders of nature. The renowned Old San Juan district is all great and historical, but nothing can beat the attraction of glowing water. 

Puerto Rico is one of the rare places where you come across a bioluminescent bay. Bioluminescent bays are bodies of water that can glow. There are only five bio bays worldwide, and the Caribbean is lucky enough to hold four of them, with three in Puerto Rico and one in Jamaica. The fifth bay falls in Vietnam, and they look mystical and totally out of this world. 

Laguna Grande is the most famous bio bay in Puerto Rico, for it’s pretty near Old San Juan. The other two bays are known as Mosquito Bay and La Parguera. It’s a surreal adventure you would want to brag about to your friends and family back home. While you can’t capture the moment, for cameras don’t capture the glow of them, you can still enjoy every bit of this experience. 

People mistakenly believe the Caribbean region is about sandy beaches and pristine waters. While this is true, and we’re grateful for it, there’s so much more to see and do around the Caribbean. You can explore hidden caves, unravel historical secrets, discover mystical wonders, and you still won’t get enough. 

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The Caribbean: Your Next 12 Perfect Destinations For A Breezy Summer Vacation


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