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18 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

For those who think of the tourist spots in India, certainly considers the Taj Mahal, the pink city Jaipur or the tourist stronghold Goa. Pictures of these places characterize the travel magazines, Instagram channels of Indian instagrammers and airport posters. But India has much more to offer than the world-famous classics! I have a real crush on Mussoorie, a small town created in 1825 by the British during the colonial period.

Mussoorie, often known as the "Queen of the Hills," is a charming little Hill town that has plenty to offer everyone. Therefore, if you're looking for a relaxing getaway, Mussoorie's intriguing attractions will leave you enthralled. This hill station is perfect for visitors wishing to escape the scorching heat, whether they choose to go boating on Mussoorie Lake or hike to Gun Hill Point.

The famous Mussoorie, Uttarakhand hill station is very popular among families for holidaying in India. It has beautiful scenery, food, shopping and plenty of entertainment options for families. The foothills of the Himalayas is a wonderful, untouched oasis of peace away from mass tourism, chaos and noise. 300 kilometers north of Delhi on the border to Tibet and Nepal lies the mountain region of Garhwal, considered the land of the gods. Time and again I like to remember my exciting trip to the places around the world like Zangdopelri in Bhutan.

Mussoorie, located at 2,000 meters on a ridge overlooking the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas is very popular for newlyweds on honeymoon or those who want to escape the heat of Delhi and the North Indian lowlands for a weekend.

Your hunt for the top tourist attractions in Mussoorie will be over after you read this post. Even if you've been there before, there's a chance this article will lead you to a new picturesque trail or a secret viewpoint. Prepare to be astounded by the magnificence of the top locations that make Mussoorie the most sought-after vacation spot, travellers.

Mussoorie is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The lush green landscapes, misty hills, and cascading waterfalls contribute to its breathtaking natural beauty.

The hill station enjoys a moderate and comfortable climate throughout the year, making it a perfect escape from the heat of the plains during the summer months. The cool temperatures and refreshing air attract visitors seeking respite from hot weather.

Mussoorie offers a wide range of activities for travelers. You can explore picturesque trekking trails, enjoy horse riding, go boating on the beautiful Mussoorie Lake, and take scenic walks along the Mall Road. Shop for spices and local handicrafts at the main market.

The town is home to several attractions, including Kempty Falls, Gun Hill (offering panoramic views), Camel's Back Road (a popular walking trail), and the charming Christ Church.

Mussoorie has a rich history and cultural heritage. The town has a colonial charm with its old-world architecture and British-era buildings, adding to its unique character. Mussoorie serves as a gateway to other nearby destinations like Dhanaulti, Dehradun, and Rishikesh, which allows travelers to explore more of Uttarakhand's natural beauty and cultural diversity.

The town hosts various festivals and events that provide an opportunity to experience the local culture and traditions. The Mussoorie Winterline Carnival and Mussoorie Adventure Festival are some examples.

Mussoorie, a popular hill station located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is often considered a wonderful destination for travelers due to its unique combination of natural beauty, pleasant climate, and a range of attractions and activities. While "best" is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences, here are some reasons why Mussoorie is often regarded as a great place for traveling:

1. Kempty Falls

A vacation to Mussoorie would not be complete without seeing the renowned Kempty Falls. The location was created by a British commander in the 1830s to host tea parties, and ever since, it has grown to be a well-liked Mussoorie attraction, particularly for picnics. A trip to the beautiful Kempty Falls should be on your list of places to visit.

The Kempty Falls is said to be one of the most famous falls in Mussoorie. No wonder then, this place is always crowded with tourists. Great for picnics, go here during the summer or the monsoon to enjoy the waterfalls. Only a certain part of the waterfall is safe for swimming, so avoid venturing deep into the waterfall.

These falls, which plunge from over 1,364 meters above the ground, provide breathtaking vistas of the valley below. Take a dip in the pool that has formed at the base of the fall, take some photos, or simply sit by the gushing fall and sip kadak chai while enjoying garma-garam Maggi. On your way to Kempty Falls, you'll pass some of Mussoorie's top hotels.

2. Lal Tibba

The nearby Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie and offers splendid views of the Himalayas. One of Mussoorie's highest vantage points, Lal Tibba is perched atop Depot Hill in Landour. You can only picture the views from up here since this vantage point is only 6 km from the city center and is located at an elevation of 2,275 meters. The name of the viewpoint, which is actually Red Hill, is a direct allusion to the hue of the sky that can be seen from here between sunrise and sunset.

You can see peaks like Bandarpunch, Kedarnath, and Badrinath from this vantage point on a clear day. Lal Tibba's telescopes allow you to appreciate everything's beauty up close.

Lal Tiba is the highest peak in Mussoorie. During the tourist season, this place is packed with adventure sports lovers and tourists. While most come to enjoy adventure sports, there are a few that visit the Lal Tibba to soak in stunning views of the hills near Mussoorie and click a couple of selfies against the stunning backdrop.

The Lal Tibba Scene Point near the peak is the perfect place to get the best view of the hills. There are binoculars set up at the point.

3. Gun Hill Point

Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie's second-highest mountain, is one of the region's most well-liked vantage spots. This viewpoint is 1.7 km from the Mall Road and requires a 20-minute ascent to get there. From here, you may see the Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Gangotri, and Pithora Himalayan peaks in addition to a 360-degree panorama of the town and surrounding areas of the Doon Valley.

Travel to Gun Hill which offers attractive views of the snow-capped Himalayas. The Gun Hill is the second highest peak in Mussoorie. At Gun Hill you can enjoy two experiences: you can sightsee and ride the ropeway ride. While going here, be sure to carry your camera to capture stunning pictures of the hills and Mussoorie’s skyline. Rides begin from 9 am onwards and end at 6 pm.

Gun Hill offers incredible views of the Doon Valley and the surrounding landscapes.

4. Company Garden

The Company Garden in Mussoorie, which is located around 3 km from the Mall Road, is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family and friends. The Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie cares for this garden, which was designed entirely by Dr. H. Fackner.

While strolling through the garden, you will see lovely fountains, luscious vegetation, colorful birds, and various kinds of flowers. Consider going boating on Artificial Lake if you feel up to it.

5. Cloud’s End

On your next visit to Mussoorie, Cloud's End is where you should be if you're looking for solitude. This location, which is 6 kilometres from the Library Road and denotes the exact geographic end of the hill town, is a picturesque stretch of dense deodar and oak forests. From the Happy Valley region, you can hike along the Hathipaon Road to get to Cloud's End.

This location not only boasts breathtaking views throughout the day, but it also has the most bizarre atmosphere for watching the sun rise and set in the clear sky. This location is quite picturesque, and you might even capture your next Instagram-worthy image here.

6. Jharipani Falls

Situated in the quaint village of Jharipani, about 7 km from the city centre of Mussoorie, is the stunning Jharipani Falls. Its charm lies in its secluded location that is not marred by touristy crowds yet. You can spend hours soaking in the beauty of the falls, clicking good pictures or simply appreciating the views of the scenery around the waterfall including those of the Shivalik range.

You will also find rare varieties of flowers in bloom at the site. The route to the falls is simple and can be easily covered via a car. However, after a certain point, you will have to trek for around 1.5 km to reach the falls.

7. Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake, a man-made lake but one of the most picturesque locations in the city, has recently gained popularity among tourists. You can go zip lining and water zorbing in addition to boating on the lake. Oh, and paragliding is now also possible not too far from the lake.

Near the lake, there are a number of tiny gift shops, eateries, and a haunted house. So, after having fun at the lake to your heart’s content, enjoy a delicious lunch or go shopping. A famous picnic spot, Mussoorie Lake is often crowded with people who come to enjoy picnics and boating. This artificial lake is surrounded by a few shops selling snacks, tea and a few local products.

A heritage area with a marvellous bandstand, Library Bazaar is a good way to spend the morning — every morning of your holiday, too. You can shop for books, snacks, clothing and much else. The bazaar is organized in a circular shape.

8. Sir George Everest’s House

Sir George Everest's House in Mussoorie was built in 1832 and is situated 6 km from Gandhi Chowk. This location, better known as The Park Estate, was previously Sir George Everest's residence, laboratory, and observatory. Sir Everest has accomplished everything from this location, including scaling the distances between the mountains of the North and measuring the highest mountains.

Visit the observatory if you want to learn more about his life and career. The views are breathtakingly stunning from the summit where the heritage building is located, especially when they are shrouded in mist. Therefore, even if history isn't your thing, the views are sure to catch your attention.

Although the house is in ruins, there are some portions of George Everest’s house that are still standing. From the plains that surround the house, you can get stunning views of the hills. The place is often frequented by hikers who make the climb up the peak, rest for a bit, before getting back down.

9. Camel’s Back Road

If you prefer strolling through nature while taking in the vistas and the comfortable climate, Camel's Back Road, another popular tourist destination in Mussoorie, is a fantastic spot to explore. The finest times to go along this 3-kilometer stretch of road are early in the morning and late at night since it resembles a camel's hump.

Located a little away from the city centre, this place is an amazing place to visit, especially if you love the outdoors or are interested in photography. Surrounded by lovely old houses and tall trees, the Camel’s Back Road is a good place to explore nature.

10. Library Bazaar

The Library Bazaar is the place to go if you enjoy shopping at cozy, little shops. The bazaar, which lies in the heart of the hill town, is packed with stores offering locally produced fabrics, Silver Jewelry, chocolates, and delicacies, as well as cafés that serve freshly prepared coffee and tea. Near Library Chowk in Mussoorie, there are numerous hotel choices.

11. Mossy Falls

The Mossy Falls is one of the prettiest places in Mussoorie. Facing a jungle on one side, this place is the ideal getaway for a quiet day out. The best time to visit is in the morning. That is when you can clearly hear birds singing. If you are lucky, you can even spot a few exotic birds.

12. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

With several near-extinct animals, such as mountain quails and the red-billed blue magpie, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to spend a day or even two.

13. Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

For those who are interested in nature, photography, bird watching or hiking, this is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie. The Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is a private forest and it is very pristine. There is a lovely green trek route and a large forest area. For the best experience, go on a guided tour.

14. SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre

The SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre is a must visit place if you love art and culture. On display at this place are huge collections of Himalayan artefacts, texts and paintings. Book a guided tour for a first-hand insight into the history of the museum and its collections.

15. Shedup Choepelling Temple

The Shedup Choepelling Temple is a calm and peaceful place of worship. The temple is surrounded by gorgeous flowers and, inside the temple, you can see a big statue of Buddha. For a spiritual and magical experience, visit the temple in the early hours of the morning, that is when the monks chant prayers to Buddha.

16. Landour

You think Mussoorie’s a bit been-there, done-that...but have you let yourself fall in love with Landour? Those who’ve traversed the likes of Geneva in Switzerland, or Hallstatt in Austria, will find this nook of Uttarakhand reminiscent of those alleys. A bit of a postcard town, it’s got a famous bakery you can try tasty treats from, hidden treks and trails, and some cosy homestays that take you off the radar of chaos.

At about 8 o'clock I go to a small restaurant and order aloo parantha, omelet, sweet lassi and chai for breakfast. Landour is one of only two places in the world after Switzerland where you can see how it is happening! What more can you ask? Luckily I met a very friendly local on my trail who was very surprised to meet a stranger in this remote corner of the hill and guided me to find my way. He told me that every day he has to walk 2 hours on this little steep path to reach the village where he stays.

The view was fantastic and as often difficult to capture on pictures. Unfortunately, the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas were very hard to spot as it was too hazy.

17. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is a bustling hub where you can shop for local handicrafts, souvenirs, and clothing. Mussoorie also offers a variety of dining options ranging from local street food to upscale restaurants.

18. Kulri Bazaar

Kulri Bazaar has most restaurants in Mussoorie. The inhabitants are wrapped in thick blankets, wearing colorful caps, vests and gloves. In the city center there is a bakery. The baked goods are far from what we call a bread or cheese cake at home, but still delicious and reminiscent of my distant home.

While visiting Mussoorie is all about taking in the scenery, sipping hot chai, and hiking to the best vistas, don't overlook taking a stroll down Mall Road. Some of the best sandwiches and cupcakes can be found at the local bakeries and eateries. Additionally, you can stock up on some unique mementos to bring home from the hills. So when planning your next weekend trip from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun, or any northern city, visit the charming town of Mussoorie to experience the best of Uttarakhand.

Mussoorie's serene environment and scenic beauty make it an ideal place for relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. It's important to note that individual preferences vary, and what makes a place the "best" for traveling is subjective. Some travelers may be drawn to Mussoorie's natural beauty and outdoor activities, while others may appreciate its historical charm and cultural attractions. Before planning a trip, it's advisable to research and consider your own interests and what you're looking for in a travel destination.

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18 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie


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