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Yay to Trappeto, Italy (Sicily)

The Coastal Line in Sicily, Italy | Visiting and Exploring the beautiful Sicilian island in Italy | #italy #travel #sicily

Exploring Sicily: Trappeto

Back in 2014 I was still living in New Jersey and planned a 10-day vacation in Trappeto, Sicily with Milena. We easily agreed on the dates and decided to meet each other at the small Palermo airport. However, we couldn’t really decide where to book our accommodation because top tourist spots like Cefalu and San Vito Lo Capo are very expensive. We didn’t feel like spending a fortune on accommodation since we had a long bucket list of things to see and the general plan was to spend most of the time outside the room.

After a lengthy research, we decided that it was the best option to stick with a small and inexpensive town, which will be near the places we wanted to visit the most. Consequently, we booked in Residenza Biondo in Trappeto.

Did we regret it? Absolutely not!


Where exactly?

Trapetto, Sicily, Italy.

Means of transportation?

Plane and car.

How many people traveling?


How many nights?


Type of vacation?

Exploring, sunbathing, swimming, eating.

Trip Date?

September 2014.


Bucket list travel destination: Sicily. Visiting and exploring the beautiful island Sicily in Italy. Romantic travel, couples travel, family travel. Tourist map of Sicily
Tourist Map of Sicily

First Impressions of Trappeto

We arrived in Sicily around 12 PM and took our previously booked rental car at the airport parking.

A quick note regarding the rental car – we made the mistake not to pay additional 10 EUR per day for insurance and on our last day there was a mysterious dent. Of course, we had to catch our planes and left in a hurry to be billed by the rental company for the damage to the car. A week later we got a 500 EUR bill repair costs. So, I’d advise you to purchase insurance because later I’ve heard that this is a huge business in Italy; they supposedly damage rental cars on the last day and then send customers huge bills.

Anyway, back to Trappeto. We drove from Palermo to Trappeto and were pretty tired when we entered a seemingly abandoned little town. It was a hot and sunny day, but the empty streets made Trappeto seem quite creepy. Nonetheless, we found Residenza Biondo easily and soon the wonderful host arrived to welcome us.

Travel Tip: Italians practice “riposo,” you might know it as “siesta” from Spanish or “nap time”, and the streets are dead in the afternoon (anywhere from noon until 4 pm). 

Visiting and exploring the small, unknown town, Trappeto, on the famous Italian island - Sicily. Where to go and stay on a travel friendly-budget when visiting Sicily. Trappeto is very small town on the island of Sicily, but a great place to find accommodation when visiting Italy to save money on your accommodation on the island. #bucketlist #italy #travel

Comments on:

The place in general – Trappeto was obviously an authentic Sicilian little town. It had narrow streets, weird ropes with hooks hanging from balconies (we later learned those are used for garbage) and no people. Trappeto is a coastal town and it offers stunning views of the sea, nearby beaches and soaring temperatures. The town was generally clean and the people, who seemed to emerge from their houses after the sun went down, were very pleasant. Many of them, keep in mind, speak Italian only.

Parking – There were several semi-large parking lots, around the town, that were free of charge. People were also leaving their cars on the streets; however, tourists should be careful and not park in front of gates or reserved spots.

Nature – Trappeto itself doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of parks and greenery. However, it is a coastal town after all; so, prepare for unforgettable sea views and dramatic sunsets. There are lots of benches along the sea and you can just sit there and enjoy life. Since the town is on a hill, you’ll need to go to nearby beaches on foot or by car/public transportation.

Shops – Shopaholics should definitely look for another place to stay. Trappeto offers only small local shops where you can buy groceries and has like two or three bars and restaurants in total. Maybe this changed in the past four years, but better to prepare for the worst, right?

Resting on the beach in Balestrate in Sicily, Italy. Balastrate has an amazing golden sandy beach.
Milena on the Balestrate beach

During the Stay

Trappeto is a small town and can be boring to party animals or shopaholics. There aren’t any shopping centers near or shops where you can buy branded clothes etc. However, this is a place where you can experience authentic Sicilian life and atmosphere.

People are relaxed, nobody seems to be in a rush ever; everyone is nice and even though they don’t speak English, they’re open to communication even if it’s pantomime.

For example, I mentioned that every house had a rope with a hook at the end hanging from their balconies. It turned out that they hang bags of garbage so that the garbage truck can easily pick them in the morning.

Also, we had a capricciosa pizza (mushrooms, ham, cheese) that came with a hot-dog in the middle of it; is that regular Italian way or Sicilian way or even Trappeto way? – I have no idea. It was fun to experience these things nonetheless.

Also, it seems that during afternoons everyone is at home, having lunch and relaxing (I guess this is part of the riposo). Then, during the evenings’ people go out to take a walk along the sea or have a dinner in one of the very few restaurants.

Bridge at Balestrate
Bridge at Balestrate

Things to see:

Small Sea Pools – well, I don’t know the name of these, but they’re west of Trappeto, right after you get down the hill. These are like small sea pools made thanks to the stone walls that prevent waves to get to the beach. They’re interesting to see and the water inside is generally warmer.

Balestrate Beach – when you keep driving to the west you get to the Balestrate Beach; we preferred swimming there because the beach was huge, sandy and well organized. Plus, the water was crystal clear and we loved it really.

Beach travel: Balestrate beach on the island Sicily in Italy. Bucket list place to visit in Italy. Place to see and explore, romantic travel, couple travel in Italy | #travel #beach #island
Balestrate beach

Balestrate Town – Balestrate is around 15-minute drive away from Trappeto and I think it’s worth seeing. It’s another authentic coastal town with interesting architecture.

Lido Pam Pam – on the east side of Trappeto you’ll find another large and nice beach called Lido Pam Pam. It’s very popular with locals and tourists, so it may be crowded during high season.

Castellammare Del Golfo – this is also a Sicilian town located along the sea; it has striking architecture, it’s tourist-friendly and offers lots of spots for perfect summer shots.

Other options – we drove a lot and visited many places that are not that near Trappeto. Here are my favorites: Erice (64 km), San Vito lo Capo (71.5 km), Cefalu (114 km), Palermo (46.5 km).

Amazing photos of Sicily - View to Castellammare
View of Castellammare Del Golfo

Sad to Check Out

How did I feel after 10 wonderful days on Sicily? Sad, of course! My vacation on this gorgeous island was definitely one of the best I’ve had so far, and I definitely plan to visit Sicily again in the future.


  • Small, authentic town
  • Near nice beaches
  • Inexpensive
  • Great restaurant for relaxed dinners


  • No nightlife
  • Away from top spots like Cefalu
  • You’ll need a car to drive around Sicily
  • Not many things to do

Regarding Trappeto, I think this is a great option for those that want to explore the island and find a budget-friendly town to stay in. I would, however, recommend to trendsetters and those seeking luxurious Sicily adventure to avoid Trappeto and go for a more popular option like Cefalu or Catania.

Visiting and exploring the small, unknown town, Trappeto, on the famous Italian island - Sicily. Where to go and stay on a travel friendly-budget when visiting Sicily. Trappeto is very small town on the island of Sicily, but a great place to find accommodation when visiting Italy to save money on your accommodation on the island. #bucketlist #italy #travel Things to see when visiting Trappeto, Sicily. A wonderful small town on the Sicilian island in Italy. #travel #bucketlist #island

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Yay to Trappeto, Italy (Sicily)


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