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Back O' Beyond Blog
Back o' Beyond is a hiking blog that features hiking guides, trip reports, best backpacking gear, and original photography.
Review: Isobaa Merino Blend Trainers
2021-08-19 01:03
A few months ago, Isobaa gave me a pair of their Merino Blend Trainers to review. I know what you’re thinking – “But Max, isn’t Back o’ Beyond a hiking blog? Th… Read More
Trip Report: Uinta Highline Trail
2021-07-30 19:37
Trip Data Dates: Wed, Jul 21, 2021 to Sun, Jul 25, 2021 Route: West to East. Uinta Highline Trailhead > Hacking Lake Trailhead Weather: Partly cloudy mornings, afternoon t-stor… Read More
Hiking Guide: Lake 22
2021-07-12 19:39
Overview I have never been able to get a straight answer on where Lake 22 got its name. It is a strange and mysteriously indistinct title for such a unique alpine lake. All the same, the hik… Read More
Hiking Guide: Park Butte Lookout
2021-07-10 18:32
Overview The Park Butte Trail takes you to a historic fire lookout built in 1932, on top of a knoll with 360° panoramic views. From the lookout, Mount Baker (aka Koma Kulshan) steals the… Read More
Hiking Guide: Blanca Lake
2021-07-09 21:08
Overview Blanca Lake is one of the most picturesque alpine lakes in Washington. Its waters are often described as “teal”, “turquoise”, or “vibrant blue,”… Read More
Trip Report: Teton Crest Trail
2021-07-01 05:11
Trip Data Dates: Thu, Jul 24 2021 – Sun, Jul 27, 2021 Route: Phillips Canyon Trailhead > String Lake Trailhead Weather: Afternoon rain on Days 1-2. Partly cloudy on Days 3-4. D… Read More
Hiking Guide: Golden Cathedral
2021-04-28 01:27
Overview Grand-Staircase Escalante has no shortage of exceptional hikes, but the Golden Cathedral has to be in my top five. At the lower end of Neon Canyon, near its confluence with the Esca… Read More
2021-04-24 21:29
Overview Zebra is one of Utah’s most picturesque non-technical slot canyons. It is a short and easy hike to the canyon’s entrance but those who venture into the slot may encounte… Read More
Hiking Guide: Andreas Canyon
2021-03-06 02:12
Overview Note: Indian Canyons has recently re-opened after closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Andreas Canyon is a natural desert oasis near Palm Springs in Indian Canyons. The 1-mile… Read More
Hiking Guide: Pink Canyon To Fire Wave
2021-02-27 21:43
Overview Pink Canyon (aka Pastel Canyon) is a short, narrow canyon in Valley of Fire State Park that is unknown by most. I highly recommend taking a jaunt through this otherworldly place dur… Read More
Hiking Guide: Bear Mountain
2020-12-28 19:53
Overview This Sedona hike takes you to the top of Bear Mountain, which rises to 6,447 feet above sea level. From the summit, you will get 360 degree views of the surrounding area. On a clear… Read More
Hiking Guide: Doe Mountain
2020-12-24 01:17
Overview If you are looking for a short but steep hike near Sedona with great views, then Doe Mountain is the perfect option. The trail takes you to the top of a mesa with 400 feet of relief… Read More
Hiking Guide: The Subway From The Bottom
2020-12-11 18:31
Overview There is no doubt that The Subway is one of Utah’s finest slot canyons and indeed word has gotten around. To help protect the canyon’s fragile riparian environment, Zion… Read More
Hiking Guide: Taft Point
2020-11-09 17:50
Overview Taft Point is an overlook at the top of a 3500-foot cliff with breathtaking views of El Capitan and Yosemite Valley. At the edge, there is a sturdy steel railing that if anything, g… Read More
The Ultimate Off Grid RV Solar System
2020-11-02 20:18
Why We Decided to Install Solar When we took the leap and became full-time RVers in October 2019, we knew there would be upgrades down the road. Our mindset was to get started and figure thi… Read More
Review: Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot
2020-10-19 06:41
Overall Rating: 9.8/10 Introduction The Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot is a hard working yet stylish waterproof boot that can accompany you almost anywhere. Australian entrepreneur Danielle Ho… Read More
Hiking Guide: Heliotrope Ridge
2020-10-09 23:07
Overview This hike takes you uphill through a forest on the flanks of Mount Baker to Coleman Glacier Lookout. The lookout sits atop Heliotrope Ridge and provides extraordinary views of the L… Read More
Hiking Guide: Rainy Lake
2020-10-07 05:42
Overview This hike takes you along a wheelchair accessible, paved path to Rainy Lake in North Cascades National Park. The asphalt trail goes through a dense coniferous forest that opens up t… Read More
Hiking Guide: Heybrook Lookout
2020-09-20 00:21
Overview Heybrook Lookout is a fire lookout in Washington State, first constructed in 1925. Over the years, it has seen continual maintenance and improvements. It now stands 67 feet tall and… Read More
Backpacking Guide: The Enchantments
2020-09-15 21:37
Overview Near the Bavarian town of Leavenworth (but hidden from sight), The Enchantments loom. This ethereal landscape of lakes, basins, and rugged peaks is a delightful place to hike throug… Read More
Hiking Guide: Stanton Lake
2020-08-16 23:20
Overview If you are looking for a dog-friendly hike near Glacier National Park, Stanton Lake is a great option. The trailhead is just a 15-20 minute drive from the town of West Glacier and t… Read More
Hiking Guide: Avalanche Lake
2020-08-10 05:59
Overview Avalanche Lake has a reputation for being one of Glacier National Park’s “must-do” short hikes. Thanks to its incredible scenery and close proximity to the West Gl… Read More
Hiking Guide: Phelps Lake
2020-08-05 06:50
Overview Phelps Lake is an inviting lake with crystal clear waters at the bottom of a gorge named Death Canyon. You might not expect to find paradise in a place named after mortality, but th… Read More
Hiking Guide: Delta Lake
2020-08-03 08:06
Overview Delta Lake is a stunning body of water found high in the Grand Tetons. There is no official trail to the lake, which makes reaching it a difficult venture for the unwary. If you hav… Read More
Hiking Guide: Taggart And Bradley Lakes
2020-07-27 18:12
Overview Taggart and Bradley are natural lakes in the Grand Tetons, formed by glaciers that have melted since the last ice age, the Pleistocene Epoch. Taggart is found at the terminus o… Read More
Review: Katadyn BeFree 3L
2020-07-21 05:26
The feeling of freedom is why we love backpacking. With the Katadyn BeFree water filter, you’ll feel light and free knowing you always have safe drinking water! Intro A quality water f… Read More
2020-07-13 15:43
Intro This past New Year’s Eve, Kim and I experienced the Solo Stove for the first time. We spent the night hanging out on our friend’s back patio in SLC next to their Bonfire. I… Read More
Hiking Guide: Bloods Lake
2020-07-05 20:21
Overview Bloods Lake is a lovely little lake in the Wasatch Mountains and one of the few dog-friendly hikes that can be accessed from the Cottonwood Canyons. The trailhead is found about a m… Read More
Hiking Guide: Ibantik Lake
2020-07-05 18:51
Overview Nestled in a cirque at the base of Notch Mountain, Ibantik Lake is one of the Uinta Mountain’s finest destinations. Unlike a lot of Uinta hikes, it’s fairly short and un… Read More
Hiking Guide: Grosvenor Arch
2020-05-29 05:11
Overview Grosvenor Arch is a one-of-a-kind double arch in Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument. The arch’s trailhead is accessed from a side road of Cottonwood Canyon Road calle… Read More
Hiking Guide: Red Hollow Trail
2020-05-16 16:25
Overview Directly east of Cedar City, there is a prominent red hill that forms a stark contrast against the forested mountains that surround it. Behind it runs Red Hollow Trail, which is act… Read More
Trip Report: Upper Paria River Loop
2020-05-10 22:30
Trip Data Dates: Fri, May 1, 2020 to Sun, May 3, 2020 Route: Willis Creek Slot Canyon > Sheep Creek > Upper Paria River > off-trail route over mesa > back to Sheep Creek shu… Read More
Red Reef Trail Hiking Guide
2020-05-06 19:25
Overview Red Reef Trail is one of the most popular hikes in Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, a swath of desert lands set aside to protect desert tortoises (among other things). The trailhead is fo… Read More
Review: ZiZZO Via Folding Bicycle
2020-04-26 23:48
Introduction On April Fools’ Day 2020, ZiZZO offered to send us a folding bicycle to review. I read the email twice, just to make sure it wasn’t a prank 😜 Their outreach… Read More
Bear Gulch Cave Hiking Guide
2020-04-22 04:25
Note: In response to COVID-19, Bear Gulch Cave is closed to visitation. For more info visit the official Pinnacles National Park site. Overview This short hike takes you through Bear Gu… Read More
Hellhole Canyon Hiking Guide
2020-04-15 21:33
Overview Hellhole Canyon is an unbelievably gorgeous hike in Southern Utah. The trailhead signage refers to it as “Kayenta Canyon”, but I’ve never heard anyone call it that… Read More
Enepitsi Trail Hiking Guide
2020-04-10 03:01
Overview The Enepitsi Trail is a wide, family and dog-friendly trail that runs along the Santa Clara River near St. George. There are several petroglyph panels in the boulders and cliffs nex… Read More
Fortynine Palms Oasis Hiking Guide
2020-02-24 19:34
Overview Fortynine Palms Oasis is a natural palm oasis set in a canyon at the northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park. The parking lot and trailhead are just a few minutes outside of the… Read More
KUHL Renegade Pant Review
2020-02-19 04:07
Overall With its Renegade Pant, KUHL has achieved the impossible – make a hiking pant that actually looks good. Being ready to hike at a moment’s notice no longer means you have… Read More
Pushawalla Palms Loop Hiking Guide
2020-01-21 21:51
Overview Pushawalla Palms is a natural palm oasis found at Thousand Palms Oasis in the Coachella Valley Preserve. It’s one of several oases that dot the hills along the San Andreas Fau… Read More
Liberty Bell Arch Hiking Guide
2020-01-14 00:49
Overview South of Hoover Dam (on the Arizona side), there is a natural arch called Liberty Bell Arch, perched high on a barren butte. The name comes from its resemblance to the iconic Libert… Read More
Jaybird Vista Review
2020-01-06 15:57
Jaybird has produced a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds that is catered toward athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The Vista promises “earthproof” durability, sweat proof constru… Read More
The Toadstools Hiking Guide
2019-12-24 20:02
Overview Near the southernmost edge of Utah, there’s an area called The Rimrocks where bizarre hoodoos dot colorful badlands. It’s an unfamiliar landscape, like something from an… Read More
Wildly Good Socks Review
2019-12-17 01:39
Overall Rating: 9.6/10 Merino wool socks are an essential purchase for any serious hiker. I’ve bought dozens of pairs over the years from a number of brands, including Smartwool, Darn… Read More
Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Review
2019-12-09 23:10
Overall Rating: 9/10 If you are into water sports, these are the sunglasses you’ve been looking for. We threw a pair of Rheos in Sabino Creek to test their buoyancy. They definitely fl… Read More
The Wave (Coyote Buttes North) Hiking Guide
2019-11-18 15:00
Overview The Wave is a geologic wonder in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of Northern Arizona, formed by Navajo Sandstone. Over millions of years, forces of wind and erosion hav… Read More
Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Hiking Guide
2019-11-07 23:08
Overview On any given weekend during May, September, and October, thousands of zealots pour out of vehicles, shuttles, and even busses to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. The park rangers h… Read More
Upper Tanque Verde Falls Hiking Guide
2019-10-06 22:02
This article is part of a two part hiking guide on Upper and Lower Tanque Verde Falls. Overview While not as tall as the lower falls, Upper Tanque Verde Falls are easier to get to and still… Read More
Xero Shoes Z-Trail Review
2019-10-03 22:35
Summary A couple weeks ago, Kim and I received two pairs of Z-Trail sandals from Xero Shoes. They asked us to provide an authentic review of the Z-Trail, so we tested them on short hikes aro… Read More
Eat Your Coffee Review
2019-09-21 21:35
Disclaimer: I was compensated by Eat Your Coffee for the time spent on this post. The review is my own, along with all opinions expressed. Unboxing Video Full Review As a coffee lover… Read More
Sahale Glacier Camp Backpacking Guide
2019-09-20 02:42
Overview Description Sahale Glacier Camp is a high-altitude backcountry camp that sits below the Sahale Glacier in North Cascades National Park. Because of its jaw-dropping views of jagged g… Read More
DaVinci Barefoot Primavera Wax Tan Review
2019-08-22 18:00
Testing out DaVinci Barefoot Primavera shoes in the historic Barrio Viejo neighborhood of TucsonFull Review DaVinci sent me a pair of their Primavera boots for feedback. These are “bar… Read More
The 15 Best Hikes In Tucson
2019-07-10 00:44
The natural landscape that surrounds Tucson is far more than a hot, dry, and dusty desert. It is truly a hiker’s paradise, with endless trails and variety. The area is known for its ca… Read More
Yellowstone National Park Trip Report
2019-07-03 00:33
Trip Data Dates: Wed, Jun 19, 2018 to Mon, Jun 24, 2019 Route: Day hikes around Yellowstone NP Weather: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and snow showers. Highs in the mid to… Read More
Skinners Sock Shoes Review
2019-06-11 04:50
Summary Recently, Skinners sent me a pair of their sock shoes to review. They are designed to be a lightweight, minimalist footwear that feels like wearing socks but provides a bit more prot… Read More
Devil’s Pocket Loop Hiking Guide
2019-05-27 16:00
Overview This loop hike starts at Devil’s Kitchen Campground, follows the bottom of a rift valley, climbs over the Pinnacle – an amalgamation of needles – skirts along the… Read More
Whiterocks Amphitheater Hiking Guide
2019-05-17 21:23
Overview This short hike takes you to a natural amphitheater formed by white Navajo Sandstone. It also features a white sand hill that kids love to play on. As an added bonus, it has plenty… Read More
Reflection Canyon Backpacking Guide
2019-05-06 15:28
Overview Description Reflection Canyon is a tributary of Lake Powell found in southeastern Utah. From the water, you can reach it by boat, jet ski, or kayak. However, the most spectacular vi… Read More
Blackett’s Ridge Hiking Guide
2019-04-22 15:19
Overview This hike takes you to the top of Blackett’s Ridge, a prominent ridgeline that sits between two major drainages: Sabino Canyon and Bear Canyon. From either Sabino Canyon Visit… Read More
Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 Review
2019-04-15 14:55
Summary My Hoka One One Speedgoat 2s have finally reached the end of their life after carrying me over 400 miles of trails. I was so pleased with their performance, I decided to upgrade to t… Read More
First Look: OptiShokz Revvez Sunglasses
2019-04-01 16:58
Background OptiShokz is the child of AfterShokz, a company that makes bone conduction headphones. The Revvez are OptiShokz’s debut product – a pair of sunglasses that delivers st… Read More
2019-03-18 15:05
Overview Description People often say “Havasupai”, when referring to Havasu Canyon, a tributary of the Grand Canyon. It has been made famous by illustrious images of turquoise wa… Read More
Fay Canyon Hiking Guide
2019-02-25 18:43
Overview The hike through Fay Canyon is short, easy, and beautiful, which makes it an excellent choice for groups with young children and elderly members. For the more adventurous, there is… Read More
Soldier Pass To Brins Mesa Hiking Guide
2019-02-12 21:58
Overview Soldier Pass Trail is a popular hike that is typically accessed from Soldier Pass Trailhead in West Sedona. It can be done as a short 2 mile out and back or combined with Brins Mesa… Read More
Chiva Falls Hiking Guide
2019-01-28 16:04
Overview Chiva Falls is an outstanding waterfall in the shadow of the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson. Found in Joaquin Canyon, it only flows after heavy rain events, periods of consistent r… Read More
Kanarraville Falls Hiking Guide
2019-01-22 15:49
Note: Kanarraville Falls is closed for the winter and will reopen on March 1, 2019. Overview Kanarraville Falls is a picturesque waterfall set in a slot canyon near the sleepy town of Kanarr… Read More
Elephant Arch Hiking Guide
2019-01-14 14:14
Overview Elephant Arch is a natural sandstone arch in Southern Utah, appropriately named after its uncanny resemblance to an elephant’s profile. This is most apparent when viewing the… Read More
Arch Canyon Trail Hiking Guide
2019-01-10 16:11
Overview Located in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arch Canyon Trail is a short, well-maintained path that turns to a Class 2 scramble after 3/4 miles. The trail begins in Arch Canyon… Read More
2019-01-07 15:26
Overview Cathedral Rock is an oft-photographed butte near Sedona. It is quite popular and deservedly so, given the rock formation’s striking beauty. To get a good view of it and the su… Read More

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