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Sri Yathothkari Perumal Koil - Kanchipuram

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This is one of the 108 divyadesams of Lord Perumal. This temple is located in Kanchipuram. This is 49th divyadesams. The Moolavar is also known as 'Sonnavannam Seitha Perumal'. This place is also called as Thiruvekka which is in Chinna Kanchipuram

Location :

This temple is located in Kanchipuram and very close to Ashtabhuja Perumal Koil ( 50th Divyadesam) and 2 Kms from Varadaraja Perumal Koil (48th divya desam)

Temple Timings:

Timings are 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM.

Sthala History :

This is 49th divya desam for Lord Perumal and located in Kanchipuram and the place is called as Thiruvekka ( in olden times ). The first of the 12 alwars "PogaiAlwar" was born in this temple Theertham. The first 3 alwars were collectively called as Muthalazwargal who are not known to be born from any human being and Poigai Alwar was first among the Muthalazwargal.The exact birth year of Poigai Alwar was not correctly determined. Traditional conviction indicates that he belong to Dwapara yuga while modern analysis on his devotional songs suggest he belong to 7 - 9th century AD.  

It is also said that Namalvar was the first alwar of the Kaliyuga which means all the Muthalazwargal should be of Dwapara yuga. This gives better understanding of the temple history which goes back to Dwapara yuga.

The Theertham were Poigai Alwar was discovered in the lotus flower is still available and it is called as Poigai Pushkarani. Poigai Alwar is considered to be an avataram of counch of Lord Perumal.

This is one of the very oldest temple which might have been there since Dwapara Yuga.

Once Lord Brahma was performing an yagam and asuras went to Godess Sarawathi and Goddess Saraswathi came in a form of Vegathi river flowing very heavily and all Devas and Brahmas went to Lord Hari to protect the yagam. Based on the request, Lord Hari came and placed himself in a reclining position to stop and store the flow of Vegavathi river and saved the yagam of Lord Brahma. The same vegavathi river is termed as Vekka and hence this place is called Thiruvekka

When Thirumazhisai alwar stayed in Kanchi and visited this temple for years performing seiva, he gave a boon to an old lady to become young so that she can serve the temple for longer time. This news reached the Kanchi Pallava king who was amazed with the beauty and married her. As days gone by, king was becomming old while the queen was young due to the boon from Thirumazhisai Alwar. So King went and requested to one of the disciples of Alwar named Kanikannan to give him the boom to become young, however the disciple informed kind that this cannot be given to everyone The King was angry with the refusal and ordered to disciple to move out of Kanchi, when heard this Thirumazhisai alwar also decided to move along with his disciple and came to this temple and asked Perumal to follow him. Upon hearding this from his diciple Lord Perumal followed him and went out of Kanchipuram. 

Once Lord left the place the entire Kanchi was in dark and had several problems. Pallava King released his mistake and went back to Thirumazhisai Alwar and requested him to come back to Kanchipuram. Once Alwar came back, Lord Perumal also came to this temple and reversed his reclining position in the temple where the head will be to the right side of the devotees unline in other shrines where the position will be facing east. Hence the main Moolavar is also called as 'Sonnavannam Seitha Perumal'

Thaayar is Komalavalli Nachiyaar. 

This temple has also had mangalasasanam and hence termed as 108 divya desams for Lord Perumal.


Pogai Alwar - 4 Paasurams.
Thirumazhisai Alwar - 3 Paasurams.
Nammalwar - 1 Paasuram.
Thirumangai Alwar - 6 Paasuram. 
Total - 14 Paasurams.

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Sri Yathothkari Perumal Koil - Kanchipuram


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