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Awesome Vienna Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip

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Looking for Vienna quotes or Vienna captions for Instagram? Here’s a round-up of the most beautiful quotes about Vienna to inspire your next trip to Vienna or use as Vienna Instagram captions if you’ve already visited.

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One of the Best Wien Quotes Ever

Out of all the quotes about Vienna, this one’s our favorite!

“The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.”
~ Karl Kraus

Famous Quotes About Vienna

“Dream on, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true. When will you realize… Vienna waits for you.”
~ Billy Joel

“When you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

“Lord, if there is a heartache Vienna cannot cure I hope never to feel it. I came home cured of everything except Vienna.”
~ Storm Jameson

“In Europe, happiness stops at Vienna. Beyond, misery upon misery, since the beginning.”
~ Emil M. Cioran

“If I speak of Vienna it must be in the past tense, as a man speaks of a woman he has loved and who is dead.”
~ Erich von Stroheim

“And I’ll dance with you in Vienna, I’ll be wearing a river’s disguise. The hyacinth wild on my shoulder my mouth on the dew of your thighs. And I’ll bury my soul in a scrapbook, with the photographs there and the moss. And I’ll yield to the flood of your beauty, my cheap violin, and my cross.”
~ Leonard Cohen

“I really like the city of Vienna. I like its art, its music, and its architecture. In short, I like the culture that Vienna represents. What really captures me is the period around 1900 – the time of Freud, Schnitzler, and Klimt. This is the period in which the modern view of the mind was born.”
~ Eric Kandel

“Modernism in Vienna brought together science and culture in a new way to create an Age of Insight that emphasized a more complex view of the human mind than had ever existed before.”
~ Eric Kandel

“You need some reason why Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn in the 18th century all flocked to Vienna. What was it about Vienna? They must have known on some level that that is where they would flourish. It’s what biologists call selective migration.”
~ Eric Weiner

“What impressed me particularly in Vienna was the strict order everywhere. No mob disturbances of any kind, in spite of the greatly increased liberty and relaxation of police regulations.”
~ Fritz Kreisler

“In Berlin, things are serious but not hopeless. In Vienna, they are hopeless but not serious.”
~ Karl Kraus

“Vienna, to me it was the tuning fork for the entire world. Saying the word Vienna was like striking a tuning fork and then listening to find what tone it called forth in the person I was talking to. It was how I tested people. If there was no response, this was not the kind of person I liked. Vienna wasn’t just a city, it was a tone that either one carries forever in one’s soul or one does not. It was the most beautiful thing in my life. I was poor, but I was not alone, because I had a friend.”
~ Sándor Márai

“If you walk into a coffee shop in 1903 Vienna, you might find at the same table the artist Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud, Leon Trotsky, and possibly Adolf Hitler, who lived in Vienna at the same time.”
~ Eric Weiner

“For almost thirty years I repeatedly saw one and the same dream: I would arrive in Vienna at long last. I would feel really happy, for I was returning to my serene childhood.”
~ Alfred Schnittke

“Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, none of them were born in Vienna. They all moved there. It became a magnet, but what made it magnetized in the first place? There has to be a seed there. In the case of Vienna of about 1780, it was this deep-seated love of music.”
~ Eric Weiner

“The Potemkin city of which I wish to speak here is none other than our dear Vienna herself.”
~ Adolf Loos

“Vienna is considered by many to be one of the centers, if not the center, of Western culture.”
~ Gary Funk

“In Vienna, it’s impossible to be overlooked. You can only be ignored.”
~ Alexander Lowen

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Some More Vienna Travel Quotes

“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.”
~ Frederic Chopin

“Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe.”
~ Niki Lauda

“The best coffee in Europe is Vienna coffee, compared to which all other coffee is fluid poverty.”
~ Mark Twain

“The coffee shop played a big role in Vienna of 1900. Rents were sky high, housing was difficult to come by, your apartment probably wasn’t heated, and so you went to the coffee shop. You went to the coffee shop because it was warm, because it was great Viennese coffee, and you went for the conversation and the company.”
~ Eric Weiner

“My dream writing room would be the Imperial Library in Vienna.”
~ Fran Lebowitz

“Vienna is relatively small. And it had wonderful salons, opportunities for people to get together. There was a lot of interaction between scientists and non-scientists, between Jews and non-Jews, between artists, writers, and scientists, including medical scientists.”
~ Eric Kandel

“Someone like Mozart moves from Salzburg to Vienna, where all of a sudden he finds this musical city that is not only asking for music, it’s demanding music of him.”
~ Eric Weiner

“A representational photograph says, ‘This is what Vienna looked like.’ An interpretational photograph goes one better and says, ‘This is what Vienna was like. This is how I felt about it.”
~ David DuChemin

“Vienna is cold and dark, and sad. It is laid out as though for a royal parade; the streets are wide and they’re flanked by monumental buildings, decorated with the faces of angry gods. And on the roof are statues of national heroes, wielding weapons of destruction.”
~ Quentin Crisp

“Look at the snow, the woman was saying to the child. The snow absolves Vienna of its sins. The snow falls on Vienna while the missiles rain on Tel Aviv.”
~ Daniel Silva

“Music was literally in the air at the time, the Vienna of 1780. Everybody played music, classical music. There were in fact so many musicians that in apartment buildings people had to come up with a schedule – you practice at 5 p.m., I’ll practice at 6 p.m. That way the music didn’t collide with one another.”
~ Eric Weiner

“I have the feeling that I was born in Vienna in order to live in Paris.”
~ Romy Schneider

“My small experience on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ allowed me to slowly appreciate the Waltz and Viennese Waltz, but to see it in Vienna is something much different.”
~ Apolo Ohno

“But yes, I really feel great in Austria, I love my home and Vienna is just the best place to be.”
~ Conchita Wurst

“For my Vienna is as different from what they call Vienna now as the quick is different from the dead.”
~ Erich von Stroheim

“Vienna is a city where they love sports.”
~ Eliud Kipchoge

“In Vienna, everywhere Beethoven looked at is marked by something.”
~ Wynton Marsalis

“The Congress of Vienna does not walk, but it dances.”
~ Michel, 14th Prince of Ligne

“This the established custom in Vienna for every lady to have two husbands, one that bears the name, and another that performs the duties.”
~ Mary Wortley Montagu

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Vienna Instagram Captions

“My heart is in Vienna.”

“And so the adventure begins in Vienna!”

“When will you realize Vienna waits for you?”

“Get lost in Vienna.”

“I’m gonna kiss you Wien I see you again.”

“It’s time to take Vienna.”

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

“Vienna pleases me exceedingly.”

“Vienna > Paris or Paris > Vienna or Vienna = Paris. What’s your take?”

“I’d rather be in Vienna.”

“I left my heart in Vienna.”

“It’s about the journey, not the destination. But maybe it’s a little bit about the destinations too when it’s Vienna.”

“And I think to myself, what a magic Vienna is!”

“When in Vienna…”

“Vienna isn’t a city, it’s magic.”

“All you need is a ticket to Vienna.”

“Goodnight Vienna, you, city of a million melodies.”

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Awesome Vienna Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip


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