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Hi, I'm Mike! MK Library is a collection of found and experienced knowledge from around the world. I share tried and tested information geared to improve your life. This is a living library of information. Not only is new information constantly published, but older content is updated as experience grows and adapts in different areas.
The Apples Of Apple Hill, California
2022-10-11 15:49
Apple Hill, California is home to over 20 varieties of apples over 23 farms. Learn what makes some of these apples so special, and then explore some of these apple farms on your own and try… Read More
The Manly Guide To Finding Your Style
2022-09-28 03:04
The idea of finding and developing your personal style or an interest in fashion is often seen as feminine, which can put off a lot of men. As a result, they tend to end up wearing what thei… Read More
2022-09-10 03:14
Allegedly, Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed this cocktail daily before lunch, for many years of her life. This particular cocktail was quite popular in the 1920’s, and in particular by Queen… Read More
The Queen’s Dubonnet And Gin Cocktail
2022-09-10 03:14
Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed this Dubonnet and gin cocktail daily before lunch, for many years of her life. While the cocktail has many minor variations and names depending on who you ask, thi… Read More
Paddleboard Accessories
2022-08-16 22:02
Now that you have your SUP, its time to get some paddleboard accessories. There are all sorts of neat gadgets and toys to add on, and I’ve been testing them out and discovering the bes… Read More
Pairing Wine With Thai Food
2022-06-14 15:29
Pairing wine with Thai food is a unique way to explore new wines and discover new notes in familiar wines. Many wine drinkers are familiar with the concept of pairing wine with New American… Read More
Tequila For The Bourbon Drinker
2022-06-07 05:26
Whether you’re drinking your bourbon neat or in a cocktail, this is a guide on how to enjoy drinking tequila for the bourbon drinker. To begin, its important to understand what makes a… Read More
Best Thai Food In Sacramento
2022-06-01 17:56
Check out some of the best Thai food in Sacramento these restaurants have to offer. You can’t blame me for craving Thai food weekly when there are so many great Thai restaurants at my… Read More
The Best Ramen In Sacramento
2022-05-10 05:32
Discover a carefully curated list of the best ramen in Sacramento. This list prioritizes restaurants that take their ramen seriously, using only the freshest ingredients and sometimes prepar… Read More
2022-04-26 04:51
Located in the Crystal Basin area of the El Dorado National Forest, Bassi Falls is a popular hiking trail that leads to an incredible 109-foot cascading waterfall. This hike is beautiful in… Read More
Best Restaurants In San Luis Obispo
2022-04-04 03:12
These are the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo to dine at for an unforgettable experience. You’ll find an incredibly diverse selection of restaurants that have elevated SLO’s… Read More
Moorten Botanical Garden In Palm Springs
2022-03-25 18:10
When visiting Palm Springs, the Moorten Botanical Garden is a wonderful spot to include in your travel plans. Whether you are a nature lover, gardener, or succulent propagator, this desert o… Read More
Lobos 1707 Joven Tequila
2022-03-22 18:55
If you haven’t had the chance to try Lobos 1707 Joven Tequila, this is one tequila brand worth paying attention to. Whether you’re a tequila sipping veteran or new to the liquor… Read More
Sacramento River Restaurants
2022-02-22 00:04
What better way to experience a city with two rivers than to dine at these Sacramento River Restaurants along the waterfront. If you’re game for a bit of motion while you eat and drink… Read More
Best Restaurants In Mendocino
2022-01-28 05:10
Surrounded by fertile soil, spectacular ocean views, and fresh seafood, narrowing down the best restaurants in Mendocino, California is incredibly difficult. You can find a fantastic and spe… Read More
Best Pizza In Sacramento
2022-01-28 02:59
If you’re looking to find the best pizza in Sacramento – this is the place to discover your ideal slice of pie. Ranking the Sacramento Pizza Scene Ranking the offerings of Sacram… Read More
Crypto Passive Income Strategy
2022-01-22 18:29
Whether the markets are reaching all-time highs or crashing down, this is the crypto passive income strategy to making money in either market. This money making guide is geared towards long… Read More
Best Time To Visit Napa Valley
2022-01-17 23:50
Napa Valley is a destination spot renowned across the globe for its high-end wineries and top-notch food scene. Before you book your trip, read on to discover the best times to visit Napa Va… Read More
A Guide To Sacramento Restaurants
2022-01-17 05:48
Discover the best Sacramento restaurants to dine at. No matter which cuisine or style you’re currently craving, these are some of the best that Sacramento has to offer. The Best Restau… Read More
How To Open A Pomegranate
2022-01-08 03:43
Both lucky and unlucky to have friends with gorgeous pomegranate trees, I’ve spent a lot of time testing the best methods on how to open a pomegranate. Not to be dramatic, but embarkin… Read More
Using The GoDaddy Online Store Builder
2021-12-21 00:07
The GoDaddy Online Store Builder is incredibly easy to get started with. And for a nominal price, you can quickly get your products online and listed for sale. I had been hemming and hawing… Read More
The Best MacBook Accessories (Air/Pro/M1)
2021-12-15 02:14
After I purchased the new 16″ MacBook Pro M1 Max, I realized it was also time to upgrade all of my MacBook accessories. I always try to buy my gear with the goal of finding the balance… Read More
Holiday Cocktails Around Sacramento
2021-12-13 06:01
Celebrate with some pizzazz and style with these seasonal holiday cocktails. These venues around Sacramento have put together their own twist on some classic holiday cocktails. Sacramento&rs&hell…Read More
Bar Tool Set Home Essentials
2021-12-10 07:18
Stock your home bar with bar tool set essentials to make spectacular cocktails – this list will help you create craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Curated using my own… Read More
The Best Bakeries In Sacramento
2021-12-03 02:45
I have worked tirelessly to discover the best bakeries in Sacramento. The countless trips spent taste-testing delicious sweet and savory treats really can take it out of a person. Finally, I… Read More
Facebook Marketplace Phone Number Scam
2021-11-24 19:56
This Facebook Marketplace phone number scam has been increasingly frequent during the holiday season. A person without a profile photo or anything on their profile will ask if an item is ava… Read More
Pickled Red Onions Recipe
2021-11-09 04:41
This is the simplest, healthiest, and quickest recipe for pickled red onions. Perfect for all sorts of garnishes and accompaniments, from ceviche to tacos, or just snacking on plain. Lime ju… Read More
2021-11-03 01:27
In order to stay productive, I wanted to research and find the best external monitor for MacBook Pro content creation usage. While I love the 16″ screen while on the go, I’m trul… Read More
A Wicked Thing Cocktail Recipe
2021-10-30 01:40
Dare to serve A Wicked Thing Cocktail to your bourbon loving and tequila aficionado friends. If your friends react like mine, they will initially turn up their nose at such a proposition. Bu… Read More
Bobbing For Apples Cocktail Recipe
2021-10-29 21:21
Perfect for apple season, the Bobbing for Apples Cocktail is a fun way to celebrate the fall leaves turning color as apples across the west coast are harvested. Made with rye whiskey, apple… Read More
2021-10-29 20:40
The Batched Orange Manhattan is crafted for those who crave a little more orange zest in their life, and perhaps some chocolate too. The pumpkin-colored cocktail is made with Woodford Bourbo… Read More
Fallen Diablo Cocktail Recipe
2021-10-29 20:23
The Fallen Diablo cocktail is based off the Trader Vic’s El Diablo cocktail, this removes the ginger beer and other sweet garnishes for those who want a slightly more savory and tangy… Read More
2021-10-26 21:30
The Hocus Pocus Cocktail is adapted from a drink discovered in 2010 at Forty Four, New York City, USA. Hocus Pocus by the Dutch rock band Focus was a chart-topper both sides of the Atlantic… Read More
2021-10-26 20:01
A Death in the Afternoon cocktail is reserved for absinthe and anise flavored drink lovers. If you are on the fence about either flavor profile, you will be sorely disappointed by this cockt… Read More
Royal Haunt Cocktail Recipe
2021-10-26 04:44
The Royal Haunt Cocktail is inspired by the classic Manhattan with a Halloween twist. The cassis liqueur is used to add a bit of royal or blood color, with walnut bitters rounding out the fl… Read More
GoPro Accessories
2021-10-22 17:34
Want to discover which GoPro accessories are worth buying? These are my notes in buying, testing, and using various accessories for the GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 10 in real world scenarios… Read More
Halloween Cocktails
2021-10-21 23:23
Explore these Halloween cocktails that don’t compromise on quality or taste. Free of dyes and pyrotechnics, these dreadfully-deliciously cocktail recipes will get you in the spooky spi… Read More
Through The Eyes Of A Fire Lookout
2021-09-21 19:52
Imagine waking up to a vast Northern California landscape; Sprawling forests and high-elevation shrubbery are dwarfed by the mighty white-tipped Mount Shasta in the distance. Now, imagine if… Read More
The Secret Life Of A Fire Lookout
2021-09-21 05:01
Imagine waking up to a vast Northern California landscape; Sprawling forests and high-elevation shrubbery are dwarfed by the mighty white-tipped Mount Shasta in the distance. Now, imagine if… Read More
How To Trade In A Car
2021-09-20 14:52
There are plenty of things to keep in mind before you head into the dealership, and we’ll touch on all of them so that you can confidently find yourself with the perfect replacement ve… Read More
How To Read Tires
2021-09-13 21:51
Learning how to read tires is a valuable skill to have on hand for a multitude of scenarios. Whether you are in the market for new tires, checking their recommended tire pressure, or making… Read More
Sacramento’s Last Historic Street Clock
2021-09-04 01:17
The historic Fred Mayes Jewelers street clock that decorates the sidewalk on 10th and J street is the last of its kind in Sacramento. Standing at around 16-feet tall, this 100-year-old tower… Read More
5 Simple De-Stressing Solutions
2021-09-01 15:00
I’m a sensitive person. Small annoyances, nervousness, or even slight discomfort can easily awaken the anxiety monster within me, crouched and ready to wreak havoc. While I have immedi… Read More
Plants That Don’t Attract Bees
2021-07-20 14:58
For those with bee allergies or flying insect phobias, this is a guide to plants that don’t attract bees. Your garden should feel like a place of peace, and filling it with the wrong p… Read More

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