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Which Dog Owners Make the Best Lovers? A Top 20 Ranking

Have you ever noticed how much people actually do resemble their own dogs? Well, you can actually tell a great deal about a guy’s personality and how he rates as a lover by what’s at the other end of his leash. So, if you have a penchant for doing it doggie style read on to see which breed owners will really get you wagging your tail.


1. Golden Retriever

If you’re lucky enough to snatch up this all-American family man, he’ll never leave your side and will bring you a lifetime of joy. Selfless and loving, this stud will please you all night and make sure all your needs are tended to. You’ll never have to question his loyalty or devotion, and through thick and thin he’ll always be right there by your side.


2. Beagle

This spunky natural born hunter might be all about the chase at first, but once he catches you, you’ll never want him to let go. All your girlfriends will instantly adore him, and he’ll have you howling all night in the bedroom.


3. Black Lab

This tall dark and handsome stud will prove to be everything you could possibly want: outgoing, affectionate, and immensely intelligent. He’s the kind of guy who’ll shower you with kisses and compliments, but also be able to fix your leaky pipes or busted heater. The perfect mix of sensitivity and masculinity.


4. French Bulldog

This cutie is one of the finest choices if you’re looking for true companionship. He adores being showered with affection and then returning it ten-fold. A total goofball and a bit mischievous, this cuddle monster will always keep you entertained. But beware of his tendency to snore….loudly.


5. Rottweiler

If you prefer a virile and dominant man, this is the one for you. While he has a heart of gold, he’ll still throw you around in the bedroom if you ask for it and may even get you on all fours. He possesses an animalistic energy that will drive you wild in the bedroom. His slightly cocky nature may be a turn-off for some, but if you like your dudes a bit on the machismo side–look no further.



6. German Shepherd

I believe there’s nothing hotter than intelligence, and if you happen to be a sapiosexual, then it will be difficult to resist this dog owner. Strong and agile, he’ll make you feel like a woman in every way. Blessed with an “old school” sense of chivalry, you’ll be put on a pedestal and absolutely showered with affection and attention. And he’s never afraid to stand up for his convictions or his woman. Go ahead and give that dog a bone!


7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

A bit of a pretty boy, he may sometimes spend more time on his hair than you–but his vanity is trumped by a gentle and sweet nature. He’ll serve as a fantastic shopping partner and has impeccable style. In everything he does he exudes elegance, and he’ll treat you like the princess that you are.



8. Great Dane

With an inherent need to protect, this Alpha male will always make you feel safe and comforted. But don’t be fooled by his rather tough macho exterior; deep down he’s extremely sensitive and emotional, and he’ll love nothing more than snuggling on the couch with you watching Romantic Comedies. This gentle giant’s immense size and rather intimidating nature may be a bit overwhelming to some, but in reality he’d never hurt a fly.


9. Border Collie

This was the guy who stared at you from across the bar so intensely that it caused you to blush and look away with shyness, but his gregarious nature and genuine confidence will attract you like no other. While he’s driven and a bit intense at times, he still can be loads of fun with a seemingly endless source of energy. Bedroom activities will surely be a workout, so make sure you’re in tip top shape to handle this firecracker.


10. Pomeranian

They say good things come in small packages, and while a Pom owner may be rather slight in size, he has enough personality for two. He’s attractive, cheerful, and good-natured but at times may have a tendency to be excitable and bossy. And be prepared for him to talk your ear off if you let them. At his core he’s well mannered and will always treat you with the utmost respect; you may just need to put him in his place every now and then. 


11. Pit Bull

Never judge a book by its cover. This special guy may appear tough as nails, and he may even have a short fuse when provoked, but his bark is truly worse than his bite. Once he begins to trust you his guard will start to come down, and you’ll see he has a heart of pure gold. If anyone messes with you, he may just have to beat the sh** out of them. But seriously–What’s sexier than that?



12. Corgis

This breed is always loads of fun. Always on the hunt for adventure and ever the motivational speaker (whether warranted or not) this spitfire will never let you get bored. At times his penchant for walking on the wild side could get him into a bit of trouble. And be on the lookout for his wandering eye; you may have to keep this one on a shorter leash.


13. Italian Greyhound

A quiet confidence will draw you to this man of mystery immediately. But watch out for his erratic personality and occasional hyperactivity. Be prepared that when conflict arises, he could be the first to run, and down the line issues can arise from his inability to commit.


14. Norfolk Terrier

This social butterfly always has a jam packed schedule, so it may be a challenge at times to feel like his number one priority. Although he may appear to be flaky at times, he’s actually highly intelligent–he may just have a difficult time focusing. And if you prefer a guy who’s more on the submissive side (in and out of the bedroom) this easy going fellow is more apt to let you take the lead.


15. Dalmatian

This can be a rather difficult bunch. If you fail to keep him entertained, he can become over-excited and even aggressive. It’s easy for him to get rather anxious and insecure when you’re not around. But with enough positive attention, he can be a loving and loyal lover.


16. Bichon Frise

If you prefer to be the dominant one in the relationship, then this sweetheart could be the guy for you. He is a quiet and agreeable lad who will snuggle in your lap for hours.

Watch out, though, for this one’s temper, over-sensitivity and tendency to whine when he doesn’t get his way. He may be rather selfish in bed, so you’ll have to thoroughly train him if you want all your needs met.



17. Basset Hound

If you know you need a lively and energetic young guy, this probably isn’t the one for you. But if you prefer a more mature and low-key man, this is it. At times he can be a bit of a Debbie Downer, and has a rather caustic and self-deprecating sense of humor. And if you’re looking for 6 feet or over, you should probably look elsewhere as this breed of owners is usually on the shorter side.


18. St. Bernard

This can be a complicated breed of male. He can be sweet and easy-going one minute, but then immediately become rowdy and aggressive if provoked. If he isn’t given constant attention, it’s quite possible that he could even act out in rather destructive ways. But if you have the emotional energy to deal with him and you thrive in rather chaotic relationships, then this could be your top dog.


19. Bullmastiff

This guy isn’t the best match for many. He can be rambunctious, overly-aggressive and rather stubborn. While he’ll always physically protect you, he’s got some difficulty dealing with people on an emotional level as well as letting his guard down; it may take a great deal of time to get him to trust you and show any sort of vulnerability.


20. Chihuahua

While this little guy can be entertaining and spunky, he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

His energy is more on the frenetic side and can agitate many. He’s also flocked with insecurities and may snap at you for seemingly no reason. While many girlie girls are especially attracted to him, he’ll serve more as arm candy than as a substantive boyfriend.




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Which Dog Owners Make the Best Lovers? A Top 20 Ranking


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