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BulletVPN Review 2017 – Is It Truly Fast and Secure?

What is BulletVPN?

BulletVPN is a newcomer in the competitive market of VPNs. It offers excellent customer support and fast connection speeds. Although a free trial is not available, users have an impressive money back guarantee. However, the service does seem to struggle in offering complete security and anonymity. It logs crucial session/connection information, posing certain risks to using the VPN. Continue reading this thorough Bulletvpn review to understand more about the software.


  1. Live chat feature
  2. Excellent refund policy
  3. Superb customer support
  4. Has servers in 21 countries
  5. Designed for ease-of-use


  1. Session/connection logging
  2. Expensive plans
  3. No free VPN
  4. No kill switch

BulletVPN Pricing Review

BulletVPN offers one plan to all its customers, divided into monthly, bi-annual, and yearly payments options. Regardless of what you choose, you will leverage top grade encryption, 24/7 premium support, unlimited server switches, access to five different protocols, and unlimited bandwidth.

The pricing is quite reasonable. The monthly plan starts at a low $10.99. The 6-months plan gives you a 15% discount, reducing the monthly costs to $9.16 (accounting to $54.98). If you opt for the 12-months plan, you receive a 32% discount. This drops the monthly pricing to $7.50 (accounting to $89.98).

However, our Bulletvpn Review discloses that the VPN provider implements ‘location pricing’. This means, what users from one country might see is different from another user accessing the very same pricing page from another location. The screenshot you see below is when we entered the pricing page from our local network (in the US).

bulletvpn pricing subscription review

Upon connecting to a VPN located in the UK, the pricing results were different. The same plans now have an added tax due of 21.00%. This raises the monthly plan’s price to $13.18. The 6-months plan is available for $65.98 and the 12-months plan for $107.98.

bulletvpn 21% price difference

For further testing of the service, we connected to a VPN located in Netherlands. For this location, we noticed a slightly higher price increase than in UK. The monthly plan is now available for $13.29. The 6-months plan’s is at $66.53 and the 12-months plan at $108.88.

bulletvpn netherlands pricing

The screenshot below shows the difference in prices for the 12-months plan from different locations. Users from the US do not have to pay any taxes. Those buying the service from UK have to pay an additional $18.00 and those from Netherlands pay $18.90.

bulletvpn tax

Bulletvpn Sign Up Process Review

Our BulletVPN review indicates that signing up with the VPN service is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply visit the pricing page. Choose a plan that works for you. Enter your email address and password. Select your payment method. If you have a coupon, you can receive a discount. Enter the promotion code and click on the “validate” button.

If the coupon is valid, you will receive a discount in the subtotal. If you agree with the pricing and Terms of Service, click on the “Complete Order” button. You will receive a verification email and notification regarding payment. Click on the “activate” button in the resulting email, enter the credentials to log in to your account.

Bulletvpn Account Layout

Our BulletVPN review unveils that the VPN provider has quite an impressive account layout. Everything a user may require for assistance is present on the main page i.e. services, billing (invoices), support, servers, tickets, and affiliates.

bulletvpn account signup

If you click on the “HELLO” bar at the top right corner of the page, you can easily edit your account details (name, company name, city, email address, country, state/region, zip code, phone number), view email history, or change password.

However, if you want to protect your identity, you can avoid giving out any information. The site will not force you into entering private details. It is necessary though for customers to add a relevant email address and payment method.

bulletvpn register

If you scroll down on the main page, our BulletVPN review finds the service even offering a VPN information center. This displays all the vital elements for keeping track of your activity. These include the number of logins, accumulated hours online, total usage, upload, download, usage limit, and status.

Not many services go the extra mile in offering such valuable insight, which combines the activity from all devices logged into your main account. The information you see below is the collective results obtained from our premium account usage via both: Windows and Android clients.

bulletvpn client

BulletVPN Accepted Payment Methods Review

According to our BulletVPN review, we found the service accepts all payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, and other e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. The VPN will not store any data. External providers are responsible for handling payments, linked to a provisional ID. This ensures you remain anonymous throughout the entire signup process.

BulletVPN Refund/Money Back Review

It is very rare to find a VPN service offering a good refund policy nowadays. The max you can get is a 7-day or 14-day money back guarantee. Some services may not even offer a refund. If they do, the offer may only exist for 24 hours. Our BulletVPN review finds the service breaking all stereotypes though.

The VPN provider offers an incredibly impressive 30-day money-back guarantee. This means, you can try their servers for a full month risk-free! We have tested and reviewed countless VPNs, but only ExpressVPN offers a similar refund guarantee.

There is another service that goes by the name NordVPN. However, their refund seems to be more like a fraud, ignoring emails of users demanding their money back. BulletVPN has no such record. Its 30-day refund policy is a solid indicator in the confidence they have over their service.

If due to any reason, you do not find the service to be competent – you have the right to cancel your account and receive a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase. For requesting a refund, you will have to contact the support team. It takes about seven days for the process to complete.

BulletVPN Servers Review

Our BulletVPN review finds that the VPN provider offers servers in all parts of the world with plans of expanding further. All servers are located in Tier-1 data centers, offering high quality connections fastest download speeds. If the service does not support a certain location and you wish to have it added, you can let the support team know. They will try their best in rolling out one in your desired location.

bulletvpn servers review

Our BulletVPN review unveils that the VPN provider even offers a handy server status page (only visible with a paid account). Here you can receive all the information you need regarding server name, server country, server city, server protocol, status, and load.

bulletvpn servers list

Bulletvpn Privacy and Security

When you use BulletVPN, you gain access to all popular protocols. This allows you to encrypt your connection and explore the internet anonymously, once connected to their servers. You can easily bypass restrictions imposed by different countries and gain access to geo-restricted websites like Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Skype, and Facetime.

During our BulletVPN review, we thoroughly scanned the VPN applications using Windows Defender SmartScreen, Kaspersky, and Eset Nod32. We found no malicious viruses or malware. This ensures their client apps are completely safe to use and access too. However, there is a little risk using the software, judging from their logs policy.

BulletVPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Our BulletVPN review unwinds that the service allows P2P/Torrenting on all its services. You can use their Global VPN network for bypassing internet censorship, accessing geo-restricted websites/content, and blocked torrent sites by your ISP.

The VPN provider will not throttle or limit your torrenting. This allows users to leverage amazing download and streaming speeds, regardless of their location. Thanks to the AES-256 encryption, chances of your internet activity being traceable is next to zero.

BulletVPN Protocols Review

According to our BulletVPN review, the service offers five different VPN protocols. These include L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP, and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) with AES-256-CBC encryption. When connected to any server, you will receive excellent speed, protection, and privacy.

How safe is BulletVPN?

Although BulletVPN states it has a strict “zero-logging” policy, the service does record certain session and connection data. When you visit the website, your browser type, operating system, and IP address is automatically stored. None of this information is in connection to the personal information you provide upon signing up for an account. It does pose certain questions though, which led us to dig a little deeper.

Upon further reviewing of the logs policy, we found that the service records even more vital information. The provider may collect cookie values (sent/received), referrer, user agent, page requested, time and data of request and IP address, once connected to their servers. BulletVPN states this information is stored for analyzing user activity to identify potential errors in performance.

This does not justify their empty promise of “no logs” though. If your session time, source IP/destination IP, page requested information is recorded; all your activity while using the VPN is under monitoring. Our BulletVPN review further discloses that this information is stored for a maximum duration of one year. This retention period could even increase, if required by law.

Therefore, we are not exactly sure whether using the service is safe. We surely would not want to take any chances though. Although the site states you are entitled to request for the rectification of your personal data (stored during signup process). There is no information regarding the requesting of connection and session data eradication.

Bulletvpn Anti-Fraud Policy

Our BulletVPN review discovers the service using quite the strict anti-fraud policy. It states clients residing in African nations cannot use the service (except for those in South Africa). The VPN provider is taking this step due to the increase complaints on fraudulent activities from Nigeria. While singling out certain countries is a common practice among some VPN providers, BulletVPN does make exceptions.

Customers who may want to create an account from banned locations can do so by showing a government issued ID. However, BulletVPN clearly states that if any fraudulent activities are exposed, it will immediately alert relevant law and police enforcement authorities. While this may chase away fraudsters, it may also end up dismissing users from the service.

Can You Use BulletVPN with Kodi?

BulletVPN can unblock a variety of geo-restricted websites, wizards, contents, and add-ons. Subsequently, you can use it with Kodi to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, and news channels. Simply install the Kodi VPN app on the same device you use Kodi. Upon completion, launch the VPN app, login with your credentials, and connect to any server of your choice. Open Kodi and enjoy access to unblocked content!

BulletVPN Support Review

As with any other SaaS, customer support is a vital feature for VPN providers. Although connecting to a VPN server is easy, you do need assistance in case you run into unexpected issues. Luckily, BulletVPN has a very active and cooperative support system. It has a “search bar” for its help center (an uncommon feature among providers) that guides customers to the right direction for specific problems encountered.

bulletvpn support review

If you visit the support page, you can even receive help in the form of Troubleshoot guides, FAQs, and setup guides. You can even contact customer support via email ticket system and live chat, both of which are highly responsive and efficient. We tested the reliability and received replies in lesser than an hour.

bulletvpn customer support review

Our BulletVPN review discovers that the VPN is quite active on social media. It has profiles on Facebook and Twitter. If by any chance you do not receive a quick response, you can always reach the support team via these platforms. We were incredibly happy to get speedy replies to our queries.

bulletvpn social media review

BulletVPN Apps Review

BulletVPN has applications for all platforms. You have a client that works on all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). You have different apps for Mac, Android and iOS. There are also setup guides available for configuring and installing the VPN on other devices. We were pleased to find that the provider does not fail in offering its service to all customers, regardless of what device they use.

bulletvpn apps review

BulletVPN Windows Client Review

According to our BulletVPN review, the provider has the simplest and most easy-to-use Windows clients in the market. Thanks to its 1.81MB file size, the client can downloaded and installed in just a matter of seconds. Once you open the app, you will notice a clean, uncluttered design and user-interface that definitely grabs the attention.

bulletvpn windows review

Connecting to a VPN server is extremely simple. All you have to do is click on the “Connect” button. It will take a few seconds for the client to establish a connection. Once successful, you will not receive any interruptions throughout your browsing, streaming, or downloading experience. It almost feels as if you are not using a VPN, but your local ISP connection.

bulletvpn windows client

If you want to connect to a different server, click on the locations tab. You will get a list of all servers that are active, dissected by country and city. If you wish to add a server to your list of favorites, click on the “star” at the far right of each server.

bulletvpn android setup

If you encounter any issues while using the service, you can promptly contact the support team or look at the FAQ section by clicking on the hyperlinks (under the “help” division).

bulletvpn help

For users who wish to change protocols to OpenVPN, L2TP, or PPTP, simply click on the settings tab.

bulletvpn settings

BulletVPN Android Client Review

The BulletVPN app for Android is quite similar to the Windows client. It boasts a clean and interactive user-interface with a straightforward and simple design. Once downloaded from the Google Play Store, simply enter your credentials and tap the “connect” button to start using the VPN.

bulletvpn android review

If you tap on the menu button, you have instant access to locations, favorites, account information, and settings. The service dissects locations by country, which expands and further allows you to connect to servers in different cities.

bulletvpn android setup

If you click on the “account” tab, similar to the Windows client – you will gain access to the FAQ and customer support. If you wish to change the VPN protocols or enable automatic connection upon app start up, click on the settings tab.

bulletvpn apk

How to Install BulletVPN?

  1. Obtain a BulletVPN subscription from the pricing
  2. Go to the BulletVPN apps and download a client for your device.
  3. Sign in with your email address and password
  4. Enjoy using the VPN for unblocked and secure internet browsing.

BulletVPN Setup Guides

If you have trouble installing the BulletVPN app, you can always seek help from setup guides. The service offers specific guides for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You also have guides available for routers, apple TV, Amazon TV, Roku, SmartTV, PS3/PS4, and Xbox 360.

bulletvpn setup guides

How Many Devices Can You Use BulletVPN On Simultaneously?

You can install BulletVPN on as many devices as you like, while using a single account on three different devices simultaneously. For the high pricing of the service though, we would have appreciated if we had the capability of using the VPN on five devices concurrently.

Final Verdict

Our BulletVPN review establishes that the VPN provider offers quite the reliable and speedy service. The assortment of apps for different platforms is praiseworthy. The support is excellent and highly responsive. The 30-day refund policy is marvelous.

However, the only issue seems to be the unclear and conceivably deceptive logs and anti-fraud policy. If they work on truly offering a ‘zero-logging’ experience, nothing can stop BulletVPN from evolving as one of the best VPNs in the market.

The Good

  1. Responsive Windows and Android client
  2. 30-Day full money back guarantee
  3. Consistent connection speeds
  4. Exceptional customer support
  5. Allows P2P/Torrenting

The Bad

  1. No free VPN service
  2. Unclear logs policy
  3. A little pricey

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BulletVPN Review 2017 – Is It Truly Fast and Secure?


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