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The Friday Roundup – Ambient Audio, YouTube Mistakes and GIFs

Bad audio in video meme.

Why You Need To Capture Extra Audio When Filming

OK so let’s back up a bit here because it is important.

Years ago when I purchased my first camcorder (yes you read that right “camcorder!”), I excitedly loaded my footage onto my computer, edited it and then played it all back on my TV.

Instead of being awed by my movie making genius I just sat there watching it horrified.

Yes I enjoyed the crisp quality of the video but that only lasted a nanosecond because overall the video was terrible!

It was at that point that I realized that when people told me that the most important part of video was audio… they were not joking!

So in the video below you will see a little on recording ambient audio whenever you are shooting and believe me it is well worth the time taken to do it.

5 Video Editing Mistakes Every YouTuber Makes

These are just some solid basic tips on Editing videos to make the entire experience way more enjoyable.

It is aimed at YouTube videos but really it pretty much applies to any video making process.

Make Your Workspace Work – Basic Filmmaker

There is an unseen enemy in any working situation when it comes to video editing and just about any other computer based task.

That enemy is confusion!

Now I am not talking about the usual too many things happening or no idea what I am doing type confusion.

What I am talking about is the internal confusion that arises when you are working in an area that is cluttered and disorganized and on a project that is cluttered and disorganized.

Watch and learn kids.

How to Add Animated Text to GIFs in VideoStudio

For that last few weeks the nice people at Corel have been putting out a few updated videos on the subject of creating GIFs.

Obviously this is because it is a feature in VideoStudio but more likely due to an influx of questions on their user forum.

Anyhoo so far they have covered creating GIFs and then optimizing them best for display on various platforms.

This week they are taking it up a notch to show how to add text to a GIF.

  • VideoStudio Review

Doctor Strange Effect – PowerDirector

This is a slightly more advanced effect sequence than I would usually post but I think it is well worth watching.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t really want to re-create the exact same effect.

What is important is watching the process, seeing how the effect is built up over a series of steps and how you may find ways to apply the techniques shown to your own ideas and projects.

  • PowerDirector Review

Handheld Cinematic B ROLL Shots to Create a Story

We all get told to add B-roll to make out projects more interesting and more professional to watch BUT!!

Often we lack the experience to know exactly what b-roll we really need and how to incorporate into a project so that it actually serves a purpose other than, “Hey! I added B-roll so it must be good!”

Here’s a look at how this creator uses it to make a project.

Shooting in Natural Light – Techniques for Cinematic Footage

Most of the time when you are shooting outdoors the ideal situation is that it is a bright overcast day offering smooth even light.

It’s kind of like the perfect full scale outdoor soft box!

The problem is that you can’t always arrange your shooting schedule around the prevailing cloud cover and, you will miss out on some other great lighting scenarios.

Using the sun in your video shots can be a great thing as long as you know how to deal with it effectively.

Editing Magic Tricks – Wondershare Filmora 11 Tutorial

This is a good run through of some practical effects you can shoot in the real world then finish off in your editor.

The key to practical effects is generally in the shooting so take note of the way they get the camera and hand positions steady to ensure a smooth look.

  • Filmora Review

Filmora 11 Editing Tip For Beginners – Delete Empty Gaps

OK so one of the first things anyone has to deal with when starting out with video editing is how things are going to behave when they are added to the timeline then edited.

One of these basics concerns how your software is going to deal with your cutting and deleting parts of a clip.

There are multiple things that can happen.

It can leave an empty space where that clip or section of clip was.

Or it can move everything on that track across to fill the gap BUT leave everything on all the other tracks where they are.

Next we can move everything on that track AND move everything else or…. you get the idea.

So in the video below you can see how to deal with this in Filmora but most editors offer similar ways to control behavior.

Simple Text Title Workflow in Resolve 18

Given the complexity of DaVinci and how easy it is to get completely lost inside that interface (I speak from experience) here’s my kind of tutorial.

This is a basic run through of creating good looking text titles while still in the (relatively) simple confines of the editing tab.

And just in case it seems too simple it finishes with the ability to save the title as a template and use it in the Fusion tab.

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The Friday Roundup – Ambient Audio, YouTube Mistakes and GIFs


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