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4 Things Businesses Should Consider In 2016 Blog
As technology is advancing and apps are becoming simpler for users, there are some things businesses should consider in 2016.
The Future Of App Development With AI
2023-04-09 18:27
Introduction Technology has always been a harbinger of change. As we navigate through the relentless tides of innovation, we arrive at the shores of AI – a powerful force that threaten… Read More
2023-02-16 09:48
This month, Netlify acquired Gatsby which adds to a growing list of similar acquisitions in recent times such as Vercel acquiring TurboRepo, and hiring Rich Harris (creator of Svelte). Verce… Read More
2023-02-06 07:23
AI has been part of the daily conversation in 2023, largely dominated by ChatGPT and OpenAI. However, there are now a plethora of tools out there that are providing amazing features that can… Read More
2023-01-16 07:07
AI won’t take jobs away from humans. Humans using AI will. As we outlined in our previous post about the AI revolution, and whether it is for real this time (spoiler alert: it is), the… Read More
Is The AI Revolution For Real This Time?
2023-01-02 07:07
It isn’t often that the software and applications development community agrees wholeheartedly on one singular thing, but when it comes to predicting trends for 2023, there has been a s… Read More
2022-04-14 06:19
An age-old struggle between product and engineering teams is to find the balance between building new features and addressing technical debt that piles up over time from old code. Constantly… Read More
Cygnis Media – 2018 Projects & Showreel
2018-10-24 10:36
Every few years, our talented team of 2D / 3D designers & animators work towards putting together a video that showcases our latest work (it also gives them the opportunity to show off t… Read More
2018-10-08 04:00
This term has become quite prevalent over the last year or so in the applications developers community, which is quite apt given its definition. Hype Driven Development refers to decisions t… Read More
The Future Of Customer Support Apps
2018-08-08 05:46
As we reach higher levels of connectivity every day, our expectations in the realm of customer service begins to grow. There seems to be no excuse left for anyone in the services industry to… Read More
How We Build Custom MIS, ERP, CRM Solutions
2018-06-27 10:47
We are often approached by business of all sizes, who are looking to improve the flow of information in their organization. Having relevant information at the right time and place is imperat… Read More
What Is GDPR?
2018-05-29 06:37
There is a good chance that you have received a ton of emails lately from web sites and products stating that they have updated their privacy policy & terms of use. But did you know why… Read More
Top 4 Design Frameworks In 2018
2018-05-22 06:08
The battle of the design frameworks has continued to grow more competitive with each passing year and is in full swing now in 2018. It can be said that the whole open-source design framework… Read More
Progressive Web Apps & Reactive Frameworks
2018-05-14 12:29
Web application development has come a long way, and in the last couple of years especially has made improvements by leaps & bounds. Today, we are able to build web applications that can… Read More
Why Google’s AMP Emails Are Not Practical
2018-02-15 05:17
Google recently announced that they will be supporting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in emails, and it sent the tech world into a frenzy. Think of all the possibilities this would unlock, a… Read More
9 Tips To Avoid App Uninstall
2017-08-07 10:29
Over two million apps compete to be on a mobile phone. And if your product isn’t good enough, it won’t last long enough on those devices. The truth is in the statistics: 75% of u… Read More
Fintech And The Growing Cybercrime
2017-07-26 12:20
Fintech, an abbreviation of financial technology, is a broad category that covers technology used to support or provide financial services. Banks are understandably the first enterprises to… Read More
Designing For Needs – Episode 2
2017-02-15 10:26
In the previous episode, we shared four stages of designing a human centric product. In this post, we will discuss how you can create valuable concepts for your idea. 5 – Gathering Use… Read More
Designing For Needs – Episode 1
2017-02-01 06:24
Product designers have to deal with a range of end users, all of whom have different problems that need to be addressed. If a human centered approach is not the foundation of your design, it… Read More
Are We Headed Into A Future Of Chatbots?
2017-01-17 11:41
In the early years of AI (Artificial Intelligence) research, it was proposed that a truly intelligent machine would be indistinguishable from a person in a text based conversation. While thi… Read More
IoT Myths Unfolded
2017-01-13 04:16
The Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding and if you read our previous post, it is already showing a lot of potential. To recap, IoT is a technology in which physical objects or devices are… Read More
Data Leaks In Enterprise Applications
2016-11-24 07:19
Any software that is optimized to run crucial business processes needs to be secure. Motives for the attacks that lead to data leaks are diverse. For example, hackers try to take advantages… Read More

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4 Things Businesses Should Consider In 2016


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