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25 Best Android Launchers for Customization Lovers (NEW)

Hey folks, today it’s time to share the some of best Launcher for android 2016. Hope you all own android smartphone, if you don’t rush today to choose the right one. Owing android phone is not a great deal, the real deal come when you use completely withdraw each drop of essence from your smartphone. As you know leisure can be killed with android smart phone’s if you know what to do with. One of my most hot favorite feature in android phones is its easy one-click customization. You should have the best android launcher app to get your problem solved in terms of customization. Though there are tons of Android Apps are available for customization in Play Store. But all the apps aren’t crowded, although it doesn’t matter whether it is crowded or not the only thing that matter is how powerful is it. To make it easier, we are listing some of best android apps for customization 2016 by which you can completely change your android smartphone and tablet’s interior look and user interface. Without these cool android launchers, you’re not able to make most out of your smartphone.

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Best Launcher for android

So before begin with the top launcher for android 2016 list, you need to have the best Android phone to install these android launchers to start your customization work as low end devices will make your device sluggish and worst. Here we’ve included hand-picked 25 best launcher for android which fits perfectly and works great in almost all the android phones without any hassle. You can also read my recent post about root android without the computer to take your smartphone customization to the next level by employing root access required apps to get your work done. (Root apps).

Recently, we have also posted free movie apps for android.

25+ Best Launchers for Android 2016

What are Android launchers?

Android launchers are nothing but normal apps which can be used for customizing your home screen, Icons and user interface (UI). With the help of the android launchers, you can change your android phone interior design. Overall Android launchers help you to take control over your smartphone’s customizing department.

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Advantages of Android Launchers?

  • Using the android launchers one can easily customize the home screen of your android phone.
  • Android launchers change your smartphones icon package and user interface far better than before.
  • Cool widgets are available in many popular android launchers like Action Launcher.
  • One click easy customization with these apps.
  • A variety of stunning themes and Eye catching Icon packages are available for each of this android launcher.
  • These all android launchers work great  Gingerbread, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, MarshMallow..etc

1. Action Launcher

Best launcher for android

The Action is one of the best launchers for android i.e. powerhouse for your android phone customization. Action launcher includes diversity in its features like a Quick page, Quickdraw, covers, shutter.etc Action one among the best android launchers includes with tons of amazing features and customization available for users to make your android smartphone interface fluid. Although it captures the first position in this list, I’ll provide all features pros about Action launcher. Overall Action is must install android launcher.

Features of Action launcher:

  • Featured with the slide-out app drawer.
  • Swipe the icons to have its widgets appear (also called shutters).
  • Infinite + Smooth scrolling.
  • Transform the icons into folders or Direct action buttons (called covers).
  • Equipped with the Quick search to find all your Music, Photos, and other files.
  • With the help of this launcher, it is easy to edit the icons and labels of apps.
  • You can  hide the status bar easily from Launcher Settings.
  • Option to change the Font, Choose your desired from 5 different Roboto variants.
  • Live wallpaper and API supported which makes it the beast.
  • Other Standout features like and Quickpage are included.
  • Fits and works flawlessly in Android lollipop (v5.1). (Available for MarshMallow too).
  • Upgrade to Action launcher Pro only at 4.99$ (Worth for your bucks) for more out of this best launcher app for android.

|| Get Action launcher Now ||

2.  Apex – Best Launcher for Android Jellybean 2016

Best android launcher

Apex launcher is the another great app to customize your smartphone developed by Apex inc. Apex is the best and free android launcher if you love to customize your smartphone frequently. Best part is that apex launcher is free (Though there are some in-app purchases like you need to pay 4.49$ in order to unlock the dozens of features available in the pro version). You’ll find a lot more customizing options in this giant launcher, Although it has great customizing ability I had faces a little bit sluggish experience while using this launcher. This is the reason behind its ranking in #2 in this best android launchers 2016 list.

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Features of Apex launcher:

  • Highly customizable home screens along with grid size.
  • Infinite cum elastic scrolling.
  • Easy to hide apps within a drawer.
  • You can scroll docks.
  • Mind blowing transitional effects.
  • Works flawlessly with tablets too.
  • Home screen gesture supported.
  • Backup/restore the launcher settings.

|| Get Apex launcher now ||

3. Google Now – Pure Android Phone Experience Launcher

Google Now is another great name when it come for the best launchers for android developed Google Inc. Android is one of the Google product, maybe this is the reason Google Now is the Pre-installed in the Nexus series. Google now is the simple yet powerful android launcher which has Google Now integration, hence it acquired its title. Google now is based on the pure android user interface, so in lacks some of the basic launchers customization features. You’ll notice the big lag (or may be small) while Google Now is active. These are two main drawbacks that I’ve noticed in this launcher.

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Features of Google Now Launcher: 

  • Completely free!
  • Enjoy the true android experience with Google Now launcher.
  • Google now integration makes it stand out of crowd.
  • More Google products integration, when compared to others.
  • Start searching by saying “OK Google” command to your smartphone.
  • Clean-looking launcher without any ads or any 3rd party bloatware’s.
  • Frequently updated with new features.

|| Get Google Now ||

4. Nova Launcher

Best launcher for android

Whenever it come for best launcher app Nova is one among the best android launchers that strikes in my brain. It is highly customizable with lots of special features, and mush more are hidden in this robust launcher. Nova launcher is similar to that of the Apex android launcher. Both are the lollipop supported android launcher with their user-friendly UI and yet powerful options. Nova launcher has hell a lot of great features it perfect fits for tablets, hence Nova is best launcher for android tablets 2016.

Features of Nova launcher:

  • Solid icons and themes pack.
  • Highly customizable app drawer. (like Size, Sort by, background, Orientation..etc)
  • Amazing UI with lots of customization.
  • Smooth infinite scrolling.
  • Android v5.0 Lollipop style themes are available.
  • Great Nova themes are available in the playstore.

|| Get Nova launcher ||

5. Solo Android launcher

Solo launcher is Wow! launcher for android, With an average 4.1 rating in play store and more than million downloads in the play store is quite obvious for this classy android launcher. With the help of this launcher, you’ll get a lot of room for customization. It is pretty clean-looking yet great launcher app for android to change your smartphone theme, icons, and UI. Best part it is completely free of cost yet give your complete authority to your android customization department.

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Features of Solo Launcher:

  • Free of costs no pro or prime version, unlike others!
  • Fast and Smooth User Interface.
  • Home Screen gestures supported with the quick launch.
  • Nice collections of themes and icon packages are available.
  • Cool animations effects while swiping.
  • Google now is integrated for better user convenient.

|| Get Solo launcher ||

6. Go launcher Ex

Best launcher for android

Go launcher Ex is also the great competitor in the best launcher for android Kitkat. Go launcher Ex is another my hot favorite when it I thought of changing my smartphone’s look. Go launcher Ex is powered with some of the Cool features like 3D effects, customized grids..etc which make it stand in the best android launcher 2016 list. Let look at the features. The main downside of this launcher is it includes lots of promotional or 3rd party apps which makes it somewhat setback.

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Features of Go launcher Ex:

  • Eye-catching transition effects.
  • 3D or animation transition which makes it best.
  • Good icons style along with customized grids.
  • Easy swipes and gestures supported.

|| Get Go launcher Ex ||

7.  Next launcher – Best 3D Launcher For Android 2016

Next launcher is another best 3D launcher for android 2016. It though it is not familiar among the android users, I felt it is the best 3d android launcher to get better 3D animation experience. Next launcher stunning android launcher and is far ahead than any other launcher in the category of 3D android launcher.

Features of Next launcher:

  • Hell, a lot of customization are hidden in this best 3D launcher for android.
  • Smooth and fluid scrolling.
  • Appealing animation and transition effects.
  • Best high-tech launcher for android.
  • Pro version is robust launcher.

|| Get Next launcher Now ||

8. Galaxy – Best Third-Party TouchWiz Launcher

Galaxy launcher is My favorite best launcher for android devices. It works perfectly for non-Samsung devices. If you are a great fan of Samsung UI and customization, I’ll highly recommend Galaxy launcher to enjoy the Samsung UI on your android device, if you cannot offer brand new Samsung devices. With this Galaxy android launcher, you can turn your any branded smartphone into Samsung brand!

Features of Galaxy launcher:

  • Best part its free!
  • Samsung smartphone style icons and themes.
  • Highly customized drawers.
  • Infinite + Elastic + Smooth scrolling.
  • Home screen gestures are supported.
  • Ads and bloatware’s free!
  • Lollypop style themes are included in recent updates.

|| Get Galaxy launcher ||

9. Launcher 8 –  Best Windows Launcher For Android 

Windows is another Hot and fascinating Mobile Operating System next to Android and IOS. There is an app named Launcher 8 which going to transform your android device into Windows phone. Launcher 8 is great launcher for android users, who thought of owing Windows Smartphone. This launcher has dozens of customizable features and the best part it is free!, If you thought of changing your smartphone look, try this It’ll convert your Android phone into Windows 8 Phone. Let coin it as “WinDroid”.  Hope you try this launcher!

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Features of launcher 8:

  • Truly window 8 experience.
  • Featured app drawer along with icon similar to that of Window 8.
  • It has beautiful UI.

|| Get launcher 8 now ||

10. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is another name which is familiarly known as the innovative android launcher with a large room for customization. Buzz launcher is the strong and great alternative for above listed best launcher for Android TV. It crossed over million downloads and 4.5 rating in PlayStore, because of its amazing options and clean UI. The biggest drawback is it doesn’t work great for tab devices other than Google nexus series. Which made me to setback this launcher, overall this is top launcher for android.

Features of Buzz launcher:

  • Innovative home screen Ideas.
  • Fluid cum infinite scrolling.
  • Highly customized widgets section.
  • Great transition effects.
  • Pretty fast launcher unlike others.

|| Get Smart launcher Now ||

11. Dodol Launcher – Fastest Android launcher 2016

Dodol is fastest android launcher with its optimum performance options. Dodol is neat and stable launcher for your android smartphone. Often I tried Dodol launcher  and found myself its quite faster than other best android launcher. Due to this reason it crossed and win over 10 million happy users in PlayStore, Even win my heart. Which made me rank this launcher in this list.

Features of Dodol launcher:

  • Fastest among all these android launchers.
  • Over 10 million happy installs via play store.
  • Great and best in terms of support and updates.
  • light, Simple yet powerful launcher.
  • An effective way to customization your smartphone.

|| Get Dodol launcher now ||

12. Smart launcher for Android

Smart launcher is simple and unusual style android launcher. It is another great launcher, which is  remembered with its Spin style recent apps menu. Smart launcher is rising star in the android launcher industry, This launcher app is great for Android smartphone with smaller screen size’s.

Features of Smart launcher:

  • Unusual Style launcher for android.
  • Customizable app drawer and icons.
  • Nice transitional effects.
  • Fast cum featured android launcher.

|| Get Smart launcher Now ||

13. Apus Launcher – Customization + Performance Combo

Apus one more android launcher that works as mercury in many android devices.  It shines with its gorgeous themes, an especially pink theme is eye catchy that made me fan of this best android launcher. Best its peculiar transitional effects, design, customized drawer, Animation, themes, and user interface blew me up. Finally, I’ll Say it worth for mentioning in this best launcher for android list 2016.

Features of Apus Launcher:

  • Apus launcher provide thousands of free wallpapers, icon packs, themes for unlimited customisations.
  • It is not RAM hungry which means it will give your faster performance.
  • It will save battery life of your android phone also.
  • Has its own search app which can search anything from your contacts, messages and other apps.

|| Get Apus launcher now ||

14. Hola Launcher for Android

Hola is simple and cool launcher for android. Which is Mixture of two launchers, pretty fast as Dodol launcher and innovative as buzz launcher. It is light weight launcher for android which is lesser than 1 MegaByte. Is It impossible to judge the performance by size? right, It is packed with dozens of the great feature with a minimum android requirement which requires lesser RAM. Overall I say it is the best launcher for low-end Android phone.

Feature of Hola Launcher:

  1. More than 10,000 icon packs are available for this free android launcher.
  2. Has it’s default weather app which works perfect.
  3. Will automatically change wallpaper each day.

|| Get Hola launcher now ||

15.Everything Me

Last but not the least, Everything Me is Cool and all-rounder launcher for android. Everything Me launcher  has the stunning home screen, Unique design, Faster and better user interface, ads, and bloatware’s free environment makes it premium and best launcher for android in 2016. I say it worth for downloading to your smartphone.

Features of this launcher:

  1. Elegant look with a lot of possible customizations.
  2. Does not consume too much RAM.


16. TouchWiz Android Launcher

TouchWiz is one of best android launcher which I personally use and like too much. It is custom  launcher made by Samsung exclusively for its smartphones, but an android developer has ported it for other devices as well. I have to admit that design of this launcher is simply cool and its transition effects are equally good too.

Features of this TouchWiz Launcher:

  1. Well, no one can raise their eyebrow even if I will say it most beautiful android launcher ever.
  2. Default transitions effects are simply amazing.
  3. TouchWiz do not lag at all.

|| Get TouchWiz Launcher Now ||

17. Aviate Launcher from Yahoo

Aviate Launcher is new android launcher with a lot of exciting features like Organized app drawer, gorgeous wallpapers, Smart stream, sticky search bar which makes it one of best android launcher. This launcher has beautiful widgets like weather, news etc. So, there is no need to install any additional app for this purpose. Moreover, size of this app varies with device.

Features of Aviate Launcher:

  1. Navigation bar of this android launcher is simply amazing. It makes finding and opening apps better.
  2. You can choose your favourite wallpaper from 100 of pre-installed wallpapers.
  3. Quick Contacts will list all the contacts which you contact generally.

|| Get Aviate Launcher from Yahoo ||

18. C Launcher for Android

C Launcher for Android is one of the best android launchers which you can try out now. If you are having slow hardware android device which is having low amount of free ram and slow CPU. It is recommended launcher for guys who are looking for free launcher which is small in size. Moreover, it will boost your battery backup by 25% easily. So, If you are worried with free amount of storage, free RAM,  low battery backup, then you must install C Launcher in your android phone.

Features of this C Launcher:

  1. It has some pre-set everyday uses like checking weather, traffic conditions and news daily in morning.
  2. Some pre-default cases and switches are also pre-installed like playing music when headphone is plugged into phone.
  3. Apps listed in app drawers are categorized automatically.

|| Get C Launcher for Android ||

19. i6 Plus Launcher for Android

Are you an iOS lover? So, if you are iOS lover and want similar UI in your android phone, then i6 Plus is best android launcher for your android phone. This app is small in size android app which is simply awesome. Moreover, this android launcher has its pre-embedded HD wallpapers which are simply awesome. Moreover, you can enable custom status bar to make UI more awesome.

Features of i6 Plus Launcher:

  1. It has awesome dancing icons.
  2. It will give you iOS feel on your android device.
  3. It has built in HD wallpapers including some transparent wallpapers.

|| Get i6 Plus Launcher for Android ||

20. ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher is another best launcher for android which is available for all android versions( Android 1.6 to 5.1). It is highly customisable android launcher. In its store, thousands of skins are available which are free to download and use. It has more than 10 App drawer styles like 3D Waterfall, 3D Roll, 3D Ball etc.

Features of ADW.Launcher:

  1. Best feature of this android launcher is that is compatible on all android versions.
  2. You can hide apps from your app drawers too.
  3. More than 10 app drawer styles.

|| Get ADW.Launcher ||

21. Themer Launcher for Android

Themer Launcher by MyThemeShop is one of most popular launcher for android among young folks.  This launcher has many skins available with a lot of different icon packs. This android launcher is exclusively available on XDA. It has it’s store from which you can download customized skins from different users. Themer Launcher providers options to create your own custom skin also. Though, this android launcher is recommended for high end devices with powerful processors and RAM.

Features of this Themer Launcher:

  1. Themer is one of most beautiful android launcher.
  2. Themer launcher has its pre-installed store from which you can download your favourite skins which are sorted on different filters like Most Popular, Top Downloads etc.

|| Download Themer For Android ||

22. Big Launcher

Big Launcher is one of out of crowd android launcher which is completely free. This launcher is recommended for old persons who are having vision problems and unable to see small icons. This android launcher is very easy to use and there is no complex settings.

Note: It is a paid android launcher but due to its different features from other best android launchers, we have listed it on #22 in list of best launchers for android 2016.

Features of Big Launcher:

  1. Enlarged Icons: Size of android launcher icons are noticeable which is best feature of this android launcher.
  2. Big Launcher for android provides stress free navigation.
  3. Compatible with all android versions older than GingerBread.

|| Download Big Launcher ||

23. Nano Launcher for Android

Nano Launcher is one of fastest android launcher for guys who are looking for an android launcher which consumes less amount of battery and CPU amount too. According to this android launcher review, it has increased phone speed by 200%. This android launcher is simple and effective too. Nano Launcher is best if you are looking for simple UI android launcher which is easier to use.

Features of Nano Launcher:

  1. It will increase speed of your android phone.
  2. Pre-installed features like Healthy life reminder.
  3. It has pre-installed free wallpapers in which you can use as your home screen wallpaper.

|| Download Nano Launcher ||

24. W8 Launcher – Best Launcher for Good Visual

Here comes another best android launcher for Windows phone lovers. If you are interested in buying a Windows smartphone. So, without wasting time let me tell you some of features of this android launcher. This launcher is very light in size and consumes little amount of RAM. It has more than 1 million downloads from play store alone.

|| Download W8 Launcher ||

25. ZenUI Launcher for Android 

ZenUI Launcher is new android launcher which got millions of downloads in short period of time. Using this android launcher, you can create your own style. ZenUI has some cool features like Quick Find from which you can find everything which you need. ZenUI has a special feature too which is known as Smart Group which will categorise your app into different folders like Games, Apps4U etc.

|| Download ZenUI Android Launcher ||

Wrapping it up,

There are tons of launchers apps available in the play store, We hand-picked some best launchers for android best to give an idea regarding the best android launcher 2016. Although a question arises Are these launchers for android are essential? My answer will be a big YES, As I said launcher apps help you to take control over your smartphone customization section. Android launchers not only helps you to change your smartphone looking but also somewhat increases your mobile phone overall speed. With the help of this launcher it is easy to customize your smartphone without any hassle according to your choice.

That’s all about the best launchers for android. If you still have any other android launchers or any questions, Suggestions regarding any android launcher feel free to leave a reply below we’ll get you soon.

Do you know any other android launcher other than this? let me know via comments.

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25 Best Android Launchers for Customization Lovers (NEW)


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