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The Markets And Meetings: Apps You Can Use To Run Your Business Smartly

With running a big Business comes an investment of challenges and tasks. You can delegate these to your other members of staff. So it is in a handy and secure structure. However, if you run a small business or a start-up company, then there’s a lot more for you to be keeping track of. This could be as you do not have the resources regarding finance and staff members. It is becoming easier to run businesses remotely. With tech making leaps and bounds as each day passes, keeping track of all those important tasks is becoming easier.

So when it comes to running your business efficiently you need to be sure that all your skills are being utilized across the board.  It is very difficult to keep tabs on current Market trends and keeping tabs on your team at the same time. A lot of people would not have thought ten years ago that a simple mobile phone would be a perfectly useful method for keeping businesses running.

I’m going to run through a few ways to keep ahead of the curve by using simple mobile phone apps. These apps are lifesavers for small businesses. There are some apps here to give you information on potential marketing trends as well as ways to keep your business productive in the Meeting room.


This app lets investors trade stocks with no commission fee. When it comes to the simplicity of the app, it may warrant some skepticism from the more experienced traders. However, this is proving to be a major new way of attracted newer and younger entrepreneurs. The app was launched in 2014 and is targeting the younger generations of traders. The app’s target audiences are first-time investors with an average age of 26. Statistically, 25% of those are first-time investors.

This app is ahead of the curve because it became the first financial app to win an Apple Design Award in 2015. Some of the features of the app include sharing trends and insights from other users of the app. This helps to build a following akin to a financial version of Twitter. The app is easy to use and has a quick sign up process. This app uses geolocation to suggest suitable and relevant stocks. The most recent updates for iOS and the Android were in October 2016, and so far, they have been positively received.

In September 2016, Robinhood Gold was announced.  This has premium features, such as a quicker way of making withdrawals and deposits. As well as extended trading hours and a line of credit. The great thing about this app is the sociable aspect. So if you are new to the experience of trading, it puts you in the same boat as other, less experienced traders. And with the fee of $10 per month, if you are looking to trade seriously, the premium app would be a sound investment.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

This allows customers different applications to monitor the markets and to make trades. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader lets you trade with equities, futures, options as well as Forex. Prospective traders can keep abreast of stock and marketing easily. Either through live streams from a financial news service or different CNBC channels. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader has extensive access to in-depth research materials. So this is beneficial to traders of any skill, from inexperienced to advanced. The users of this app can also communicate with other traders. And they can learn about forthcoming events via the interactive market calendar.

The other tool the company offers is the TD Ameritrade Mobile app.  This app is focused mainly on the analysis of market trends and keeps track of the trader’s orders and current positions. You can transfer cash and deposit checks purely by taking pictures of them with your mobile phone camera. This saves a lot of effort in going to the bank. In addition to this, users can find specific market information about companies by scanning the barcode of the products they provide in store. This gives you ease of access to competitors information.

While this app gives you access on a social level to information, you can benefit by researching trends yourself. Going online to look at sites such as can keep you abreast of trends.

E*Trade Mobile

This one is similar to TD Ameritrade applications. The interface is very easy to use and has the additional convenience function of locating stocks very quickly by using a voice search option. This gives you an opportunity to trades various securities, like stocks, mutual funds, options and ETF’s. The app also gives real-time quotes and news from various stocks news providers. For example, MarketWatch, Morning Star, and It also has access to CNBC Video on Demand. So you can safely have a vast amount of information at your fingertips. You are also able to customize your dashboard to suit your needs. And you can access comparison charts as well as specific tools to help you with your education on the stock. The app is available on IOS and Android, and can also be connected to Apple Watch.


This is a way for a user to keep track of the stock market in real time. The stocks can be organized in various ways. Such as alphabetically, by market capitalization, volume, percentage gains and by size. App users can get detailed information about a certain type of stock and its past performance by zooming in. Or you can touch anyway to get more insights into certain market trends on specific organizations or companies. There are also “heat maps” that are color coded which helps users easily track the progress of the market. Currently, this is only available for the users of Apple.

So those apps are ways to keep ahead of the marketing trends. Here are some apps to keep ahead of the curve in the meeting room:


This app is similar to an assistant. This app saves you time on sending emails to your team to get their schedules to set up a meeting. The app finds times that are convenient for everyone and does this by looking at the diary of everyone that would be in attendance. This app is a great way to save time and effort, and all you have to do is copy this into your email or your text. This app then takes over.


A handy tool for small businesses. This app can help team leaders keep records of their one-to-one sessions. You are also able to keep a small digital notebook on each member of staff by using the Stack function. And within each notebook you can create lists of things to do, objectives, etc. There is also a tagging function. This makes it easier to search for notebooks created on specific dates. Or ones that featured certain code words for specific projects.

Team Meeting Timer

Do you tend to find that your meetings run over because people are not ever able to stay on their specific topic? This app is worth downloading if you have issues like this. The basic premise of the app is you assign a certain amount of time to each point of the agenda. You then get them discussed within the allocated time. This will save you time, effort and headaches!  The app also gives tips on how to keep your meetings efficient and to the point as well as templates for creating minutes and agendas.


Do you struggle in meetings to get people to brainstorm? This app provides a blank canvas for people to collaborate. This can be done in person, or people can connect remotely, as the app connects via the Cloud. An additional function to this is the “Change History” feature. This shows how your mind map was created. And it is a great way to track the thought processes that started from nothing to a fully-fledged idea at the end of the session.


This app is for those little trying to instigate more collaboration in their meetings. A meeting organizer can create meetings that sync up with Google Calendar.  With this app, you can attribute specific points and agendas to individual members that have attended the meeting.  This is a great way to keep track on who came up with what idea and its relevant outcomes.  So this is a great way to give credit where credit is due.

So when it comes to running your business, it is easier than ever to access mobile phone apps. Or to access service providers that will address your specific needs for the business. Especially from the point of view of a start-up company, you need certain tricks to get things done efficiently and promptly. If you want to get your business to the point of notoriety, then you need two things. The first thing is effective research in market trends. The second thing is communication between your staff. Using both of these types of apps are great ways to run the business for a cheap cost.

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The Markets And Meetings: Apps You Can Use To Run Your Business Smartly


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