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A Hot Cup Of Joe | Archaeology, Anthropology, Scie Blog
General ramblings about anthropology, archaeology, science, and skepticism... with perhaps a bit of current events here and there.
2023-09-20 01:10
It probably wouldn’t surprise you that YouTube, like most social media, has its share of misinformation disguised as “educational material.” In this article, I discuss [… Read More
2023-07-03 17:43
I’ve been wanting to write a good overview of this relatively modern hoax for a while, so what follows is a detailed summary of what [...] The post The Kensington Rune Stone Hoax appea… Read More
2023-03-03 12:37
Though not for powering lights or electroplating metals, the explanation for these little jars is probably magical! The post The Baghdad Battery? appeared first on Archaeology Review Read More
2023-03-02 04:37
We know this isn’t a light bulb not just because the technology didn’t exist yet, but because the Egyptians tell us what it really means. The post The Dendera Light Revealed app… Read More
2022-07-28 02:12
I’m the co-administrator of a couple of archaeology-related groups on Facebook and, in the last few days, I noticed several post submissions related to a [...] The post Assigning Gende… Read More
2022-03-03 01:06
Book Review: Empires of Atlantis. Written with a conclusion in mind and supported by data the author hopes no one can test. The post Book Review: Empires of Atlantis appeared first on Archae… Read More
2022-01-30 00:11
In this post, I review the idea that monumental architecture in Egypt or elsewhere was created by pouring concrete into forms to make stones. From powdered stone. The post Were the Pyramids… Read More
2021-10-21 17:19
Ever set up your new streaming device and wish that with all the many channels and apps available for Roku and FireTV, there should at least be one dedicated to archaeology? The post Review:… Read More
2021-08-22 02:48
Looking for graves, precious metals, and treasures with witching or divining rods just won’t go away. As a heritage professional for an agency that works [...] The post Dowsing and Arc… Read More
2020-12-09 06:18
Archaeology-related gifts are always appreciated by archaeologists. Mostly because we’re poor! In previous years I’ve tried to come up with a list of gift ideas [...] The post Gi… Read More
2019-09-28 22:00
Remember Glenn Beck? Here's that time in 2010 he thought he could prove the Lost Tribe of Israel built the mounds of Newark The post The Pseudoarchaeology of Glenn Beck appeared first on Arc… Read More
2019-09-17 02:57
Here's a brief look at the discussion of aDNA in Denisovan Origins and what Collins and Little got wrong. The post Denisovan Origins and Ancient DNA appeared first on Archaeology Review Read More
2019-09-06 04:00
A book review of Denisovan Origins by Andrew Collins and Gregory Little. Not a point-by-point debunking, but a word on style. The post Denisovan Origins: A Book Review appeared first on Arc… Read More
2019-09-03 18:14
Newsletter woes I fully intended to do a quarterly newsletter, but over the summer I ended up having some problems with the newsletter plugin that [...] The post Short Announcements appeared… Read More
2019-08-04 06:36
Book Review: Crossing the Sands of Time. A review of Jack Churchward's book that examines the Uighur culture and the Lost Continent of Mu The post Book Review: Crossing the Sands of Time app… Read More
2019-06-25 04:58
A story of 800-year old squash seeds being revived is making its rounds on Facebook again, linked to none other than that pseudoarchaeological website Ancient [...] The post Squashing Pseudo… Read More
2019-05-26 06:17
Here’s a couple articles on the interwebs the last week or so that are fake-archaeology (farkaeology?) Ancient-Batman? This one was being passed around the webs [...] The post Fake-Arc… Read More
2019-05-12 05:34
Is there evidence of tobacco and cocaine use among ancient Egyptian mummies that suggests pre-Columbian, trans-Atlantic trade? The post New World Drugs in Old World Mummies? appeared first o… Read More
2019-04-30 04:43
Two different papers describe two different human footprints of the past from two very different locations in space and time across the Americas. The post Human Footprints Across the Sands o… Read More
2019-04-30 02:28
Recently found 300,000 year old human remains said to ""foreshadow changes evident with modern human emergence." The post 300,000 Year Old Archaic Humans in China appeared first on Archaeolo… Read More
2019-04-08 02:22
I’ve been playing around with a Newsletter Plugin that should now start giving options to sign up for when you subscribe to the Archaeology Review [...] The post Quarterly Newsletter a… Read More
2019-02-19 19:59
A current paper in Antiquity reinforces and confirms that the Birka warrior grave identified in 2017 as a female Viking is, in fact, female. The post Birka Warrior Confirmed Viking Female ap… Read More
2019-01-18 02:44
In pseudoarchaeology, as with other pseudosciences (i.e. astrology, naturopathy, etc.) there are often those that will ask, "what's the harm?" The post When Pseudoarchaeology Causes Harm app… Read More
2018-12-27 22:24
Fake, fraudulent, and fantastic topics in archaeology covered at Archaeology Review in 2018 The post 2018: The Year in Pseudoarchaeology appeared first on Archaeology Review Read More
2018-12-14 04:16
I thought I’d start a new thing. “Feedback from the Fringe.” If I get enough of these, I’ll create a new category to file them [...] The post Feedback From the Fringe… Read More
2018-08-31 04:12
Neolithic amber from Sicily was being traded on the Iberian Peninsula at least 2,000 years before Baltic amber made its way to the Western Mediterranean [...] The post Neolithic Amber Trade… Read More
2018-08-05 03:43
Simply put, pseudoarchaeology is fake archaeology. The suffix, pseudo-, which comes from the Greek word pseudein (and means "to cheat" or "to lie") is added to the word archae… Read More
2018-07-19 05:51
One of the first mentions of “ley lines,” if not THE first, was by Alfred Watkins in his book, Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps, [...] The post The Pseudoscience of… Read More

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A Hot Cup of Joe | Archaeology, anthropology, scie


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