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Top Must-Watch Vloggers from India

As the video blogging industry is developing in the country, a number of bloggers decided to step towards Vlogging to spread their opinions and messages. With the popularity of Youtube, vloggers have embraced this platform because video blogging clarifies a topic with better visualization rather than writing.

What exactly is Vlogging?

Vlogging is combined with two terms- video and blogging, which defines blogging through the medium of videos. Most people prefer YouTube as the ultimate platform for vlogging because that channel provides maximum exposure to your videos and provide huge followers. In Vlogging, people post videos about interesting topics and subjects with a detailed illustration of it so that viewers can get a vibrant idea about it which cannot be recognized in writings. Similarly, a number of popular vloggers have emerged in this way about whom I am going to mention in this post.

# Varun Pruthi

Varun Pruthi is an emerging actor and humanitarian who pertains to bring awareness and a change in the society. He uploads inspirational videos and the harsh realities of the human society where people struggle for a living. Varun is passionate about humanity and acting, and he does everything that he can do to create a wakefulness. You will also find his videos on his website “bringinghumanityback“. His Youtube Channel consists of a huge number of uploads on specific subjects and every week the channel are updated with a new story. He makes a special appearance on each video and motivates each and every human being for their good deeds. Varun’s channel has 294,595 subscribers that make him one among the tops.

YouTube Channel: Actor Arun Pruthi

Niche: People

# Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha is an emerging singer who is passionate about music. She became an online sensation after uploading her first song video on 2011 and within five months she became the ‘most listened to stars in the country’. Shraddha displays her talent with a number of songs carried from Bollywood and sings them in her own grace. She resides in Dehradun and got connected to music only because of her mother, who is her first teacher, audience and her biggest inspiration. Shraddha is incomplete without her guitar which she considers as her extension. She carries the biggest dreams to achieve success and hence, YouTube is the platform she embraced. Currently, she has 191,749 subscribers in YouTube, which is emerging day by day.

YouTube channel: shraddharockin

Niche: Music

Video Source: shraddharockin

#Scherezade Shroff

Scherezade Shroff is a beauty and makeup vlogger who uploads on makeup tips, tutorials, DIY’s and loads of other fun videos. Scherezade uploads new videos every Monday and Friday. She is passionate about the latest fashion trends and love experimenting with a variety of styles and outfits. She also loves trying different hairdos and provides a number of hair styling tips. Scherezade believes that fashion has no rules, and so you should try each and everything that brings the best in you. She belongs from Mumbai and currently her YouTube channel has 75,187 subscribers.

YouTube channel: scherezade shroff

Niche: Beauty and Fashion

Video Source:scherezade shroff

# Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava is a Beauty Vlogger from Mumbai, who vlogs on makeup videos and tutorials. Ankita loves experimenting with makeups and explains a variety of beauty tips. She blogs on where you will find product reviews, skincare and body care products, makeup tutorials, celebrity makeup breakdowns and lots more. Soon she became passionate about makeups, and hence, she started vlogging in your YouTube channel which now happens to be one of the most popular beauty video channels in India. Ankita loves playing with colours. Currently, her YouTube channel subscriber’s number hit is 63,222.

YouTube channel: Ankita Srivastava | Corallista

Niche: Beauty

Video source: Ankita Srivastava | Corallista

# Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is a beauty and makeup enthusiast who uploads videos on beauty and fairness tips. She cheats Bollywood actresses with their latest makeup and styles performed in movies and shows. Shreya vlogs consistently on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in her YouTube channel and loves jewellery a lot. You will find a variety of makeup videos in her channel, such as Indian makeup series, New Year Eve’s makeup, style cheat series, winter makeup, ways to curl your hair and lots more. Shreya currently has 58,305 subscribers in her channel.

YouTube channel: sjlovesjewelry

Niche: Make up and beauty

Video Source: sjlovesjewelry

# Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is a stand-up actress, comedian, entertainer and writer who vlogs on amusing subjects. Aditi performed in several countries across Asia. Her comedy has been featured in a number of documentaries and television shows. She is also a joint member of the ITA Award-winning stand-up comedy show ‘Jay Hind’. Aditi appeared in her own stand-up comedy special ‘Things they wouldn’t let me say’, featuring sex therapist- Dr. Lutchuke. Today, she is one of the greatest comedy vloggers in YouTube who has 20,773 subscribers.

YouTube Channel: Aditi Mittal

Niche: Humour

Video Source: Aditi Mittal

# Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra is a technology blogger at Gadget Ninja (, cum a vlogger. He creates challenging videos by taking up the responsibility to change and show the real faces of celebrities and other events. Abhishek has been vlogging since 2014 and has been awarded as a child scientist at the age of 13 for generating electricity out of urine. He loves coping with challenges and creating fun to bring smiles in faces. His YouTube channel consists of the interesting videos on the problems going on in the real world. And for this, he has been featured on, Rajnikant V/s CID jokes, OMG Nova and Maru Gaju. Currently, Abhishek has 20,570 subscribers on Youtube.

YouTube Channel: Abhishek Mishra

Niche: Social Issues

Video Source: Abhishek Mishra

# Tina Ri Pun

Tina Ri Pun is a traveller and a beauty enthusiast who own three YouTube vlogs. She vlogs on her different areas of interest including, travel, beauty and a regional channel where you will find a huge collection of uploads. Tina travels to different places in the country to bring the diverse flavours to her viewers. She also gives makeup tips for occasions and a variety of tutorials. Tina belongs to Darjeeling, North-East India, and loves writing in her life. She loves challenges and not being late in life. Exploring the world is her ultimate passion along with, he preserves her love for different cuisines, shopping, dancing, decorating the home, cooking, and vacations.

YouTube channels:

Tinas Vlogs

Tina Ri Pun

Namaste Tina

Niche: Travel and Beauty

Video Source: Tina Rai Pun

Hope you all enjoyed reading the post and watching these amazing Vloggers. Please feel free to inform us about more Vloggers from India who deserve to be in the top so that we can update their details too in future.



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Top Must-Watch Vloggers from India


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