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11 Best Digital Products you can sell online

Nowadays, a lot of people are making a lot of money online by Selling products or even offering services. High rates of unemployment, advanced technology and creativity are some of the main factors that have facilitated this process. For some people, online sales are used to supplement their income while other people sell products online as a full-time job. Selling Digital Products online has grown greatly because they are easy to distribute, create and replicate. As a result, most bloggers prefer selling digital products to other products. This post will help you familiarize with some of the digital products that you can sell online. Here are some of the best digital products that bloggers as well as anyone can sell online.


e-Books are among the most popular digital products for both customers and creators. First of all, creating an eBook is an easy process because it contains texts and images depending on the topic you are writing about. After you’ve completed an eBook, it is quite easy to distribute it to your customers because there are a number of devices that can be used to read them. Some of these devices include computers, tablets, and smartphones.
If you are an author, you can create your own eBook on single or different niches, e.g. cooking, physical fitness, health, relationships, religion, etc. After eBooks have gained popularity, self-publishing books have gained traction because people are tired of reading books from the same author. In fact, a lot of people are looking for creative authors and a wide range of niches. Therefore, if you are creative, have ample time to create an eBook, and you have the necessary resources/expertise, you can consider creating an eBook and distribute it online to earn some money.


If you have an interest in becoming a photographer, you can start earning some money in the long run. However, to start this venture, you need to have the right equipment, skills, and experience because the competition is fierce. Therefore, to stand out from other photographers, you will have to own professional and high-quality photographs. Bloggers and website owners are among the biggest consumers when it comes to buying high-quality photographs. Nevertheless, since the market is saturated, some photographs are sold for less than they are worth, but it is upon to a photographer to set the right price or at least command a fair price. To become a professional photographer and build a good reputation and portfolio, you need to have a website that showcases your work beautifully.

3.Audio files and Music Audio/Video Files

Music is a good platform used by many people for entertainment as well as educational purposes. As a result, music-related products have a wide range of market because consumers like different genres and styles of music. Hence, if you are a good singer or songwriter, you can earn money by selling your music via platforms like iTunes and Spotify. For instance, let’s have a check through the links mentioned below and see how a singer-songwriter Mrs.Rachel Ann converts her talent into digital products that can be sold online.

Google Play

Amazon Music



One of the main challenges when it comes to selling music and audio files online is building a name and a good reputation. Popular artistes make a lot of money when their music is either downloaded or streamed online on a number of platforms. Besides this, they also earn money by selling other products that go hand in hand with their music, e.g. hoods and t-shirts. If you would like to sell your music, you need to be creative, patient and have a good personality because some people will love your music while others will start criticizing you. Some of the products you can sell include:

Music samples
Karaoke versions of famous songs
Reusable sound effects
Foreign language lessons
Instrumental musical tracks or lyrics


if you are a software developer or you know someone who can create software, you can start selling software online especially if you create a software that has not been in the market yet. There are a number of websites that are created entirely to help bloggers and other online users to sell their software online. Therefore, since the software industry is growing consistently, you need to find the right niche to invest in. You can develop desktop software, mobile apps, web-based applications, video games, website templates among other software. Alternatively, if you speak or write a coded language, you can develop apps, websites, themes, snippets or even plugins to make some money.


Documents are among the best digital products to sell online because they have a high demand. If you are a blogger or you own a website, you have definitely created content for other people to read. Hence, if you have such skills and experience, you can create content and start selling the content as a manuscript or even as white paper. The type of content you create is mainly determined by your level of skills, experience, and your targeted customers. Nowadays, people are looking for help when it comes to writing manuals, guides, resume, proposals, etc. After creating content for a period of time, you will have positive reviews, good ratings and good comments from online users and this will help you have a good reputation. When offering such services, you can use your social media platforms, blog, and website to let your customers and potential customers understand the type of services you are offering, skills and the level of experience.


Although they are different from other digital products, selling tickets can be a lucrative business. Selling tickets are limited to a certain period of time, have limited availability and it is only for specific locations or to get certain services. Therefore, if you are planning to start selling tickets, you need to research thoroughly to understand how you are supposed to go about it. You can even start by seeking help from other ticket sellers or friends who have been doing it to know how to avoid getting scammed or to maximize your profits. In most cases, customers make their own selections, they check out and receive their ticket independently and instantly via the seller’s website. The tickets can be used for concerts, zoos, parks, carnivals, concerts, museums, etc. In other cases, the tickets sold are mainly used for online experiences such as, e.g. conferences, online conferences, webinars, classes, and even online streaming.

The variety of tickets to sell and how to go about it is mainly dependent on your creativity, location, and connections. Finally, if you start selling tickets online, your reputation is very important because it can build or break your business. If you are reliable, professional and have positive reviews from your customers, it becomes easy for other people to relate to you and buy tickets from you. However, if you scam people or you have numerous unsolved disputes, you will have negative comments, poor ratings and consequently affect your business.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay


A lot of people are learning online because they cannot manage to work and study at the same time. In other cases, some people prefer long distance learning because they will have the same achievements while still working. Therefore, institutions have started exploring new ways through which learners can access the content. Courses are sold the same way other digital products are sold online although they are sold in packages. For instance, you can buy a onetime course, a collection of courses or even get membership/web-based services. For you to sell courses online, you have to attain a certain level of education and experience to benefit your customers and have positive reviews. If you are a lecturer or you’ve graduated, you can join specific websites that pay you to teach students online. You just need to sign up for an account, pass the tests and then start teaching online courses and classes depending on your qualifications and field of expertise

8.Professional services

Even though professional services are not digital products, they are sold similarly, and they have a high demand. Professional services are sold in either of the following ways:

• Case by case basis where the service provider and the customer agree on a price depending on the type of services being offered

• Fixed paid services – the cost of these services are predefined, and the customers know the price before even engaging with the service provider. There are numerous professionals who offer services for a fee. Some of these professionals include the following:



Legal professionals



Graphic designers

Web designers



You can offer one or more of these services if you have the skills and ample time to do it. Some bloggers who have a high demand for professional services or they have a vast network has hired professionals to offer these services at a fee. If you have established on offering professional services and you have numerous clients, you can create a website where you can hire professionals at a fee especially if you cannot sustain the high demand. By doing this, you will not only be earning money but also helping other skilled people make money and gather necessary experience.

9.Graphics and digital art

Digital artists and graphic designers can create a wide range of products that they can sell online. However, to become a graphic designer or an artist, you will have to study and gain experience for a given period of time. When you are done studying or familiarizing yourself with the art/the industry, your connections and creativity will help you get clients and sell your products online. Logos, icon packs, PSD templates, and PowerPoint themes are some of the products graphic designers and artists can create and sell online. Drawings and sketches are some of the products digital artists can sell. It is important to understand that unique products sell fast and they have a higher income when compared to copied or modified products.

Image Courtesy :Pixabay


Bloggers have been creating videos, uploading them online and earning some money when they are streamed or downloaded. The videos can be entertaining, educative or informative depending on what the video is about and the target audience. If you are to start earning from selling videos, you need to have the right equipment, skills, and experience because most people are looking forward to creative and high-quality videos. You can decide to create entertaining videos or informative videos or even both on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. After you’ve created these videos, promote them on your social media platforms, websites and even blogs for numerous people to watch them. With time, you will have followers and subscribers who are always looking forward to more videos from you. As a rule of thumb, you should post these videos regularly to attract more subscribers/viewers while still maintaining the ones you already have. However, don’t upload videos for the sake of doing it because you may end up losing followers or having poor reviews or comments.

11.Web-based applications (Software As A Service)

Although these applications are similar to software, they are different because they cannot be downloaded from the web. Instead, the users pay to use these applications while accessing or using the web. Most software developers find themselves developing SaaS too because they require the same skills and expertise. Here are some of the web-based applications that you can sell online.

• Apps for email marketing e.g. constant contact, MailChimp, Aweber, and Drip

• Contact management applications e.g. Nutshell, PipeDrive, and Salesforce

• Site Monitoring apps e.g. Status Cake and Pingdom

• Project Management apps e.g. Asana and Podio

• File storage apps e.g. DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud.

It is important to understand that the recurring payment methods are standard because customers are usually paying to access these services or tools. It is not an easy task to develop a web-based application and earn money at first especially if it is your first time or if you are new to the industry. However, with vast experience and skills, it is possible to develop an app which will help you earn a constant income for a long period of time.

Bottom Line

Selling digital products online is a lucrative business, and most people have been doing it for a long period of time to earn a living. If you are looking to make real money, you will have to create your own website, brand yourself, market your products and sell your digital products. There are some people who are fortunate to make a living using third-party websites, but some earn a percentage of what they are supposed to be earning. If you are skilled, experienced and motivated to start selling digital products online, create your own website and have a brand of your own. You will also have to research a lot to gather necessary information that will help you stand out from your competitors, remain relevant and maintain a good relationship with your customers. It is evident that there is a wide range of digital products that you can start selling online. Therefore, gather the necessary information to help you make up your mind on which digital products you will start selling, or you will add to the list you already have.

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11 Best Digital Products you can sell online


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