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Interview with Lesley Federici, the owner of Power Affiliate Club

In todays interview, we have Lesley Federici, a registered nurse turned Affiliate marketer and owner of PAC (Power affiliate club)sharing her insights as an affiliate marketer and blogger.

Reji Stephenson:-Could you please introduce yourself to my readers if in case some of them may not know you?

Lesly Federici:-

Reji Stephenson:-What type of networking do you think is better to enhance traffic to a blog?

Lesly Federici:-Truthfully? It’s comment marketing. The internet now – search engines are more interested in quality websites, content, and human engagement – organic engagement. It’s connecting with people and building relationships that are far more important than building links. “Word of Mouth” is powerful. When you’re able to reach out to others and help them in some way, without pitching a product, you’ll be remembered.

Reji Stephenson:-Did you have any professional help or did you created your blogs all by yourself in the starting stages with self-study methods?

Lesly Federici:-No one helped me, self-taught through tons of mistakes. As the WordPress platform became easier to use it was less difficult. I learned through reading, observing what others were doing, and just visiting other blogs and being resourceful to find out what I didn’t know.

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Reji Stephenson:-Do you think it is better to have a mentor in the initial stages when anyone enters into the field of blogging?

Lesly Federici:-Absolutely! A Mentor who has a good blogging experience is a gift. Mentors inspire, honour your goals, and celebrate you more often than what family and friends can do. So if you have the opportunity to enlist one – do it. There are so many in different fields available. One is there for you. But do a search, interview because you want to choose the one you feel comfortable with.

Reji Stephenson:-My readers might like to know more about ‘PAC’ and its functioning. So, could you please explain a bit about it?

Lesly Federici:-PAC is a shortcut for Power Affiliate Club.  We’ve been online for three years going into our fourth. Our mission is to promote members, their blogs, programs, and services.  It’s a blogging community where we expect reciprocation in blog commenting. We encourage members to purchase products from other members because they know each other. We value the importance of the “Know, Like, Trust” element in online marketing and building relationships. We also provide opportunities for members to enhance their online visibility as PAC Expert Authors – writing for the community blog. This experience also helps to build a blogger’s credibility and positions them as an expert in their niche. We provide weekly activities to reinforce actions one would do online to promote their blog.  There are affordable memberships where people can join us for as little as $2.00 and above to contribute to keep our community blog alive and functioning.

Reji Stephenson:-Can you name some of the key members who give more support for the running of ‘PAC’.

Lesly Federici:-We have a few members that support us financially to keep our community blog functioning. To learn more of who our patrons are and how you can be what we call a “PAC Growth Factor” because our financial contributors help us the most.

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Reji Stephenson:-How do you manage time efficiently for your blog as well as ‘PAC’?

Lesly Federici:-My personal blog is not as active as I focus -more time and efforts on the PAC Community and the community blog.

Reji Stephenson:-I have seen people from different background jump into the role of an affiliate marketer. But, it is not a common scenario that a registered nurse doing internet marketing or affiliate marketing as they are extremely different kind of a role. So how do you see that transformation and what were the factors that lead to such kind of a transformation?

Lesly Federici:-Great question. I view any skill a person learns is a “Transferable” skill that can be utilised in any career. If one thinks they have done a certain job all their life and can’t do anything else, then they are limiting possibilities and opportunities.  The common skill set I’ve developed over the years are resourcefulness, caring for people, and teaching. It was a matter of learning a new business model – affiliate marketing, and applying my skills to get involved. Also one has to be flexible in the job market today because the job market is not dependable. I think the best opportunities are the ones self-generated. So, it made perfect sense to me to transition into affiliate marketing.

Reji Stephenson:-What do you think is the most important difference you felt working as a registered nurse and an affiliate marketer?

Lesly Federici:-For me, the only difference is the product. In health, the product is wellness, medications, etc. In affiliate marketing, it’s also the products that are specific to various niches. What is similar is compliance – the willingness to do what is expected to be successful in attaining good health and staying well. Or being a successful affiliate marketer and the willingness to do the work required.

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Reji Stephenson:-Can you share some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

Lesly Federici:-Resourcefulness, being a self-starter, and not being afraid to learn new skills. Learning new skills makes you more adaptable to economic changes and opportunities.

Reji Stephenson:-What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to the readers?

Lesly Federici:-The best service is helping others first through the information offered on blogs. – Not pitching a product. The “Know, Like, Trust” element in building relationships is vital. People come back to those they know; they buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Reji Stephenson:-Do you have some special advice for the newbie bloggers?

Lesly Federici:-Don’t do it alone! Join a community where there are experienced bloggers to help and provide the right information. You’ll save time, money, and frustration.

Reji Stephenson:-What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a blogger?

Lesly Federici:-If I have made a difference in someone’s life, Inspired them in some way to keep their dreams alive for me that’s the greatest reward. That’s what PAC is all about.

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Interview with Lesley Federici, the owner of Power Affiliate Club


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