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5 Mistakes Businesses Make when Choosing a Dedicated server

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Shared hosting services are a cost-effective solution for newer or smaller businesses, but many businesses will need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server at some point.

A Dedicated Hosting service gives your business complete access to a server, and this server is not shared with any other websites. This solution can promote reliability, a faster user experience and even administrative privileges in some cases.

If you have decided on using a dedicated hosting server for your business’s website, setting up the right service is critical. With many colocation server service providers available to choose from, you need to know what to look for when setting up service.

Important Criteria for Your Dedicated Server Needs

Before selecting a dedicated hosting service provider, research rates and services offered by at least three or four providers. You may assume that each service provider would offer similar services, but this is not the case. Everything from the server’s RAM to the guarantee for uptime can vary substantially.

When shopping for a new service provider, you must know what your specific needs are, such as for storage space, speed and other factors. You can only comparison shop for the best rates after you have narrowed down the providers offering services which are most ideal for your needs.

Some businesses make critical errors when selecting a dedicated hosting service. By learning more about these errors, you can steer clear of them yourself and make a great decision for your business.

Underestimating the Value of Dedicated Servers

Finding a provider offering an excellent server which meets your needs is vital, but many businesses fail to consider the qualities of a good server. While shopping for an affordable rate and keeping overhead low are important, other factors should be considered first. For example, you need to determine if the server uses a Windows, Linux or Apple operating system.

In addition, a good server is one that has ample RAM that meets all of your website’s needs. Your website’s use of a large database, extensive graphics or videos and more can increase your storage needs. A good provider for dedicating hosting services offers the storage space you need with guaranteed uptime and substantial reliability.

While a good server meeting your needs may cost more, it also potentially will save your company money in the future. This may be in the form of up-time, reduced liability concerns and more.

Misjudging Your Needs

Determining what your specific server needs are is necessary if you want to find the most cost-effective dedicated server available. A basic website may only need 16GB of data per month, but those with more data transfer needs may require significantly more. A popular e-commerce website is an example of a website that would have more significant needs.

The type of hard drive offered by a dedicated hosting service provider is also a consideration. The amount of space available in the server directly reflects the cost of services. Remember that a solid-state hard drive is more expensive than a traditional hard drive, but it also has improved speed and reliability.

Your need for encryption also needs to be explored upfront. Encryption is vital if your website will process or transfer sensitive data, such as payment information for your customers. Avoid assuming that all dedicated servers have an SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, connection.

Failing to Fully Research All Hosting Options Available

When business owners or IT professionals are not aware of the many variations available in dedicated services as well as in various service providers, it is challenging to make an informed website hosting decision that is best for the company. Decision makers need to identify all aspects of their server needs upfront. Educating yourself fully about different server features and capabilities is vital if you are not familiar with the variations.

Searching for dedicated hosting service providers meeting your needs is easiest to do on the Internet. You can easily narrow down the options based on information available on comparison websites or on the providers’ own websites. Be wary of companies not advertising their uptime guarantee or reliability data, and search for fully transparent and trusted service providers.

Before making any decision about which service provider to move forward with, read consumer reviews posted online. Check reviews on multiple websites to ensure that you get an accurate picture of what you can expect from a specific dedicated hosting service provider. Remember to avoid placing emphasis solely on one overwhelming glowing or harsh review, and take a more well-rounded approach by reading multiple reviews.

Understanding the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A service level agreement should be provided upfront by your provider. Because it spells out all of the contracted details relating to the hosting service you are paying for, you need to read it thoroughly. Avoid assuming that all of the promises made to you verbally by the dedicated hosting service provider are clearly outlined in the SLA.

Specifically, the SLA needs to clearly state your ownership of all data and information stored on the server. It also needs to clarify the exact specifications of the server’s criteria and the service provider’s minimum standards. The terms of service, such as the rate and contracted expiration date, also will be detailed in the SLA.

In many cases, the SLA can be negotiated upfront. After signing the SLA, however, you are contractually obligated to the terms regardless of what may have verbally been promised to you.

A dedicated hosting server is a step up from a shared server, and it can provide your business with substantial benefits. When you are ready to upgrade your hosting solution to a dedicated hosting server, focus your attention on your company’s specific needs and budget. Carefully explore all options and read consumer reviews in order to make an informed and beneficial decision for your business.

5 Mistakes Businesses Make when Choosing a Dedicated server
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5 Mistakes Businesses Make when Choosing a Dedicated server


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