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How to Build the Best Barbarian for Leveling in Diablo 4 Season 2

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Leveling a Barbarian in Diablo 4 Season 2 can be a challenge, but the Rend Barbarian build can help make the process a little easier.

How to Build the Best Barbarian for Leveling in Diablo 4 Season 2

The Rend Barbarian build stands out as the most efficient choice for leveling in Season 2 of Diablo 4. It’s important to note that this build is primarily designed for leveling through the game’s story content and may not be optimized for PvP or endgame activities.

Here is a table summarizing the best Barbarian leveling build in Diablo 4:

Level Skill
2 Lunging Strike
3 Enhanced Lunging Strike
4 Rend
5 Enhanced Rend
6 Furious Rend
7 Battle Lunging Strike
8 Rallying Cry
9 Enhanced Rallying Cry
10 Tactical Rallying Cry
11 Rend
12 Rend
13 War Cry
14 Enhanced War Cry
15 Power War Cry (Place two-handed swords in your Technique Slot)
16 Rend
17 Rend
18 Hamstring
19 Death Blow
20 Enhanced Death Blow
21 Fighters Death Blow
22 Death Blow
23 Death Blow
24 Death Blow
25 Call of the Ancients
26 Prime Call of the Ancients
27 Supreme Call of the Ancients
28 Death Blow
29 Booming Voice
30 Booming Voice
31 Booming Voice
32 Pit Fighter
33 Pit Fighter
34 Pit Fighter
35 Unbridled Rage
36 Rallying Cry
37 Rallying Cry
38 Rallying Cry
39 Rallying Cry
40 Raid Leader
41 Raid Leader
42 Raid Leader
43 Guttural Yell
44 Guttural Yell
45 Guttural Yell
46 Tempered Fury
47 Invigorating Fury
48 Invigorating Fury
49 Invigorating Fury
Renown 1 Cut to the Bone
Renown 2 Cut to the Bone
Renown 3 Cut to the Bone
Renown 4 Aggressive Resistance
Renown 5 Prolific Fury
Renown 6 Prolific Fury
Renown 7 Prolific Fury
Renown 8 Pressure Point
Renown 9 Pressure Point
Renown 10 Pressure Point


When it comes to choosing weapons and skills for the Rend Barbarian build, two-handed swords are favored. As you progress, equipping a two-handed sword in your main hand and two smaller swords as off-hand weapons is a wise choice.

Legendary Aspects

In the Codex of Power, you’ll find a variety of Legendary Aspects that can significantly boost your Rend Barbarian build. However, three key Legendary Aspects should be your priority for this leveling build:

  • Offensive Aspect of the Expectant – (Found in Underroot, Scosglen)
  • Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect – (Located in Oldstones, Scosglen)
  • Utility Aspect of Anemia – (Obtained at Kor Dragan Barracks, Fractured Peaks)

Each of these Aspects significantly boosts your damage output in different ways, making your Barbarian build even more powerful.

It’s essential to note that while you can imprint Aspects on your weapons, you may frequently replace these weapons as you level up. To ensure your investment lasts, consider adding offensive Aspects to your jewelry. This way, the benefits continue to serve you well even as you reach the endgame.

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Leveling a Barbarian in Diablo 4 Season 2 doesn’t have to be an arduous process. The Rend Barbarian build provides an effective solution for a smoother leveling experience. With the right weapon choices and legendary aspects, you’ll be well on your way to unleashing the full potential of your Barbarian once you reach the endgame. Embrace the Rend Barbarian build, slash your way to power, and dominate the world of Diablo 4. Good luck, Barbarian!


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How to Build the Best Barbarian for Leveling in Diablo 4 Season 2


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