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10 Things You Should Get for Your Brand New Mobile Phone

Getting a Mobile Phone for the first time is an exciting moment. However, the sheer choice available can be overwhelming so it is best to be prepared when you set out to purchase your new device. Your first consideration will be your contract: how many minutes? How many texts? And how much data will you need? After that, you need to whittle down your choice of make and model: Windows phone, Apple or Android? Which manufacturer? Which model has the right specifications for you? The choice made, you get your new phone and happily set it up – but you are still not done with choices!

Man with Brand New Mobile Phone

Physical Extras

Mobile Case: Your new device will quickly become indispensable, so make sure it is protected by popping it into a sturdy protective case as soon as possible. Cases come in a huge range of colors, sizes and styles to suit all needs and tastes, so you are sure to find one to suit.

Screen Protector: Mobile phone screen protectors range from tempered glass coated with anti-grime layers to simple sticky plastic sheets. Choose the screen protector that suits your phone and budget and rest assured that your delicate screen has a degree of protection against the knocks and bumps of day-to-day life.

Mobile Phone Insurance: Mobile phone insurance is one of those annoying expenses that seems to be unnecessary and over-priced. Until it is needed! Choose your insurance deal based on your activity levels and the risks that you will take with your phone – an outdoorsman into climbing and white-water rafting, for example, will have different needs to a sedentary banker who may have confidential information accessible on his or her device.

Portable Battery Pack: There is nothing more frustrating than having a busy and productive day stymied by a mobile phone battery draining faster than expected, curtailing meetings, calls and messaging. Get around this by investing in a small gadget that will boost your mobile battery by hours or even days. Portable battery packs are essentially external batteries that can boost power to any number of gadgets, mobile phones especially.

Mi-Fi: Turn yourself into a portable hotspot with a Mi-Fi. Resembling a small external hard drive, Mi-Fis are wirelessly connected routers that you can use while out and about, to connect several devices to the internet. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones all connect quickly and painlessly, giving you solid data connection for streaming movies, checking emails or simply browsing Facebook!  

Essential Apps

Once you have purchased all these great add-ons, the next step is to equip your device with a range of great apps to make your life a whole lot easier. All these apps can be easily downloaded for free from either the App Store or Google play.

City Mapper: Being able to get about swiftly and safely is desirable and a GPS-enabled smartphone is one way to ensure that you will never get lost! Browse the many offerings available and see which one is best for you.

Mobile Banking: No need to remember PIN numbers or even to carry a bank card – make payments using your phone. Download the secure app, offered by your bank and you can walk around with only your mobile phone on you, making payments and enjoying the sense of being clutter-free!

Uber: If you have Uber in your area, get the app! While it may seem a small thing, to call for a taxi, the app can save you time and stress, enabling you to order your Uber to a time and place to suit yourself. If you do not have access to Uber, see if your local taxi firm offers an app and see if it will benefit you to download it – some companies offer discounts for using their app.

Social media: Social media for most of us is just a bit of fun – a way to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances and see what distant family members are getting up to. But you can do so much more with social media: build up a fan base, stay in touch with industry news and even build a following if you are creative in any way.

Fitness tracker: With the obesity and diabetes epidemic reaching epic proportions, it is, ironically, easier than ever to track and monitor your fitness. Cycling, walking, swimming – almost any kind of sport or exercise can be tracked by these apps, letting you know exactly how you are doing healthwise.

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10 Things You Should Get for Your Brand New Mobile Phone


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