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How to Implement Bonus System in Salesforce

Each company has employees, so each company pays compensation, as straight salary, commission, or combined as salary + commission + bonuses. The “How to Automate Salesforce Sales Compensation Counting” article contains more details about the compensation plan.

Extra pay is a fine motivator, keeping staff members focused and fully committed to their tasks. Different reward frameworks are available, and companies frequently pick strategies that align with their scale and financial value. In this write-up, we delve into the concept of a Salesforce bonus payout setup and explore various kinds that a business may present.

How Much Does Salesforce Pay in Bonuses?

Image Source: Research:, Inc. Bonuses, Inc. pays an average of $15,038 in annual employee bonuses. Bonus pay at, Inc. ranges from $7,532 to $42,737 annually among employees who report receiving a bonus. Employees with the title Solutions Engineer earn the highest bonuses with an average annual bonus of $42,737. Employees with the title Support Engineer earn the lowest bonuses with an average annual bonus of $7,532.

What Counts as a Salesforce Bonus Framework? 

A bonus framework serves as a scheme to motivate workers. These blueprints feature additional earnings or perks beyond the regular pay of an individual. Such incentives are performance-linked, triggered by reaching set targets or fulfilling specific criteria. Each business tailors its bonus set up in accordance with its own needs, which differ based on size and sector. For instance, sales squads might receive a commission-based reward. Bigger sales departments are likely to provide more substantial commission incentives than their smaller counterparts.

If you’re looking to reward your team, Salesforce has features that can help. This guide explains the basic and advanced ways to set up a bonus system.

Basic Options: Start Simple

You can create simple automation that will calculate different bonuses for each employee.
Also, you can use advanced formulas to implement bonus calculations.

Salesforce Bonus & Percentage Calculation

This example determines an employee’s bonus amount based on the smallest of two amounts: the employee’s gross times bonus percent or an equally divided amount of the company’s performance amount among all employees. It assumes you have a custom number field for the Number of Employees, a custom percent field for Bonus Percent, and currency custom fields for the employee’s Gross and company’s Performance.

MIN(Gross__c * Bonus_Percent__c, Performance__c / Number_of_Employees__c) 

Source: Examples of Advanced Formula Fields

Advanced Tools: Use Apps for More

You can get more features through Salesforce’s AppExchange. You can check the Analytics Apps Overview article, for more details about the Salesforce AppExchange Market. For bonus management, let’s look at two apps – Bonusly and Xactly Incent.

Bonusly App

Bonusly isn’t just a tool for giving out rewards. It’s a complete system designed to make your workplace better. This platform helps your team connect and keeps them engaged.

Promoting Teamwork

One thing to love about Bonusly is how it helps people work together. When a colleague does well, you can give them points. This boosts team spirit and helps everyone see the value in each other’s work.

Image Source: G2 Platform, Bonusly App

Keeping People in the Company

Employee retention is a big concern for businesses. Bonusly App can help. It not only gives out rewards to keep people happy, but it also spurs competition. This way, everyone tries to do their best.

Data Helps Make Choices

Bonusly’s standout feature is its data collection. Using this, managers can get all kinds of useful information. They can learn how teams work, find out who’s really pulling their weight, and spot problems before they get big.

Image Source: G2 Platform, Bonusly App

Making it Fun

Nobody likes using clunky software. Bonusly knows this. That’s why it’s designed to be easy and fun to use. You can use it from your phone, or even integrate it into other apps you already use for work. The fun factor keeps people engaged.

The Importance of Social Features

Bonusly has a strong social component. Every reward given or received is an opportunity for positive interaction among colleagues. It creates a work environment where everyone feels appreciated.

Image Source: G2 Platform, Bonusly App


Bonusly is great for companies that want their team to interact more. It uses data to help managers make smarter decisions. The app makes the process of giving and getting rewards a fun activity. This results in a workplace where people are happier, work together better, and are more likely to stick around.

Xactly Incent

Xactly optimizes your investment by enhancing Salesforce compensation plan efficiency, streamlining processes, promoting punctuality, and ensuring precision. Elevate sales performance and bolster your business outcomes leveraging the combined strengths of Xactly and Salesforce.

Source: Salesforce Platform Article: How to Automate Salesforce Sales Compensation Counting

Image Source: Salesforce Platform Article: How to Automate Salesforce Sales Compensation Counting

Make Plan Administration Effortless

One major advantage is the administrative ease it provides. Xactly Incent lets you reduce the time you usually spend on setting up and administering sales plans by a significant 60%. There is no need to get lost in spreadsheets or complex calculations. Xactly takes care of it.

Quota Attainment Boost

Xactly Incent claims it helps your team achieve up to 10% higher in meeting their sales quotas. It’s not just about setting targets; it’s about achieving them. Xactly uses data-driven insights to guide your team towards more effective selling.

Image Source: Salesforce Platform Article: How to Automate Salesforce Sales Compensation Counting

Xactly Incent helps with Salesforce bonus percentage math. It’s integrated, automated, and easy to use. Your Salesforce bonus plan management becomes simple. In short, Xactly Incent makes bonus management easy and effective. It talks to your other systems, so your data is always up-to-date. This means you can trust the Salesforce bonus numbers. Special features like the Extend Module give you even more options. The bottom line is that Xactly saves you time and makes your bonus plans better. It’s a smart choice for any team looking to improve how they handle sales incentives.

In Conclusion

With Bonusly and Xactly Incent, managing your Salesforce bonus payout becomes easier. Xactly makes calculating Salesforce bonus percentage simple. You can also manage special bonuses like a Salesforce employee referral bonus or a Salesforce hire referral bonus. And don’t forget about seasonal rewards. The platform lets you set up a Salesforce Christmas bonus or a Salesforce end-of-year bonus.

Setting up a bonus system in Salesforce can be simple or complex, depending on your needs. With the right tools, you can have an engaged and motivated team. Whether it’s basic bonus tracking or more, Salesforce has something to offer.

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How to Implement Bonus System in Salesforce


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