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Top 15 Custom Software Companies in Abu Dhabi

“Software is a great combination of artistry and engineering.” 

– Bill Gates

Are you a business in Abu Dhabi seeking to revolutionize your digital landscape? Look no further! In today’s technology-driven world, custom software solutions hold the key to success, and Abu Dhabi is bustling with top-notch software companies in Abu Dhabi ready to bring your visions to life.

Join us on an exciting journey as we unveil the city’s top 15 custom software companies in Abu Dhabi, handpicked for their innovative prowess, stellar track records, and unwavering commitment to client success. From cutting-edge web and mobile applications to enterprise software that streamlines operations, these tech maestros have it all.

Whether you’re a startup seeking a digital breakthrough or an established enterprise aiming to embrace the future, these companies have the expertise and creativity to make your dreams a reality. So buckle up as we dive into the world of Abu Dhabi’s finest software craftsmen, where innovation knows no bounds, and the future is limited only by imagination! 

List of Top 15 Custom Software Companies in Abu Dhabi 2023

1. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company in Abu Dhabi, specializes in custom software development. Dev Technosys, founded in 2010, has successfully completed over 950+ Mobile and Web applications development projects. They have been concentrating on “Bringing IT to life” and have developed a track record of effective digital solutions with utility-based software for SMBs and big businesses. 

They are experts at creating customized iOS and Android Mobile Applications. Being one of the most popular software companies in abu dhabi has a vast pool of over 100 employees and is a combination of talent and expertise that includes BA’s (Business Analysts), UI/ UX designers, web developers, App developers (Native or hybrid), and SEO specialists.

Dev Technosys has been addressing digital needs for clients in the last 10+ years. They have developed globally functional customized software and marketed their brand to the world with the sole purpose of boosting growth and earning potential.

2. Intellias

Intellias has been a trusted partner in technology for top-tier companies and digital natives, helping them to accelerate the pace of digitalization. Top-tier businesses and digital natives trust Intellias as a trusted technology partner, assisting them in accelerating the pace of sustainable digitalization. 

They collaborate with HERE Technologies (LG), Siemens, Swissquote Bank (KIA), TomTom, HelloFresh, and Xerox PARC, among other businesses. Companies in Europe, North America, and the Middle East are given the means to innovate at scale through Intellias. 

They assist organizations in a wide range of industries to create innovative digital experiences and products using domain knowledge and high-performance culture. They enhance product vision, production capabilities, and technology utilization based on business strategic objectives.

3. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is among the global leaders in software companies in Abu Dhabi. Since 2011, the firm has offered software development services to companies all around the world. Hyperlink InfoSystem offers businesses the opportunity to hire dedicated developers for guaranteed results. Your firm will develop with the assistance of their service and knowledgeable crew.

Based on customer expectations, the business provides tailored solutions. Software engineers make sure the solutions are provided on schedule and within budget. Hyperlink InfoSystem is among the ERP software companies in Abu Dhabi that offers a variety of services including web and mobile application development, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

A team of developers, designers, and technology experts from the company works closely with their clients to develop solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs. They are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions by combining a customer-centric attitude with a commitment to staying current with the latest technology. Hyperlink InfoSystem has received numerous awards and has a loyal customer base in Abu Dhabi.

4. Yadonia

Yadonia, a leading custom software development company, is known for delivering tailor-made solutions that meet diverse business requirements. Yadonia, with its team of designers, developers, and IT specialists, offers clients across various industries a range of innovative, high-quality, software development services.

They focus on understanding each client’s unique needs and creating custom software solutions to meet their goals. Yadonia’s approach to development is collaborative and client-centric, whether it is developing enterprise software, mobile apps, web applications, or any other IT solution.

Yadonia is committed to excellence and uses cutting-edge technology and best industry practices to make sure that its software products are robust and scalable.

5. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is one of the top software companies in abu dhabi that specializes in creating digital solutions to drive change and transform customer experiences, is well-known. They have a team of 800+ tech enthusiasts who have revolutionized the digital experiences of over 1,000 startups, and Fortune 500 companies, such as KFC Pizza Hut Adidas IKEA KPMG BCG, and others.

They have a group of highly qualified designers, developers, and project managers who collaborate to offer end-to-end software development services. Appinventiv uses the latest technologies for software development, industry best practices, and innovative solutions to deliver cutting-edge software that is scalable and future-proof. 

They strive to surpass expectations through their client-centric strategy. Appinventiv helps businesses in Abu Dhabi achieve their digital transformation goals by leveraging web and mobile applications, enterprise-level software, or emerging technologies such as AI and IoT.

6. Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies is among the global leading custom software companies in Abu Dhabi and is known for its innovative digital solutions that are tailored to the needs of businesses from various industries. Promatics is a software development company that excels at creating user-centric and high-quality applications.

The company’s philosophy revolves around understanding the unique requirements of clients and translating them into robust, scalable, and intuitive software. Among the services offered by Promatics Technologies are the creation of mobile applications and online shopping.

The firm promotes clear communication, openness, and on-time project delivery in its customer-centric strategy. By utilizing the newest technology and top business practices, Promatics’ solutions are made to assist organizations in achieving their objectives.

Promatics Technologies has a track record of successfully completing projects and leaving clients happy. This makes them a reliable partner for companies seeking high-quality custom software development in Abu Dhabi, and beyond.

7. Quest Global Technologies Limited

Quest Global Technologies Limited, a prominent company in Abu Dhabi (UAE), is a custom software development company. The firm has earned its name as a provider of high-quality services on its emphasis on cutting-edge technological solutions. Quest Global Technologies Limited provides a range of software services including custom software solutions and digital transformation initiatives.

They use DevOps for software development and are proud of its highly-skilled and experienced team, which delivers cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. In order to guarantee that projects are executed effectively and precisely, Quest Global Technologies Limited makes use of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

8. Northwell

Northwell, among well-known custom software companies in Abu Dhabi (UAE), is an established name. Northwell focuses on providing tailored solutions and trending app & web solutions to help businesses in various industries meet their software needs. Northwell’s team of experienced and skilled developers work closely with their clients to fully understand the requirements, and ensure that the final product exceeds expectations.

Northwell’s commitment is apparent throughout the entire software development cycle, from concept design through to implementation and support. For the purpose of developing reliable, scalable, and creative software, they make use of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

Northwell’s customer-centricity, coupled with its technical expertise, allows them to deliver on time and under budget. Northwell is committed to providing businesses in Abu Dhabi with the best software tools available to help them stay competitive.


DICEUS, a leading Abu Dhabi-based custom software company, is known for its innovative and tailored solutions. DICEUS, a company that focuses on client satisfaction and excellence, brings together a group of developers, designers, and technology experts who work to create cutting-edge applications.

They use a comprehensive approach to software development that includes agile methodologies, thorough requirements analysis, and rigorous quality control processes. The capacity of DICEUS to finish projects on schedule, under budget, and with the greatest quality is something the company takes great pleasure in. 

DICEUS is one of the best companies in Abu Dhabi because of its innovative approach, customer-centricity, and track record for successfully implementing projects to drive business growth.

10. DataArt

Among multinational software companies in abu dhabi called DataArt solves issues by putting the needs of people first. They have over 25 years of experience, teams of highly trained engineers located around the globe, extensive industry sector knowledge, and ongoing research.

IT companies in Abu Dhabi enable them to develop specialized software to enhance their processes and access new markets. Any size or kind of customer is welcome, and they work with them while adjusting to their changing demands.

DataArt Design Studio is made up of more than 150 design consultants, UX/UI designers, researchers, and design engineers. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Finance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences (including Travel and Hospitality), Media and Entertainment (including Retail and Distribution), Retail and Distribution, and other industries.

11. Soft Gallery Inc

Soft Gallery Inc. is among the leading custom software companies in Abu Dhabi. They offer cutting-edge solutions for businesses from various industries. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and innovation while taking a client-centric view to fully understand each project’s unique requirements. Their team of technologists, designers, and developers in abu dhabi collaborate closely with their clients to create solutions that are specifically tailored to address their client’s business concerns.

Soft Gallery Inc. is known for developing robust, scalable, mobile applications and web solutions. They use the most recent technology and industry best practices to produce goods that are compliant with international standards. They are also renowned for their dedication to quality, continuing assistance, and timely project delivery. Soft Gallery Inc. has built a solid reputation for being a reliable partner in custom software development.

12. Folio3

Folio3 is a prominent software company in Dubai that has technology at the core of its business. It has served the industry for over 15 years. Folio3’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses. Folio3 has developed 1,000+ mobile apps for 500+ clients in the past decade.

It helps clients to succeed by creating digital experiences that are driven by innovation, agility, and integrity. It helps businesses grow in a variety of industries, from agriculture to retail.

Folio3 is among the software companies in UAE that use a lean approach to innovation, delivering it as a service. Folio3 works with large enterprises and startups to identify growth opportunities and innovative products. It can also develop a custom mobile solution that meets your needs.


ELEKS is a renowned company for software development companies in Abu Dhabi. ELEKS, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, has become a trusted partner for delivering innovative software solutions. The team of developers, designers, and engineers works closely with the clients to fully understand their business goals and requirements.

ELEKS offers a comprehensive range of services, including web and mobile app development, enterprise software, AI, machine learning, IoT, and much more. They have a sterling reputation for their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and agility.

ELEKS has become the partner of many leading technology and software companies in Dubai. They have more than 2,000 specialists in Europe, North America, and Canada who are able to meet the most challenging technology and business challenges.

14. Fingent

Fingent is among the IT software companies in Abu Dhabi that have been providing services since 2003. They are an affordable and reliable Web and Mobile Development Company for mid-sized and enterprise organizations.

Fingent, a provider of full-service mobile and web development services, has offices in Australia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Over 230 full-time, talented employees from around the world have helped hundreds of large and mid-sized organizations implement software that increases productivity and profit.

They provide enterprise software, product development (SaaS), Web application development, and mobile application development. In any field of technology, you may discover software solutions to your company’s difficulties.

15. Xicom Technologies

Xicom Technologies is one of the leading software companies in Abu Dhabi, offering innovative and tailored solutions for businesses in various industries. Xicom Technologies, with its extensive experience and proven track record in the software domain, has built a reputation as a provider of high-quality software solutions that are cost-effective and cutting-edge.

Xicom Technologies, a leader in the software industry, is a CMMI level-3 & ISO 9001 certified company. It is renowned worldwide for its top-notch service. Xicom has been a reliable provider of services for the past 16 years. Its strong team of 300+ highly-skilled professionals is responsible for this.

Software development, eCommerce development, iOS app development, and cross-platform app development are just a few of the many services that Xicom provides. Android app creation. Development of CMS. Application Development on the Cloud. Increased IT personnel. Due to its high requirements for quality, Xicom is one of the top alternatives for offshore software developers.


Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub for custom software development, and these top 15 software companies in Abu Dhabi are leading the charge with their exceptional services. From Etisalat Digital’s cutting-edge solutions to Appinventiv’s innovative approach, each company brings unique strengths to the table.

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, these firms have the expertise to transform your digital vision into reality. And let’s not forget Key IT companies in UAE that are rising stars in the market, making waves with their top-notch software solutions. Embrace the power of technology and watch your business soar in Abu Dhabi!


1. How much does it cost to hire dedicated developers?

The cost to hire dedicated developers varies based on factors like location, experience, and skillset. On average, it can range from $15 to $25 per hour. However, specific rates may differ depending on the project and the developer’s expertise.

2. How to develop custom software?

To develop custom software, follow these steps:

  • Define requirements & objectives.
  • Plan the development process & timeline.
  • Design the software architecture & user interface.
  • Code & implement features based on specifications.
  • Test for functionality & bugs.
  • Deploy the software & gather feedback.
  • Continuously maintain, update, & improve the software.

3. Do these companies provide ongoing support and maintenance after project delivery?

Yes, reputable companies usually offer post-delivery support and maintenance services to ensure the software remains functional and up-to-date.

4. How much does it cost to develop software? 

The software development cost varies significantly depending on factors such as project complexity, features, platform, development team rates, and location. It can range from a few $8000-$15000 for simple applications to $25000 or even more for complex, enterprise-level software.

5. How can I select the best company for my project?

Consider factors like the company’s portfolio, client reviews, expertise in relevant technologies, communication skills, and whether they align with your project requirements and goals.

6. Are these companies proficient in emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT?

Yes, many of these companies stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and are proficient in implementing emerging solutions to enhance their clients’ software projects.

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Top 15 Custom Software Companies in Abu Dhabi


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