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What Do the Symbols Mean on My Fitbit? A Detailed Guide on Fitbit Icons

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Fitness trackers like Fitbit have become incredibly popular in recent years. These wearable devices allow you to track your daily activity, exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more. 

One of the handy features of Fitbits is the display screen, which shows you real-time stats, progress, and motivational messages throughout the day.

But if you’re new to Fitbit, the various symbols, icons, and numbers on the display can be confusing. 

This article will explain what the most common Fitbit symbols and icons mean so you can better understand your fitness data.

What are Fitbit Symbols?

Fitbit symbols are unique icons displayed on Fitbit devices that provide users with a quick visual reference about specific features, activities, or notifications.

They range from tracking health metrics like heart rate and sleep patterns to notifying about calls, messages, and other functionalities.

These symbols are designed to be intuitive, allowing users to understand and navigate their device’s features effortlessly.

Whether it’s a flame indicating calories burned or a moon symbolizing sleep duration, Fitbit symbols offer a seamless way for users to stay informed about their health and device’s status at a glance.

Fitbit Health & Fitness Symbols/Icons Meaning

Fitbit devices come with various symbols or Icons that offer insights into your health and fitness journey. The heart Icon represents your heart rate activities, showing how fast your heart is beating.

An icon resembling a shoe tells you how many steps you’ve taken in a day, while a flame symbolizes the calories you’ve burned. If you see a moon, that’s about your sleep duration.

There’s also an icon indicating the oxygen level in your blood and another reminding you to be active hourly. These visual cues make it easy for users to quickly grasp their daily health and fitness status.

Here are some of the health & fitness icons and their meanings:

Fitbit IconFitbit Icon NameFitbit Icon/symbol means
HeartDisplays heart rate activities.
Heart Rate (Below Zone)Heart rate is below 40% of reserve;
which indicates a resting state.
Blood Oxygen SaturationShows blood oxygen
saturation levels.
MoonTime spent sleeping in a day.
Hourly ActivityReminder to walk
at least steps every hour
Active MinutesRepresents 10 continuous
activity minutes,
calculated using
Metabolic Equivalents.
Active Zone MinutesTime spent in different
heart zones.
ShoeDisplays daily step count.
LocationDistance covered
walking/running in a day.
FlameTotal active and passive
calories burned in a day.
FloorsNumber of floors
climbed in a day.
Fitbit Health & Fitness Symbols

Fitbit Sports & Activity Symbols/Icons Meaning

Fitbit devices come with a range of symbols and icons that help users quickly understand their physical activities. These icons, representing actions like walking, running, biking, and more, offer a visual summary of a user’s workout or movement type.

For example, there might be a simple symbol for when you’re out on a bike ride or using an elliptical machine at the gym.

By glancing at these icons, users can instantly identify their activity type, making it easier to track progress and goals. It’s a user-friendly way to stay on top of one’s fitness journey.

Here are some of the sports and activity icons and their meanings:

Fitbit IconFitbit Icon NameFitbit Icon/symbol means
WalkIt Symbol indicating
walking activity.
RunIt represents
running activity
Outdoor BikeIcon for outdoor
biking activity.
EllipticalAn icon indicating
elliptical machine workouts.
SportsIt represents
various sports activities.
Aerobic WorkoutIcon for
aerobic exercises.
SwimmingAn icon indicating
elliptical machine workouts.
Fitbit Sports & Activity Symbols

Fitbit Other Symbols/Icons Meaning

Beyond tracking fitness activities, Fitbits come equipped with icons that enhance usability and user experience.

There’s the Wallet icon for seamless wireless payments, the DND symbol for moments you wish for no interruptions, and even a Water Lock feature to avoid unintended touches when the device is wet.

Also, to easily modify your watch’s functions, look out for the Settings or Quick Settings icons. And if you ever notice your device isn’t synced with your phone, the ‘No Phone Connection’ icon will alert you.

Simply put, these symbols are Fitbit’s way of making your health journey both efficient and intuitive.

Here are some of the basic symbols and their meanings:

Fitbit IconFitbit Symbol NameFitbit Icon Meaning
WalletIndicates the Fitbit Pay
app for wireless payments,
supported by NFC.
DNDRepresents the
Do Not Disturb mode
which mutes notifications.
Water LockDenotes the water lock mode
preventing accidental touches
when the watch contacts water.
SettingsSignifies the
watch’s settings menu.
Quick SettingsSignifies the watch’s
settings menu.
No Phone ConnectionShows that the
watch isn’t currently
connected to a cell phone.
Alarm Clockindicates the alarm clock.
GPS (Connecting)Device connecting to GPS.
Screen Brightnessindicates screen brightness.
Low Batteryindicates low battery warning.
Weatherindicates a low battery warning.
Fitbit Symbols/Icons

Have Fitbit Symbols Evolved Over Time?

Certainly! While Fitbit icons have seen some updates over the years, the changes are subtle. The symbols I’ve highlighted earlier are from the most recent versions.

But don’t worry—if you come across an icon from an older model, it’ll still feel familiar. Essentially, even with the tweaks, Fitbit has ensured the icons remain intuitive and recognizable at a glance.

Final Words

In summary, Fitbits utilize a range of symbols, icons, and numbers on their display screens to provide users with a wealth of health and fitness data. 

You can view your daily step count, floors climbed, distance traveled, heart rate, battery level, sleep tracking and goal achievements directly on your wrist is both convenient and motivating.

While it may take some time to learn what each Fitbit symbol means, this guide should help you gain a better understanding. 

With practice, checking your Fitbit display will become second nature and provide valuable insight into your overall well-being and progress.

FAQs on Symbols or Icons

I see a lightning bolt symbol on my Fitbit. What does it represent?

The lightning bolt is an indicator of your current energy level or “Zone Minutes.” It tells you how intense your workout has been.

There’s a water drop icon on my screen. What’s its significance?

The water drop symbolizes your hydration status. It’s a reminder for you to log your water intake, helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.

What do the three arrows mean on my Fitbit?

The three arrows indicate the time you’ve spent in fat-burning activities, like cardio.

I see a fire icon on my Fitbit. What does it represent?

The fire icon, or flame, denotes the number of calories you’ve successfully burned during your activities.

There’s a moon symbol on my device. What does that mean?

The moon symbol reflects the hours you’ve been asleep, giving you insights into your sleep pattern.

Are the symbols consistent across all Fitbit models?

Yes, they are! Whether you have a Fitbit Sense, Versa, Inspire, or Charge, the icons are designed to be almost identical for user familiarity.

What does the heart icon on my Fitbit indicate?

The heart icon tracks your heart rate, providing real-time info on your beats per minute.

I noticed a footprint or shoe symbol. What is its purpose?

That’s your handy step counter! It’s there to show you how many steps you’ve taken during the day, encouraging you to keep active.

What does the star icon on my Fitbit denote?

The star generally represents your set goal or achievement. When you see it, it means you’ve hit a target, be it for steps, calories, or any other metric you’ve set.

Why is there an icon that looks like a battery on my Fitbit?

The battery icon displays the current battery level of your device. It informs you how much charge is left.

I’ve spotted a flower icon. What does it stand for?

The flower is associated with the “Breathe” function. It guides you through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

There’s an icon that looks like two people. What does it mean?

This symbol represents the “Community” or “Friends” section on your Fitbit, where you can connect with other Fitbit users, compete in challenges, or check on your friends’ progress.

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What Do the Symbols Mean on My Fitbit? A Detailed Guide on Fitbit Icons


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