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Starfield Top 10 Planets To Make Outpost on

Starfield lets you make bases called outposts on suitable planets. These serve as a means to leave your mark on unexplored works and passively mine resources. 

But with the huge number of planets in Starfield, it can be difficult to decide where to make an outpost. This article will cover Starfield’s Top 10 Planets To Make Outpost on. 


Andraphon is the first moon of the planet Sumati in the Narion system. It’s inhabitable with no atmosphere, fauna, or flora. But is really resource-heavy with a rich supply of Aluminum, Benzene, Europium, Helium-3, and Iron. This makes it so you can mine all these resources from one location.

Consider the fact that you can get to Andraphon fairly early in the game, and it’s clear that this is the best planet for your first outpost. Not to mention, all the resources you get from here are also essential for building outposts on other planets.


Starfield may have a thousand planets, but not all of them are habitable. Fortunately, Jemison isn’t one of them. Part of the Alpha Centauri System, the planet Jemison has an abundance of flora and fauna and a nice, stable atmosphere, perfect for roaming outside without protection.

The planet is also home to the trade hub, New Atlantis, where you can buy and sell almost everything. And features natural resources like Argon, Chlorine, Chlorosilane, Lead, and Water. With all this in mind, it makes sense that Jemison is one of the best places to build an outpost in Starfield. 


Kreet is the moon of the planet Anselon located in the Narion system. It’s one of the first moons you can access in the system and one of the best places to build an outpost if you’re looking for versatility. 

The moon has a healthy combination of resources, fauna, flora, and explorable locations. And the atmosphere is breathable with a strong magnetosphere. Coming to resources, Kreet is rich in biological water, Alkanes, Argon, Helium-3, Neon, Silver, Iron, and Lead. 

Leviathan IV 

In the mid-game stage and looking for a planet with exotic resources? Consider Leviathan IV. Part of the Leviathan system, this planet is essentially a super-Earth with deadly fauna and toxic gases. But the exotic minerals you can find here make everything worth it. 

The natural resources found on this planet include Aluminum, Chlorine, Copper, Fluorine, Iron, and Ytterbium.  And even the megafauna is useful in granting you better upgrade resources for your weapons and armor. 

Leviathan IV also has biological water and a breathable environment with standard oxygen.


Part of the Olympus system, Nesoi is perfect if you want to build an outpost on a planet that’s within easy reach of the game’s major cities. The Rock planet also has a habitable atmosphere, moderate climate, and a variety of flora and fauna.

On top of that, the resources found on this planet go beyond the typical ones, including Argon, Benzene, Carboxylic Acids, Iridium, Iron, Tantalum, and Uranium. This makes it a good place for an outpost if your goal is resource collection.


Another moon from the Alpha Centauri system, Zamka makes it onto this list thanks to the versatility of the valuable resources you can find here. It’s one of Olivas’ moons, featuring a thin atmosphere and frozen temperatures. And there aren’t any hostile fauna to deal with either. 

Another cool thing about this moon is that it’s close to New Atlantis and gives you ample places to set up outposts. The resources you can find here include Cobalt, Copper, Helium-3, Iron, Nickel, Uranium, and Vanadium.

Procyon 3

Procyon III is a strange planet that’s part of the Procyon A system. It appears to be a lush, beautiful habitat but is actually quite cold with chemical water. It doesn’t have much flora and fauna either, which makes it relatively safe.

The planet is rich in Copper, Argon, and Fluorine. But there are also some rare resources that can be mined from the planet’s crust, like Tetrafluorides, Ionic Liquids, and Neon. Its closeness to star systems like Alpha Centauri makes it accessible and worth exploring early in the game. 

Volii Epsilon

Volii Epsilon is a mineral-rich planet in the Volii System. The planet faces intense solar radiation, which may deter some from setting up an outpost there. But its variety of resources makes it more than worth your while. 

The planet boasts a bunch of different mineable resources, including Lead, Copper, Chlorosilanes, Ionic Liquids, and Fluorine. Place your outpost in an area surrounded by as many of these resources as possible. 

Porrima IV-D

Part of the Porrima System, Porrima IV-d is a moon of the inhabitable gas giant planet Porrima IV. Featuring a pink and purple surface, the moon faces high levels of environmental radiation. But its unique resources ensure the pros outweigh the cons. 

Coming to resources, Porrima IV-d features Uranium, Lead, Nickel, and Argon. Along with harder-to-find resources like Neon, Plutonium, and Carboxylic Acids.

Maheo II

Maheo II is the Second Planet in the Maheo System, which is immediately adjacent to the Cheyenne system. That’s the same system that houses Akila City. The planet is absolutely beautiful and packed with resources, making it a great choice for an outpost. 

The common resources found here include helium-3, copper, iron, and lead. The planet is also home to rarer resources like alkanes, tetrafluorides, and ytterbium. 


Andraphon, Jemison, Maheo II, Porrima IV-D, Volii Epsilon, Procyon III, Zamka, Kreet, Leviathan IV, and Nesoi are the best planets to make outposts on. We hope this article on Starfield Top 10 Planets To Make Outpost helps. As always, happy gaming!

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Starfield Top 10 Planets To Make Outpost on


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