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How to Eliminate bad smell in a Washing Machine

Effective ways to clean the Washing machine: both mold and bad smell will disappear

If you don’t clean your washing machine, it can smell bad, breed bacteria and even mold. However, several methods and ingredients that can be found in the cabinets of every home will help to remove all the dirt that has accumulated in the washing machine. 

True, if your washing machine is very dirty, you may not be able to clean it the first time, so you may need to repeat the suggested cleaning methods more than once. At, it is advisable to clean the washing machine regularly to prevent the build-up of detergent residue, deposits, limescale and mold growth.

rubber part washing machine

After cleaning the rubber part, take the inside of the washing machine. This method is suitable for preventing cleaning of the washing machine, if it is not extremely dirty. This will require you to select the highest temperature and longest wash program.

Add 1 liter of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda to the empty detergent drawer. These products are safe to use for cleaning your washing machine because they are natural. They effectively remove both limescale and odors. However, vinegar is a weak concentration of acid, which makes it difficult to remove mold.

While the machine is washing, wipe the outside with a cloth dampened with vinegar. When the machine has finished washing, switch it on again in hot water mode without any cleaning agents. If you want, you can add a little more vinegar to remove any dirt left after the first wash. Then leave the washing machine door open and allow it to dry.

Wipe the inside of the door with a vinegar-soaked cloth and scrape off less accessible gaps and cracks with a toothbrush.

lemon acid

The washing machine can also be cleaned using other means, such as citric acid. Citric acid is stronger than vinegar, so it perfectly removes lime, soap residue, accumulated dirt and even bad odor. Add a cup of citric acid to the empty washing machine and select a 90 degree washing program. Allow to dry after washing.

If mold has formed on your washing machine, it can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. In addition, hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties and destroys limescale. Pour 1 litre of hydrogen peroxide (3%) into an empty washing machine and wash at 90 degrees. This method is safer than using chlorine-containing bleaches because it does not leave traces of toxic substances.

If you want to remove an unpleasant odor from the washing machine, use only the garden. The mixture of soda and vinegar works great for removing dirt and lime, but vinegar eliminates the ability of soda to eliminate unpleasant odors. Pour two cups of soda into warm water and let the mixture stand for 30 minutes. Pour the mixture into an empty washing machine and wash, then leave the washing machine door open and allow it to dry.

How to maintain the washing machine so that cleaning is as infrequent as possible?

  1. Water accumulates in the rubber part of the washing machine after washing. If you do not want the mold to grow here, dry it after each wash.
  2. Mold grows where it is wet, so it is best to always leave the door of the washing machine open, not to keep wet laundry in it for a long time.
  3. Regular washing at low temperatures in the washing machine starts to grow bacteria, so it is recommended to wash at a temperature of 60-90 degrees at least once a month.
  4. If you use too much detergent when washing, it may start to accumulate inside the washing machine. It is advisable to measure the appropriate amount of detergent each time – taking into account the number of laundry and its soiling.
  5. When using liquid laundry detergent and fabric softeners, sticky, wax-like deposits accumulate in the drum of the washing machine. They increase even more if you wash at low temperatures, so it is recommended to use washing powder better.

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How to Eliminate bad smell in a Washing Machine


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