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Diet and Nutrition Tracking App Development Cost And Key Features

The technical advancements have made our age inactive. The root cause for various problems is diminishing of the physical work that individuals used to do. Moreover, the recent study states that nearly 30% of the population is obsessed and overweight. The mobile Application development industry has been growing quickly and this growth has made smartphones capable of solving various problems that occur in different areas of life. Healthcare industry is touched with the quick growth in the mobile industry.

The quote “A healthy lifestyle brings in the healthy vibes” is in trend these days which is obviously commendable. People are now oriented towards living a healthier lifestyle and to develop a dedicated application focusing towards the nutrition and diet that an individual intake on a regular basis will surely help in gaining new business opportunities. Also, the revenue generation grows quickly as the number of people striving to be fit increases.

In this blog, you will get complete information regarding how to develop a diet and nutrition tracking app. Also, you will get the details of how you can implement effective monetization techniques so as to recover the cost of application development.

Market Overview:

The report shared by Grand View Research states that the global mobile health market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 44.2% and it will hit $111.8 billion US dollars by 2025. Also, the survey conducted by Statista states that people aged between 18 to 29 are the regular users of the diet and nutrition tracking application. The figure illustrated below clearly shows the leading health and fitness mobile applications which are used prominently worldwide till March 2020 and their total revenue.

Leading health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in March 2020, by revenue

Designing a diet and nutritional tracking application for the users who are very health conscious can be a worthwhile choice at present. Individuals are now more focused on their fitness and in such a situation; propelling such an application can be an extraordinary thought.

For the end-users How a Diet Tracking Application can be Helpful?

With the help of a diet and nutrition tracking application individuals can easily adopt a healthier lifestyle. The application users can achieve their fitness goals by keeping a proper track of their diet and get personalized suggestions from the application on their regular diet intake. The users can be benefited from the application in following ways:

  • A balanced nutritious diet chart can be prepared easily.
  • Get regular suggestions for opting for healthy food.
  • A proper record of the daily water intake and calorie is maintained.
  • Helps in designing plans for weight loss.
  • Regular physical activity can be monitored.

Categorization of Fitness Application:

Diet and nutrition applications can be classified into four groups.


Nutrition application assists users in keeping proper track of the calories and monitoring the eating preferences. These applications also provide information regarding the nutritional value of the food being consumed by the users. Eg. The prominent example of such an application is Noom Coach.

Dedicated Weight Loss Application:

Such an application is designed keeping in mind the main objective of weight loss without any harm to the health of its users. Users can easily record their daily meal intake information, can keep a regular monitoring on the calories that are consumed and burned, can make a choice for the fitness program and keep a close watch for its successful completion. Eg. An easy to manage tool that is designed specifically for weight loss is FoodDiary.

Keeping a dedicated record of calorie which is being consumed:

These applications are developed with the main objective of providing a platform to the users who are keen to keep a record of their regular diet or the meal that they are consuming on a daily basis. The best example of this category is Fatsecret. This application is capable of completing the entries by scanning the product codes and also can recognize the products by pictures. Users can draw graphs and make a comparison of nutrients and calorie intake.

How Diet and Nutrition application works?

The main objective of diet and nutrition applications is to assist its users in achieving their specific goals of healthy eating, losing, or gaining weight. But sharing messages and displaying calories over the graph on the achievement of the specific goal is not enough. The application should be capable of offering suggestions to take action, motivate the users to burn calories whenever they miss a goal.

Most of the diet and nutrition applications depend on manual inputs for documenting food consumption details. However, there are some thoughts you can use to make entering information simpler for users.

For interactions sensors can be used:

On the basis of the physical movements, active sensors present in the device records the information. Therefore, for tracking down the kinetic energy of the body these sensors are highly charged.

Data interpretation:

The data which is stored in the mobile application is interpreted; the mobile application performs the calculations, share suggestions, and recommends the necessary actions which are to be taken to the user. Moreover, calculation helps in checking the real outcomes yielded from the action.

Revenue Generation and Monetization Opportunities:

The ways by which the money can be earned from the application are as follows:

In-App Advertising:

This is one of the most widely recognized strategies for earning money on mobile applications. The primary objective here is to get maximum users to the application. Information on their conduct is then dissected and made accessible to the advertisers who are willing to endorse their products or services on the application.

Paid Applications:

The scenario in paid applications is different, the users have to pay a certain amount at the beginning so as to access the application over Play Store or Apple Store. The success of such an application solely depends on how the main feature or the prominent feature is being highlighted in the catalog of the App store which motivates the users to pay money at the beginning only.

Freemium Model:

Perhaps, it’s probably the most ideal approach to adapt your application. Generally speaking, actualizing the Freemium model, you need to give 2 sorts of usefulness: the main set is standard and requires no payment, and the subsequent one incorporates progressively accommodating and intriguing highlights (a user needs to pay to get to them).

In-App Purchase:

By integrating e-commerce channels or e-store you can provide a platform where the users can get stuff related to fitness, nutritional diet etc. Once the user makes any purchase through the application, the app owner gets a certain commission from the e-commerce channel.


Paid subscriptions now have picked prominence in the market. Users pay a subscription amount to get access to the premium content either on a monthly or on a yearly basis.

Advanced Features:

Social Signup and Login:

This feature allows the users to complete their registration process by using social accounts such as Google ID, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for setting the primary source for logging in.


In the diet and nutrition tracking application body mass index is one of the important features. As soon as the user has completed the registration process, they are prompted to enter details such as height, weight, sex, food preferences, allergies if any, etc. On the completion of the details a detailed report is generated as per the body measurements and according to that fitness experts help the users in making a diet plan and set desired goals.

Set Goals & Alerts:

Users can set their goals as per the diet plan specified by their trainer or nutritionist. Users can make certain alert points on their diet intake so that they can be informed about the calories being consumed and accordingly they can plan their workout to meet up the targeted goal.

Suggestions related to diet:

The prime objective of a diet and nutrition application is to improve the eating habits of an individual. Therefore it is necessary that the application possesses a smart interactive feature that recommends the food that should be consumed regularly on the basis of the user’s specified body measurements like weight, height, preferences for the meal, etc. This will make all the users engaged with the application.

Food and Physical Activity Logging:

The application must have a feature that is capable of logging an individual’s daily calorie intake and physical activity such as number of steps walked, monitoring sleeping hours, etc. Therefore with the help of a relative database, the users can relate the physical activities and the food consumed with the targeted calorie value. This would help users with a thought regarding the amount they should walk and eat to accomplish their fitness objectives.

Diet Analyzer:

By using this feature, the users will get clear information regarding their performance to the specified goals. The data displayed by this feature should be presented in a user-friendly format i.e. it should be easily understood by the users.

Live Chat with Experts:

This is an incredible feature with the possibility to expand the user engagement and the application interaction. By incorporating this feature you provide a platform to all the users to connect with the expert dieticians with one tap. Therefore to assist users in achieving their fitness goals, the dieticians share valuable tips and suggestions.

Scanner for Identifying the Calorific Value of the Product:

Including a barcode scanner that assists users with discovering the calorific estimation of each item they purchase inside the store is an extraordinary method to keep users inspired. Users can utilize the feature to scan the barcode tag of nourishment items and get point by point data on how it can help (or not) them in accomplishing their fitness objectives.

Social Media Sharing:

Social Media is an extraordinary spark and influencer. By including the social sharing feature in your mobile application, you can cause users to focus on their objectives. The users can share their objectives, everyday progress and diet plans with companions over social media platforms. This will have numerous advantages. Right off the bat, users will keep on adhering to your application, and besides, the more users will come to think about your diet and nutrition tracking application.

Hire Dietician / Nutritionist:

This feature helps the users in getting personalized assistance from the experienced dietician/nutritionist. The experienced dietician/nutritionist shares their guidance as per the body measurement report and the users’ goals.

Leader board and Badges:

This feature highlights the user who has performed really well in a specific week in regard to the specified target. It basically helps in boosting the motivation in all the users. Also, there are certain badges that are allocated to the users on the basis of their performance.

In-App call with number masking:

The users can do In-app calling with their dedicated dietician/nutritionist from the application itself. To secure the privacy of the dietician/nutritionist the numbers are masked and the user gets the call connected directly through a special toll-free number.

Push Notifications:

The application should be capable of educating users about different things through message pop-ups. Pop-up messages not only improve the commitment and standards for dependability as well as give basic data to users when it is generally required.

Shopping Assistance:

Another great choice is user help with making diet plans and shopping list. Mention suggestions to an individual what items he/she should purchase if they endeavor to get more fit and need to have a healthier life.

Easy Connection to Wearable Devices:

It is important that the application should be able to connect with wearable devices like Android wear, Fitbit or Apple watch. Today these wearable devices are really popular and are in trend for monitoring the physical activity of the user and tracking health and fitness. Therefore by using the sensors of these wearable devices a detailed chart about the daily physical activities can be obtained.

CMS Integration:

The most important tool for administrators is a content management system. The entire content of the application is controlled and managed by this system. Various functionalities like sharing notifications for any offer, diet charts, etc can be completed without any hassle just by integrating CMS in the application.

CRM Integration:

It permits the users to look for any help for the issues they face while utilizing the application. The CRM integration helps in creating the responses for the questions and keeps the users feel joined in. Likewise, users can share their improvement inputs or the deficiencies identified with the application which helps in upgrading the user’s experience and adds advantages to the business.

Real Time Analytics:

An application incorporated with real-time analytics, for sure returns out an abundance of advantages. All the reports, pie graphs, live dashboards can be checked and seen by the administrator. Statistics related to the user procurement and standards for dependability offers that are generally utilized, and so on can be turned out as outlines for settling on beneficial business choices.

Role-Based Dashboards:

This is a unique feature for the administrator where they can screen and break down ongoing insights. According to the various users, the stats and reports are accessible which helps in inferring the business and showcasing methodologies.

Recipe List:

Under this feature, the users get a list of healthy food recipes that are shared on a regular basis by various dieticians so as to promote healthy living and enhance the eating habits of the users.

Go for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Strategies:

Selecting the right scope of features for the application is one of the most challenging jobs in developing a diet and nutrition tracking application.

  • From one perspective, if you exclude some fundamental features and your mobile application will come up short on some functionality, it most likely won’t live up to users’ desires and won’t take care of their concern. Along these lines, disregard Product-Market Fit and any conceivable achievement.
  • Then again, in the event that you make your application excessively muddled and spend plenty of assets and time on improvement, it may not turn out well since you should better get a PoC and secure subsidizing before including some propelled functionality.

Required Team Structure for App Development:

For developing a diet and nutrition application, the required team structure is as follows:

  • Project Manager
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Android Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Testers

How much will it cost to develop a diet and nutrition tracking mobile application?

For analyzing the cost of developing a diet and nutrition tracking mobile application, you may need to connect with a specialist mobile application development company. For the most part, the cost of development relies upon the features you need in the mobile application and the group of professionals you anticipate drawing in for development. Also, the cost may vary depending upon the geographical location of the development company.

  • US-based developers charges are $70 to $250 per hour.
  • Europe based developers charges are $50 to $150 per hour
  • Developers from India charge $25 to $80 per hour.

Cost of Hiring an Expert Team:

The development cost additionally relies upon the intricacy of your idea and the place from where you wish to recruit mobile application developers. You can either consider building an in-house group or draw in an offshore development team as it would help in saving money. The genuine cost of building the application can be found out by interfacing with an expert mobile application development company.

Wrapping up:

For developing a mobile application specifically in the healthcare domain you require a group of expert professionals who possess experience in building and deploying a full-fledged healthcare application. Therefore to save your money and resources, always engage those professionals who have relevant experience. Hence at Arka Softwares, we have been indulged in developing advanced healthcare applications. For more details, you may get in touch with our experts to start your entrepreneurial journey.


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Diet and Nutrition Tracking App Development Cost And Key Features


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