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Best ICO’s to invest in 2018

Best ICO’s to invest in 2018

Whoever is a real investor knows: pioneers are at greater risk, but they are also the ones who can become millionaires overnight. If you like to bet on the news, you need to keep an eye on the ICOs , which are certainly a great opportunity to make money with the crypto coins.

ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings are service launch processes that are based on the use of blockchain technology and the creation of a currency of payment. They are decentralized services, with a very own dynamic and who have brought innovation and new forms of relationship between companies, shopkeepers, service providers and customers.

This market has been growing mainly due to the exploitation of a characteristic of the Ethereum platform , which is the possibility of generating tokens containing the most diverse information. This capability has been widely explored in the generation of secure contracts and management of crypto-currency payments.

Here’s a list of recent releases that deserve special attention. Maybe you’ll be the next millionaire in the digital world?

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The CREDITS platform is a decentralized financial system for direct interaction between participants in peer-to-peer ( [1].'>P2P ) principles . Your platform expands the potential of using financial services based on a distributed ledger, self-executing smart contracts, and your CREDITS currency.

The system aims to unite all participants in a website, providing them with a platform to create and use financial services, where all users can Offer a service and use it. Thanks to a well-defined and balanced technological system, the CREDITS platform offers a new technical solution and a new conceptual model of interaction of Network participants for the development of modern decentralized financial services.

As a result, everyone gets cheaper, faster and better services. The platform opens up a huge new market and new potential for the use of block chain projects and services in financial and other sectors that could not be used previously due to cost and transaction speed limitations.


The  Darenta  is an international decentralized IT platform for the private car rental (carsharing), which opened a public sale of its ProducTokens (PROD) on December 31.

The services of the new platform will be targeted to  promising markets such  as China, India and other countries with a steady stream of tourists such as Greece, Thailand and Cyprus. In Western Europe, it is common for several people in a family to take turns using only one car. The new platform will make this system more flexible and reliable.

Today, the company is competing with traditional car-sharing companies that serve retail customers and with business-only (B2B) carsharing companies  .

The  criptomoedas. Uma ICO é um evento no qual uma startup vende parte de seus tokens para adotantes e entusiastas adiantados em troca de dinheiro atual ou Bitcoin. As ICO's são uma alternativa de financiamento de projetos para criadores de criptomoedas. Porém deve ser ter um cuidado, pois nem toda ICO é bem intencionada.">ICO will  enable the team to offer a new service to the international market, expand its international activity, increase exponentially its user base, modernize their business and offer new economic opportunities to investors of their tokens.


Trippki is a decentralized travel rewards program that aims to re-establish the relationship between hotels and their guests. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Trippki is able to increase the flexibility and versatility of travel reward programs by offering various methods of earning and spending reward points.

This extends the possibilities for hotels to offer a differentiated treatment to their frequent guests, increasing loyalty and, consequently, the average occupancy rate. For customers, the possibility of having rewards more aligned with their expectations arises.

CEO Ed Cunningham says: “People want more of their travel reward points. Trippki offers a new generation travel reward protocol that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the guest and the hotel. ”

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The Bubbletone has an interesting proposal. Its founder Yuri Morozov believes that his project could be the solution for telephony and roaming between operators and customers. The roaming business has not changed for more than 30 years and remains very expensive for both customers and telephone companies. That is why the main idea of ​​the project is to create a large infrastructure platform for the telecommunications market, which would make it possible to eliminate expensive international roaming.

Thanks to this solution, you will no longer need to connect to any specific mobile carrier – after purchasing a phone, you can instantly select local carrier profiles anywhere in the world.

The included application is also available for download in mobile app stores.


RightMesh is a platform and protocol designed to change the way the world connects. Blockchain technology enables RightMesh networks to identify nodes with secure Ethereum accounts and uses tokens to extend the network, encouraging users to share their device resources such as the Internet, data, and storage. In simple terms, your integrated Ethereum network allows the phones to become nodes, spreading the network wherever they are.

Imagine a remote community without internet access or mobile network. Its residents could communicate and send data to each other using a network-enabled application, share files, and much, much more.

But RightMesh will benefit all consumers, not just those who do not have infrastructure. Your MESH token (ERC20) will give users a financial incentive to share the Internet and use smart contracts.

“RightMesh is the first truly decentralized network that is, in fact, peer-to-peer. We put the power of connectivity directly into the hands of people through the mesh-enabling of smartphones and devices they already own, “says CEO John Lyotier.

The decentralized nature of the RightMesh network makes it more resilient than the Internet, where infrastructure issues, government interference, and natural disasters regularly interrupt access.

Driven by WiFi and Bluetooth from individual users, RightMesh is a self-healing, self-regulating network that eliminates the need for large companies, even ISPs.

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Experty is a decentralized consulting platform that enables experts from diverse fields of knowledge to be paid securely and instantaneously for the time they spend on a voice and video call using platform features without third-party intermediation.

The consultant sets his rate per minute and shares his Experty profile. The person looking for a consultancy contacts him through this profile. Payment is automatically made with the original platform token, the EXY, through smart contracts using blockchain technology Ethereum.

“Decentralization is the key to what we are doing,” explains Experty founder and CEO Kamil Prezeorski. “There is already a massive and active knowledge market. Instead of building our own, where users can search for experts, we’ve created a way for experts to share their profile information wherever they currently market their services. ”


To solve the problem in the Smart Gaming market, the IQeon platform aims to help its regular players monetize their achievements in games. The problems faced by the Smart Gaming market   can be defined by a simple phrase: “If the player is so smart, why does he not get rich?”

According to statistics provided by IQeon, 97% of users are unable to profit from their achievements in games. Only 3% of players are able to monetize their achievements in games and 57% of them are subject to fraud, or their accounts are blocked by developers, which leads to the loss of all virtual achievements.

Users will benefit from the IQeon platform  because it will enable them to effectively and safely monetize their gaming skills. So they can organize competitions with their friends and other players around the world, buy items, win IQN tokens and convert them into real money. In addition, in addition to intelligent games, the IQeon platform   allows you to connect to any online game via API.


The NAU takes advantage of the growing use of mobile and geographic location data to connect retailers directly with their customers through digital coupons. They aim to break away from traditional and expensive advertising models, giving local businesses the chance to have social referrals through a user affiliate program.

“This is the perfect implementation of the social, local and mobile approach to connecting businesses with their customers,” explains founder and CEO Yaroslav Shakula. “For simplicity, they are totally innovative digital coupons.”

It is a direct marketing approach, in which actions are focused on a highly targeted target audience.

Using the website or mobile application, retailers can reach their consumers with gifts, discounts, offers and promotions. Platform users also benefit from receiving relevant promotions based on their geolocation, while being rewarded for nominating the platform on their social networks.

NAU offers users access to promotions without the need for pop-up filtering, irrelevant offers, and often annoying advertising.


The Rentberry is a long-term lease decentralized platform that is revolutionizing the real estate leasing industry since 2015. This is because the platform has the power to automate steps within the leasing process.

Rentberry leverages smart contracts to create an environment that allows all tasks to be met in one place. Tenants can pay their rents, file an application, close the lease and split payments easily – all online.

In addition, the Rentberry blockade chain and smart contract technology offer tenants the ability to save thousands of dollars in rental security deposits.

Rentberry CEO Alex Lubinsky says: “About $ 500 billion is frozen in rental security deposits. Rentberry is the first international solution to help quality renters unlock billions of dollars while simplifying the process of finding apartments, paying rent and everything else. ”

As you can see, the applications that have come up with crypto-coins are numerous. Since expediting transactions between two people – no matter where on the globe they are – to facilitate the various services, digital money is revolutionizing the entire financial system. It’s a plate full for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice.

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Best ICO’s to invest in 2018


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