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Top 80+Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

We live in a period where individuals utilize the Internet for everything. Regardless of whether it is paying bills, purchasing goods for the week, looking for a blessing, arranging a get-away, or pretty much whatever else, individuals are signing into their workstations, cell phones, tablets, and home PCs to lead their business online every day.

So Digital Marketing is definitely a promising career option for the millions of job seekers out there. All you need to do is to prepare yourself for the latest trends in Digital marketing.

In Today’s post, we have discussed some of the Best Digital Marketing Interview Question & Answers which you can practice for your next Digital marketing interview. Always remember Digital marketing is a dynamic field where things change fast and you always have to be in that learning curve to be in the competitive mode!

The consistently developing fame of the Internet has made a colossal open door for organizations to grow their business impact into the universe of the internet. The conventional physical store has changed into the online customer-facing facade, where anything can be acquired just in a mouse click.

So let’s start:

Q1. Why Should you become a Digital Marketer?


The rising pattern of digitizing organizations has made the requirement for another sort of experts: ones knowledgeable in the business and specialty of computerized showcasing.

These individuals have the learning and the aptitudes important to bridle the intensity of the Internet to create compelling email promoting efforts, network web journals, website pages, digital  postings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, all went for effectively associating with the present web adroit buyers. The interest in learned Digital Marketing experts is developing

Q2. What are the Common Tasks for a Digital Marketing Expert?


An effective digital marketer will have an expansive scope of abilities intended to interface with, and impact, clients needing to find out about a given item or administration. A definitive objective is expanded deals for business, and digital marketing is the most productive way to achieve this point.

Q3. What Skills are required in a Digital Marketing Expert?


To have a remunerating vocation in digital marketing, it is imperative to ace the accompanying

  • Inbound Marketing – have the capacity to use inbound marketing to create new leads.
    Adaptability – Able to change what is working to move you towards your venture objectives and goals.
  • Solid Organizational Skills – Able to deal with a few diverse crusade perspectives in the meantime.
  • Deals Experience – Must have hands-on deals learning and skill.
  • Digital marketing requires having the capacity to comprehend and foresee changes in deals patterns.
  • Marking Experience – Must have the capacity to make a viable marking system.
  • Ready to create extraordinary content for websites
    Knowledge about trending Information of the trade.Must be well versed in  Content Writing Platforms and CMS, for example, WordPress.
  • Solid Social Media Skills – Must have the capacity to make regular and timely social media posts for brand or items of the company. These sorts of posts have the potential to get a lot of exposure and tend to go viral also.
  • A solid recognition and comprehension of how Digital Analysis Tools work.
  • Capacity to perceive and reconfigure failing to meet expectations content to increase the benchmark.
  • Well equipped with presentation skills and client cooperation.
  • HTML Knowledge – Capable of utilizing HTML to make eye-getting sub- headers and other outwardly engaging content.
  • Website streamlining (SEO) Experience – Having a strong experience how SEO works with other teams like content marketing and offline marketing teams to expand the overall growth of the organization.
  • Solid capacity to use Advertising Platforms, for example, Google Ads, Facebook Ads to make compelling advertisements for the organization.

Q4. What Is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the focused on, quantifiable, and intuitive marketing of items or administrations utilizing digital platforms and assets to venture and capture leads in terms of customers. The key goal is to advance brands, fabricate inclination and increment deals through various digital marketing systems.

Q5. What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing the website to increase the search visibility and to increase the amount and nature of traffic to your site through natural web search engine results.

Q6. What are Keywords in SEO?


SEO Keywords is the search queries and expressions in your web content that make it feasible for individuals to discover your webpage through web search Engines. Keywords are one of the principal components of SEO.

Q7. What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO?


  • On page optimization is something which is done on the page itself altering the Title & Meta Description of the webpage, adding structured code snippets on the page itself. On-page, optimization changes are done on a live page.
  • Off-page optimization is changes done mainly without interfering with your website’s code. It basically involves making good backlinks,citations, outreach campaigns to make a good reputation of your website for getting good search engine rankings.

Q8. Mention some of the CRO tools you use?


  • CrazyEgg
  • UserTesting
  • hotjar
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Survey
  • ClickTale

Q9.Explain what is keyword stemming?


Keyword stemming is all about adding a prefix, suffix to the particular seed keyword to make it appear in more variation in the content. In this way, you can get the additional traffic from the other related keywords.
For example, if my main keyword is “optimization technique” then I can add “pre-optimization technique”, “post-optimization technique” as my stemmed keywords.

Q10. What do you think about No-follow links SEO value?



Image Source:wpbeginner

No-follow link has no such direct SEO value as it doesn’t pass any link juice. But No-follow links can drive traffic to your website which can indirectly help you to get a good amount of visitors.

Q11.Name some search engines other than Google


  • Bing
  • Baidu(Chinese Leading Search Engine)
  • Yandex(Russian Leading Search Engine)
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yahoo
  • AOL

Q12. How can you optimize for Bing SEO?


Bing is a leading search engine from Microsoft and relies on the same SEO principles followed by Google. So nothing special is required to optimize for Bing only. A good site architecture, powerful back-link profile and clean UX design is good enough to optimize for Bing SEO.

Q13. What do you Know about the Concept of PPC Campaigns?


PPC implies Pay per click. It is an advertising solution, where the marketer utilizes the space of an advertising platform to put an advertisement. The sponsor pays the publisher of the stage at whatever point user taps on the advertisement. One can go in for a Cost per Click model PPC, where an explicit sum is paid whenever the ad is clicked.

The publisher may charge different rates for various positions on the site. In an offer based model, the sponsor contends with others by setting an offer. Sometimes these advertisements are booked for a premium rate where both publisher and advertiser both agreed for a fixed amount of payment.

Q14. What the key metrics to measure the success of paid search campaigns?


  • Clicks
  • CPC(Cost per click) the less the better
  • Conversion Rate
  • CTR(Click through rate)
  • Quality Score(the more the better)

Q15. What are the types of goals in Google Analytics?


There are 4 types of goals in Google analytics.

  • Event: It measures the number of user events like PDF download, Button clicks etc
  • Destination: It measures the number of page views in a session for a particular key page like Purchase complete etc.
  • Duration: How long user has spent with your website, like 20 Second etc.
  • Page/screens per sessions: The number of pages/screens visited by a user in a session like 5 page views in a session. It is an engagement metric.

Q16. What are the most important Google Analytics metrics?


  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average time on page

Q17. Is Google Analytics free?


Google analytics is a freemium tool offered by Google and free up-to 10 million hits/month for a single property. Properties receiving hits more than 10 million hits would require to register for a paid model i.e.Google analytics 360 suite.

Q18. What is the Best CMS for SEO?


CMS or content management software is pretty much standard today for managing a website’s content. For SEO purpose I think WordPress is the best. It has very SEO friendly architecture and tons of both free and paid plugins which makes the on-page SEO easy to implement.

Q19. Can you do SEO without content?


Doing SEO without content is hard but not impossible. I case there is not much content available we have to do the following things:

  • Build local citations as many as we can
  • Build a great UX design
  • Implement the On-Page SEO perfectly.
  • Stress on Schema markup
  • Stress on Social Media updates

Q20. What are some e-commerce SEO tips you want to implement for an e-commerce client?


  • Proper Product Title & Descriptions for each product
  • Proper breadcrumb structure
  • Fast loading time
  • Easy checkout process

Q21. What is firebase analytics?


Firebase analytics is free app analytics and development suite from Google which helps to develop and measure app engagement. It is available both for android and ios apps.

Q22. What is the difference between indexing or crawling?


Indexing and Crawling are the two different process for Google.Google bots first crawl the webpage and after the crawl is complete they store the web page in their servers which is called as Google Indexing!

Q23. How will you do the site audit?


A Site audit is an important aspect of any SEO optimization strategy. I mainly use a deep crawl of the existing website using tools like Screaming Frog which reveals many on-page site optimization scopes which I think is really helpful to start with.

Q24. What is a good domain authority score in SEO?


DA or Domain authority score is mainly Comparative SEO metric developed by Moz. It is scaled on the score of 1 to 100. The higher score means a more authoritative site in terms of link profile and overall website quality. As it is a comparative metric there is no such good domain authority score as per Moz documentation.

But as for general thumb of a rule, anything over DA 30 is considered as a good Domain Authority Score.

Q25. What do you mean by 301 redirects?


301 redirect is a website redirection process which tells Google search engine bots as well as visitors that a web page has been moved permanently from one web address to another location. It is the recommended SEO redirect process which helps to maintain the link juice at maximum for greater SEO benefits.

Q26. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a subset of SEM(Search Engine Marketing).SEO is mainly used to optimize websites in a better way to increase the search visibility in a non paid manner.SEM includes SEO plus other paid marketing activities like PPC, Display ads to increase the search engine visibility.

Q27.Explain Voice SEO


Voice SEO is a technique to optimize our website against the voice queries triggered by the user using Google Assistant or other such smart voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Q28. Name some famous SEO blogs


  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Round table
  • SEO hacker

Q29. Name some free SEO tools you use in daily basis


  • SEOquake Chrome extension
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Mozcast
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • Google Trends
  • SEO Site Checkup

Q30. What is googlebot in SEO?


Googlebot is a program developed by Google which is often termed as crawler which scans websites over the internet and index it in its database. Google bot mainly crawls Href links–which indicates the URL & SRC links. With times Google bot JavaScript can also parse content generated by Ajax calls. If you wish you can block a specific section of a site or a page using robots.txt

Q31. How often Googlebot will crawl your website?


It depends upon the crawlbudget of the website. Each website has its own crawl budget which again depends on the number of incoming links of the website and how often the website is updated!

Q32. What is AMP?


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)is an open source initiative aiming to make web pages loads faster than normal. According to  Instapage till date 4 billion AMP pages have been already published.
According to an experiment done by Medium AMP pages loaded within 1 second compared to their non-AMP counterparts which loaded in 6 seconds. It is almost 600% faster than the convention normal HTML pages!

Q33. What do you mean by a Responsive Website?


A Responsive website is an approach of making websites in a way which automatically detect the
.visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout according to that.
It mainly utilizes cascading style sheet media queries.

Q34. What is Mobile first indexing?


Mobile first indexing is a way to index your website pages in Google. Previously Google used the desktop version of your site to index pages. Now it has been shifted to mobile. Google will now index your website based on the mobile version of your website. So if you have a different version of the website for desktop and mobile it is better to adapt to the responsive design. Google’s Mobile first indexing has now been used nearly about half of the total Google’s search result.

Q35. What are LSI keywords?


LSI simply means Latent Semantic Indexing which is basically keywords that share the same context of your main keyword. For example, if your main keyword is “Google ” & “Play Store” is LSI keywords because they share the same context and often used together. Optimizing for LSI keywords are also vital as it can help to increase our likelihood to increase our main keyword.

Q36. How Are Bad Links Characterized in Off-Page SEO?


  • Bad links have a few attributes like:
  • Low Domain Authority and Low traffic
  • Links coming from paid Link Farms
  • Irrelevant links with over-optimized use of exact anchor text
  • The Same link is repeated multiple times in a single domain
  • Reciprocal Link Exchange scheme
  • Links coming from Sites or articles spammy in nature
  • Paid connections

Q37. What should one do to avoid a Google penalty?


  • Never copy content from othersAvoid buying paid links(It is strictly against Google webmaster guidelines)
  • Don’t overload your content with ads
  • Avoid producing thin content which has no such user value
  • Never over-optimize your anchor texts with exact match keywords
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and Link farms

Q38.Name some recent Google Algorithms?


  • Google Medic update
  • Chrome Security Warnings
  • Mobile Speed Update

Q39.List the key area where you can use keywords to optimize the site ranking?


Keywords are very important still today and we can use our keywords in the following areas:

  • In the website Title(Most important)
  • In the Website url
  • In the website Meta descriptions
  • In website Header tags
  • In the content of the website mostly at the beginning of the content.

Q40. Google My Business for SEO- Do you think this is any good?


Absolutely. Google My business is a great tool for local businesses to showcase themselves in the Google local pack.

It is free.

But sadly it is one of the most underrated digital marketing strategies ever used! It has all the amazing tools like Google posts, fancy website builder integrated into it. Small and medium-sized businesses can hugely benefit from the tool.

One more thing is that the insight which it offers is pure gold. You can know which keywords are most used by your users, how many calls you are getting and from which locations. There are lots of optimization scopes available!

You can also get your clients’ direct feedback and reviews which can help you to make your business better all for free!

Q41. Explain disavow links


Disavowing links means signaling Google to ignore these links as backlinks. You can disavow any domain or particular link with the help of Google Search Console tool.

Q42. Explain the difference between Google webmaster and Google analytics


Google Analytics is a web analytics tool which helps webmasters to understand the user behavior after the user lands your website. It also provides you with other website statistics like user acquisition sources other than Google also. Google webmaster now know as Google search console is a tool which tells you the user stats of your website before a user lands in your website. It is only restricted to users coming from Google only.

Q43. What is image SEO?


Image SEO is the optimization of images of your website to appear in Google image search.

Q44. What are the factors affects image SEO?


Images are important for your search engine visibility. To optimize for image SEO you can do the below:

  • Use Optimized Image size(keep it under 70KB)
  • Use JPEG Format
  • Use proper Image ALT attributes
  • Use CDNs to host your image files

Q45. What do you think about machine learning in SEO?


Machine learning in SEO is a trendy word these days. Machine learning will surely impact in future SEO especially after Google Rankbrain. Implementing structured data will surely help in case of machine learning which helps to understand the user intent greatly.

Q46. What are the steps you take for content marketing in SEO?


Content is the base of any successful Digital Marketing or SEO campaign. Google is stressing more on content and relying only on quality content rather than producing content in mass. So it is better to cover any topic in depth for SEO. Also, a longer form of content is always better than much small average quality content. So if I am a content strategist I should always opt for long-form well-researched article not less than 800 words anyway.

Guest posting and linking to other authoritative sites will also be my target area.

Q47. What Web Analytics tools you use?


  • Google Analytics
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Q48. Clarify What Is Google Adwords in brief?


Google Adwords is the absolute most prevalent PPC advertising framework on the planet. It
chips away at Pay per click display. The AdWords stage empowers the business to make
advertisements that show up on Google web search tool and their different properties.

Q49. http versus https: Which is the better?


HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security) is a security protocol which includes the SSL 2048-bit key and can protect a site connection through authentication and encryption.

In terms of SEO Google has already declared that sites using https will be rewarded with a small SEO boost since 2014 and very soon https will be the default standard for all the websites. Google Chrome begins to mark all HTTP sites with “non-secure” in their browser, so it is always recommended to move to https.

Q50. What is GDPR?


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. In simpler words it allows all the EU citizens more control over their personal data and some strict guidelines for other third party companies uses it.

Q51. For what reason Is Online Marketing Preferred More Than Offline Marketing?


The vast majority today go for digital marketing as it accompanies various advantages. Web
optimization, web improvement, and facilitating are probably the most valuable stages for internet marketing.
The scope of leads is unprecedented. It is fit for one to achieve a colossal number of people effectively through web-based marketing. Then again, with mechanical improvement, various individuals perusing papers, tuning in to the radio or sitting in front of the TV goes down.

Q52. What steps should be taken if your ad gets disapproved?


Ads can be disapproved for many reasons such as invalid capitalization,non-functional landing pages,in-appropriate ad copies etc. So it is better to diagnose the proper reason suggested by Google and modify it accordingly.

Q53. Name some Google AdWords ad extensions?


  • Message Extension
  • Call extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Call out extension
  • Price Extension
  • App Extension etc.

Q54. Mention some PPC tools that help you in work


  • Google keyword planner
  • SEMrush
  • UberSuggest

Q55. How negative keywords effect in PPC?


Negative keywords are invaluable for the success of any PPC campaign, especially for Google Ads. It will help you to refrain you from showing for irrelevant ads. It directly helps you to save your money from getting unqualified traffic.

Q56. Which Keyword tool you like the best and why?


As for functionality, I think UberSuggest is the best. Neil Patel has put a lot of effort to make the tool as valuable it can be. You can access all the data like Competition, CPC, Seo difficulty, paid difficulty all in a single place and all for free!

It is invaluable!

However, I always use a combined approach to do my keyword research. I use the Google keyword tool, UberSuggest and Google trends to make my keyword strategy!

Q57. Do You Think Experience of Digital Marketing Will be helpful for Our Business?


Absolutely Yes! Everything is digital these days. The shift from offline to online is so drastic that every business owner big or small is implementing their own digital marketing strategy these days.

Additionally consider a specific digital marketing efforts that you took in a ton from – and how this specific information could encourage the business or one of the business current customers.

In this case, the business is truly asking what separates you from whatever remains of the candidates – so contemplate what makes you exceptional (as far as yourdigital marketing skills, learning, background and contacts) and how this could positively affect the business.

Q58. How Important Are Keywords for Marketing?


Keywords decide how to drive natural traffic. It is important to reflect the right keyword in the website title which represents your business the right way. By incorporating the correct keywords in site Title,Meta
depictions, Image ALT tags, site content one can be pretty confident to get a higher positioning in the search results.

Q59.How Would You Classify Digital Marketing?


The digital marketing is partitioned into two portions, which are inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

In inbound marketing, you can take help of online mediums to attract prospects and customers coming for you instead you go for them naturally or by paid mediums.

Outbound marketing is like incorporating messages, cold pitches, putting promotions or connect focused on gatherings of people through digital mediums.

Q60. Which Are The Most Useful Online Marketing Tools?


Probably the most widely used in any Digital Marketing Campaign include:

  • MailChimp – A useful service for email marketing efforts.
  • Buzzsumo – A compelling tool utilized in Content Marketing that helps with finding the the most shared content on specific topics.
  • Canva – An easy to use tools for making stunning layouts and to design great layouts for any digital marketing campaign.
  • Ahrefs – An all in 1 SEO instrument used to follow keywords execution, measure social measurements, perform backlink investigation, dissect content, and do additional keyword research about.
  • Cradle and HootSuite -Social Media Management tool used to scheduled postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Google Analytics and Kissmetrics to follow your digital marketing analytics.

Q61. For what reason Do You Think Online Marketing Has Taken Over The Traditional Marketing Strategies?


Web-based marketing is focused on an intuitive method for connecting with clients. Through different digital marketing mediums like Social media, LinkedIn, Blogs, PPC one can advance and publicize the brand in a smart way. Tools like Google Analytics help in monitoring the endeavors and figure out what is working and what is not working.

With so much at disposal, we can measure and adjust our marketing dollars in the right medium which can bring the greatest ROI possible which is very difficult to achieve with offline mediums with this ease.

Q62. Will Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?


Undoubtedly! It is a proven method. Businesses using social media activities are ahead in terms of getting better customer engagement and retention. Indeed, not using Social media can really hurt your business, since having an online presence via cloud-based social media networking sites is basically a pretty much standard of any respectable firm nowadays.

Q63. What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?


Regardless of whether your business is exploring it or not, Social media mediums have gained great momentum these days. It can be YouTube, it can be Pinterest. There is much more way to engage with your audience in social media these days. Not only brands many political parties are also utilizing these techniques to maintain their momentum.

Q64. Mention top digital marketing professionals you follow


  • Neil Patel(My favorite)
  • Brian Dean(
  • Barry Schwartz (Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owner of RustyBrick)

Q65. Explain what is copywriting?


Copywriting is a technique of creating content either in spoken or written in a way that our target audience will take an action for that. It is a sales pitch without being salesy.

Q66. Mention some top social media influencers


  • Chris Ducker(YouPreneur)
  • Jeff Bullas (Jeff Bullas Internet Marketing Blog)
  • Danny Sullivan( Search Engine Land)
  • Neil Patel(Neil Patel Blog)
  • Justin Cutroni( Analytics Talk)

Q67. By What Means Should Companies Measure Their Social Media Marketing Success?


There are certain KPI s for all these campaigns. These KPIs are generally measured by other marketing outcomes: traffic, leads, and clients. Checking the number of leads or customers can help you to comprehend your campaign’s success, however, the primary concern is to drive quality targeted visitors to your website as
qualified leads, and what convert those leads into long-lasting customers.

Q68. Does Social Media Marketing Cost justified? What is The ROI?


One thing is for sure – web-based online marketing is never free. Regardless of whether you are
investing your own profitable energy in it, requesting that a worker add it to their remaining burden, contracting an online networking representative, or re-appropriating to a marketing firm, there is obviously an expense added in each stage.

The key is to get the most extreme ROI out of the time or cash you put into it. It is critical to recall, be that as it may, that ROI doesn’t always need to mean the monetary income. It can be sometimes building that strong bonding with the clients which will result in more business in the future. Sometimes ROI is also determined the quality of engagement you achieved from your online marketing campaigns.

Q69 . Why Do we need a blog for our business?



A blog is one of the most powerful marketing arsenals for a digital marketer. Aside from the majority of the advantages, it gives without anyone else, for example, expanding your expertise as an industry master, and
giving crisp, keyword rich content all the time to satisfy the need of your audience or solving a particular problem for your industry niche. A blog is an indispensable part of online networking marketing.

It helps you to stand out as the influencer in your niche and to grow your readership among the audience. It helps you to make new connections with every blog. Without new blog entries being shared all the time, you have the chance to engage with your audience a lot. It helps you to discuss with your fans, resulting in more comments and web traffic.Most successful Digital Marketer today has their own blog.

For example, you can reference Neil Patel or Brain Dean, who all have their own successful blogs.

Q70 .What kinds of business use affiliate marketing?


Almost every business these days. It is a great way to grow your business.In the affiliate marketing, both the affiliate and the main business have their wins. It is a win-win for all.

Q71 .What are the main pillars of affiliate marketing?


The main pillars of affiliate marketing are:

  • Network Offers for Affiliates
  • Merchant
  • Affiliate
  • Customer

Q72. Which is best: PPC, SEO, or Digital Marketing?


None of the above! There is nothing as best if you don’t implement the above techniques correctly. Each has its own perspective.

If you want quick traffic then PPC may be the best, But it costs money. The moment you stop funding it, the PPC campaign will stop performing. In the other hand SEO is a long term method which initially takes time but once it picks up you don’t have to fund it continuously if you can do it yourself!
It is best to use all together which complements each other.

Q73. Is Social Media Marketing is reliable for B2c or B2b type of Businesses?


It is vital for both, yet in various ways. While B2C organizations can concentrate on progressively
happy, fun online networking posts, B2B organizations need to utilize industry focused shareable content or
share important industry news or events. As a way for associating a business with its clients, in any
case, Social-Media is fundamental to both.

Q74. In what capacity should we Be Using Facebook For Marketing?


Facebook is the social media giant for over a billion people around the world. Use it to interact
and connect with your crowd, and to share your content in a way that urges your fans to share it also. Facebook pages are one of the best ways to engage with your audience. In the case of video Facebook Live can be used to instantly post any video you want to share with your audience.

Q75. In what capacity should we Be Using Twitter For Marketing?


Twitter has more than 313 million users and is perfect for sharing your byte sized content to begin the initial buzz you need for your business to start.

Q76.In what capacity should we Be Using Linkedin For Marketing?


LinkedIn has more than 467 million users. It is basically meant for making business connections. It is an incredible place to showcase your individual as well as your organizations’ specialities with the like-minded people.

However, it is the ideal place to collaborate with your crowd on the web. Utilizing LinkedIn Groups, you can answer questions and add value to your potential customers to exhibit your industry thoughts as a market leader and also your readiness to help other people liberally. The most important thing is the invaluable connections you can make over here. Many people landed their dream jobs from LinkedIn.

Q77.Would it be advisable for us to be Using Google+ For Marketing?


In spite of the fact that it began looking encouraging, Google+ is one stage we prescribed utilizing for marketing purposes.

But sadlyGoogle is shutting down the consumer version of Google+ any time soon

So it is no longer a good digital marketing medium.

Q78. What is Google AdWords Re-marketing?


Google ads remarketing is a technique to show related ads to the users who have been already visited your website or shows some interest in your services in some way.

Re-marketing campaigns are generally more focused and cost-effective.

Q79.Is Youtube Important For Marketing?


YouTube is one of the most important mediums of online marketing these days. Every 6 out of 10 people are engaged with Youtube.

So with so much exposure, it is really important to make explainer videos or product videos to showcase your services or products among this huge audience there are lots of people who prefer watching videos rather than reading chunk of texts. So if you are not utilizing YouTube then you are missing out a lot of business out there.

Q80 .What is a sitemap?


A sitemap is basically an XML document listing a website’s all assets like links, images, videos. It helps Google and other search engine crawlers to understand your website’s content more easily.

Normally a sitemap file is limited to 50MB (uncompressed) with a maximum of 50,000 URLs.

Q 81. What is RTB?


RTB or Real-time bidding means buying or selling ad inventory automatically from multiple ad networks through algorithmic software in real time. It is also called as Programmatic buying of media.

Q 82 . What are the advantages of digital marketing?


The advantages of Digital Marketing are endless. Some of the benefits can be mentioned as:

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly Scalable
  • Potential for that granular reach with great control
  • Great scope of Personalization
  • Global Reach

None of the above benefits can’t be achieved easily without digital marketing

Q83 .What is the limitation of digital marketing?


Honestly speaking None!

The only limitation is to present ourselves in the way the audience thinks. If we can do that there is nothing powerful than digital marketing.


Hope you liked the above “Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers for freshers” and I hope it will also help you in your next interview!

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