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Top 10 Best Keyword Suggestion Tools For Every SEOs

Keywords are still one of the most important factors when you are trying to find something on the Internet. In this post, I will illustrate the best Keyword Suggestion Tools available today!

According to Internet Live Stats Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. Most of them. So it is very important to grab those eyeballs anyhow!

Why Keywords Are Important?

Keywords are one of the major indicators of user intent so understanding the intent is the same as understanding what user really needs! It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging or building an e-commerce business,if you pick the right user intent then half of your work is already done!

Gone are the days when creating a website and pushing keywords anywhere and it is considered enough to get a good amount of traffic.

But with millions of websites in the scene if you do not invest a considerable amount of time and resources to choose the keywords for your business you will reach no-where in the competition and end up with a big loss from your online presence.

Because to survive online you need business, For business you need traffic and for traffic, you need to select the right keywords! It is that simple!

But you are not alone!  There are millions of people using these keywords right and getting a good amount of business!

Now How To Get The Perfect Keywords?

Hopefully, there are lots of great keywords research tools available both for free and paid which can help you to get the job done!

So let’s dive in the list:

Best Keyword Suggestion Tools

10. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

If you are new in this and want to keep it simple then Moz’s Keyword Explorer can be the right option for you.

After inserting you initial keyword it can tell you the particular keyword’s Monthly search volume, Difficulty(How hard it is for you to rank in terms of current competition), CTR rate etc.

moz keyword explorer

It also provides you with similar keyword suggestions which may be appropriate for your business. Moz’s  Keyword Explorer also present some top web pages (Page Title & URL Containing Mention) where your actual keyword is mentioned.

You can get some good idea what is working and what is not after viewing all those above suggestions

So overall a very good keywords research tool for you. If you not using the paid version of Moz then you are limited to see only the top 10 keyword suggestions.

9. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is also known as visual keyword research tools with great content ideas. Apart from generating the keywords it also provides you the aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query. This truly represents the real user intent of the query and thus invaluable to search marketers, SEOs and anything PR.


It presents you the query with the combination of the actual action words using ’What’, ‘Why’, When’, How’ for the specific query!

For example, if your base keyword is ‘YouTube’ then it will deliver keyword suggestions like ‘How Popular is YouTube?’, ‘Who are the Top YouTubers’ like this.

This is super useful and actually used by real users! So each of these queries is a topic in itself!

So what more can we expect?

8. Quora

Founded by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009. Quora is a goldmine for every online marketers and publisher today!

According to Wikipedia As of April 2017, Quora has 190 million monthly unique visitors.

This is huge!


This is typically a question answer website where people asks questions and others answer those questions.

The answers are super useful and really helps when you are searching for something quick! Just pop up your keyword then you will be presented with lots of relevant keyword topic and content ideas which can really make a great content for you and solves a problem for many people.

I personally like Quora and feel that Quora is underrated. If you can leverage its potential then there is no excuse for not getting great topic ideas/keywords for your business!

7. Keyword

The Keyword Tool .io is another great keyword suggestion tool which is worth the mention! Unlike other such keyword tools which require to make an account, the Keyword Tool can also work for you without even making an account for free!

Not only for Google, it can generate useful keywords for Bing, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Appstore platforms! So it is a full suite of keyword generator tool at your disposal.

Online marketers who are in the domain of ASO(App Store Optimization) can really use the Keyword Tool for their daily use!

The free version can come up with 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.

According to Search Engine Watch, The Next Web is very good for generating long tail keywords which is very commendable.

6. Wordtracker

The keyword tool from Wordtracker is another brilliant keyword generator tool available today. It is more than a keyword tool instead!

The tool claims to generate more than 10000 keyword ideas for any given search query! The tool also claims it provides more competitive edge than other competitors because it provides keyword ideas unbiased!


Google’s own keyword planner tool is notorious for providing only paid campaign specific data which can sometimes screw the true opportunity in terms of non-paid SEO campaigns which is ridiculous!

But  Wordtracker’s keyword tool functions better than Google’s keyword planner tool in these aspects.

Danny Sullivan, from SEARCH ENGINE LAND quotes below:

“If you are serious about SEO Wordtracker is an essential investment, a must-have resource for any marketing professional.”

wordtracker keyword tool

Apart from normal keyword statistics, you can also export option where you download all the keywords you want. But the most important feature I think is the import option where you can seed the tool to analyze your keywords from other sources also.

This is great! Isn’t it?

5. KWFinder

KWFinder is possibly one of the best keyword research tools out there in terms of usability at least! It is somewhat underrated but doesn’t know why!

It is easy, fast and perfect for someone who has just started out there!


Upon going to the tool it will offer you ‘suggestions’,’autocomplete’ and ‘questions’.

You just put your keyword in the tool and it will present you the most appropriate keywords for your niche according to it’s SEO difficulty.

For beginner’s it is safe to say choosing any keyword under KD(Keyword difficulty) is safe!

You can easily rank for that keyword with some good content.

The tool provides you easy filter to find those keywords!

You can also find close variant keywords and their statistics easily with this tool.

Local SEO is big these days. So if you are into local SEO then KWFinder has excellent options for you. You can refine your keywords according to the country, state, or even city that fits your needs. On top of that, you can select from 40+ languages to get precisely localized results.

4. Keyword Magic Tool(SEMrush)

The Keyword Magic Tool from (SEMrush) is 4th in the list for some solid reasons. It may not have that innovative shiny interfaces, but SEMrush’s Google US database contains 120 million keywords which make it an indomitable contender in the list.

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool

Once you put your keyword in the tool you will get all the usual keyword statistics like CPC, Monthly search volume, keyword trends which makes it easy to understand.

With the above usual data, you can also get popular ad ideas from those keywords.

What I recommend is to use SEMrush as a basic keyword generator and then feed those into other such keywords tool to get the maximum benefit!

3. Topic Explorer

SEOmonitor’s Topic Explorer is another great tool in the list because of its simplicity!


The tool is so easy to use minus all the bells and whistles!

Upon popping up the keyword it will provide you with all the necessary data like CPC, SERP features, Search Vol. , YoY. , Competitors’ Ranks etc.

It has also the ‘Seasonality’ option to have the seasonal trends for any keyword.


UBERSUGGEST is undoubtedly one of the most complete keyword suggestion tools on the list.


Neil has invested so much time in this tool to make it a dream keyword tool for any online marketer.

From the design to the functionalities UBERSUGGEST has all in it what you expect from a modern keyword tool!

Upon inserting your initial keyword it will provide you search volume, KD(paid difficulty & SEO difficulty) separately for each keyword.

You can also get the following statistics for each keyword:

  • URL

You can also choose the locale you want to rank for and UBERSUGGEST can happily return those valuable data without any lag!

The most important thing is that you can get all these absolutely  FREE! without spending any dime!

It is incredible!

What you can expect more from a free keyword tool?

The features which UBERSUGGEST is offering is invaluable and any other tool will cost you some money to provide those.

I bet if  UBERSUGGEST will continue to provide as much value it will become a big competitor for SEMrush and Google itself!

1. Keyword Planner Tool from Google

Yes! Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is still the best in the list. Because with over 3.5 billion daily searches on Google no one knows search better than Google!

Google Keyword planner tool

To be honest, the search industry is dominated by Google single-handedly globally!

There is no denying of this fact that Google has tremendous popularity than any other search engine dead or alive!.

Google is continuously investing in search and there is no trend of fading out in near future.

So the data you will get here is pure gold and if implemented correctly it can make wonders for you both in terms of paid and organic SEO marketing. To use the Keyword planner tool you need an active Google Ads account. Previously this tool can be accessed externally without any such requirement. But Google made it clear that you need an active Google Ads account. So you need to fulfill the requirement.

Google is also deactivating accounts with no spend In 15 months. So keep that checked!

After logging in Google Ads account you can put your keywords in then Google will come up with all the required keywords data like Avg.Monthly search, Competition, Top of the page bid etc.

You can also get the detailed forecasting of any keyword you like with its seasonality.

If you are unsure about your ideas you can just put your website on the tool and Google Keyword Planner can show you the most relevant keywords for the webpage. It is so much versatile!

So if you are looking for some free keyword research tool than  Google Keyword Planner Tool should be your first choice!

Millions of top SEO experts, online marketers, PR professionals rely on this and it is delivering results up to mark!

Overall Keyword Planner Tool is one of the best keyword generator tools in the market today!


Hope this post about ‘10 Best Keyword Suggestion Tools’ will help you to choose your next keyword tool! Keywords are the bread and butter of any online marketer.By choosing the right keyword you can also ensure your search engine positioning within a short period of time!

Selection of keywords can make or break any online business. So be careful in doing that. Take some good amount of time for selecting the right keywords and I am sure you will get some great results!

Also if you like the post don’t forget to comment and share the post!

Thank you.

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Top 10 Best Keyword Suggestion Tools For Every SEOs


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