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How to Improve Your Website Design in 2020 – 15 Effective Tips

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.”
― Cameron Moll

Creating a website is an evitable part of discovering modern Business. It is considered as one of the most essential and practical elements of promoting any business. 

So, yes, the website is not only necessary; it fetches more and more Audience too. But only constructing a website is not enough; certain other things contribute highly to the whole process. 

Providing user experience is one amongst the many things that a website owner should take care of. And to provide your users with a unique browsing experience. 

Further, 94% of the first impression is based exclusively on design. Before your audience goes through your word of copy, they would start constructing their first impression of the company based on design.

That is the reason why it is essential to follow your website design and the practices that practically impact the conversions of your business. Thus, we have sorted out some of the best website design tips for small business and large business that would help you to rank your website on the web and give a new alert.

Improve Website Design: Here are Some Essential Tips

Planning a successful business can never be imagined without the use of an effective website. The most important things that should keep in mind and should pay attention to the website design tips and tricks that would bring your web designs into a better platform for your audience.

1.Constructing Engaging Content

The whole purpose of the website is to communicate with the readers. It can be in any form, education, entertainment or maybe with the help of website content. With the help of the blog, the website content tends to become more fresh and relevant. Not only this, but the user can also cultivate their users to be engaged with the articles and blogs that the website owner is posting.

Moreover, if the website owner discovers the right strategy for web design tips 2020 to showcase the content, then it brings out the best form the website. Decide on how you can keep the pages clean and unambiguous for the users so that you can follow more on what you want to convey to the users. The user needs to make sure that the font family and the colour palette is constant throughout the website. 

One of the biggest things that the website owner can do is they can consider dedicating a page for the testimonials or even case studies, and they can also link out to review on Yelp and Google. These platforms hold a lot of weight. Customers tend to buy from companies that are trusted by other customers.

2. Including Social Media Sharings and Follow Button

Allowing your web pages and articles to be shared online on the website is how to improve the company website. The user can include a feature in the blog where the user would have the authority to share articles and posts on their social media so that they are able to engage their audience. Moreover mentioning the number of times your post is shared online gives the user a much more confident approach towards the company. There are plenty of plugins and scripts that are available in the market, which would show total social count and shares on the web page that was written in excellent content. 

One more thing that the website owners can do is to add the follow-up buttons. These are the buttons that tend to act as a non-pushy tool which encourages social sharing from the buyer personas.

3. Simplifying the Navigation

Some of the good web designs point to improve the navigation of your website is to utilize the menu bar, the website owners can have a button which the people can use and tap back to the homepage for any other page. The website menu bar should ideally be horizontal across the top of the page and it can include links important pages, contact page, FAQ or even a testimonial. 

One of the common website practices that is definitely recommended for every organization is to have a company’s logo visible at the top side of the page. The logo should be clickable and should be linked back to the homepage of the user.

4. Optimizing the Page Speed

One of the most important factors that contribute highly in the field of website designing and website improvement ideas is the speed of your website. That is right!

No matter how much effort you put in looks and the feel of your website, the speed and the optimization of the site is critical. Accept the fact that any audience that lands up to your page only waits for 5 seconds or less. When it comes down to browsing up of the internet and a delay of just a few seconds, your customer will leave the platform. Statistics shown by, clearly portrays that an extra five seconds of page load time can enhance the bounce rate of your website.

Many things that are of the tips on this list about responsive design – such as leaving white space around your content, deleting irrelevant content, and using high-quality images correctly – will improve your website speed.

5. Utilizing the Right Image

If you think that every image would bring the best to your website, the audience,  and software companies in dubai which you are serving then you are highly mistaken. Thus, you would feel blessed to know that you tend to have a lot of options in this. You can use high quality images that are incredibly powerful and engage the audience. 

The right images mean a few things. Firstly the user should not use stock images. Research shows that stock images reduce conversion rates. The reason is that using stock images for actual business is a great idea. 

Compressing images is one of the best methods that can be known and be found. Not only should the website owner upload images that are no larger than what the screen size demands, but they should also compress them after uploading.

6. Updating and Upgrading the Website

If the visitors tend to notice that the content isn’t current, then there are chances that your website would lose all the credibility. Continuously updating your website, adding and removing information is the part of updating the website. Make a note of the last statement. It is not essential to always add things to your website, sometimes subtracting stuff also helps a lot the process.

Therefore, software development company should know that updating your website after every six months would not only fetch you more and more audience on your website, but it is also going to provide adequate speed and excellent performance to it.

7. Highlighting the Hyperlink

This might seem like a small tip, but it is by far considered as one of the important ones. There is some website that has tried the method of highlighting hyperlink with different colour and hiding it in the mass of content. It tends to fetch the attention of the audience. When it comes to showing your audience where 

The link is – simplicity is the best possible scenario.
Everything that matters is fetching the attention of the customer. Note that the regular web user witnesses the blue and marked text as links and identifies to tap on them. If you want your screen readers to recognize your links, and tick on them with minimum load time making it with “normal” colour, and pleasantly big would attract the audience. If you want to Hire Website Developer then make sure that they are aware of this point.

8. Internal Linking

You would not want your website visitor to hit a dead end on your website. You always need them to keep moving on the service page and then add a simple call to action with the link to the contact form. 

On the home page, the user needs to link to the service page and include the name of the service page in the link so the user needs to know what to expect before they click the link.

9. Always a Yes for the WhiteSpaces

White space is regarded as one of those sturdy tools that manage to improve the website design into a more straightforward and comprehensive website. 

The website owner can choose for the minimalist method and involve only those elements which are essential for the site. Note that: All the information that has been attached to the site must have an out-of-the-box and vital purpose to add, thus, start questioning the aspect of the design or whenever you think it should be added. The Website owner can also involve the animation that increases the elegance of the website. 

Although extra space might seem superficial, it is actually nice for the readability and prioritizing the content. It also plays a vital role in designing the process and positioning the website design elements.

10. Look for unknown 404 or cracked links.

Depending on the scope of the website, a website owner may have several pages or links here and there that aren’t operating. And additional to that, the visitors won’t even engage. Thus, it is essential to take the time to estimate whether or not the site has broken pages. The user may be astounded to find earlier high performing docking pages that are unknown or website pages that are inadequately linked.

If the web developer in Dubai is not able to remove the hyperlink, the website owner can always apply 301 and look for the information that the\y are looking up for although creative website design tends to demand skill and experience that should not support the original layout.

11. Experimenting with the videos as well

For those website owners that do not have much of an audience on their website, they can experiment highly with the videos. Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular content marketing mediums. With the help of video recommendation, a user can explain their business and the work related to it simply. 

12. SEO and the strategy

We all know about one fact that SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most talked-about and vital methodologies that any website owner can adapt to. While this visually will not affect the font and design of your website, it would help in the robustness. 

Having proper SEO on place will help in doing a number 0f things to improve the website. Most of it would enable them to rank higher in Google and would also allow them to trend for what they want and would get indexed correctly in the search engines. 

SSL certificate is one of those vital elements in a website that helps in ranking of the website. Google has been pushing the http protocol and has been providing a better ranking to the sites that tend to have these certificates.

13. Applying the rule of three

The rule of three has long been applied to fine art and photography, and thus the whole rule also applies to web design. When any user is designing a website, they can utilize an overlay with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines that are spaced evenly.

The green dots are points at which the eyes naturally drift while they are looking at the scene. It can be applied to landscape photographs or a web page. This would help the website owner to own how CTAs and element dots are placed. Just verify beforehand that the rest of the web design progresses naturally around those details. You can see the improvement that might move the CTA

14. Responsiveness

In this modern era more than half of the website traffic manages to draw itself from mobile devices. The percentage is only expected to increase as mobile devices become more and more prevalent. If the layout of your website is not responsive then possibilities are that you would be missing out on huge opportunities that are there in the market. With the help of responsive layouts that would automatically adjust for the website, it is being viewed the market and the quantity of your audience is likely to increase. Being a non-responsive website marks you to have a much higher bounce rate and also makes you unappealing.

15. Infographics are a Must

When you visit a website and large blocks of text are witnessed, what is your first action? Maybe leave the website or maybe just freak out. 

Thus, infographic to the rescue. Organizing your website information into an easy ready infographic can help the user to keep webpage informative and maybe captivating at the same time. A compelling infographic keeps the visitors on your website at the same time. The images and the text are combined in a creative way to teach viewers valuable information. 

In the Nutshell 

And you know it: Behind every successful website, there is a magic of web designs. Ok, yeah this might not be the exact saying, but it is the truth!

You have a dozen ways to improve your website at your disposal. Best practices are a good place to start and test everything on the website so you would know what would work for the audience. These practices and tips are not only useful and effective, but they are productive and good for your website too. 

And to enhance the users’ experience even a bit more, the website owner should keep in mind to consider the above-mentioned tips and points. Besides keeping those much-needed conversions aside, granting an excellent user experience is just another consideration that the user must fulfil with the help of the development of the user-centric website.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the important tips if you have any doubts regarding the following topic then you can write to us in the comment section below. Our experts and professionals would provide with the necessary information, and give you aid for your problems.

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How to Improve Your Website Design in 2020 – 15 Effective Tips


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