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What Is A Keylogger And Key Logging Software?

The modern cyberspace is the new battlefield where the fight happens between cybercriminals and data protection firms. The malware tools utilized by cybercriminals are the new weapons that give them the capability to perform a variety of attacks on a user’s computer. One of the component used by cybercriminals includes the use of Keyloggers. These are highly specialized tools that have been designed to record each keystroke made by the user on their machine. These allow the cybercriminals the chance to steal personal information without any detection.

Various brands offer cyber security and data protection products that are aimed at reducing the number of online attacks on a user’s computer or mobile device. However, like every data protection product even these have their short comings that leave the user open to online attacks. There is no need to worry, just pick up the phone and connect with our highly efficient Kaspersky Technical Support to get the best technical assistance.

Our highly trained team of technical professionals make sure that your mobile device or computer stays safe against any form of online attack. First, let us understand the basics of what is a keylogger and how do these operate.

What Are Keyloggers And How Do They Operate?
A keylogger includes any software or hardware which has the capability to intercept and record the input from keyboard of a compromised computer machine. It has the ability to place itself between the keyboard and the operating system and intercept every communication without the machine user’s knowledge. Keyloggers can store the information on the compromised machine or send it to a remote PC location controlled by the hacker. The Kaspersky AntiVirus Support have come up with two main forms of keyloggers through which your machine might be compromised.

Which Are The Two Variants Of Keyloggers?
There are two types of keyloggers; one is a software based and the second one is hardware-based keylogger. Kindly pay attention to the information as these two have been explained below.
  • The first one is a Software Based Keylogger that is installed as a piece of malware. It is easier to install as it does not require the hacker to have physical access to the machine. The most common type of this keylogger has the ability to impersonate an API on the target machine operating system to record every single keystroke. These include kernel-level keyloggers, man-in-the-browser keyloggers among others. Count on the capable Kaspersky Customer Support experts to know how to ensure total safety of your computer system from hardware-based keyloggers.
  • Hardware Based Keyloggers are less common and are a bit difficult to implement on the target machine. These require the attacker to have a physical access to the target machine during the manufacturing process. One of the forms of this type of keylogger is BIOS-level keyloggers. A factory insider can install a keylogger at the factory level. Also, it can be implemented via USB flash drive or as a fake keyboard connector. Let the Kaspersky Tech Support guide you in selecting the best option to ensure that no keylogger is installed on your machine.

How Do Keyloggers Infect The Machine?
Software keyloggers often come with other large piece of malware. The target machine is infected through a simple drive-by download attack from an infected website. These can also be installed as a part of legitimate application through compromising the download channel or intersection of a malware. On the other hand, hardware-based keyloggers are installed by an attacker who has physical access to the machine. Allow our technical experts at the Kaspersky Supportto guide you on how to detect and remove any trace of a keylogger from your computer.

How Can I Remove Keyloggers From My Machine?
Detecting a piece of malicious keyloggers can be a bit tricky as these do not behave like the majority of malicious programs. These do not look for any valuable data on the user computer system nor do they aim to destroy the data present on the machine. These have been designed to remain quiet and undetected but can be scanned with the correct Anti-malware program that can detect and remove keyloggers. You can connect with our highly capable team of technical professionals at the Kaspersky AntiVirus Support Service. We have the necessary knowledge and tool to ensure that your computer isn’t a target of any type of keyloggers.

Kaspersky Tech Support Australia
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What Is A Keylogger And Key Logging Software?


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